Best Lineman Schools in Kentucky in 2024 | All You Need to Know


For anyone interested in training to be a journeyman lineman, we have provided a list of the best lineman schools in Kentucky. 

Journeymen linemen build and maintain electrical power systems. From the point of generation to the customer’s meter, they handle the entire process, which makes it important that one attends the best lineman schools in Kentucky to be a good lineman. 


They may work with lines in underground vaults or trenches, on above structures, or both. 

Urban and rural regions may have these lines mainly because they already attended one of the best lineman schools in Kentucky. However, linemen also maintain street lights and traffic signals in addition to that. The task is not just different; there are many benefits to such varied labor. 


A journeyman lineman’s position combines the responsibilities of an engineer, project manager, equipment operator, and mechanic.

The lineman schools in Kentucky or enrolling in an apprenticeship program will prepare you for all aspects of this exciting and rewarding career.

What are the Lineman Jobs in Kentucky?

In addition to the common jobs of Journeymen linemen, a lineman must know the jobs available before attending any lineman schools in Kentucky. The linemen do the following:


1. Installing, Repairing, and Maintaining an Underground Electrical Distribution System:

Linemen install manholes and appropriate gear for future and present needs. They coordinate trench excavation and lay, secure, and reinforce conduit in the trenches.

They install sectionalized devices to meet load interruption needs.

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2. Assembly and Erection of Substations and Switchyards:

They read blueprints to determine plans for substations and switchyards. They coordinate excavation for the placement of ground grids.

Layout trenches for conduit for the substation and lay, secure and reinforce conduit. They install and terminate control cables.

They prepare concrete footings and erection of substation structures. Journeymen linemen install a transformer OCB’s, OCR’s, capacitor banks, and other equipment.

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3. Installing, Maintaining and Repairing Traffic or Train Signals and Outdoor Lighting:

Lineman follows blueprints that show where related equipment is to be located. They excavate trenches or bores for conduits that will be installed.

Also, they install secondary pedestals for power and traffic control cables and install and terminate lighting wire/cable and traffic control wire/cable.

They form the pole’s base, including the reinforcing wire assembly. Cut sensor loops in the asphalt for traffic signals and place sensors on the road.

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4. Tree Trimming (when necessary):

  • Decide how pruning will be accomplished
  • Dispose of brush and branches

What are the Best Lineman Schools in Kentucky?

When it comes to lineman schools in Kentucky, a few reputable institutions offer lineman training programs. Here are some of the best lineman schools in Kentucky:

1. Hazard Community and Technical College

The Lineman Training Program at Hazard Community & Technical College has won the 2016 Workforce Development Award from the Community Colleges of Appalachia for its exceptional placement rate and all-encompassing approach to preparing students to work in this expanding industry. This is why it is one of the best lineman schools in Kentucky.

The program aims to allow students to start a fulfilling and meaningful career in the electrical utility sector. Instructors with a wealth of knowledge in the utility sector employ tried-and-true training techniques to achieve this.

Upon completing the class, our students are prepared to enter and be successful in the Line Utility Industry because our lineman school is one of the best in Kentucky.

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2. Maysville Community and Technical College

Being a professional lineworker is a career if you enjoy being outdoors, enjoy difficulties, and aren’t afraid of heights. This requires attending one of the best lineman schools in Kentucky. 

You will receive training through the MCTC Lineworker Program to build, maintain, and repair high-power transmission and distribution lines and systems that transport electricity from the generator to the final consumer. 

Their qualified teachers will use tried-and-true training techniques from the line utility sector to get you ready for work.

After completing the 317 hours of instruction, you will have obtained a Class A CDL license, first aid and CPR certification, OSHA flagger certification, OSHA 10 certification, and drone pilot training in addition to the lineman certification. 

Meeting times for this 10-week course are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Students attend the course at the Licking Valley or Morehead Rowan campuses (Cynthiana).

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3. Big Sandy Community and Technical College

The lineman program at Big Sandy Community and Technical College is designed to allow students to start a fulfilling career in the electrical line work sector. This is because we deliver as one of the best lineman schools in Kentucky.

This is accomplished through expert training by instructors with extensive knowledge of the utility line sector. 

The class A CDL training is also part of this 12-week program, as this line of work requires a license.

There will be a soft skills course that will include financial literacy and job interview skills built into the 12-week program.

Upon completing the class, our students are prepared to begin their successful line of work in this industry. 

  • Cost: $7,700.00
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Third-party funding is available upon meeting guidelines
  • $57,613 median salary, according to Glassdoor

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4. Gateway Community and Technical College

The Duke Energy Foundation awarded Gateway College a grant of $32,315 in June, enabling the college to start its lineworker certificate program and is ranked one of the best lineman schools in Kentucky. 

The 16-credit, one-semester program will include extensive training and equipment and the energy technology curriculum from Gateway. 

Students will have a grasp of the abilities, information, safe work practices, and skills needed to become a line technician apprentice after completing the program. 

Additionally, a line apprentice’s first year’s starting pay ranges from $24 to $26 per hour. As they advance and become experienced lineworkers, their pay can sometimes reach six figures.

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What are the Most Common Lineman Apprenticeships in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, an apprenticeship is the first requirement to become a lineman after attending any of the best lineman schools in Kentucky. As you know, lineman apprenticeships are “earn while you learn” programs since they are entry-level positions with a strong emphasis on education and training. 

The most popular options for lineman apprenticeships are shown below. 

  • American Line Builders Training Program
  • Columbia State Community College Pre-Apprentice Lineworker Academy.

These apprenticeship programs are beneficial and can virtually ensure you a respectable income. 

In Kentucky, linemen apprentices can normally expect to earn between $48,000 and $56,000 a year.

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Working in this field typically entails dealing with inclement weather like rain, sleet, snow, pitch-blackness, and strong winds. Most open employment in this field is located elsewhere. Thus candidates must be open to moving. 

Since every workstation is raised, this may not be your vocation if you’re afraid of heights. In this sector, safety comes first. Thus, you must always be mindful of high-voltage locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can women be power line workers?

In our annual survey of line workers across the country, only 5.6% of lineworkers in the US are female. Women can certainly be line workers.

Working in the energy sector requires both mental and physical strength. There are no specific gender requirements for line worker positions.

However, it is no secret that men more commonly hold these positions. In 2021 we saw the largest increase in female employment in the line trades in our annual survey.

How dangerous are power lineman jobs?

According to national lineman surveys and utility company data, 42 for every 100,000 linemen are killed on the job each year. This makes lineman jobs one of the most dangerous, only behind loggers and manual laborers in agriculture.

The combination of high-voltage power and heights makes the line trade so dangerous. In addition to these constant threats, mother nature constantly changes the environment.

The last five years have seen huge strides in power and utility safety. Two inventions and solutions are presented yearly to increase line worker safety and improve education. However, accidents still happen, and this business has almost no margin for error.

How often do linemen get hurt?

According to national lineman surveys and utility company data, around 2,400 for every 100,000 linemen suffer serious non-fatal injuries yearly.

The most common of these serious injuries are electrical burns and broken bones from falls. When the body’s nerves are affected by an electric shock during a lineman’s job, the consequences include pain, tingling, numbness, and difficulty moving a limb.



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