General Manager Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

An ideal general manager job description should contain the duties and responsibilities to expect, the essential skills a general manager should have, and the monetary benefits.

The responsibilities of a general manager include supervising employees, setting goals Implementing them, and ensuring that budgets are being followed strictly.

They also ensure that operations are carried out using best practices. Their goal is to improve productivity.

Ideal candidates are expected to possess certain attributes alongside the necessary academic qualification.

The preferred minimum academic requirement for becoming a general manager is a master’s degree.

Employers look out for applicants who have solid communication and leadership skills.

They should also have the ability to think analytically and critically.

Before applying for a job, knowing what the job entails is best.

This will help you perform better in an Interview.

Therefore, if you are applying for a job as a general manager, you should read this job description.

Let’s go ahead to see what general managers do.

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What is the job description, duties and responsibilities and salary of a general manager

What does a General Manager do?

General managers usually work for large organizations, and they are also called GMs. 

They perform a variety of responsibilities in the organization where they work.

A general manager is a leadership or executive role responsible for developing business strategies and motivating employees to perform their duties properly.

They also establish a company’s policies and standards and ensure that operations comply with these established policies.

A GM oversees budgets, staff, and general operations. They perform several administrative functions.

Also, the general manager supervises other managers in charge of several departments.

A GM also comes up with innovative ideas to move the business forward.

They also organize training and seminars for all employees.

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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a General Manager?

The responsibilities of a general manager vary from company to company.

But, irrespective of where you work, it is important that you take the duties and responsibilities section of your job description very seriously.

This is because it contains everything your employer expects you to do daily.

Here are some of the common duties and responsibilities of a general manager usually featured in their job description:

1. Manage Business Operations

A GM is responsible for planning and supervising business operations.

They ensure operations are carried out using best practices.

2. Develop Business Strategies

General managers are also responsible for comics with strategic business plans.

Such plans should be aimed at improving the quality of service, productivity, and profitability.

3. Prepare Budgets

A general manager’s responsibility is to assist stakeholders, accountants, and departmental heads in reviewing and creating budgets.

After a budget has been prepared, presented to the management, and approved, a general manager ensures it is adhered to.

He or she sees that operations are carried out most cost-effectively.

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4. Help in Hiring staff

Also, a general manager assists the human resources department in hiring and interviewing staff.

After hiring new staff, the GM is the one who organizes orientation and training programs.

A general manager also has the right to terminate the employment of a junior employer.

5. Establish and Implement Company Policies

A general manager also must establish company rules and policies.

Although he or she does this with the assistance of other stakeholders.

They are also responsible for ensuring that policies and standards are adhered to.

Also, they ensure that operations are carried out in compliance with relevant government policies.

Other duties and responsibilities of a general manager include:

  • Prepare and present reports to other executives and stakeholders.
  • Motivating and supervising staff.
  • Spot business opportunities from potential, new, and existing clients.
  • Organise and attend meetings with staff.
  • Reviewing financial reports and data
  • Resolve conflicts between employees.

An ideal Candidate for this role should have strong business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

What Qualifications do I need to become a General Manager?

The general manager position is a leadership role and requires years of experience in various business areas.

As a result of the nature of the job, employers prefer employing those with a master’s degree.

A master’s degree in business administration or management is preferred.

Most master’s degree programs take about two to three years to Complete.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, or any related field is usually a prerequisite for enrolling in a master’s degree program.

Usually, employers prefer promoting those who have worked in their company for years and have developed experience.

Also, employers prefer applicants who have worked for big companies or competitors in the same sector.

A general manager doesn’t need to have any certification.

But having a certification is advantageous and puts a candidate at an edge.

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What Skills should a General Manager have?

Most of the skills a good general manager should have been obtained from years of experience working in several business areas.

These skills are relevant for performing all of the duties and responsibilities of a general manager.

 If you want to succeed in this role, you should possess some if not all, of them.

A good general manager must know accounting, financial, and development procedures.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a general manager usually featured in their job description:

1. Communication Skills

A good general manager should be able to relate necessary information in writing and verbally.

They should be able to communicate their job’s technical and nontechnical aspects to junior staff and other executives.

2. Interpersonal Skills

A successful candidate for this position must also possess good interpersonal skills.

They should be able to develop good working relationships with junior and senior staff.

3. Leadership Skills

Already, we have established that the position of a general manager is a leadership or executive position.

Therefore, it is safe to say a good general manager should possess all relevant leadership attributes.

This is necessary for dealing with junior staff.

4. Analytical Thinking

A good general manager should be able to make decisions with the organization’s future in mind.

You should be capable of coming up with strategic and workable business plans.

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5. Organisational Skills

These individuals perform a lot of managerial and administrative duties 

As such, they must be organized when performing these duties.

A good general manager should be able to prioritize his or her activities.

Also, they should be detail-oriented; this will help them avoid omission.

Where do General Managers Work?

Virtually all big organizations with different departments require a general manager’s services to oversee operations.

Here are some of the typical employers of a general manager:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Transport companies
  • Logistics companies
  • IT firms

General manager job vacancies are usually advertised online on the website of large organizations.

Vacancies may also be advertised offline in national or local newspaper publications.

How much do General Managers make?

General managers are usually part of the executives in large organizations or companies.

Therefore, they are usually well paid compared to other jobs.

The following factors may influence the salary of a general manager:

  • Employers; GMs who work in larger companies are usually paid better than their colleagues who work for smaller firms.
  • Qualification: More qualified candidates are likely to receive better pay than less qualified ones.
  • Experience: The position of a general manager requires a lot of experience; as such, general managers who have more experience are likely to be paid better.
  • Geographical location: The economic situation in a country also plays a vital role in determining the salary of a general manager. 

Generally, general managers who work in the United States make an average of $52,000 per year, according to their career balance.

Their salary ranges from $34,000 per year to $102,000 per year.

These figures are likely to be different in your geographical location.

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General Manager Work Environment and Schedule

The role of a general manager is stressful and challenging.

Although they are leaders, they also have to report to the CEO.

They are usually held responsible for all business operations.

Typically, most of the duties of a GM are carried out in an office.

Although, they may have to regularly go around the different sections of a company to ensure that operations are carried out properly.

General managers usually work full-time on regular working days and hours.

At some point, working overtime, in the evenings and weekends, is inevitable.

General Manager Job Outlook

According to the United States bureau of labor statistics, job opportunities for general managers are estimated to grow by 8% through 2026.

This is above the average estimated 7% for all occupations.

Conclusion: General Manager Job Description Guide

Employers can use this job description as a template for preparing their general manager job description that suits their needs.

Also, prospective GMs can use this guide for creating a professional resume.

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