15 Best Massage Therapy Schools in Dallas TX | 2023 Ranking

Medical professionals and public advocates lauded massage therapy’s benefits, fueling demand for services at spas, health care facilities, gyms, and other locations. 

Along with the need for more licensed massage therapists, massage therapy schools must train adults to meet the growing demand. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry is expected to grow by 32% by 2030. 

Because of this tremendous growth, jobs for massage therapy graduates will be available, as will job security for experienced masseuses.

Sit tight and read to find out about the best massage therapy schools in Dallas, Texas!

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Are There Massage Therapy Schools In Dallas, TX?

There are a good number of massage therapy schools in Dallas, TX. These massage therapy schools include:

  • Healing Hands Massage Institute
  • Texas Massage Institute
  • Hands-on Approach School of Massage
  • Parker University School of Massage Therapy
  • Cortiva Institute
  • Greater DFW International Massage Academy
  • Sterling Health Center
  • Hands-on Therapy Schools
  • Tarrant County College – Northeast Campus

How Does One Become A Massage Therapist In Dallas, TX?

To work as a massage therapist in Texas, you must first complete high school or obtain a GED. Students can prepare for MT training by taking health and science classes.

According to the state board, a prospective practitioner must enroll in an approved postsecondary school with an MT program that offers 500 or more hours of study.

The following items must be included in the curriculum:

  • 200 hours of theory, technique, and practice (including at least 125 hours of training in Swedish massage)
  • 50 hours of anatomy, 50 hours of physiology, and 25 hours of kinesiology
  • Pathology takes 40 hours to complete.
  • 45 hours of professional ethics, legislation, and business procedures
  • Twenty hours of health and hygiene classes cover topics such as CPR and first aid.
  • 20 hours of hydrotherapy
  • 50 internship hours

Many Texas schools offer programs that go above and beyond the bare minimum. Some schools provide a broader range of massage techniques, more business courses, or more hands-on experience.

Also, graduates are eligible to apply for board licensure.

The Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, is required. Students take the exam at Pearson VUE testing centers.

Therapists must renew their licenses every two years. This requires 12 hours of continuing education.

What Are The Best Massage Therapy Schools In Dallas, TX?

Below are the best massage therapy schools in Dallas, TX:

1. Healing Hands Massage Institute

Healing Hands Massage Institute prepares students for the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) to become licensed massage therapists using a hands-on approach. 

The curriculum includes 450 hours of lab and 50 hours of internship and is designed to meet the State of Texas’ basic requirements. 

Additionally, anatomy, Physiology, Business Practices, Health and Hygiene, Hydrotherapy, Kinesiology, Pathology, Swedish Massage, and Internship are among the course topics. 

All students can access the school’s test preparation and career placement services. There are morning, full-day, and evening programs available. 

The morning class lasts six months, the full-time program lasts 2.5 months, and the evening program lasts six months.

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Texas Massage Institute

The Associated Bodyworks and Massage Professionals recognize the Massage Therapy curriculum (ABMP). 

The basic massage program includes lab and internship site training. In the well-equipped facility of the school, experienced instructors will teach the fundamentals of massage therapy. 

Students can also help public members in the school’s massage clinic. Swedish massage, anatomy and physiology, health and hygiene, hydrotherapy, business practices, professional ethics, and semester one intern clinic are all areas of study. 

There will also be extensive preparation for Texas certification as a registered massage therapist and specialized techniques to give students an advantage in the industry.

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Hands-On Approach School of Massage

The Hands-On Approach prepares students for a career as massage therapists through the basic massage therapy program. 

The curriculum meets Texas State requirements for massage therapists while also taking a modernized approach to help students easily transition into today’s work environment. 

Beginning on the first day of class, experienced instructors provide one-on-one instruction with a hands-on approach. 

Presentations prepared by experienced massage therapists will benefit students. They will put their new skills to the test in first-rate facilities that include large training rooms as well as hydro, massage, and jacuzzi rooms. 

Graduates will be well-prepared for the state exam and will have received all of the training required to land their first job or start their own massage therapist business.

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Parker University School of Massage Therapy

Parker University School of Massage Therapy prepares students to be wellness leaders through massage therapy by providing sound, evidence-based, and ethical instruction that adheres to the highest educational standards. 

Also, Swedish massage, myofascial release, acupressure, and neuromuscular therapies will be taught and practiced by students. 

The structured curriculum prepares students for professional practice through hands-on experiences in the classroom and clinic internship. 

The school offers small class sizes, hands-on experiences, modern equipment, and access to industry professionals. There are convenient day and evening schedules available.

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Cortiva Institute 

Cortiva Institute’s massage therapy program prepares students for success in massage therapy. 

Students will learn everything they need about massage therapy through knowledge-based sessions in the classroom and lab and therapeutic and clinical techniques in the spa. 

Based on Swedish theory, instructors will cover a variety of styles. Sports massage, deep tissue massage, hydrotherapy, reflexology, stretching, and other bodywork therapies are all covered. 

Anatomy and physiology, professional ethics, communication, marketing, and business are also areas of study. 

