How to Get a Job When You are Over or Under Qualified


You are looking for a job. You have updated your resume and you have applied online. You’ve tried to network, and you have done everything you could to get a job but after all, you’ve done, you are yet to be granted an interview.

How to Get a Job When You are Over or Under Qualified Video

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How to get a job when you are over or under qualified

Maybe you have been noticing this little voice at the back of your mind saying things like, “You don’t have enough experience” or “You have too much experience”

Some people make statements like “I can’t put my foot in the door because I need to have a job to get a job”



“They don’t value my work experience and they’re just looking for someone who’s younger, more energetic, and cheaper than me”

You should not only focus on the negative, there are those who were in a similar situation as you but still got into those jobs.


If there are people who were either underqualified or overqualified as you but managed to get into the job, it means that there is something they did that you ain’t doing.

In today’s article, I’ll show you one key strategy to get a job when you are underqualified or overqualified.

The key strategy that can get you into a job when you’re underqualified or overqualified is FOCUS!

Focus means that when you are writing your resume or you are selling yourself in an interview, you are honing in on the key aspects of the position that you have and happen to be relevant in the position as well.

Your focus is on these key areas 

  • Your key skills 
  • Technical qualifications 
  • Experiences
  • Knowledge 

There are many approaches on this blog, in many articles that we have created to help you through writing your resume and succeeding in interviews. So, well, check it out.

Let’s say you are someone who has little work experience and you consider yourself overqualified for any job you want to apply to, but at the same time, you want to be a marketing professional.

If you recently graduated and you want to be a marketing professional, I will assume that in your undergrad, you study some form of marketing. So, you want to hone in on the key concepts you learn in that program related to marketing and make sure that you highlight them on your resume.

So, any relevant marketing concept you may have studied will be important for your next position. That you do not have the exact marketing experience in the role you are applying for does not mean you have no experience at all. 

Make sure you include the knowledge you have gained in your resume. You may never know if the interviewer may be interested in it.

So, make sure that you focus on those key concepts and make sure that they are relevant to the position.

This same concept also applies if you happen to be overqualified for that position.

Why focus is important is because you may have learned many things in the past and may not have remembered them all. And in a case where you cannot remember everything, you can focus on the relevant keywords for the role you are applying for and use them to your advantage in your application.

What you should take out of this article is that single key strategy.

Your knowledge which you put into your resume and in your interview is what is going to attract employees to hire you.

Whenever that point comes when you have so many things running through your head, when you focus, it brings you to a point of singleness, where you begin to pay adequate attention to details.

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