The Importance of Design for Your Resume

Have you applied to dozens of companies and not gotten a call from any of them? It doesn’t matter whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional; if your resume is not impressive, you will rarely get the attention of the employers or recruiters. So, polish your resume at the first opportunity. Otherwise, you will have to wait for months to get an interview call.

You may ask that you already have an impressive resume; why do you need to modify it? Unfortunately, if your resume isn’t catching the attention of hiring managers, it isn’t impressive at all.

So the real question you should ask is, how can you improve your resume to get a better response from employers? Simple, by improving its design. This detailed article will discuss the importance of design for your resume.

Let’s begin!

Importance of Design

Importance of Design for Your Resume

Starting with a question. Why do you or any other person build a resume? The obvious answer is to grab better job opportunities. The other question is, who can hire you for your next job? The employers, hiring managers, or recruiters. Therefore while designing your resume, you must learn about their preferences and psychology. 

Let’s get you acquainted with a few facts about job openings, hiring managers, and their preferences;

  • Employers usually take 6 to 7 seconds to scan a resume, and those seconds are enough for your resume to get approval or see the way to the dustbin.
  • Corporates receive 250 resumes for each job opening. Out of those 250, only 4 to 6 get calls for an interview, and one gets the job.
  • 63% of recruiters look for tailored resumes according to the job description.
  • 40% want cover letters with resumes.
  • Around 75% of employers catch lies in resumes.

After knowing about all of these facts mentioned above. Now is the time to see why your resume design is essential in your job search.

Catch the Attention

As discussed earlier, employers usually take 6 to 7 seconds to decide whether they should continue reading your resume or not. You have only those seconds to grab their attention and force them to call you for an interview.

Remember that recruiters are human beings, and their eyes can differentiate between a well-designed resume and an ordinary one. Like every other object, they appreciate attractive and elegant resumes as well. 

To get the attention of your potential employers, you must grab their attention, and the only way to get it is to design your resume in the best possible way. It must have some incredible elements that they can’t ignore and call you for a short interview.

Sell Your Skills/Experience

Job seekers usually try to sell their skills for an attractive salary. However, many believe that a single piece of paper or a soft copy document isn’t enough to show their talent. It’s arguably the wrong approach in most cases.

You can use that single piece of paper or document to showcase your skills and creativity. If you are looking for a job in graphic design, content writing, or any IT-related field, your CV must reflect that you have the skills the employers need.

However, if you have skills that can’t be justified in your resume, you need to focus on the resume design so that employers will directly go to the skills and accomplishment section and see how good you are in the field. It can help you achieve what you want from your resume. 

To make that kind of resume, you can get the help of a resume builder. A good resume-building website or tool will help you know what kind of resumes are trendy in your field. Besides that, you can also modify a pre-built resume and make it your own. 

Make Them Believe They Need You

Employers give ads for job openings because they need skillful and talented employers for their companies, not to benefit random people. It can help if you keep in mind that they need your skills more than you need their salary. That’s why you should build a resume in a way that makes employers believe that you are the person they need.

In your resume design, you should show your skills, experience, qualification, and accomplishments in a way that they believe that you are the person they are looking for. Although the written data matters the most when it comes to all of these things, the design is also crucial as it leaves a positive impression in recruiters’ minds.

Stand You Out from the Competition

When the corporates get hundreds of resumes, they filter them by just looking at them, rejecting more than half of them, and keeping others for a second review. In the crowd of resumes, only those get a chance for a second look which have extraordinary designs and layouts. Therefore, to pass the first-ever test, you must pay massive attention to the design of your CV.

As mentioned above, a resume maker can help you find outstanding designs for your resumes. Once you make your resume using a CV maker, your resume will automatically stand out from the competitors and ultimately enhance your chances of getting your desired job.

Leave a Good Impression

If your resume design is fantastic, but somehow you don’t get a job in your preferred company, you are still in the race. The company can consider you for the next job opening if your resume leaves a good impression. So, always try to build a resume in a way that will remain in memories whether you are hired or not.

After learning about how important a resume design is, it’s time to know how you can build it. 

Tips to Build an Outstanding Resume

Resume building is an art, and not everyone can master it. It requires graphic designing, writing, and communication skills. However, here are some tips that can help you in it and let you get all the benefits mentioned in this article.

Let’s start with the most beneficial tip!

Get Help from a Resume Creator

You would probably be aware of any CV maker. Those tools are very helpful in designing exceptional resumes. Whenever you open a resume builder for its creation, you will get dozens of templates out of which you can choose the one you like the most and related to your field.

A resume maker will allow you to make changes in those templates and build them according to your need and job description. Furthermore, those tools will enable you to download your finalized resumes in your preferred file viewer format.

Usually, people pay a lot of money to resume creator companies and freelancers to build their resumes which you can save using a resume maker online free. Therefore, you don’t need to waste your money when you can get the same or even a better resume without even spending a single penny.

Wisely Choose the Layout

A resume layout is one of the essential elements in its design. It can help recruiters quickly scan resumes and let them know how you can benefit the company. Conversely, when you use a layout that creates difficulties for managers to review your resume, you make a blunder that may waste all of your efforts and patience.

A resume builder provides awesome resume templates with great layouts that most recruiters prefer. However, sometimes you may believe that you need to make some changes in the layout to make it more effective or relevant to the job description.

You are always allowed to do it while using resume makers. However, it is better to choose the layout after doing a bit of research about the industry and HR managers’ preferences. When you select the structure without research, you may regret it later. 

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Choose the Perfect Font

Choosing the font for your resume isn’t a difficult task for anyone, as people can choose any font that is easy to read. However, selecting the perfect font is a bit complicated. There are many things that you should keep in mind while choosing the font and its size.

  • You must choose the font size that can be read both on paper and soft copy
  • Make sure that you keep the same size for all headers and body text.
  • Prefer some unique but readable font.
  • Although it isn’t prohibited, you should not go with commonly used fonts Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri.

Add Graphic Elements

A resume maker provides incredible graphic elements that prettify the resumes and make them unforgettable. However, if you are a graphic designer and have a command of designing, you can add additional visual elements to showcase your skills and make your resume more attractive.

Even if the job isn’t related to the designing field, the graphic elements in your resume will stand out from the competition, leave a strong impression on the recruiters and force them to call you for an interview.

To Summarize

Grabbing a good job opportunity is very difficult for many people, especially for inexperienced and fresh graduates. The situation worsens when you cannot directly talk to them and let them know about your skills.

However, your resume and its design can communicate on your behalf and force recruiters to call you for an interview. After that, it all depends on your communication skills and confidence whether you get the opportunity or not. 

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