Social Worker Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

Social worker job description: Aside from knowing the job description of a social worker, passion must be your drive.

Social workers help people solve or live with their life’s problems.

The job description of a social worker includes giving listening ears to people and diagnosing possible problems.

Social workers diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues.

Being an advocate is a part of the job description of a social worker.

As a social worker, you advocate and create awareness for and with your client.

Knowing your duties and responsibilities is a good start to becoming an excellent social worker.

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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Social Worker?

Your duties and responsibilities as a social worker depend on your area of expertise and the population.

Some of the typical duties and responsibilities of a social worker are:

  • Identify individuals who need help.
  • Assist clients in making adjustments to changes and circumstances they find themselves in. These changes include divorce, illness, and losing a loved one.
  • Advocate for and create awareness for clients to get help.
  • Give immediate response to crises such as rape.
  • Diagnose illness or mental disorder.
  • Ensure that patients are properly followed up until they are fully recovered.
  • Keep records of clients’ history.
  • Proffer physiotherapy services to clients.
  • Assist with court cases.

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What Qualifications do I need to Become a Social Worker?

Passion may be required to become an excellent social worker, but to get the job; you must qualify.

A bachelor’s degree in sociology, psychology, or other related fields is advantageous.

Clinical social workers require a master’s degree and two years of working experience under supervision in a clinical environment.

Also, clinical social workers need to be licensed in their location to practice.

Students must learn human behaviors, social welfare policies, and social work ethics during formal training.

Apart from clinical social workers, nonclinical social workers may also need a license to practice in some locations.

What Skills and Personality Suit a Social Worker?

Qualification is required to practice social work, but skills will make you an excellent social worker.

Some of the skills a social worker requires are:

1. Communication Skills

As a good social worker, you should be capable of communicating verbally and in writing.

You should be able to give listening ears as well as know the best way to counsel clients depending on their needs.

2. Compassion

A good social worker should also be sensitive to the emotional needs of their clients.

You must be kind to clients and let them feel at home with you.

As such, they will feel free to open up and tell you their problems without hiding anything. This will help you provide the best help.

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3. Interpersonal Skills

It is also necessary for a social worker to build and maintain a good working relationships with clients and colleagues.

4. Excellent Listening Skills

Good listening skills make a good social worker. You can’t assist in solving a problem you haven’t properly understood.

5. Problem-solving Skills

Different people will meet you with their problems, and where you handle these problems remaining as calm as possible goes a long way in telling how good you are.

6. Time Management Skills

Sometimes, your job description as a social worker may require you to do so many things 

Being able to manage time well as well as prioritize activities is a huge plus.

7. Trustworthiness

Before people confide in you, they need to be sure that you can be trusted. How well are you at being discreet with people?

How much do Social Workers make?

Your pay as a social worker depends on your area of expertise and level of experience.

On average, social workers earn about  $59,470 as of 2019.

The lowest 10% of the median wage earns about $31,790, while the highest 10% earns $82,549.

Aside from experience and area of expertise, location, and qualification may also play a role in determining your pay as a social worker.

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What are the Types of Different Areas of Specialization in Social Work?

Another amazing thing about social work is the variety of areas of specialization you can choose from.

Some of the areas of expertise in social work are:

1. Clinical Social Workers

Clinical workers create patient treatment plans with doctors or other healthcare practitioners.

They may also adjust treatment plans whenever they deem necessary.

2. Mental Social Workers

As the name implies, they assist patients with addiction-related mental issues.

3. Healthcare Social Workers

They make it easy for patients to understand their condition and make necessary adjustments in lifestyle or diet.

4. School Social Workers

School social workers work with parents, guidance, teachers, and school administrators to derive ways of improving students’ academic performance.

They also help students whenever they face problems common in schools, such as bullying.

5. Child and Family Social Workers

They assist vulnerable children and families. They also help protect children who may be in danger of abuse. 

As part of a child and family social worker’s job description, they intervene in crises such as rape.

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Where do Social Workers Work?

The duties of a social worker are indispensable; therefore, many employers need their services.

Some of the typical employers of social workers are:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulance services
  • Specialist social work agency
  • Nursing homes
  • Private organizations
  • Charity organ worker job description 

With the increase in population, years from now, the demand for social workers will also increase.

Conclusion: Social Workers Job Description Guide

The job of a social worker brings satisfaction; being of help to others and seeing them get better comes with incomparable joy.

Most special workers spend most of their time in offices or visiting patients.

Some social workers may be expected to travel from location to location to provide services.

Social workers work full time and may be required to work at weekends and holidays.

Social workers are usually exposed to many injuries; therefore, you need to take all necessary safety precautions.

Feel free to use this guide on the job description of a social worker to make that perfect irresistible resume.

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