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Let’s say you desire to study in Asia—in China, to be precise—but you don’t have a choice of university yet. We strongly recommend PEKING. We have systematically compiled all the information you need to know about this elite university in China. In this article, you will discover how to get into Peking, Peking University courses, the Peking University acceptance rate in 2023, Peking University tuition fees, Peking University scholarships, and all other questions about Peking.

Studying in Peking allows you to learn and add to your language vocabulary. That’s if you learn the Chinese language. It’s going to be an educational ride; welcome aboard!


Università di Pechino 2020 - Lezioni| Tasso di accettazione| Come entrare e tutto ciò che devi sapere
Università di Pechino 2023

Geolocalizzazione: Distretto di Haidian, Pechino, Cina

Fondato: 1898

Motto: Ensuring quality and pursuing excellence (As translated into English)

Formalmente conosciuto come the Imperial University of Peking

Conosciuto anche come Università di Pechino

Tipo di scuola: Istituto pubblico di ricerca

Forza del personale: Academic Staff 11,337

No. di studenti: 44,729 (Laureandi 16,058, Laureati 28,671)

Stile campus: Urbano

Massa terrestre: 274 ettari (680 acri)

Affiliazioni accademiche: AALAU, AEARU, IARU, APRU, BESETOHA, C9 e McDonnell International Scholars Academy

Risultato della ricerca: Molto alto

Sito web della scuolahttp://www.pku.edu.c

Written as 北京大学 in the Chinese language, Peking is a major research university in Beijing, China. They rank Peking as one of the top institutions in China, Asia, and the world.

Peking has existed for 122 years in excellence and style. Peking, throughout history, has had a significant role “al centro dei maggiori movimenti intellettuali” in China. The university became a center for China’s emerging progressive movements in the early 1920s. Its significance rose to the point where its history is tied to that of modern China.

Peking is made up of 30 schools and 12 departments. The university offers 125 majors for undergraduates and two for the second bachelor’s degree. For master’s study, there are 282 programs and 258 programs for doctoral candidates. Besides basic research, the university is also into applied research.

Talking about research, Peking has 216 research institutions and research centers. This includes two national engineering research centers, 81 key national disciplines, and 12 national laboratories.

Deciding to study in Peking is worthwhile, but before you begin your registration process, look at other terms, conditions, and requirements that would make that possible.

For a start, consider the Peking University tuition fees, Peking University courses, and Peking University acceptance rate. Keep reading.!!!

Storia di Pechino

In quanto parte della Riforma dei cento giorni started by the Guangxu Emperor, they established Peking on July 3rd, 1898, under the name “Università Imperiale di Pechino.” The decision to develop Peking was to replace Taixue, specifically the Guozijian, or what many know as the Imperial College.

Following its institution, they authorized Peking to supervise and administer all other schools in the province. It was in the office of Liang Qichao redigere i regolamenti organizzativi delle istituzioni. Sun Janai was appointed the university’s manager, and Emperor Guangxu was the American missionary.

Jingshitongwenguan: a foreign language learning school established by the Qing court in 1862, was incorporated into the Imperial University of Peking. The university in 1904 sent 47 students to study abroad. This marked the first time in the history of Chinese higher education that an institution sent students to foreign countries.

Hanno ribattezzato l'università dopo la Rivoluzione Xinhai”Università governativa di Pechino” in 1912. In 1929, they renamed it the “Università Nazionale di Pechino. "

On January 4th, 1917, Peking became the largest university in the country. It had 14 departments and an enrollment of over 2,000 students courtesy of scholar Cai Yuanpei. Peking University became the first Chinese university to accept female students in 1920.

In seguito all'espansione del territorio giapponese nel 1937 dopo la seconda guerra mondiale, si trasferirono a Pechino nella città sudoccidentale di Changsha. Lì ha formato insieme la Changsha Temporary University Università di Tsinghua e Università di Nankai. Le tre scuole si trasferirono di nuovo nel 1938, questa volta più a sud-ovest a Kunming, e formarono la National Southwestern Associated University.

Peking alone moved back to Beijing in 1946 after the Japanese surrender in World War II. The university comprised six schools (Arts, Science, Law, Medicine, Engineering, and Agriculture) and a research institute for the humanities.

Today, Peking hosts one of the few undergraduate liberal arts colleges in Asia. We know it as a Class A institution under the national “Double First Class University program. Peking faculties include:

  • 76 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • 19 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
  • 25 members of the World Academy of Sciences.

Perché dovrei studiare a Pechino?

Peking University acceptance rate
Logo dell'Università di Pechino

Aside from this opportunity to studiare in Cina, there are many reasons to study in Peking.

