HP Student Discount Code: How to Get HP Student Discount in 2024


HP products are excellent for most gadget users, but the cost could be more student-friendly. Here is how to get the HP student discount code.

Is that possible?



Students seeking to purchase HP electronic gadgets for their studies only sometimes get them due to the high cost. 


However, your wishes can come true if you have the HP Discount Student Code. You can purchase HP gadgets at a low price using the HP Student Discount. You can also learn how to access Apple and Dell student discounts.

This article aims to provide students with the necessary information about the HP Student Discount, how to acquire the code, and how to purchase HP gadgets at an affordable price.

So if you are looking for an HP laptop or printer, this piece is for you. 


How does getting HP electronic gadgets almost for free sound?

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About HP 

Hewlett-Packard, or HP, is one of the world’s largest and leading technology brands. 

The HP Store produces and sells hardware and software to consumers and businesses. The HP Store is particularly popular in the education sector.

They also understand that laptops and other devices are essential but can be expensive purchases for a student’s budget. 

Hence the reason why they have discount offers to students.

As the name suggests, the HP student discount is a discount offered by the HP store for students. Students get up to a 30% discount via the HP Student Store if they have a valid email address. 

Does HP offer student discounts?

No, HP does not have an internal student discount plan. However, you can get discounts on HP products via the UNIDAYS online discount.

HP Student Discount

Yes! Here, you can get a discount on an HP laptop for students. HP is a cutting-edge technology corporation with exquisite items that are also reasonably priced for college students.

You can save up to 40% on items like an HP Pavilion laptop by using the exclusive HP student discount that you can get at the HP Education Store. Discounting has never been simpler. Your student email address is all you need. Easy!

University student and teacher discounts with up to 40% everyday savings. Plus, get free shipping and easy returns.

Get The Deal Here

HP Coupon Code for US Students

HP offers significant discounts so that students can learn about its products through the HP Education Store. Of course, we completely believe in this as well! You’ll learn about any good deals that might be available here. This is true of the HP Education Store, where you may get a new laptop for up to 5% less money.

All come with the same guarantee terms, and in the majority of cases, if you order before 7:30 p.m., it will be delivered the next day to your address. Simply register with your student email address so HP can confirm that you are a student. Okay, little work, big payoff. One more piece of advice: once you’ve registered with the HP Education Store, you can modify your email address.

For instance, if your studies are (nearly) complete. By doing so, you may get informed about new offers and ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

HP Student Discount Code/Deal

You might be asking why HP provides this student discount. The answer is straightforward: they would be delighted to show you the lovely HP products they have to offer.

They hope you will pick HP first by offering students a discount. Smart move on HP’s part, but also a wise move on your part since you wouldn’t want to miss out on a deal.

You are not constrained by agreements, you can take advantage of incredible savings, and you don’t even have to leave your home to do it.

The Advantage of HP Online Student Discount

What is the main benefit of the HP student discount? Of course, there is also the cost, but that is not all.

You can now choose a model that is more potent and durable! We are the best-qualified people to understand how much a student’s budget is impacted by purchasing a laptop. However, there’s (nearly) no getting around the fact that you need a laptop.

With this great offer, you may purchase a laptop with extras like a slightly faster processor, greater storage, and other advantages. Normally, this laptop could be a bit out of your price range, but with the reduction, your ideal model is now within reach.

This means that you only need one laptop to finish your whole course of study. That is very helpful. It is usually preferable to get a somewhat more expensive laptop just once.

Not to mention the disappointment of not being able to work quickly enough. Choose a laptop that works for you, take advantage of the discount, and then you can focus on your academics without worrying about your computer.

Do I Need A Code For HP Student Discount?

Not at all. You don’t need a code for the HP student discount. 

The offer for the code will be applied automatically once you indicate interest in a discount.

What Do I Stand To Gain Having A HP Student Discount?

One of the most significant advantages of discounts is that you can pay a lower price for the products you want. However, having an HP discount for students has better advantages. 

Here is what you stand to gain by having an HP student discount code;

  • You can get discounts on EssayService when you pay for essays online.
  •  Also, HP Student Discount allows you to purchase HP gadgets at a low price.
  •  Students get up to 30% off on laptops, printers, headphones, and more.

What Can I Buy On Discount On HP Stores?

HP is an electronic gadget store; it’s probably the first brand students consider when looking for discounts.

HP has all the technology students need and a handful they don’t need. Here is what your discount code can buy you on the student online HP Store;

  • Printers.
  •  Tablets.
  •  Laptops.
  •  Computers.
  •  Calculators and more.

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Who is Qualified for the HP Student Discount?

Although the significant criterion for accessing the HP student discount is being a student, not all students are eligible or qualified for the HP student discount code.


As with many other discounts available for students, such as the Hulu Student Discount, you must meet specific criteria to access such privileges.

To qualify for the HP student discount code, students must:

  • Be at least 16 years old at the time of application.
  •  Be currently enrolled in a college or university.
  •  Also, be able to either access your HP student discount via a .edu email address or a student ID card issued by the school.

