Good Classes to Take in College Freshman Year


In this post, we’ve discussed some good classes to take in college freshman year. College is on all fronts an adventure to take. Although not all college freshman year schedules are the same, many are very similar.

Soon freshmen all around the country will pack up their bags and have a new home within the college. Let’s go over some good classes to take in college freshman year.


Freshman-year is a great time to have. For some, it can be a hell of a ride, but it’s really up to you how it goes. With a good guide through it which is what we most need, it all gets easy 

In Freshman year, you have no real academic commitments. College is a whole different from your high school. Once, your daily schedules were planned mostly without your opinion.


Bells told you when classes ended, only a little liberty between courses like art, music, or languages.

In college, you’ll have more courses to consider. And how you make your bed, you lie on it. You’d wonder what courses you can take, how many you can or should take. Or what the average is among other freshmen.

We’ll start by answering these sorts of questions. Then, we’ll give ideas of some good classes to take in college Freshman year.


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Good Classes to Take in  College Freshman Year | Be Prepared

A lot of pressure is always put on high school seniors to map out their college plans. They are often left to do things they aren’t passionate about. Instead of randomly picking courses, it helps to strategically plan your steps.

So whether or not you have your majors, there are some fundamental courses to consider. Statistically, only 40 percent of first-time full-time college students earn their degrees in four years. 59 percent get their diploma within 6 years. 

To prevent this, you’ll have to be as informed as you can get so wrong choices don’t increase debts on you.

What Classes Should I take as a Freshman?

There are so many options to choose from when deciding this. We’ll categorize these options in five places as per their relevance to your academic and personal growth.

Classes in this category will generally give you a good idea of the academic requirements of your college. Also, you’ll get a better feel of how tedious things can get.

#1. Classes on your major

If you had any major in mind before getting into school, which you advisably should. Taking a class on that major exposes you to what lies ahead.

You’ll get a welcome to the prospects, get the hang of that field and locate your key interest points. However, if you don’t have any preconceived major in mind. Stick with taking general courses and you’ll figure a way around.

#2. General education 

These courses are imperative to giving you a background of the schools’ academic pattern. As they usually get filled up fast, you should register them as soon as possible.

GE requirement courses include math, English, history, and science. Take only courses that you may require here and don’t overload yourself with excess credit.

#3. Electives 

Arts, music, or language courses are a fun and easy way to develop interest and flow on campus. Particularly in your first semester, not only are they required but encouraged.

There’s always an opportunity to communicate and share ideas with both seniors and your colleagues during classes.

#4. Communication and/ or Critical thinking

Communication and critical thinking are important skills for an ever-growing world. These are required courses and are aimed to improve your communication and assimilation abilities. The classes are fun and engaging and you never get bored.

#5. Science 

One requirement for college students is to take science with a lab. Science courses are mandatory but are also fun to take. Lab sessions are also incredibly helpful and aid in giving you the hands-on experience that sticks long.

List of Good Classes to take in College Freshman year

Generally, 15 units per semester are the goal if you want to graduate in four years. This means that if each course is 3 units, then you should aim for 5 courses in that semester.

Having a set of courses in mind before getting on campus before making those selections reduces the tediousness and confusion.

So, here’s a list of good classes for college freshman year.

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#1. Writing Course

Writing is certainly one of the skills that transcend all careers.

Learning this skill can be helpful in so many ways. 

Knowing how to express your thoughts and understanding or recreate that of another is a plus for any student or worker.

Of course, you may have taken AP English.

However, there is a sharp distinction between college and high school papers.

In college, the length of the paper you write is longer, and most times you have to respond to the work of some scholar.

Your grammar would have to change and your sentence structure adapt to the more formal and academic tone.

In the same vein, English is a basic graduation requirement of most colleges.

Freshman year is a good time to cross such elementary courses off your list.

#2. Math and Science

It is always advisable to take lower-level math and science courses during your freshman year.

