Marketing Coordinator Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

If you are applying to get the job of a marketing coordinator, then read this job description guide to see the duties and responsibilities you should expect.

When creating a marketing coordinator job description, an organization specifically states its interest.

They usually seek individuals with the appropriate academic qualification and skills to promote their brand across a market of a different audience.

Marketing coordinators must possess strong communication and time management skills and be creative and detail-oriented.

These skills and academic qualifications are usually required because they help coordinators perform all necessary duties and responsibilities.

Marketing coordinators must develop and implement marketing strategies and create and promote the company’s brand.

Knowing and understanding the job description is a good step toward becoming a good marketing coordinator.

Therefore, if you intend to excel and stand out in this career path, you are advised to carefully study this free guide on the job description of a marketing coordinator.

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What does Marketing Coordinators do?

Marketing coordinators, as the title implies, are responsible for coordinating marketing.

They work with the marketing department or team to draft a marketing plan or strategy and implement it.

Together with the marketing department, they implement campaigns, initiatives, and programs to advertise and promote the company’s brand to improve sales.

They also manage digital, social media, and content marketing. They create copyright-free content and also carry out market research.

The marketing manager’s right-hand man or woman, as the case may be, is often the marketing coordinator.

Marketing coordinators liaise between employees, vendors, customers, and the marketing department or team.

As years go by and trends are updated, a marketing coordinator must stay updated with the new trends and marketing strategies currently invoked. 

They must also stay updated with new technology and social media hashtags.

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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Marketing Coordinator?

The duties of a marketing coordinator may vary depending on the company.

In some companies, the position of marketing coordinator is an entry-level job.

While in others, it is a senior position, experience is required to get the job in such companies.

And, of course, the responsibilities of a marketing coordinator in a senior position differ from those of a junior marketing coordinator.

Here are the common duties and responsibilities usually featured in a marketing coordinator job description:

1. Developing and Implementing Marketing Plans and Strategies

A marketing coordinator must come up with workable marketing plans and strategies.

They research how profitable a new or existing market is to the company’s brand and product.

After conducting the research, under the supervision of the marketing manager, they implement campaigns and advertisements.

Campaigns may be done online and/or offline to reach all potential audiences.

2. Preparing and Presenting a Report

Marketing coordinators collate information from market research and analysis.

They also evaluate results from completed and existing advertisement campaigns.

After which, they compare their strategies, brand behavior, and results with competitors.

Then, they summarise this information into one report, which may be presented weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

3. Implement and Manage Advertisement Campaigns in Line with a Budget

Marketing coordinators do not just carry out advertisements. They do that with an agreed budget. 

Nobody needs a long epistle to understand the adverse effect of not sticking to the budget.

Therefore, they must figure out how to most cost-effectively reach a large potential audience.

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4. Work with the Marketing Manager to make the Company’s Brand Stand out.

Most brands and products always have competitors, so developing a good plan to beat them at the game is always a good idea.

As such, it is the responsibility of a marketing coordinator to study the product and behavior of their competitors.

Also, analyze their market, and campaign strategies, then develop something better.

A Marketing coordinator doesn’t do this alone, rather he or she works with the marketing manager to achieve the goal.

5. Developing and Maintaining Marketing Materials

Marketing coordinators are responsible for developing, optimizing, and editing marketing materials.

These materials may be fliers, videos and/or search-engine-optimized content.

They ensure the marketing materials are in line with advertising policies and goals.

After which, they submit these materials to the marketing manager.

Other duties and responsibilities of a marketing coordinator commonly featured in the job description include;

  • Developing good relationships with partners and vendors.
  • Support the sales team by providing marketing advice.
  • Observing and analyzing campaign results.
  • Make complex information easy and user-friendly.
  • Keeping confidential information confidential

The duties of a marketing coordinator are not limited to what has been listed above.

Companies may add or subtract to this list depending on their need.

What Qualifications do I need to become a Marketing Coordinator?

The academic qualification required to get a job as a marketing coordinator may differ depending on the firm’s size.

In small firms, an associate degree and work experience in relevant fields is just enough, although a bachelor’s degree I’d usually prefer.

Whereas larger may require applicants seeking this position to have a master’s degree in marketing, business management, or another related field.