Disclaimer: Parents cannot register their children on public holidays. Students must register themselves after satisfying the eligibility requirements.

How Much Can You Save With The HP Student Discount Code?

How much you save depends on the selected item. Coupon codes offer you a 35 to 55 percent discount on HP products.

Also, the amount you can save and the products you can buy at such discounts will vary over time.

To be sure of how much you can save on UNIDAYS HP student discount, here’s why you can do;

  • Go to the UNIDAYS website.
  •  Sign in and verify your registration.
  •  Check for the current offers and what’s available.
  •  Proceed to generate coupon codes on the HP website. 

Remember that your coupon codes are only applied when you reach the shopping cart. Therefore, your student discount will not appear in any of the prices on the HP website before you check out.

How Does HP Verify Student Registration?

Because HP does not have a student discount plan, students cannot verify their enrollment on the HP site. 

However, the third-party service, UNIDAYS, checks student enrollment and verifies their registration.

UNIDAYS can check student registration at most four-year universities and companies. Once you’ve signed up and verified your registration in UNIDAYS, you can use your student discount codes for hundreds of companies.

How Does HP + UNIDAYS Student Discount Work?

HP offers its discount to students through its partnership with UNIDAYS. Through this collaboration, students can get discount codes that allow them to save up to 55% to 60% on selected items.

UNIDAYS is one of those online brands that gives you access to the best college discounts online on fashion, technology, and entertainment.

Only students in the USA can access UNIDAYS discount offers. Once eligible, you will be given a personal email address or credit card-style student ID issued directly by your institution. This takes 12–24 hours.

Secondly, you will be charged a temporary fee regardless of whether your review was successful or not. 

Once you have generated the code, a countdown will appear on the screen, indicating how long you have before it expires.

Remember that multiple HP student discount codes can be used only once.

How Do I Sign Up For the UNIDAYS + HP Discount For Students?

Before receiving your discount codes, you will need to sign up for a UNIDAYS account

Here’s how to register for a UNIDAYS account;

  • Go to the UNIDAYS website.
  •  Select the menu icon indicated by three horizontal lines (≡) in the upper left corner.
  •  Select Join Now.
  •  Input your email address, choose a password, and select Join Now.
  •  Enter your school information. Then press Continue.
  •  Go ahead to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the verification process.

Note: If you cannot automatically check or your school is not listed, contact UNIDAYS for the manual review process.

HP Discount Store

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How Do I Get My HP Student Discount Code?

To get an HP student discount code, you must generate the code on UNIDAYS.

This code is a one-time voucher code. To get your HP student discount code, here’s what to do;

  • Go to the UNIDAYS website.
  •  Generate a coupon code from HP.

And there you have it!

How Do I Use My HP Student Discount Code?

After generating the code, the next step is to use it on the HP website.

How do you do that?

  • Go to the UNIDAYS website.
  •  Find the available HP offer.
  •  Select Redeem online.
  •  Then select Redeem Code.
  •  Copy your code and select Launch website.
  •  Find a laptop, printer, or other product you want to buy from the HP website. 
  •  Place the item in your shopping cart and continue with the checkout.
  •  Enter the voucher you received from UNIDAYS and check that your discount is valid. (If the discount does not apply, generate a new code. If that doesn’t work, contact UNIDAYS for further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About HP Discount Codes For Students

Where Else Can I Get HP Student Discounts?

As stated earlier, HP does not offer an internal student discount program. However, various retailers of HP products have their student discount programs. 

Stores such as Best Buy, the Apple Store, Staples, and others stock HP products and often offer student discounts.

Besides HP Student Discount, How Else Can I Save to Get HP Products?

You can save on HP products by

Checking HP voucher page – Here, you can find current voucher codes and sales. There are currently 16 active offers available.

 Following HP on social media – HP often publishes special offers for its followers on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

 Checking Amazon for HP Items – Amazon sells HP products at discounted prices. Also, Prime members get free shipping. 
Buying used HP items on eBay – It can be worthwhile to search eBay for used HP products if you don’t find an offer elsewhere. 

Either way, you can save while getting an HP product.

How Many Times Can I Use UNiDAYS Discount?

Multiple-use discount codes can only be used once.

Does Location Determine If I Get HP Discount As A Student?

No matter where you go to school, you can get student discounts from computer manufacturers and stores.

You must prove that you are a student to get discounts on computers, laptops, tablets, software, and accessories. Some online schools offer their students free laptops.

Do I Need a . Edu Email For HP Student Discount?

To apply for any student discount, you will need a dot-edu account. 

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Having an HP gadget is one way to have less gadget stress as a student. 

Although HP electronic gadgets are one of the most trusted products in the world, they can be costly.

Therefore, this piece will show you how to get your desired HP products at a student discount.

You get your ticket to affordable HP products using the HP Student Discount Code. 

Good luck!!!


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