What is the Job Description of an Event Planner?


The Job description of an event planner ranges from envisaging an event to making that event you have envisaged become a reality.

Working with a budget, they pick the location, handle logistics, hire caterers and vendors and even provide transportation and lodging for invited guests.

Companies, organization, and even families require the services of an event planner to plan and organize events they intend to stand out.

If you intend to go into event planning, you must be prepared to work effectively under pressure and also learn to multitask.

Passion and creativity are necessary to drive an event planner. 

Organizations or individuals who hire event planners usually desire a successful event, but do not want to spend time planning it.

So while the events are being properly planned, the host can focus on other things.

Why event planning?

Although stressful, event planning is a very interesting career path. Different clients come with different experiences.

Here are some reasons why you should consider becoming event planning.

  • Even after years of planning events, it never gets boring. That’s because you get to meet a lot of people.
  • As you handle more events, your skills keep getting better.
  • It is a good way to convert your passion for creativity to a source of income.
  • Depending on the desired location of the event, you may be able to travel to different parts of the world.
  • A successful event will remain memorable to both the host and guests, and that will give you satisfaction and joy.


Is event planning a good professional for you?

The task of planning a successful event is certainly not an easy one.

It is not as easy and straight forward as it may look. You have to be sure it is what you really what to do.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself and honestly answer.

  • Am I good at working with others?
  • How well do I work under pressure?
  • Do I give attention to details?
  • Am I creative?
  • How well do I work with a budget?
  • Is this really my passion? Will I derive satisfaction from doing this?
  • Can I communicate the technical and non-technical aspect of event planning to my clients?
  • Am I good at multitasking?
  • How well do I relate with people?

To become a good event planner, it is important you know and understand the job description of an event planner.

What does an event planner do?

duties responsibilities job-description-of-an-event-planner- planning events

Event planners see to the success of an event, they make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone that attends the event is well taken care of.

They organize every single aspect of an event, their responsibility depends on the type and size of the event.

Their role incorporates everything that is necessary for the success of the event.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an event planner?

The duties of am event planner depends on the type, size and budget of the event.

Although these factors determine the responsibilies of an event planner, here are some of the basic duties.

  • Hold meetings with the event host(s) to learn and understand the reason for the event.
  • Allocate the best time, date , location and budget for the event.
  • Evaluate the location to see if it is in best state for the event.
  • Put in place facilities like transportation, equipment and promotional materials.
  • Organise the interior decoration of the location.
  • Hire caterers,and entertainers.
  • See to the smooth flow of the whole event.
  • Carry out market research and negotiations with vendors.
  • Offer innovative ideas to see to the success of the event.
  • Handle event advertising when necessary
  • Quickly identify and control problems that may arise during the event.
  • Comply an invite list and send out invites.

Some events may come with more duties than others. Therefore, the duties of an event planner are not limited to the ones listed above.

What are the skills and personality that suits an event planner?

The Job of an event planner is tasking, and requires some skills to pull through.

Some of these skills include;

1. Give attention to detail

An event planner must be careful enough to give detailed attention to every thing. Sometimes those little details that are easily ignored can ruin the whole event.

2. Work well under pressure

Immediately you are contacted to plan an event, everyone looks up to you for its success. 

Apart from that, you have so many people to meet and deals to close. All these and more are capable of putting you under pressure.

You must learn how to work effectively no matter the amount of pressure put on you.

3. Coordination

You must be able to work well with people, and when necessary adjust your choices and actions to suit theirs.

4. Communication skill

An event planner must be able to speak, write and listen in order to communicate properly with vendors, event guest and even the host.

5. Trouble shooting skills

You must be able to quickly identify problems and handle them effectively before the get out of hands.

6. Ability to maintain relationships

As a good event planner you must be friendly and have the ability to maintain good relationship with your team, vendors, clients and even guest.

7. Good negotiations skills

You should be able to negotiate well with vendors and strike a good deal. Were you can get the best without have to break the bank.

8. Good managerial skills

The importance of managing fund cannot be over emphasized. You will have to know how well to allocate fund depending on the budget.

9. Innovative

You should be able to proffer innovative ideas that will make the event stand out. This is where creativity comes to play.

What are the qualifications required to become an event planner?

Depending on the type of event and your area of specialization, the training and education required may vary.

Without any form of training, you may be able to get some event planning jobs, but if you must grow, you need a level of education.

To become a professional event planner, you should obtain a bachelor’s degree in any if these fields;

  • Project management
  • Public relations
  • Hospitality management
  • Human resource manager
  • Event management

Any other related field will also be perfect. Such courses take about 3-4 years to complete.

You may also sign up as an apprentice to a professional event planner. In the course of training, you will be privileged to learn how to properly plan and manage an event.

This also gives you a level of experience and may be a plus for you while biding to manage an event for a client.

In order to work effectively, you should also know how to use Microsoft office suite.

Sometimes, new clients may require references from previous clients. And you should be willing to submit them. 

As it may be one of the requirements to get the contract. Now you see how important experience is right?

How much do event planners earn?

On an average, event planners earn about $27,000 dollars according to the US bereau of labor statistics

More experienced planners may make up to $49,000 per annum.

Although there are so many factors that may determine how much you actually make.

What factors determine the pay of an event planner?

Your pay as an event planner depends on these factors;

1. Your clients

Different clients have different budgets for their events. As an event planner, you may have to adjust you’d pay to suits your clients budget

2. Location

Event planners in rural or developed areas are paid better than those in less developed areas.

Those in developed areas are privileged to have access to the rich, who may have a higher budget than clients in less developed areas.

3. Level of expertise

Of course, a professional event planner will be paid better than a non professional. Your level of experience and expertise goes a long way in determining your pay.

Most clients even prefer event planners with more experience.

4. The economy

When the economy of a country is good, and money circulates fairly, individuals and companies may have more money to host events. 

Situations like a pandemic can crumble the economy of a country and in such times, no body may want to plan events.

5. The event

The type of event to be planned also determines your pay. Weddings or birthday parties do not cost the same as business meetings.

Conclusion – Job description of an event planner

For every glamorous event you have ever attended, there is a group of event planners who worked tirelessly to see it was a success.

The job description of an event planner requires a lot of time, energy and passion.

If you believe you can make a good event planner, take a training and get started already.

But, if you don’t, there are other career paths to choose from such as;

The list can go on and on. What ever decision you make, I hope you choose the right career path that is perfect for you.


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