Kitchen Manager Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

If you have been a kitchen staff for some years and want to move on to a higher kitchen position, such as kitchen manager, you should read this job description.

Kitchen manager responsibilities include managing kitchen staff, coordinating the whole cooking process, and ensuring that necessary kitchen hygiene is observed.

In this job description, we will discuss a kitchen manager’s other duties and responsibilities.

To perform all your duties as the manager of a kitchen in a restaurant or any kitchen at all, there are certain skills you should possess.

Possessing some or even all of these skills and attributes is important because they make performing your duties easier.

Ideal candidates should be detail-oriented and possess solid communication and interpersonal skills.

Keep reading this job description to know what a kitchen manager does.

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What does a Kitchen Manager do?

A kitchen manager manages all kitchen operations in a dining establishment.

You will be in charge of recruiting kitchen staff, training them, and ensuring they observe all safety and sanitation rules and regulations.

Also, you will be responsible for maintaining a well-stocked kitchen, as you will have to order and negotiate the prices of food supplies.

Kitchen managers must manage the kitchen budget and buy supplies at the most cost-effective price.

To manage the budget, you will also have to work as a team with other kitchen staff to prevent food waste.

Furthermore, the kitchen manager is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in the kitchen and its environs.

These and other kitchen manager responsibilities are reasons employers prefer employing applicants with up to 5 years of experience in a dining establishment.

Now you know what a kitchen manager does, let’s go ahead to see the duties and responsibilities of a kitchen manager.

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What are the Responsibilities of a kitchen manager?

There is no better way to succeed as a kitchen manager than having a keen understanding of all your duties and responsibilities.

So, it would be best if you took these duties and responsibilities section very important.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a kitchen manager usually featured in the job description:

1. Supervising Kitchen Staff

The kitchen manager is usually in charge of creating a schedule for all kitchen staff.

They are also responsible for overseeing the activities of all staff in the kitchen.

2. Ordering Food and Supplies

Kitchen managers are also saddled with the huge responsibility of keeping records of available food and supplies.

Just before the kitchen runs out of supplies, they have to order them from vendors and supplies.

Orders are placed based on the kitchen budget.

3. Ensuring Adherence to Food Safety Rules

Having an unkempt kitchen can outrightly result in the closure of a restaurant.

Therefore, the kitchen manager must ensure the kitchen is always clean and does not harbor rodents.

Also, all staff must comply with all safety and sanitation kitchen rules, regulations, and hygiene.

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4. Recruit and Train Kitchen staff

A kitchen manager is also responsible for screening and hiring new kitchen staff.

In addition, they train both new and old kitchen staff.

During the training, they sensitize them concerning best practices and kitchen policies.

5. Oversee food Prep and Cooking

Before any order is served, the food must be well prepared and cooked.

Therefore, the kitchen manager must supervise cooks to ensure they prepare the food well.

Badly cooked meals can cause a loss of customers.

Other duties and responsibilities of a kitchen manager include;

  • Minimize food waste.
  • Prepare and present kitchen reports.
  • Determine the portion and size of servings.
  • Assist the restaurant manager in pricing menu items.
  • Establish kitchen standards as well as safety policies.

What Qualifications do I need to become a Kitchen Manager?

The requirements for a kitchen manager may vary from one restaurant or dining establishment to another.

But, a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or any other related field is advantageous.

Also, successfully graduating from a culinary school is advantageous too.

You must also know how to operate and use kitchen equipment and tools.

Employers usually prefer applicants with 3-5 years of experience in a related role.

Prospective kitchen managers should also know various national and international recipes.

Familiarity with safer and sanitation policies from the government and the establishment you intend to work for is also necessary.

Individuals with bilingual communication skills are also given preference.

Those who speak both English and Spanish are often preferred.

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What Skills Should a Kitchen Manager have?

1. Flexibility

As a result of the work requirements of a kitchen manager, you may have to work at different working hours and days.

Also, you will have to take several positions for a long time.

As such, you must be flexible enough to accommodate any working condition.

2. Leadership Skills

The position of a kitchen manager is a leadership position.

Therefore they have to have all the relevant leadership attributes.

This will help them deal with other kitchen staff who work under them.

3. Great Multitasking Skills

A good kitchen manager must be able to do more than one thing at a time.

Multitasking skills will help them carry out several tasks within a short period.

When multitasking is not possible, prioritizing your tasks is a good alternative.

But, as much as you prefer more important tasks, less important ones must not be neglected.

4. Speed

The kitchen and its environs must always be orderly, but the people working there must be fast.

Kitchen managers are not the only ones who must be able to work with so much speed and accuracy.

Cooks and those serving and taking orders must also be fast.

5. Ability to Work Under Pressure

A kitchen manager should always aim to increase the kitchen’s productivity.

They always want clients to return to the restaurant and recommend it to others.

All of these are targeted at gaining more clients.

But with more clients comes more work and pressure.

Therefore a kitchen manager should be able to work optimally under pressure.

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6. Time Management

The importance of serving food orders expeditely cannot be overrated.

People visit restaurants because they do not want to prepare meals and must eat on time.

Delay can outrightly result in losing good clients, even if the meal you serve is super delicious.

Therefore a good kitchen manager should be able to maximize time.

7. Creativity

An ideal kitchen manager should be innovative.

You should be capable of coming up with new recipes and dressing methods.

You may not have to cook these recipes yourself all the time, but you can train kitchen staff to do that.

8. Interpersonal Relationship

It is also important for a kitchen manager to know how to build good relationships.

This is because they will have to develop a good relationship with customers, clients, kitchen staff, and the restaurant manager as well

9. Negotiations Strength

In the duties and responsibilities section, I stated that the kitchen manager is responsible for negotiating prices with vendors and suppliers.

To do this, a kitchen manager must possess good negotiation skills.

Where does a Kitchen Manager Work?

There are a variety of places where a kitchen manager can work.

Here are some of the typical employers of a kitchen manager:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Industries
  • Private homes

Vacancies are usually placed online via social media and on the website of dining establishments.

Also, vacancies may be placed offline in local and national newspapers.

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How much do Kitchen Managers make?

According to Indeed, the average salary of a kitchen manager in the United States is about $46,999 per annum.

This figure may not be the same in your state of the country.

Some of the factors that affect the salary of a kitchen manager include:

  • Location: The economic situation of a country or state may influence the salary of a kitchen manager
  • Qualification: More qualified Kitchen managers are usually paid better
  • Experience: Those who have more years of experience in kitchen management may also receive a larger salary.
  • Employer: Managers who work for bigger dining establishments are usually paid better

What should I Include in my Kitchen Manager Resume?

In your kitchen manager resume, here is some information you should consider including:

  • Years of experience
  • Establishment of experience
  • Previously held kitchen positions
  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills
  • Qualification

While responding to a question in an interview, it is also essential that you refer to the above information.

If you need to create a Professional resume, don’t hesitate to use this kitchen manager job description.

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Conclusion; Kitchen Manager Job Description

The kitchen manager position will suit an individual who has a flair for cooking and possesses leadership and administrative skills.

Organizations can also use this job description as a template to create their unique kitchen manager job description.

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