Macalester Acceptance Rate 2024 | Requirements & How to Apply


Find out the Macalester acceptance rate for 2023 along with requirements and application details. Explore your chances of getting into Macalester College and how to apply successfully. Stay informed about Macalester acceptance rate to plan your academic journey effectively.

Macalester College is one of a select few liberal arts colleges located in the heart of a major metropolitan area. According to US World News, the university is ranked #27 on the list of Colleges. 


Getting into a prestigious university as a first-year or transfer student is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make.

If you want to go to one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States, you should start with Macalester College.


This article will look further into the acceptance rate for both direct and transfer students. We will also look at its admission process and requirements, the courses, and the scholarships offered at Macalester college.

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Brief History of Macalester College

Macalester College is a Saint Paul, Minnesota-based private liberal arts college. When it opened its doors in 1874, the university aimed to become one of America’s most prestigious institutions. The founder, Edward Duffield Neill, served as a Civil War chaplain in three presidential administrations.


Macalester’s total undergraduate enrollment is about two thousand students. It employs a semester-based academic calendar. The school boasts of alumni who have excelled in their different fields. 

Over the years, the school has become more competitive as many students would like to gain first-hand experience from professionals in their field. With the education and experiences the school offers, students from Macalester College are known to have excelled in every imaginable field. 

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Why Choose Macalester College?

Macalester College has produced people who have greatly contributed significantly to different areas of society and their fields of expertise. It has some notable alumni because of its reputation amongst other top schools in the United States.

The College has specialty residence halls, where students can immerse themselves in intentional communities. As part of the commitment that Macalesters has made to being of service to the community, the school provides its students with assistance in finding internships and opportunities to volunteer in the Twin Cities and beyond.

There are Macalester students in every state, and they rank their academic program as one of the country’s best regarding ideas and intellectual curiosity.

The schools’ ideology of global citizenship and learning helps to prepare students for a great impact on society.  

Macalester is an excellent academic institution. The classes are not too large, making the student-professor accessibility and relationship easier.

It’s a highly liberal environment that may shock some at first. The population is neither small nor large.

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What is Macalester Acceptance Rate?

Macalester College has an acceptance rate of 39%. Last year, 6,373 students applied for admission, and 2,466 were accepted. Meanwhile, of the 296 students who applied on time, 179 were accepted, for an admissions rate of 60.5%.

With an acceptance rate of 39%, Macalester College is open to admitting students who have proven to be worth it and have been able to show outstanding results during the entire academic process.

If an applicant can meet the school’s requirements, then there is absolutely no reason why they should be anxious about applying.

Macalester is highly selective, but your chances of acceptance may be higher or lower, depending on your grades. The acceptance rate is strict due to the number of students that apply every academic year.

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Macalester Transfer Acceptance Rate

Macalester College has an acceptance rate of 13.21% for transfer students. As a transfer student, you have to impress the school with the necessary qualifications placed by the school. 

Macalester College transfer acceptance The rate is favorable compared to other schools in the United States. Transfer applicants find it hard to get accepted into colleges, especially when they didn’t get good grades in their previous colleges. 

To have a shot at transferring into Macalester College, you should have a current GPA of at least 3.94 or above. You’d also need to submit standardized test scores to the school. As an applicant, you should try to meet the requirements placed by the school to gain admission. 

Macalester College will not accept transfer students who haven’t been able to attain more than the equivalent of two years (sixty-four credit hours) from the courses offered at a college or university before matriculation at Macalester and following graduation from high school.

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Macalester College Acceptance Rate by Major

Macalester College has been noted to offer over 800 courses and 39 majors. The university primarily has 62 different areas of study, offering a bachelor’s degree with majors in 37 areas of studies and 37 minors, and 10 concentration courses.

The diverse courses offered at the college give students a wide range of options for deciding which major to focus on.

Applicants to the university should already have a plan for their future careers, except transfer students who plan to change their major as soon as they gain acceptance into the university.

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Macalester’s Majors and Acceptance Rate

Macalester College has different majors. Here are Macalester College majors and their respective acceptance rates:

  1. Mathematics 9.9%
  2. Econometrics and quantitative economics 9.1%
  3. Computer and information sciences 7.1%
  4. Biology/biological sciences 7.1%
  5. Political science and government 6%
  6. International/global studies 5.3%
  7. Research and experimental psychology 5%
  8. Neuroscience 4.5%
  9. Geography 3.6%
  10. Physics 3.1%
  11. Environmental studies 3%
  12. Chemistry 2.8%
  13. Philosophy 2.6%
  14. Anthropology 2.6%
  15. History 2.6%
  16. Education 2.3%
  17. Creative writing 2.3%
  18. Linguistics 1.8%
  19. Geology/earth science 1.7%
  20. Mass communication/media studies 1.5%
  21. English language and literature 1.3%
  22. Religion/religious studies 1.3%
  23. Spanish language and literature 1.2%
  24. Intercultural/multicultural and diversity studies 1.2%
  25. Music 1.2%
  26. Japanese language and literature 1%
  27. Classics and classical languages, literature, and linguistics 1%
  28. Sociology 1%
  29. Fine/studio arts 1%
  30. Chinese language and literature 0.8%
  31. French language and literature 0.8%
  32. German language and literature 0.7%
  33. Dramatic/theatre arts and stagecraft 0.7%
  34. Asian studies/civilization 0.5%
  35. Latin American studies 0.5%
  36. Russian language and literature 0.5%
  37. Art history, criticism, and conservation 0.5%
  38. Multi-/interdisciplinary studies 0.3%
  39. Drama and dramatics/theatre arts 0.3%

