Human Resource Manager Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

If you are applying for the human resource manager position with any company, then you need this job description guide to help you understand your duties and responsibilities.

Human resources are vital for any team, company, and even country.

It is the ‘use’ of human beings – their strengths, to achieve good for a company or team.

No company can work without humans. Even companies that deal with automated machines or robots need human beings.

Blending these individual strengths in a company can make for the company’s overall growth.

Every person employed in a company is expected to add something positive to that company.

This is what the Human Resource Manager does – ensuring everyone brings in their quota for the company’s betterment.

In a perfect company, the managers employ the best employees, the employees bring their best to the table, and the HR (human resources) keeps trying to improve the workers’ best.

Furthermore, HR also ensures that employees blend well with one another and are in a conducive environment for their abilities to grow.

The job of an HR Manager is very critical in every company and is a position they take very seriously.

The HR Manager is usually in charge of other HRs.

If you are a people person and like bringing out the best in people, this is the right job for you.

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Who is a Human Resource Manager?

Firstly, you have to know that the human resources department is the personnel department of an organization, dealing with the recruitment, administration, management, and training of employees.

A Human Resource Manager is in charge of the HR department and is the person you go to for any employee-related problem.

She ensures the employees recruited are the best and are given the best environment to grow.

An HR Manager also must give disciplinary actions against employees who are at fault for the company’s laws. Employees are expected to meet or let her know of the problems they face in the workplace, either in relation to other employees or some company policies.

In some situations, it’s also essential for HR to know some personal problems employees face, especially if it affects their job in the office.

This job requires great patience – dealing with people can be tiring. It also requires a good feel for people and personalities; personalities affect how a person will work.

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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager?

The human resource manager position has many responsibilities outlined in the job description.

Nevertheless, all duties and responsibilities can be largely grouped into 5 parts: 

  • Recruitment of employees
  • Administration and management of employees
  • Teaching of employees
  • Taking disciplinary actions and 
  • Giving of due compensation

1. Recruitment of New Employees

Hiring employees is one of the primary responsibilities of HR. 

One of the major aims of the HR team is to get the most efficient and able staff that will help achieve the goals and visions of the company.

At least one HR Representative is always available during any recruitment process, e.g., job interviews. 

They are usually present to get a feel of the candidates and know their temperaments and strengths. He’s there to know if the candidate is the right pick for the company.

No candidate is accepted if the HR Rep doesn’t recommend him after a series of analytical tests.

2. Administration and Management of Employees: 

HR must manage, direct and show employees what they are expected to do. They execute the rules and policies of the company, and they usually let the employees know the consequences of breaking the rules.

They tell the employees how much needs to be done in a day to maximize profit and ensure that employees keep to their work schedules for maximum productivity.

HR tries as much as possible to manage the sometimes limited number of employees to maximize the company’s goals and objectives.

3. Teaching of Employees: 

HR’s job is to teach the employees most of what they will encounter while working for the firm. They teach them their jobs. They are the ones who organize on-the-job training.

Furthermore, they are entrusted by the company to orient the new employees on everything about the company – when work starts, break time, meetings, etc.

They are also taught or trained to acquire company-specific knowledge and skills to carry out their tasks effectively.

A firm’s growth is mainly dependent on the efficiency of the employees, and this training done by the HR team is very necessary.

While training them, it is also essential to focus on their strengths and how they can be used to push the company further.

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4. Disciplinary Action

In any place with rules, expect them to be broken from time.

The HR Manager is expected to give the appropriate (usually laid down) punishments for the employees who break the rules and regulations of the firm.   

There are disciplinary actions for many things in firms ranging from ‘little’ things like coming late or being absent without due permission to bigger things like sexual harassment or embezzlement of funds.

5. Give Due Compensation to Workers

The HR Manager is in charge of the salaries or wages of staff. 

Money is an essential part of any firm. 

The amount of expenditure should be less than the amount flowing in. 

Salaries, wages, and benefits are part of expenditures.

The HR department usually works with the accounts department on this aspect. 

They ensure that each employee is given what is due to him/her while not affecting the general profit of the company.

Compensations and benefits are also good ways to motivate employees to do better. 

A good HR Manager knows this and tries to implement this while planning payments.

