What is the Job Description of a Logistics Coordinator?


A perfect logistics coordinator job description contains the duties and responsibilities, skills as well as academic qualification a logistics coordinator is required to do or have.

It should also contain the monetary benefits of logistics coordinators.

This free guide on the job description of a logistics coordinator contains all of that and even more.

Logistics coordinators are typically employed to serve as a bridge between production and distribution of products.

They are usually in charge of taking purchase orders, preparing bills and invoices and also shipping purchased products to the appropriate destination timely.

An ideal individual for this job must have the ability to think critically and solve problems.

You must also possess good interpersonal and communication skills.

A good way to become a good logistics coordinator is by knowing and understanding your job description.

Therefore, I will advise that you study this guide and make the best use of it.


What does a logistics coordinator do?

Logistics coordinators are saddled with the responsibility of coordinating and managing all areas of sales and distribution of products.

They help speed up and promote an effective supply chain.

A logistics coordinator also manages storage activities and transportation, as well as be track and record of stock on hand.

They organise the movement of goods from producers, wholesaler and retailers to consumers.

Whenever shipping errors occur, logistics coordinators also track and rectify these errors.

The aim of a logistics coordinator is to ensure that products are delivered at the appropriate time in order to satisfy customers. They also inform customers whenever delivery may delay.

The services of a logistics coordinator is relevant in all production, retail and distribution settings.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a logistics coordinator?

Like I already said, a good logistics coordinator job description should contain the duties and responsibilities section.

It is important to note that this section of  a job description is one of the most important.

Because it contains what your employer expects of you.

And of course, you cannot do well at a job without completely understanding what your duties and responsibilities are.

Here are the duties and responsibilities of a logistics coordinator commonly featured in the job description:

1. Coordinate and manage inventory

It is the duty of a logistics coordinator to keep track of inventory.

Before the availability of stock on hand is exhausted, orders for more from the manufacturer or retailer should be placed.

They also manage storage of available stock, to ensure that they are always in the best condition.

 2. Preparing purchase orders

Logistics coordinators are also in charge of properly preparing and packing purchased orders for distribution.

They ensure that the product is packaged in such a way that they cannot easily get damaged during the course of transportation.

Then, the review orders and route purchased order to the appropriate destination.

3. Shipping purchase orders

Logistics coordinators also ship orders safely and as fast as possible to buyers.

In case error occurs during shipping, they are also responsible for tracking and correcting them quickly 

Whenever the delivery of purchased orders may delay, they also reach out to buyers and inform them about the delay and why.

4. Respond to customer’s questions and complaints

Logistics coordinators also respond to all questions from customers.

They also listen to the complaints of customers and make efforts to satisfy them better.

5. Negotiate with manufacturer and retailers

These individuals are also responsible for negotiating a good deal with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Other duties and responsibilities of a logistics coordinator include the following:

  • Training new logistics management recruits.
  • Compiling records and preparing reports of all logistics activities.
  • Preparing billings and invoice
  • Sticking to a budget, and improving productivity the most cost-effective way.
  • Adhering to all relevant policies, rules and regulations.
  • Making sure that all services are up to standard.

What qualifications do I need to become a logistics coordinator?

To become a logistics coordinator, you need an associate or bachelor’s degree in business management, business administration, transport and logistics management or any other related field.

During the course of this formal education, students gain knowledge of logistics and operation management.

They also undertake class projects and some months of internship.

Through these projects and internships, prospective logistics coordinators get trained and obtain a level of experience on the job.

College or university graduates whose only training and experience came from internship and class projects may be trained further while on the job.

Such training usually happens under the supervision of a more experienced logistics coordinator.

Some organisations prefer hiring those with up to 3-5 years experience working as juniors to senior or more experienced logistics coordinators.

In a situation where competition for the Job is high, candidates with master’s degree in transport and logistics management or other similar or relevant fields may be given preference.

Logistics coordinators can also successfully complete a master’s degree program  while working.

This could result in an increase in position as well as salary and other monetary benefits.

Employers also require applicants to be skilled in the use of logistics and other computer softwares.

Logistics coordinators are also required to have good knowledge of the supply chain and inventory management.

What skills does a logistics coordinator need?

In a logistics coordinator job description, employers also include certain skills they look out for in a good logistics coordinator.

This is because these skills are very relevant when performing or carrying out the duties of a logistics coordinator.

Here are some of the regularly featured skills in the job description of a logistics coordinator:

1. Communication skills

Logistics coordinators are expected to communicate effectively in writing and verbally as well.

They should be able to relate both technical and non technical issues at all times.

Good communication is never one sided, therefore a good logistics coordinator should also possess good listening abilities.

Being unable to patiently listen will do a logistics coordinator a lot of disservice when responding to customer’s questions or complaints.

2. Interpersonal skills

These individuals are also expected to possess good Interpersonal skills.

Because they are expected to develop good relationships with suppliers, retailers and producers.

3. Customer service skills

Customer service skill is greatly affected by communication and interpersonal skill.

An ideal logistics coordinator should be customer service oriented.

Poor customer service may result in loss of existing as well as potential buyers.

4. Problem solving skills

In the duties and responsibilities section, it has been stated that logistics coordinators track and rectify shipping errors.

Shipping errors are not the only type of errors logistics coordinators face, errors can even occur during storage or record taking.

Therefore any individual who must succeed in logistics coordination must be able to think critically and come up to good solutions to problems.

5. Organisational skills

Logistics coordinators take numerous orders every day and have the responsibility of delivering each order to the appropriate buyer.

In order to do this without mistakes, a logistics coordinator must be organised and detail oriented.

6. Speed and accuracy

A good logistics coordinator should Also be capable of carrying out duties as fast as possible without mistakes.

This way, so many tasks will be done within a short time.

And also customers will be satisfied better.

Where do logistics coordinators work?

Some of the typical employers of logistics coordinators include:

  • Logistics companies
  • Transport companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Retailers

Logistics companies who are one of the top employers of logistics coordinators rank top on list of richest companies in the world.

Amazon is a very good example of such a logistic company.

Logistics coordinators who are privileged to work in such organisations are usually well paid.

Vacancies for logistics coordinators are usually placed online or on local newspapers or radio stations.

How much do logistics coordinators make?

According to indeed, logistics coordinators earn $16.72 per hour.

Your salary as a logistics coordinator may differ depending on your geographical location, employer, qualification and experience.

Those who have more experience and/or qualification usually earn more than their less experienced and/or qualified colleagues.

Logistics coordinator work environment and schedule

Logistics coordinators usually work in offices, they regularly visit the warehouse, but they are not in charge of delivering the product directly to consumers.

That is the work of a delivery man. Therefore they do not always have to leave the company’s premises for work.

Except in situations where the warehouse is distant from the office.

Depending on the size and type of organisation they work for, they may work full day at regular working hours or take shifts.

What should I include in my logistics coordinator job description

A logistics coordinator’s resume should contain all necessary information relevant to the field.

Information like years of experience, previous working place, qualification, hard skills and soft skills should be featured.

During interviews questions regarding these information may be asked.

When asked, applicants are expected to make reference to them when responding.

Don’t hesitate to make use of this perfect guide on the job of a logistics coordinator to create a professional resume that supports your goal.

Summary of logistics coordinator Job description

Logistics director and logistics manager are similar titles for a logistics coordinator.

This free guide on the job description of a logistics coordinator was written with aspiring or prospective logistics coordinators in mind.

But, it can serve as an ideal template for creating a logistics coordinator job description.

Employers who intend to use it as a job description templates should feel free to make necessary adjustments to it in order to suit their organisation’s needs.

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