What is the Job Description of a Hotel Manager?


If you are seeking a job as a hotel manager, then you should carefully read this job description guide to know the duties and responsibilities to expect.

An ideal hotel manager job description contains the duties and responsibilities as well as the salary to expect.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a hotel manager include overseeing all hotel staff, ensuring good customer service and creating a pricing list.

You will also be responsible for negotiating with vendors, welcoming guests and resolving issues that may arise in the hotel.

There are certain skills and attributes an ideal hotel manager should have or try to develop.

A good hotel manager should have good leadership and managerial skills.

You must be trustworthy and possess good communication and interpersonal skills.

The minimum academic requirement for becoming a hotel manager is a bachelor’s degree.

Now we have a summary of what a good hotel manager job description contains.

Let’s go-ahead to discuss what hotel managers do.

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What does a hotel manager do?

Hotel managers are responsible for overseeing the daily business activities in a hotel.

You will be in charge of supervising all hotel staff and ensuring that operations are carried out at its peak.

The position of a hotel manager is not an entry-level role, rather, it is a leadership position.

As such, you will be relied upon to make important decisions.

As such, it is vital that you possess good decision making skills.

Also, you will have to work with the human resources department to conduct screening and interviews during the hiring process.

Hotel managers who work in large hotels and suites spend most of their working hours in offices.

Whereas, those who work in small hotels will have to regularly come in contacts with employees and guests.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a hotel manager?

The duties and responsibilities of a hotel manager may vary depending on the type and size of the hotel.

But, in general, your aim is to ensure the smooth running of operations in the hotel.

Here are the duties and responsibilities of a hotel manager commonly featured in most job descriptions:

1. Customer satisfaction

Previously, people had the belief that the best hotels were the most expensive ones.

But, things are changing, the best hotels are no longer just the most expensive ones.

Rather, the best hotels are the hotels with the best and explicit customer service.

Inasmuch as good hotels are still expensive, they have quality customer service.

Now, it is the responsibility of a hotel manager to ensure that customer service is at its peak in the hotel.

That’s the only way your hotel can compete in the market.

2. Building and maintaining a good brand name and reputation for the hotel

A lot of people rely on online hotel reviews when looking for a hotel to lodge in.

It is the duty of a hotel manager to build a good hotel reputation.

When guests have a good notion about your hotel, they are certainly going to give your hotel good reviews and recommendations.

Also, whenever your hotel has a bad review, it is also your duty to respond to it kindly.

3. Training hotel staffs

A hotel manager is also responsible for training hotel staff.

You are to help them develop good customer service skills and relationships with others.

It is also your duty to create a good and favourable work environment for staff.

Whenever an employee violates hotel standards, you also have the authority to discipline such employees.

4. Preparing and managing budgets

A hotel manager is responsible for managing the finance of the business.

Hotels are usually affected by economic situations such as a recession or pandemic.

As such, a hotel manager is expected to monitor the economy and make financial plans that will sustain the hotel in the future.

To do this, you will have to create and implement budgets.

As well as create pricing lists and keep a record of hotel revenues.

5. Staying updated with trending hotel technologies

One thing we all know about technology is that it keeps evolving.

As such, a hotel manager must be up to date with recent hotel technologies.

Having new technologies installed in your hotel helps improve customer experience.

Other duties and responsibilities of a hotel manager include:

  • Monitoring competitors
  • Ensuring that the hotel has a good online presence
  • Supervising employees
  • Ensuring all necessary safety and hygiene regulations are adhered to
  • Responding to the feedbacks and handling complaints of guests

What qualifications should a hotel manager have?

The minimum academic requirement for becoming a hotel manager is a bachelor’s degree.

Degree in hotel management, hospitality, business management or other related field is preferred.

Those who already have a bachelor’s degree in a non related field but want to become hotel managers can obtain a postgraduate degree in hotel management.

Usually, employers look out for candidates who have previous experience in catering, waitressing, retailing or business management.

Proficiency in the use of computer systems and software is advantageous for this role.

What skills should a hotel manager have?

Becoming a hotel manager requires that you possess certain skills and attributes.

This is important because they will enable you to perform your daily duties with so much ease.

Most job descriptions also feature the essential skills a hotel manager should have.

This is because employers look out for candidates who possess some if not all the skills.

Here are some of the essential skills a hotel manager should have;

1. Leadership skills

A hotel manager is expected to be a role model for other employees.

You will be in charge of supervising staff and attending to their needs and complaints.

As such, it is important that you possess all relevant leadership attributes.

2. Communication skills

A good hotel manager is supposed to be able to communicate verbally and in writing.

You will have to relate with staff, vendors and supplies, and good communication skills will be important when speaking to them.

Also, a good hotel manager should have good listening abilities.

3. Interpersonal skills

An ideal hotel manager should be capable of developing good relationships with other employees and guests.

This way, you will be able to create a good working environment for employees and satisfy your guests better.

4. Customer service skills

In the duties and responsibilities section of the job description, I clearly stated the importance of good customer experience.

Good customer service also helps improve customer experience.

No guest will return to a hotel where he or she was poorly treated.

6. Trustworthiness

Your employer will depend on you to manage the hotel and improve its productivity.

As such, as a hotel manager, you have to be trustworthy and never make a decision that would affect the hotel negatively.

How much does a hotel manager make?

According to salary.Com, hotel managers in the United States make an average of $110,602 per year.

Hotel managers salaries range from $78,478 per year to $143,947 per year.

It is important to note that the figures above are unique to hotel managers who work in the United States.

The salary of hotel managers is influenced by geographical location, employer, experience and qualification.

In countries where the economy is poor, hotel managers are likely to receive a poor salary compared to those who work in places where the economy is better.

Also hotel managers who work for 5-star hotels have the tendency of receiving a better salary.

More experienced and qualified managers are also likely to be paid better than their less experienced and/or qualified colleagues.

Where do hotel managers work?

Some of the typical employers of hotel managers include;

  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Cruise liners
  • Conference centres
  • Inns
  • Residential clubs

Vacancies are usually advertised online, on the websites of hotels, inns and cruise lines.

 Adverts may also be done through radio or television stations as well as newspaper and magazine publications.

Hotel manager work environment and schedule

Most hotels are located in towns and cities, although some are also found in rural areas.

Most of the working hours of a hotel manager is spent in an office.

Periodically, you will have to go round the hotel to supervise the work of other hotel staff.

Hotel managers work for long hours, typically working on  weekends and holidays is usually inevitable.

What should I include in my hotel manager resume?

A professional hotel manager resume should feature any information relevant enough to convince an employer that you qualify for the job.

You should consider including information like:

  • Years of experience
  • Previous place of work
  • Hard skills
  • Qualification
  • Soft skills

Also, while answering questions during an interview, it is important to make reference to the above information.

You are free to make use of this job description to create a professional hotel manager resume.

Conclusion: Hotel manager job description guide

Employers are also free to make use of this guide as a template for creating their own unique job description of a hotel manager.

If you have questions to ask concerning what it entails to be a hotel manager, kindly leave it in the comment section.

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