Top 10 Highest Paying Education Jobs in 2024


Are you in the educational field, and interested in the highest-paying education jobs in 2023? or want to be in the educational field? Then, the pay should be a big factor you should consider.

In this article, you’re going to know the highest-paying jobs in the educational fields to choose from.


Let’s begin with the least paying jobs in the educational field in the top ten rankings.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Education Jobs in 2023

Below is a list of the highest paying education jobs in 2023.

#10. Training manager 

A training manager makes about $66,189 per year. As the name suggests, a training manager will be in charge of training employees to work for a particular company. Sometimes your work will go beyond training to be able to see the employee’s weaknesses that will help them be more effective in the company and do research so that you can use your educational skills to teach them what they need to know.

If you like anything like this, then you can go for a training manager.


#9. After school program director 

An after-school program director earns about $76,817 per year. If you go into this field, you’ll be coming up with a name for different programs for students in the after-school program. 

You’ll be looking into what these kids need to learn at the same time you have to also put into consideration what they like and what they enjoy. So you will come up with different programs for different kids because each kid has different personalities and you do want to carry everyone along.

The whole idea is to help these kids have the best fun they can have while at the same time learning important concepts.

#8. Lobbyists 

A lobbyist should be making an average of about $78,304 annually. Most of these salaries are basic salaries without any other benefits. As a lobbyist what you are going to be doing here is that you’re going to be working for a company sometimes public or private and you’ll try to get legislation passed in favor of that company.

You’ll be speaking with different elective officials, different groups, and different people who have political powers that are going to be making decisions that affect that company.

You’re going to be arguing on behalf of the company to try and get legislation passed. That is what it means to be lobbying for that company. 

#7. Standardized test developer. 

A standardized test developer will make an average of about $83,070 in basic average salary per year. You are going to be developing and creating a standardized test. Most of the time, students think that questions just pop up out of thin air. No, that’s not it. Standardized questions are created by a standardized test developer.

These standardized test developers take into consideration their different curricula, the skills each student is supposed to have at each level, and how we can test them so that it will be fair across the table. There are a lot of psychological decisions involved here. 

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#6. Academic dean.

An academic dean makes over $85,450 basic average salary per year. In almost every kind of school you’ll be going into, you’ll see an academic dean. They’re in charge of all the academic activities in the school.  They determine which department needs more money, so they look out for departments that are underfunded and overfunded.

They enforce the rules that deal with any academic issues. This is a prestigious job and it’s very important because you are in an academic institution meaning you are in charge of the core purpose of why the students are there. 

#5. Assistant Principal 

An assistant principal makes over an average of about $86,254 per year. An assistant principal is much like a principal and also takes the action of a principal. They are majorly involved in enforcing the rules and guidelines of the school.

Also, they connect with different board members and the principal to come up with what is best for the students. They make sure that the overall mission of the school is carried out.

#4. The principal 

A principal makes an average basic annual salary of about $106,951. The principal is the head of the administrative team. You are not only ensuring that the rules are carried out, but you are also in charge of all the different parts of the academic institution. This includes academic and non-academic activities, which include sports, and so on.

#3. School superintendent 

A school superintendent earns an average of about $118,002 annually as a basic salary. You will be in charge of an entire district, unlike the principal who is in charge of a particular school. A superintendent is in charge of a number of schools in a particular district.

Different issues will come up from the different schools but you are to make sure that they’re all settled and handled properly. Oftentimes the discussion of a district superintendent is about money and distribution.

These are things your educational degrees will help with, that is why you need to be professionally trained for this position.

#2. Recreation director 

A recreation director earns about $121,607 annually as a basic salary. They work in different organizations, sometimes public and sometimes private and they come up with all the different recreational activities.

They’re sometimes involved in hiring and subsequently firing people in and from the company. They deal with different sports leagues in the company.

#1. Chief academic officer

A chief academic officer earns about $133,347 annually as a basic salary. You are also going to be in charge of everything academic related, you can be part of the board of directors in the schools. 

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in the curriculum and over the years reviewing and making changes that will be favorable to everyone. In some institutions, a chief academic officer also prepares causes for the institution that fits with the mission of the school and the job market. 

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Here in this blog post, I have curated a list of the highest paying education jobs in 2023, I hope you found what you were looking for. Do have a good one.

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