Free Online Short Courses – Complete Guide

In the days of yore when traditional learning was the only form of learning, many students faced distance challenges. Some even gave up studying in their desired institution and course of study. But all thanks to internet technology advancement which has brought a significant change in learning to make free online short courses a possibility.

It brought a change in the face of traditional learnings making it possible for education to be accessed easily through online courses. That means, you can now study any course you want from anywhere you are not minding the distance at a short pace.

According to statistics taken from Purdue University & The National Center of Education, over 6 million students are currently in online courses as part of their higher education program. And almost half of all students enrolled in online courses are educated exclusively through distance education.

This shows that a lot of students are already enjoying this opportunity.

Reading this article carefully will give you insight into an online course and guide you on how to take Free Online Short Courses easily.

The table of contents below gives an overview of all the points made in this post.

What are Online Short Courses?

Online short courses are courses conducted over the Internet that takes a short period of time to complete. They are generally conducted through a learning management system, in which students can view their course syllabus and academic progress, as well as communicate with fellow students and their course instructor.

Generally, short courses online are self-paced and flexible. They can be Massive Open Online Courses, free courses, or online courses with certificates. And can be taken into traditional universities and other learning platforms.

How do I take online courses?

In this section, I’m to work you through steps on how you can take online courses. With these steps, you can be sure of getting the most out of the courses you would enroll in.

1. See online courses as a Job or traditional courses.

Just like you will sit and take a traditional course, be disciplined enough to sit and take an online course as well. Yes, you can be flexible, but put effort to complete it as at when due. See any online course you want to take as a job that must be completed.

2. Set a Goal

Set academic goals and be accountable for the goals. With that, you would know when and how to each goal. Just like you have a timetable for traditional classes, also have for your online courses and keep a reminder.

3. Manage Your Time Judicially

Time is limited and should be managed. Though how you manage your time is dependent on your class schedule and personality, time management skills can help you achieve a lot at a little pace.

4. Have a study Space

Since it’s an online course that you can take anywhere, it is wise you choose an environment it would be conducive for learning. If your kitchen table, library, bed, or even your bathroom can boost your productivity, make them your studying workspace.

Remember, anywhere you choose must have a strong internet connection.

5. Avoid Distractions

Distractions are learning hurdles that are common among students. Distractions could come from social media, music, movies or some house activities. The truth is, how much of a challenge these distractions will prove to be will depend on your own unique personality and situation.

6. Actively participate

Participate in the online community of the course to help you better understand the course materials and communicate with your classmates. This might include commenting on a classmate’s article on a message board or placing a question on a project you’re working on. Read what other students and your professor have to say, and if you have a question, ask for an explanation.

What are the Free online short courses in 2022?

Just as the name sounds, Free online short courses are online courses that won’t take your time to complete.
These courses are open to everyone, have articles, videos, peer reviews, and quizzes. Also, some offer certificates at the completion stage.

Here is a list of some free online short courses that can help improve your skills and knowledge:

  • Basic English 1: Elementary
  • COVID-19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application
  • Earth Day at 50 Teach-Out
  • English for Healthcare
  • Motivation and Engagement in an Uncertain World
  • Bacterial Genomes: Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens
  • Collaborative Working in a Remote Team
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work
  • Computer Programming for Everyone
  • Create a Professional Online Presence
  • Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Creating a Great User Experience for Mobile Apps

What are some Free online courses with printable certificates?

There are many free courses online that come with printable certificates. Some free online courses come with certificates that are printable, while some attach fees to the certificates, others don’t.

Below is a list of Free Online Courses with free printable certificates you can go for this 2022:

  • Diploma in Human Resources (HR)
  • Principles of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Diploma in Operations Management (Ops)
  • Applications in Engineering Mechanics
  • Introduction to Engineering Mechanics
  • Visual Elements of User Interface Design
  • Lesson Planning with the ELL in Mind
  • Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making.Basic English 1: Elementary
  • COVID-19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application
  • Earth Day at 50 Teach-Out
  • English for Healthcare
  • Motivation and Engagement in an Uncertain World

Free online Masters Degree Courses with Certificates

Online learning is one of the greatest and strongest developments the education industry has undergone for a long period. I dare say that the sector has done a decent job of well using new digital technology, and the result is highly beneficial.