Ecco alcuni motivi principali per studiare qui;

  • Pechino è il pioniere della modernizzazione della Cina.
  •  Pechino è un'università nazionale chiave e completa.
  •  We know the university has a high research output. You’re going to get the best if you’re into research.
  •  Some undergraduate programs are offered in English, just in case that’s a hindrance for you.
  •  I laureati di Pechino hanno un'alta probabilità di trovare lavoro.

What can International Students Study at PKU?

International students at Peking University can take the following courses:

  • Undergraduate or graduate degree-granting programs (Chinese or English taught)
  • Visiting students program (non-degree granting)
  • Pre-university program;
  • Short-term language courses or Chinese studies programs

Bachelor’s programs are four years, Masters’s programs are 2-3 years, and Doctoral programs are four years.

Students can take courses in Chinese or English.

Eligibility Requirements for Peking University 2023

To be admitted to Peking University, you must meet the following severe eligibility requirements:

  1. L'età minima è di 18 anni.
  2. Foreign nationality
  3. Excellent Academics
  4. Certificate of New HSK 6 Exam for Chinese-taught courses
  5. English-language proficiency exam
  6. PKU Entrance Exam for Undergraduates, Passing Grade

Processo di ammissione a Pechino

The admissions process for getting into Peking is not tedious but requires time. After the application deadline, it takes 8–10 weeks to receive your admission letter (if admitted). The university may request an interview via Skype or additional materials during this period.

They will send you an admission letter and other relevant documents if accepted. You don’t just wait. To track the progress of your application, contact the university’s admission office by email or phone.

Quando scade la scadenza per le domande per Pechino?

Peking’s application deadline is March 31st of each year, 24:00 Beijing time. It’s expedient because you know they must receive all application materials before the deadline. Peking has some other rollover admission deadlines. They include December 1, January 1, March 1, and March 31.

What is Peking University Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Peking University’s acceptance rate is as low as 1% for domestic students. Still, the case is different for international students, as the acceptance rate at Peking University for international students is 15%. This means that your application is likely to be accepted at Peking University.

Does Peking University offer Scholarships to Students?

Yes, there are many Peking University scholarships available for international students and residents. Residents mostly have access to free education. You should take advantage of some of these scholarships to help pay your bills.

You must meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for any of these scholarships. We will consider the following eligibility criteria to be eligible for Yenching Academy of Peking University Scholarships;

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any field awarded no later than August 31, 2023, and An Outstanding Academic Record.
  •  Forte interesse per lo studio interdisciplinare della Cina
  •  Un record di risultati extracurriculari, coinvolgimento della comunità, responsabilità sociale e potenziale di Leadership
  •  Conoscenza della lingua inglese.
  •  Modulo di domanda online compilato.
  •  Dichiarazione personale (750 parole o meno).
  •  Curriculum vitae.
  •  Trascrizioni ufficiali).
  •  Diploma(i) o Certificato(i) di iscrizione.
  •  Due lettere di raccomandazione.

Questi requisiti dovrebbero farti guadagnare una qualsiasi delle borse di studio dell'Università di Pechino.

Quali sono i requisiti per entrare a Pechino?

I requisiti di accesso per presentare domanda per Pechino differiscono dalla maggior parte delle altre università. Ecco i requisiti necessari per entrare a Pechino;

  • Applicants must have valid passports and must be non-Chinese citizens.
  • I candidati devono avere più di 18 anni e meno di 25
  • I candidati devono essere in possesso di un diploma di scuola media superiore.
  • Devi conoscere la lingua cinese.
  • You must present a valid passport or citizenship documents if you are a resident of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan who emigrated to other countries and is requesting admission to Peking as an international student.

Specificheranno altri documenti in base al tuo programma di studio.

Requisiti di lingua inglese

For admission to Peking University, international students whose native language is not English must demonstrate their English language competency by submitting IELTS, TOEFL iBT, GRE, or any other credential.

Peking University acceptance rate

If you haven’t already begun preparing for your English Language examinations, which are unquestionably a vital aspect of studying abroad, join our Leverage Live sessions and get trained by specialists to score high in IELTS and TOEFL.

Come fare domanda?

Here’s an easy 4-step process to start with your application process at Peking University:

  1. Select the Course and University -Call the Leverage Edu student advisors at 1800 572 000 to use our trusted AI Course Finder to shortlist your Bachelor’s, Master, or Ph.D./doctoral programs at Peking University.
  2. Raccogli documenti -The next step is to gather and compile all your documents like SOPs, essays, certificates, and LORs, and exam scores like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, ACT, etc. 
  3. Fill and Submit the application – After submitting your application and all required documents, the specialists will begin the application process for lodging, Student visas, and scholarships/student loans.
  4. Wait for the offer letter – It’s now time to wait for your offer letter, which can take around 8-10 weeks.

