Harvey Mudd College Acceptance Rate 2024: Admissions, Courses, And Scholarships


Harvey Mudd College acceptance rate is no less different from other top private colleges acceptance rates. It is very competitive, which should show you how intense the academic culture at Harvey Mudd college is.

If you want to apply to an institution, the first thing you need to look out for is the acceptance rate as it is one of the basic information that will give you a brief insight into the school.


Apart from the Harvey Mudd acceptance rate, there is more basic information you need to know about the College, and that is precisely what we’ll look at in this article.

History of Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College (HMC) is one of the private colleges in Claremont, California, mainly focused on engineering and sciences.


It was founded in 1955 by Harvey Seeley Mudd, but he couldn’t live till the day of the opening. Friends and relatives of Harvey Mudd funded the college, and it was named in his honor.

Classes at Harvey Mudd College began in 1957 with a founding class of just 48 students and one academic building.

But as years went by, with the help of so many organizations who saw the future of education at Harvey Mudd, the college was grown into several academic buildings and over 43 faculties.


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Why Choose Harvey Mudd College?

Harvey Mudd College offers a four-year degree in several majors, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, biology, and several other interdisciplinary programs with their awarding degrees.

Students at Harvey Mudd College can elect an individual program of study or any other off-campus major offered by any other Claremont college.

This college puts the student first before anything else, which is why they usually try to reduce the pressure on students without sacrificing their rigor.

It is ranked as one of the best colleges for science and engineering among every other undergraduate college and university.

Most graduates from Harvey Mudd College earn the highest salaries among any other college, and there are several notable alumni of this college doing well in their respective fields.

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What is Harvey Mudd College Acceptance Rate?

Harvey Mudd College acceptance rate is 18%. The admissions at HMC are extremely selective and competitive because, with this acceptance rate, Harvey Mudd expects incoming students to be at the top of their class, irrespective of their desired majors.

During the 2020 admission process, Harvey Mudd received about 4,737 applicants’ applications, of which only 473 students were admitted. This alone should tell you how difficult it is to get into Harvey Mudd College.

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Harvey Mudd College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Harvey Mudd College accepts transfer students, but the Harvey Mudd acceptance rate for a transfer student is just 6.76% which entails that apart from regular students applying to HMC, it is harder to get into Harvey Mudd College as a transfer student.

This shouldn’t scare you; as long as you fulfill all the basic requirements as a transfer student, you have no difficulty getting in.

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Harvey Mudd College Tuition And Fees

Harvey Mudd college tuition annually is $62,516. This doesn’t cover all the fees at Harvey Mudd College; there are still other things you’ll need to pay for as long as you’ve been given provisional admission.

  • Student body fee – $301
  • Room/dorm – $10,963
  • Board – $8,916
  • Personal expenses – $1,400
  • Books and supplies – $800

The estimated total annual cost of studying at Harvey Mudd College: is $84,896

First-year and transfer students are usually charged an additional $250 as an orientation fee. Need-based financial aid is available for all students to reduce the cost of studying at HMC. For more information, you can visit Applying for need-based financial aid Page.

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Harvey Mudd College Acceptance Rate By Major

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • The joint major in chemistry and biology
  • The joint major in computer science and mathematics
  • Mathematical and computational biology
  • The joint major in mathematics and physics

The above majors have a general acceptance rate of 18%, while the ones listed below have their acceptance rate

  • Engineering – 31%
  • Computer science – 22%
  • Physical science – 8%
  • Biology and biological sciences – 8%
  • Mathematics and Statistics –3%
  • Area, ethnic, cultural, group, and gender studies –1%
  • Communication and journalism –1%
  • Natural resources and conservation –1%
  • Psychology – 1%

Harvey Mudd offers 18 distinct undergraduate degrees, directly concentrated into the 16 majors within 11 broad fields of study.

Harvey Mudd College Admission Requirements

There are specific requirements Harvey Mudd needs from the prospective students before accepting them as one of the students, and they’re all listed below.

  • You must apply through the coalition app or the common app.
  • A personal essay is also required during the application.
  • $70 application fee or you can apply for a fee waiver if you have any financial need, and you can request a fee waiver through the common app.
  • School report and counselor recommendation
  • Teacher recommendation (must be from a science or math teacher)
  • Official high school transcript
  • Official college transcript (of applicable)
  • An additional essay with a short answer to the questions below
    • What influenced you to apply to Harvey Mudd college? What does HMC curriculum appeal to you?(500 words or less)
    • Briefly explain what you’d  like to learn in your HSA (humanities, social science and arts)class (100 words or less)

Optional requirements

  • Admission interview
  • Standardized test scores

Additional requirements for international students

  • Proof of financial records
  • Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) or IELTS or Duolingo English test

Harvey Mudd College Transfer Requirements

  • The application must be made through the common app or coalition app
  • $70 application fee or a few waivers can be requested
  • Mid-term report
  • College transfer report
  • Official transcript from college or university
  • Official final high school transcript
  • Two recommendations from a college instructor (math or science instructor)
  • Additional writing with a short answer to the questions below

 –             What influenced you to apply to Harvey Mudd college? What does the HMC curriculum appeal to you? (500 words or less)

–              Briefly explain what you’d  like to learn in your HAS (humanities, social science, and arts) class (100 words or less)

Harvey Mudd College GPA Requirements

Harvey Mudd college requires a GPA; the average GPA requirement for this college is 4.17. This GPA means that Harvey Mudd College is extremely selective, and it takes only the best applicants to get in as one of the students.

Harvey Mudd College Deadlines And Decision Dates

Harvey Mudd College has a very low tolerance for late applications, so you must carefully look through the information below to avoid making mistakes.

Early decision 1

  • Application due: November 15
  • Optional interview deadline: November 15
  • Merit scholarship deadline: January 20

Early-Decision 2

  • Application due: January 5
  • Optional interview deadline: mid-December
  • Merit scholarship deadline: January 20

Regular decision

  • Application due: January 5
  • Optional interview deadline: Mid December
  • Merit scholarship deadline: January 20

Harvey Mudd Acceptance Rate FAQs

Does Harvey Mudd College Offer a Scholarship?

Harvey Mudd College offers need-based scholarships to full-time students who demonstrate financial need as long as they’ve not received a bachelor’s degree. Various organizations, Alumni, and friends of Harvey Mudd College fund the scholarships.

What Is Harvey Mudd College Best Known For?

Harvey Mudd College is best known for integrating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education with a liberal arts system. HMC is a tech college, but they’ve improved diversity in their courses by including arts programs in their science courses.

Does Harvey Mudd College Offer Any Online Degrees?

Unfortunately, Harvey Mudd College doesn’t offer any online degree program or remote learning. Like most colleges had to opt-in for online remote learning during the pandemic, Harvey Mudd College also transitioned to online learning. Still, there is no guarantee that Harvey Mudd College will add online courses and the respective degree to its curriculum.

Is Harvey Mudd College Hard To Get Into?

The easiest way to get into Harvey Mudd College is to have high grades ranging from a high GPA to a high SAT and ACT score and, of course, give excellent reasons why you need to study there in your essay.


Harvey Mudd College is a small private college with a close-knit community of students who receive a quality education from top professors. One of the missions of Harvey Mudd is to provide excellent education with various research opportunities to students, and the reputation of this institution is distinguished and outstanding in the world as they’ve inspired students to become passionate, creative thinkers who are ready to impact the world positively.


hmc.edu – Apply and study at Harvey Mudd college

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