Instead of going to school and facing discomfort and hassle, you might also study anything you want, get a degree of your choosing, like free online master’s degree courses with credentials in the comfort of your house.
Having said that, check below to see some free online master’s degree courses with a certificate you can go for this 2022:

  • Curtis Institute of Music, Master of Music
  • University of People MBA Program in Management
  • Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS), Georgia Tech through Udacity
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder through Coursera
  • Master in Information Systems Management
  • University of People Master of Education
  • Diploma in Human Resources (HR)
  • Principles of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Now, let’s explain a few:

#1. MIT Media Lab’s Program in Media Arts & Sciences

This program is a free online master’s degree program with certificates offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The school accepts 50 master’s candidates each year, equipping them with skills to create and design innovative human adaptation and enhancement devices that will help improve their lives.

Click below to learn more

#2. Curtis Institute of Music, Master of Music

The Curtis Institute of Music offers a free online master’s degree course with a music diploma, with just around 4 percent of the overall candidate making it a highly selective program.

You must have a minimum of thirty-two graduation credits and you must have a Bachelor of Music degree or similar area to qualify for this program.

Click below to learn more

#3. University of People MBA Program in Management

Master’s degree in Business Administration in Management is a free online master’s degree program with a diploma offered by the University of People. The program takes 15 months of full-time study to complete.

Click below to learn more

Having seen the different online programs you can go for, it will be wise for you to know where to get these courses. This is where online course colleges and universities come to play.

Are there Online Courses Colleges?

Yes, there are thousands of online courses colleges situated in different parts of the world.

In fact, with the number, it will be difficult making a choice because they all offer degree program courses that are of high quality and standard.

Aside from that, colleges give students the platform to access higher education and earn as much college degree as possible just at the comfort of their home.

The only challenge any student can face is making a choice when it comes to choosing the right college for themselves.

With that in mind, it’s expedient you get to know some of the best online schools where you can still get online program courses.

What are the Best Online Colleges?

Here are some of the best online colleges and universities that offer online courses with certificates.

  • University of Florida
  • University of Central Florida
  • Florida International University
  • Colorado State University-Global Campus
  • Trine University
  • Arizona State University
  • The University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Northeastern University
  • Texas Tech University
  • Pennsylvania State University

#1. University of Florida

Tuition Fees: $129/credit in-state; $553/credit out-of-state

The University of Florida is one of the best online colleges in the world. The school offers online bachelor’s programs that can lead to in-demand careers include biology, cell science, and nursing. Moreso, the university has more than six hundred master’s degree opportunities.

The University of Florida allows students access to administrative and learning programs, including tutoring and financial help.

To apply for an online program in this school, you must have a GPA of 2.5 minimum for transfer credit.

If you are from developing country you can check out Free online Courses for Developing Countries in 2022-2023

#2. University of Central Florida

Tuition: $179/credit in-state; $716/credit out-of-state

The University of Central Florida is among the best online courses schools that provide over 50 undergraduate and graduate degrees to choose from.

This university offers 24 bachelor’s degrees, 32 master’s degrees, 3 doctoral degrees, and 33 degrees.

To apply for an online program in this school, you must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA, 120 credits, ACT or SAT for undergraduate programs, and GRE or GMAT for graduate programs.

Click below to learn more.

#3. Florida International University

Tuition: $206/credit in-state; $619/credit out-of-state

Florida International University provides students with the opportunity to obtain bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and certificates through distance learning.

Virtual bachelor’s degrees are available in various disciplines. FIU also offers a variety of undergraduate minors and qualifications in crisis mediation, global black studies, translation and analysis, and more.

To apply for an online program at FIU, you must have ACT or SAT scores as an undergraduate student and GRE or GMAT score as a graduate student.

#4. Trine University – Fort Wayne, IN

Tuition: $420/credit

Online degrees at Trine include 6 associate degrees; 11 bachelor degrees; 6 master degrees. Bachelor’s degrees at this prestigious institution contribute to on-demand employment in fields such as hospital management and organizational leadership.

The university also requires online learners to invest financial aid awards on hardware and applications.

Click the link below to learn more.

#5. Colorado State University Global Campus- Greenwood Village, CO

Tuition: $350/credit

Colorado State University offers bachelor’s degrees in accounting and criminal justice, as well as master’s degrees in finance and professional accounting.