Graduates will be ready to take the exam to become licensed massage therapists and be able to work as competent professionals in various settings. 

By graduation, they may be eligible for seven certifications: Basic Life Support, Stretching, Clinical Massage, Hydrotherapy, HIV Certificate, Barbicide, and Barbicide Covid-19.

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Greater DFW International Massage Academy

The Texas Department of State Health Services has approved the massage therapy program at Greater DFW International Massage Academy. 

Furthermore, in theory, and practice, Swedish, trigger point therapy, chair massage, muscle energy techniques, anatomy and physiology, pathology, kinesiology, and pregnancy massage. 

Also, health and hygiene, hydrotherapy, business practices and ethics, muscle energy techniques, and an internship program are other topics covered. 

Graduates can sit for the licensure exam and become licensed massage therapists. There are day and evening schedules available.

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Sterling Health Center

Sterling Health Center’s Basic Massage Therapy program prepares students to work as entry-level massage therapists in spas, clinics, and other facilities. 

Also, anatomy and physiology, health and hygiene, hydrotherapy, pathology, kinesiology, business, Swedish massage, massage techniques, and a 50-hour internship are all covered in theory and practice. Graduates will be able to apply for Massage Therapist licensure.

Program Overview:

Basic Massage Therapy

Duration: 6 months (full-time)

Contact Hours: 500

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Hands-On Therapy Schools

The entry-level introductory massage therapy course fulfills Texas’s requirements for massage therapist licensure. 

The program includes a lot of hands-on practice with basic massage techniques. Also, students will be presented with a Certificate of Completion.

Program Overview:

Basic Massage Therapy

Duration: 3.5 to 4 months (full-time) 5 to 6 months (part-time)

Contact Hours: 500

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Tarrant County College – Northeast Campus

Tarrant County College’s massage therapy certificate program teaches Swedish massage techniques. 

The course instructor will teach topics like health and hygiene, hydrotherapy/therapeutic modalities, massage fundamentals, anatomy and physiology, and many more.

Additionally, The instructor will teach hair massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and simple reflexology foot massage to students. 

Students will collaborate with a classmate to perform 2-therapist massage treatments. 

Graduates will be prepared to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam and the Texas Massage Therapy Jurisprudence exam to obtain state licensure as a massage therapist.

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How Long Are Massage Therapy Schools In Dallas, TX?

A minimum of 500 hours of education is required to become a massage therapist in Dallas, Texas.

Similarly, massage therapy licenses in Dallas, Texas, require a minimum of 500 hours of instruction in the massage therapy profession.

The Texas Department of State Health Services requires at least 125 hours of training in Swedish massage therapy theory and technique.

Laws, business practices, professional ethics, health, and cleanliness are also required.

A 50-hour internship is completed in which the student performs massages in a student clinic under the supervision of a massage therapy instructor.

Following your massage therapy studies, you must pass the NCETMB or MBLEx national certification exam.

Following that, the state will issue you a massage therapist license, allowing you to work as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Dallas, Texas.

How Much Are Massage Therapy Schools In Dallas, TX?

Before committing to this path and choosing a school, you should carefully consider the cost of a massage therapy course and the financing options available to you.

Most state health boards require 500 to 600 hours of training and passing the MBLEx before you can call yourself a qualified massage therapist (Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam).

Most programs last this long, but some may require up to 1000 hours before you can receive your certificate.

The hourly cost of instruction ranges between $6 and $17. This equates to a program cost ranging from $3,000 to $11,000.

Aside from the tuition fee, which is the most expensive component, several additional costs are associated with the program.

These costs include an application fee, the cost of a massage table and table linen, lotions and creams, textbooks and other study materials, and licensing fees.

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How Much Do Massage Therapists Make In Dallas, TX?

The median annual salary and hourly wage for practitioners here are approximately $41,400 and nearly $20, almost identical to the national averages.

The top tenth of Texas MTs earns more than $86,000, or $41.40 per hour, exceeding the national average of $78,300, or $37.60 per hour. 

The state’s bottom tenth earns around $22,550, or nearly $11, a tad more than the national average of about $21,350, or $10.25.

Regarding the number of MT jobs, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington region ranks seventh in the country. 

Statewide, the total is expected to rise 32 percent between 2016 and 2026, outpacing the national median of 26 percent.

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Massage therapy is a profession that is as large as the state of Texas. The power of bodywork allows skilled massage therapists to delight, refresh, and treat clients for stress and pain relief.

A massage therapy school in Texas can teach you how to use your hands to help people feel better.

Massage therapists can usually set their schedules and even open their private practices.

Massage therapists are in high demand as more hospitals, clinics, and medical practices incorporate massage therapy into their treatment plans.

I hope this article was helpful.

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How much is a massage therapy license in Dallas, TX?

The cost of a massage therapy license in Dallas, TX, is $117

Can you massage without a license in Dallas, Texas?

In Dallas, Texas, a state license is required to advertise or practice massage therapy.

How do I get my massage therapy license in Dallas, Texas?

The TDLR requires a passing score on the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEX) administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) to obtain a Texas massage therapist license.

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