Other Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Ensuring good relationships with employees is especially important so that employees will be free to come to you for any personal or work–related complaint affecting their jobs in the office.
  • Give employees real-time feedback on their performances and how they can improve.
  • Creating clear and concise reports on human resources
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Handling investigations and termination processes
  • Developing, revising, and implementing personnel policies as well as procedures
  • Maintain a positive work environment.

Qualifications and Requirements of a Human Resource Manager

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources management or equivalent.
  • Has Experience in human resources or any related field.
  • Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with colleagues.
  • Experience in teaching and coaching
  • Experience in following and maintaining workplace rules and regulations
  • Ability to give presentations.
  • Knowledge of relevant health and safety laws.
  • Experience in conflict resolution, disciplinary processes, and workplace investigations.
  • Knowledgeable in computers and can use them for different tasks.
  • Skilled in using applications including Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, and Outlook.

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Special Skills Required For the Position of Human Resource Manager

Working with so many people can’t be easy. 

They require a great level of discipline and compassion too. 

They should always look for the good in people and the places that need improvement. 

In addition to this, they should have positive vibes and be charismatic.

There are five special skills every human resource manager should have. 

They are: 

  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Good decision-making skills
  • Conflict resolving skills
  • Strong ethics

Make sure you highlight these skills on your resume.

1. Leadership Skills

To be a good HR Manager, you must exhibit good leadership qualities. 

Be someone people would love to listen to. Have a high level of emotional intelligence and be a good motivator.

Any leadership position is complex and requires you to communicate effectively through any means to your subordinates. 

An HR manager lacking in this aspect will not be able to lead members of the HR team, let alone influence or implement rules on the employee body.

2. Interpersonal Skills

A Human Resource Manager should be a people person. He should know how to relate to people and make himself approachable.

Having positive vibes is an excellent way to attract people to you, and it helps them lose their guard more. 

This is good because it helps you know who they are and what problems they may face without mentioning it to you.

You should also be able to read people to an extent by watching how they interact with their colleagues.

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3. Decision-Making Skills

One quality of a good leader is her ability to make good decisions, whatever the time frame.

An HRM should know that he will regularly make decisions that may affect the entire human force in the firm. He should have the presence of mind to make good, long-lasting decisions that will promote maximization and help achieve company goals.

4. Conflict-Resolving Skills

There will always be conflicts when two or more people are in a place. A good human resource manager should be good at handling conflicts.

Conflicts could arise between two colleagues, two teams, or even two departments. 

There could be misunderstandings that can affect work life and productivity. 

A good HRM should always be able to resolve any clashes.

5. Strong Ethics and Disciplinarian

Taking disciplinary action is one of the primary responsibilities of a human resource manager.

And someone who defies the rules easily cannot give appropriate disciplinary measures.

A good human resource manager should have a strong work ethic and abide by the firm’s rules and policies. 

He should be impartial and not give lesser punishments to offenders because of their relationship with him.

 Other Skills Include:

  • People management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Eyes for details
  • Time management skills

What is the Salary/Earning Potential of a Human Resource Manager?

Money is an essential part of life, and before entering any profession, many want to know their earning potential. But relax; the position of HRM is a good-paying job.

The pay ranges from $70,000 – $173,140. Like most jobs, determining factors are location, size of the firm (size of employees included), level of expertise, and the amount of work required of you.

What type of Industries Employ Human Resource Managers

Every firm and company, especially large-scale firms, needs the services of an HRM. Here are some industries that have the highest rate of HRM employment.

  • Management of companies and enterprises
  • Professional, scientific, and technical industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Government
  • Healthcare and social assistance

Finally, the job of an HR Manager is important to business success. 

People (employees) are a firm’s most important assets, and an HRM should ensure that the workplace is happy and productive and everyone works to realize our established mission and objectives.

It should be conducive and have an environment allowing growth and development.

Promoting corporate values and ensuring the company objectives are realized is an important aspect of an HR Manager’s job.

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Summary of the Job Description of a Human Resource Manager

There you have it, the full job description, duties, and responsibilities of a human resource manager.

As you already know, this job position is vital to organizations.

So, to stand out as the perfect candidate for hire during a job interview for the human resource manager position, you must appear to know your duties and responsibilities as stated in this job description guide.

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