Employers also look out for those with at least two years of experience in content creation, graphics design, digital marketing, or other related fields.

Familiarity with all social media platforms is also an advantage.

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What Skills does a Marketing Coordinator need?

Some skills are also featured in a marketing coordinator job description.

These skills enable a marketing coordinator to carry out his or her duties effectively.

1. Creativity

A good marketing coordinator must be creative.

Creativity involves critical and analytical things. Therefore, these two skills are already necessary for marketing coordinators.

They must be capable of creating catchy eye adverts that can promote a brand and increase sales.

2. Organisational Skills

A good marketing coordinator should also be very organized.

He or she must also be detail oriented and can perform several tasks without mistakes.

3. Communication Skills

Marketing coordinators should also possess good communication skills.

They should be capable of communicating necessary information in a user-friendly manner in writing and verbally.

Poor communication skills rub off on interpersonal skills.

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4. Interpersonal Skills

These individuals should also be capable of developing good relationships with vendors, members of the marketing team as well as marketing managers.

Building good relationships creates a less tense and peaceful work atmosphere.

5. Teamwork

While carrying out the duties and responsibilities, marketing coordinators have to work as a team with others.

Therefore, they must possess strong team spirit.

Where do Marketing Coordinators Work?

A variety of organizations or companies require the services of a marketing coordinator. Some of which include:

  • Logistic companies
  • Banks
  • Fashion companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Transport companies

Vacancies are usually placed online or offline by local newspapers or radio stations.

How much do Marketing Coordinators make?

Marketing coordinators in the United States make an average of $44,584 annually.

Their salary may vary depending on experience, location, qualification, and employer.

More experienced and qualified coordinators earn more than less experienced and/or qualified colleagues.

After Marketing Coordinator, what next?

Usually, marketing coordinator is an entry-level role.

After becoming a marketing coordinator, there are so many other higher positions you can get to.

But that will be after gaining some years of experience and/or more qualifications.

There are 5 steps to a marketing coordinator’s career path, which include:

  1. Marketing Coordinator
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. Director of Marketing
  4. VP of marketing
  5. Chief marketing officer.

I feel it is not enough only to list these steps. Therefore, for the sake of clarity, I will explain them.

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1. Marketing Coordinator

This is usually an entry-level job for recent graduates who do have necessarily have any form of experience.

Some of the job titles include:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Social media coordinator
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Account Coordinator
  • Event marketing specialist
  • Event marketing coordinator
  • Project Coordinator

2. Marketing Manager

After 3 to 4 years of experience working as a marketing coordinator, you may be promoted to marketing manager.

This role requires more skills as they perform more critical duties.

Some of the Job titles include:

  • Community Manager
  • Promotions manager
  • Sales manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Brand manager
  • Social media manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Product marketing manager

3. Director of Marketing

After gaining more experience and improving your qualification, you may again be promoted to director of operations.

Some of the job titles include director of;

  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Advertising sales
  • Public Relations
  • Media director

4. VP of marketing

This position requires more skills than marketing coordinators; they have to possess leadership, business, and technical skills.

It is a senior position; often, employers require applicants to have up to 12 years of experience.

Some of the job titles include:

  • Digital marketing vice president
  • Brand development vice president

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5. Chief Marketing Officer

This is the most senior marketing position you can get to.

It requires up to 20 years of experience, an advanced degree, and skills.

What should I include in my Marketing Coordinator Resume?

When creating your resume, you may want to include every piece of information capable of convincing an employer that you are qualified for the job.

You should include information like your years of experience, qualifications, soft skills, and hard skills.

During your interview, it is also important that you refer to them.

Don’t hesitate to use this free guide on the job description of a marketing coordinator to recreate a professional resume.

Conclusion: Marketing Coordinator Job Description

This career path has good prospects, and you can be promoted to various positions, meaning it’s not a dead-end career.

Therefore, there is no better time to take up a job as a marketing coordinator than now.

Who knows, in the next 20 years, with hard work and consistency, you may become a vice president of marketing or even a chief marketing officer.

Although this guide on the job description of a marketing coordinator was written with applicants in mind, it can also serve as a marketing coordinator job description template for employers.

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