This greatly depends however on what degree or course of study you’ve chosen.

Often these courses are prerequisites for more advanced versions you’ll meet as you progress.

For instance, you may need to take precalculus before heading for calculus.

Other courses like biology, chemistry, or astronomy should also be scheduled for your freshman year.

Math and science courses make you a better thinker.

You’d be able to analyze things from a more analytical point of view and see solutions quicker than others.

Math skills are essential even outside of the classroom or college.

It teaches you also how to solve bigger problems by breaking them into smaller ones and solving them one by one.

The more you stay away from math the more analytical skills you lose.

#3. Foreign Language

Languages can take on adventures even while in the class.

It also gives an edge in certain situations in life when you could easily understand a person in their language.

If you took a foreign language course in high school, signing up for one in college keeps your ball rolling.

It will refresh your mind and will be easier to learn.

Even if you didn’t take one in high school, developing an interest now would give you the satisfaction and knowledge too.

#4. Humanities

Courses in humanities are most of the time a requirement for graduation.

There are also a wide variety of courses to pick from.

These courses include psychology, sociology, geography political science, international studies, women’s studies, and many more.

#5. Economics

Knowing how to handle some financial digits always comes in handy in your daily life.

So it’s okay to go into finance a bit.

Taking an economics class brings you up to speed with common economic practices and how to make certain decisions that affect your economy.

#6. Philosophy 

Philosophy is a foundational course to study.

It’s been there from the beginning of any form of education.

Since education itself is about knowledge, and thinking of what to do with the knowledge you have.

So taking philosophy class will clear your mind and get you thinking on the right path.

Generally, you’ll think critically most of the time with the lessons of this course in view.


Of course, you most likely want to take this course.

Most college freshmen take this course.

It’s fun, easy-going, and helpful for your everyday dealing with people.

#5. Computer Science

Our world today is developing on a rapid scale.

The computer and the internet are taking over most of our conversations and daily lives.

Also, it is one of the highest paying fields in recent times.

Knowing a bit about computers and their emerging technology is a must do for every student. 

You’ll get to understand how things work and be a part of it if your interests lie there.

#7. Art

Art courses come in many varieties. From courses like the intro to ceramics to theater courses.

Art courses provide students the leeway to enjoy their first semester.

It helps you harness your creativity and think outside the box.

Art courses allow you to express yourself and see things from a new perspective.

#8. Speech

Just like writing, taking a speech class is beneficial for life in general.

This gives you the room and opportunity to express yourself vocally and learn how not to get shunned.

Imbibing this healthy habit will go a long way even after your college life.

You can communicate your thoughts and feelings in words said outwardly.

Through speech lessons, you’ll become a better communicator and wouldn’t just relay information to people.

You’ll also analyze various methods of communicating and deciphering the best at any given time.

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Classes to take in college freshman year | Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ivy Leagues look at freshman year?

Yes, Ivy League schools look at your college freshman year, the courses you took, and the grades you made. However, even if a student did not get the best of their grades in their freshman year there’s still hope.

A good application with other criteria could stand in the gap. What classes to take in community college freshman year Some good classes to take in community college freshman year are:
English composition courses, Speech courses, Critical thinking courses, Physical science classes, Biological, science classes, Health classes, Physical education courses, or Completion of college algebra.

How many classes do you take in college freshman year?

This may vary depending on your college. However, taking about four or five courses each semester is a good number. Since most universities consider 12- credit hours to be the minimum requirement for a full-time student, you should be safe.

What classes to take in the first semester of college 2023
Generally, taking general education courses, some English, math, science, and an art course would be a good start for your college freshman year.


Starting in college can be incredibly daunting. Being surrounded with many questions to ask and get answered. Making the right choices and learning to live independently.

Your academic journey and success begin with your freshman year. Knowing some good classes in college freshman year is a good start to have. By this article, you should be set off rightly for incredible school life.



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