What’s the Cost of Studying in Peking?

Compared to other universities in the 21st century, Peking University’s tuition fees are relatively low. Contrary to popular opinions of elite universities, Peking University’s tuition fees are affordable and payable.

Peking University tuition fees for undergraduate studies are approximately 4,659 USD, and master’s fees are 5,241 USD per year. The University has also made provisions to aid students with extra financial help via parking university scholarships. This help enables you to pay for tuition and other financial needs.

Costo della vita

The average cost of living as an international student at Peking University, both on and off campus, is listed below:

Peking University acceptance rate
Costo della vita

Messaggi utili!!!

Classifica dell'Università di Pechino

Peking is one of the highest-ranked universities in Asia. The University consistently ranks among the top 50 in most reputable international surveys. Peking is constantly improving its ranking with each passing year. These rankings attest to this institution’s dedication to academic excellence. Here is a list of some 2023/2024 ranking outlines for Peking;

Listed below are the rankings achieved by Peking University:

  • Peking University has been ranked #18 in QS Global World Rankings 2023
  • Peking University has been ranked #2 in QS Asia.
  • Peking University has been ranked #19 in the QS employability rankings.
  • Peking University ranked #16 in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023.
  • Peking University ranked #15 in Times Higher Education Reputation Rankings 2023.
  • Peking University has been ranked #59 in CWUR Rankings 2023-2024.
  • Peking University has been ranked #45 by US NEWS World Rankings 2023.

Quali sono i corsi offerti a Pechino?

Peking University offers many courses. As mentioned earlier, there are over 125 Peking University courses. According to the specialists, here are some of Peking University’s courses in 2023;

  • Facoltà di Chimica
  •  Collegio di Scienze Urbane e Ambientali
  •  Dipartimento di Psicologia
  •  Dipartimento di Filosofia
  •  Dipartimento di Lingua e Letteratura Inglese
  •  Dipartimento di Lingua e Letteratura Cinese
  •  Dipartimento di gestione dell'informazione
  •  Dipartimento di Sociologia
  •  Dipartimento di storia
  •  Dipartimento di Informatica e Tecnologia
  •  Scuola di Scienze Matematiche
  •  La Scuola di Fisica
  •  Facoltà di Scienze della Vita
  •  La Scuola di Scienze della Terra e dello Spazio
  •  Scuola di giornalismo e comunicazione
  •  La Scuola di Archeologia e Museologia
  •  Scuola di Studi Internazionali
  •  La Scuola di Economia
  •  Scuola di gestione di Guanghua

Alumni notevoli dell'Università di Pechino

Peking University acceptance rate
Associazione degli ex alunni dell'Università di Pechino

for a school that has existed for over 122 years. Peking has a strong alumni body. Most have become national figures, writers, and media and business enthusiasts.
Here are some of their names, Fan Changjiang (journalist), Feng Youlan (philosopher), David Hawkes (translator), Dolma Kyab (writer), Andrew Lau (writer), and lots more

Domande frequenti sull'Università di Pechino

Is there a place for International Students in Peking?

Yes, 16% of students in Peking are international students. Therefore, you have a place as an international student in Peking.

Qual è il costo della vita a Pechino per uno studente internazionale?

As a student, the cost of living in Beijing is $620–1,212 USD/month. This is high. You can either secure any Peking University scholarships or seek other financial aid to help you pay for your bills.

Qual è il requisito GPA per Pechino?

Il GPA medio per avere la possibilità di ottenere l'ammissione a Pechino è 2.5. Per un'università d'élite, questo è relativamente basso ma accettabile.

Ho bisogno di SAT/ACT per fare domanda a Pechino?

Yes, you need SAT, but the ACT score is on probability. If you are applying for undergraduate programs, you need SAT. The average SAT score is 1400. If you’re apt for graduate programs, you will need GRE.

Devo conoscere il cinese per fare domanda?

You need to know the Chinese language to gain admission into Peking. This is one requirement to gain admission. Therefore, we recommend you learn Chinese and take a Chinese proficiency test.


Here’s an opportunity for you to gain admission into one of the most elite, prestigious, and outstanding universities in Asia. We strongly recommend that you consider the Peking University tuition fees, Peking University acceptance rate, Peking University scholarships, and Peking University courses.

This will help you make the right application and help you secure admission. We hope you found this article helpful. Do well to reach out to us once you secure a spot in PECHINO!!!

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