Graphics Designer Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities


Creating logos and designing magazines, brochures, or fliers are all part of the job description of a graphics designer.

As a graphics designer, you may decide to work permanently for an organization or temporarily as a freelancer.


Whatever you decide, this article contains a full graphics designer job description guide.

Graphics designers are indispensable, considering how many businesses are going online and how busy everyone is.


As part of their duties and responsibilities, they disseminate information in an easier form.

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Who is a Graphics Designer?

A graphics designer or artist uses a computer or mobile software to design graphics for media.


They create logos, fliers, brochures, labels, billboards, business cards, mock-ups, and practically any form of branding.

A good graphic designer should be able to pass on necessary information using visuals.

As I said, everyone is busy and may not have time to read long articles.

But a good graphics designer can create captivating and engaging graphics that still pass every necessary information.


What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Graphics Designer?

  • Meet with clients to properly discuss the concept or idea behind the project.
  • Use computer-born mobile software to create captivating designs.
  • Design professional and engaging visual content aimed at passing information.
  • Willingly make necessary adjustments to designs as demanded by the client.
  • Evaluate designs to correct errors before printing or publication.
  • Help in the company or product branding
  • Convert writing or spoken data into visual content.
  • Work as a team with public relations and advertising sectors or firms.
  • Determine the proper arrangement of texts, images, and colors in a print or web page.
  • Define a budget for a project.
  • Mockup designs.

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What Qualifications are Required to become a Graphics Designer?

Although not mandatory, a degree in design or fine art is advantageous.

Good knowledge of how to use different graphics designers’ software, such as Photoshop or CorelDraw.

Like every other job, most clients prefer to work with people with experience.

These experiences can be obtained by practicing for no job in particular and uploading on social media for criticism.

Another important qualification required to become a graphics designer is using text fonts appropriately.

Apart from the use of text fronts, a good graphic designer should also be able to combine colors well.

To improve your qualification, you can take up some online courses on graphics design.

Udemy provides a variety of online courses that you may be able to Dom

Such courses take about 3-6 months to complete.

What is a Freelance Graphics Designer Job Description?

Freelance graphics designers do not have to work as permanent staff in any organization.

They are only contacted when their services are required.

The common activities of a freelance graphics designer are:

  • Soliciting for clients.
  • Coming up with innovative ideas.
  • Discussing prices with clients.
  • Make sure all contracts are completed before the given deadline.
  • Improving technical know-how on the use of design software.

While writing a resume for graphics design, you may want to include the following:

  • Some of your experiences
  • Your qualifications
  • Ability to use different graphic design software.
  • Your skills.

There are various sites where a freelance graphics designer can submit his/her resume.

Work, freelancer, and fiver are some of those platforms.

Different countries have different sites that may be peculiar to their location.

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What are the Skills and Personalities that Suit a Graphics Designer?

So far, you can tell that the job of a graphics designer is not just for everyone.

Not all of us know how to combine colors for our outfits; we discuss creating a design from scratch.

Some of the skills to improve on if you intend to become a good graphics designer are properly explained below.

If you are an employer seeking a graphics designer, here are some skills to look for.

1. Time management Skills

As a good graphics designer, sometimes you may have many designs to create with limited time.

Therefore you must be able to manage time effectively if you must meet deadlines.

Any delay may delay a whole project and result in losing clients.

2. Creativity

Combining colors, fonts, images, texts, and shapes all in one design does require creativity.

Creativity is a very important in born skill a good graphics designer should have.

Its importance cannot be over-emphasized.

As a good graphics designer or graphic artist, you must be able to think outside the box if you must create original content.

3. Open-Hearted

After presenting a design, you may receive so much criticism.

Your clients may reject it without considering the time you put into designing.

These can be annoying, but you must be open-hearted to receive constructive criticism.

Observe that I said constructive criticism, throw negative criticism away, and stay self-motivated.

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4. Communication Skills.

Whether you work as a freelancer or not, you should be able to communicate graphic design’s technical and non-technical aspects properly.

5. Negotiations Skills

This skill is a must-have for all freelancers. Whether graphics design, web development, or whatever.

If you close favorable contacts with clients, you must negotiate well.

I can’t draw; can I still become a Graphics Designer?

Although being able to draw may be advantageous, it is not necessary.

Whether you can draw, you can still make a great graphics designer.

But, being able to make sample sketches of your design may make designing much easier.

Where do Graphic Designers work?

Organizations and individuals now understand the importance of branding.

Of course, branding relies greatly on graphics designers.

With these increases in the number of people who require the services of a graphics designer.

There has also been an increase in employers of graphics designers. Some of these employers are:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Social media agencies
  • Branding agencies
  • Magazine, book, and flier publishers
  • Religious bodies
  • Schools
  • Private organizations

Individuals may also require the services of a graphics designer to make various designs, just as birthday cards. 

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How much do Graphics Designers Earn?

Most graphic designers do the job out of love, and being able to convert this passion into money is a goal.

Your pay as a graphics designer depends on a lot of factors.

These factors include location, client, skills, experience, and qualification.

According to, in New York City, the average yearly income of a junior graphics designer is about $43,317.

But that of a senior graphics designer is about $71,127

You can tell that experience and qualifications are vital in determining your pay.

The figures above differ depending on location.

Graphics designers in less developed countries may earn less than their colleagues in more developed countries.

What are the Different Types of Graphics Designers?

Many people may not know these, but there are a variety of career paths in graphics design.

Some of these are:

  • Fashion designer
  • Teaching
  • Surface pattern designer
  • UX/UI design
  • Wedding card designer
  • Letterpress printer
  • Game designer
  • Web designer
  • Mockup designer
  • 3D illustration
  • Book cover designer

Being skilled in more than one of these aspects of graphics design is a plus.

Is Graphics Design a Good Career?

Since you have read this article to this extent, I believe you now understand the job description of a graphics designer.

If you also have a passion for designing and the necessary skill, why not?.

Graphics design is an awesome career path.

Here are some reasons you should consider a career path in graphics design.

  • As you keep creating more designs, you keep learning.
  • With the world’s direction, the services of a graphics designer will always be required.
  • As a graphics designer, you will be privileged to work in a team with others.
  • Especially if you are a freelancer, you will not always have to wear formal or corporate attire.
  • There is this wonderful satisfaction that comes with seeing your work being published or used.
  • Your experiences in life can become an inspiration for designing.

No doubt, graphics design is an interesting career path.

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Conclusion: Graphics Designer Job Description Guide

Whether you are a graphics designer seeking a career path in graphics design.

Or an employer is seeking a graphics designer job description guide template.

I believe this article has answered all your possible questions.

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