Aside from the courses students get, they get other services such as tutoring, writing help, and technical support which help them in building their academic career.

Note, to apply for an online program in CSU, you must have a 2.8 minimum GPA, high school transcripts or GED scores, and 120 credits.

#6. Arizona State University- Scottsdale, AZ

Tuition: $5,355/semester in-state; $6,360/semester out-of-state

Arizona State University is another top online courses school that offers dozens of undergraduate and graduate programs. Basically, the university offers 36 bachelor’s degrees, 24 master’s degrees, and 26 graduate certificates.

Note, to apply for an online course at this university, you must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA as a transfer student and 120 credits.
To learn more about the school and the online courses available there, click the link below.

#7. University of Illinois at Springfield -Springfield, IL

Tuition: $362/credit

The University of Illinois as a public university is among the best colleges that offer top-notch online courses with a printable certificate.

Basically, this top university offers 14 bachelor’s degrees, 12 master’s degrees, and 16 graduate certificates. These degree courses include short courses, free online courses, and courses with certificates in different fields.

To apply for any online course in this school, you must have 121-125 credits, a 2.0 minimum GPA, and high SAT or ACT scores.

Click on the link below to learn more about UIS.

#8. Northeastern University-Boston, MA

Tuition: $541/credit

Northeastern University is a private institution that offers students a platform to pursue online bachelor’s programs in analytics, digital communication and media, and health management, among other majors.

Basically, the university offers 10 bachelor’s completion degrees and 23 master’s degrees to both national and international students.

And to apply, you must have a high school diploma or GED certificate, ACT or SAT scores, and 120 credits.

Click below to learn more

#9. Texas Tech University

Tuition: $422/credit

Texas Tech University is among the prestigious schools known for providing online degree courses with certificates both for national and international students.

The school offers 16 fully online bachelor’s degrees, 37 master’s degrees, and 6 doctoral degrees in a variety of disciplines. The disciplines include human sciences, applied leadership, digital media and professional communication, technical communication, and university studies.

These degrees require 120 credits, high school transcripts, and SAT or ACT scores. Click below to learn more.

#10. Pennsylvania State University- University Park, PA

Tuition: $576-$617/credit

Pennsylvania State University is another prestigious school worth considering when it comes to online degree programs. The school has several free Online Courses for both national and international students.

Basically, Penn state offers 7 associate degrees, 37 bachelor’s degrees, 54 master’s degrees, and 1 doctoral degree to both national and international students.

Some of its programs are in the following areas: human resources, international politics, and strategic communication.

These degrees require submission of transcripts or test scores, 120 credits, high school diplomas, and ACT or SAT scores. And for transfer students, a minimum of 2.0 GPA is required.

#11. The Complete iOS 10 Developer – Create Real Apps in Swift 3

  • Duration: 48hours 55 minutes
  • School: Udemy
  • Cost: free
  • Level: beginners

The Complete iOS 10 Developer course is a short course for beginners who are interested in developing all necessary skills required to become a professional IOS developer, some of the topics that will be treated in the course include: How to Creating compelling apps, Firebase apps, How to make a GPS make, and Developing RESTful and JSON apps

The course features, video courses, certificate of completion, freedom to directly message the instructor.

#12. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • School: Harvard
  • Cost: Free
  • Level: Beginners

Harvard CS50 is a free online computer science course for beginners by the end of the course, students should be able to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently.

It includes a problem set that is inspired by real-world domains of cryptography, biology, finance, forensics, and gaming. By enrolling for Harvard CS50, students will have the opportunity to participate in research about learning. 

This free course will be taught in the English Language, and some of its features include course videos and soft copy notes, printable certificates, Assignments and Quizzes, The course schedule and outline was created with the students in mind, as such it is flexible enough to suit into the lifestyle of any kind of student.


Going for any of the free short courses online aside from its cost-effectiveness opens you to a wide range of opportunities. It will give you more diverse perspectives than on-campus programs. You will study at your own pace and convenience, teaching you how to properly use your time.

Furthermore, you can be sure of gaining the skills you need to build a professional life and more. So, you can start right now by enrolling in any of the short courses listed above or visit any of the colleges to find out online courses they offer that suit you.


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