The most popular majors at Macalester College include Social Sciences, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and Mathematics and Statistics. Other courses include Journalism, Computer Science and Engineering, Social Studies, Economics, Neuroscience, Music, Law, Education, Arts, performing arts, Language, English, Biology, Psychology, Biotechnology, History, Biochemistry, Physics, Accounting, Anthropology, Business, International Business, Environmental Studies, Geography, Sciences, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Philosophy, Humanities, Political Science.

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Necessary Requirements at Macalester College

Macalester College has a very selective admission process due to its strict acceptance rate. As of 2019, it had a total number of 6,598 applicants, but only 2,129 were given admission.

Macalester College would require each applicant to make the following documents available before admission can be given. They include the following;

  • An application form
  • Academic transcripts from institutions attended
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Bank Statement 
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • A valid passport (for international students) 

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Transfer Requirements for Macalester College

  • Minimum GPA

To transfer into the institution and get admission, applicants must provide a cumulative grade point average of “B+,” equivalent to a 3.33-grade point average.

  • Transcripts

As a transfer applicant, you should have an official transcript of all your coursework from the previous university you attended. You’re also requested to present transcripts from your previous high school. Transcripts should be sent to Macalester college. 

  • Letters of Recommendation:

A letter of recommendation from your previous faculty dean and your previous college professor is required to be presented to the school. This proves that you attended the college and that you’ve been on the best behavior during your stay there. 

  • Application Fee:

Macalester College requires transfer students to pay an application fee of $40 during admissions processing. This will let th3 schools know that the student is serious about the application.

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Macalester GPA Requirements

Macalester College requires students to possess a GPA of 3.94 before sending in their applications to the school. If you’re applying to Macalester College, you must be an A student to compete with other applicants. 

Applicants need very good grades to get into Macalester College. The school ranks second in Minnesota for the highest average GPA. Even with a competitive GPA, getting into Macalester College can be challenging because the school rejects more applicants than it admits.

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What are Macalester College Deadlines?

Macalester College Deadline for regular admission applications is January 15. Applicants are advised to apply on time if they want to hear back from the school on time. 

The admission quota is very tight, so the chances of getting admitted if an applicant applies early is low. Interested students can also apply for early action, as the deadline is November 1. 

The deadline for transfer students is April 5. Prospective transfer students to Macalester College must submit their applications on time or before the deadline to guarantee a spot in the university.

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What is Macalester College Decision Dates?

Macalester College’s decision date for regular admission applications is March 31. After successfully screening each applicant’s documents and their respective grades, the school accepts or rejects their application. 

Macalester College sends a response through the student’s mail. The college decision date notifies the applicant when the institution to which they have applied will finish processing their admission application and respond to the applicant’s inquiry. Students who apply for early decisions have a decision date of December 6. 

The decision date for transfer students is May 15. Whether they grant or deny a student’s request for a transfer, the college notifies all those who apply. Application details are sent to students if the school accepts their application.

If they reject a student’s application, it could be because the school isn’t happy with the applicant’s grades or because there isn’t enough admission room for new students.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Macalester College

What is the Tuition fee for Macalester College?

As of last academic year, the Tuition fee for Macalester College is $62,270. It is expensive compared to other schools in the United States, offering lower tuition fees. 

What is the GPA requirement for Macalester College?

Macalester College requires a GPA of at least 3.94 to get admitted. The school is very selective as it gets a high number of applicants every academic year, so applicants should be outstanding during their admission process to be on the safer side.

What was the total undergraduate enrollment last year?

Macalester College enrolled a total of 2,098 undergraduates last year. It gets a lot of applicants every academic year because the school has a lot of opportunities for its students; no one would miss out on this.

Are transfer students required to stay on campus? 

Macalester College does not require Transfer students to stay on campus. The school can make on-campus housing accessible to a Transfer student who expresses interest in it once the student has taken the appropriate precautions and informed the school in advance.


Over the years, Macalester College has built a stable network among alumni, making it easier for students to find their place in society. This is only a small number of reasons why Macalester College would be a lot of students’ first choice when it’s time for college applications. 

Macalester College is one place to look out for when selecting colleges to send your college applications. Although the admissions process might be a bit competitive, it’s worth everything. 

We hope this article has been able to help you sort out your admission process when you’re considering sending in your application to the school. 


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