Top Massage Therapy Schools in Massachusetts in 2023 | How to Apply

Massachusetts massage schools offer you the opportunity to become a certified massage therapist anywhere in the state, from the tranquil shores of Cape Cod to the bustling metropolis of Boston.

In addition to the usual salons and spas that employ licensed practitioners, graduates of massage therapy colleges in Massachusetts can work in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and even doctors’ offices. 

There are frequent job openings with sports teams and high-end hotels.

Why don’t you keep reading to find the best massage therapy schools in Massachusetts?

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Are there Massage Therapy Schools in Massachusetts?

There are a good number of massage therapy schools in Massachusetts. These massage therapy schools include:

  • Berkshire Community College
  • Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy
  • Mildred Elley-Pittsfield Campus
  • Spa Tech Institute-Ipswich
  • Bancroft School of Massage Therapy
  • The Massage School
  • Spirit Wellness Institute
  • The New England School of Therapeutics
  • Viyada Thai Massage School
  • The Massage Institute of Cape Cod

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How Does One Become A Massage Therapist in Massachusetts?

Massage therapy schools only accept applicants with a high school diploma or a GED. Some people advise taking extra health and science classes in high school.

It is critical to choose an appropriate postsecondary institution. Only graduates of accredited schools with programs that meet the board’s requirements are licensed by the state. 

A total of 650 contact hours are required, including 550 hours of academic courses and 100 hours of clinical experience.

Furthermore, a curriculum should include 100 hours of anatomy and physiology instruction, 45 hours of pathology instruction, 45 hours of kinesiology instruction, 60 hours of ethics, professionalism, and business practices, and 300 hours of supervised classroom massage theory and technique instruction.

Prospective practitioners with certificates and degrees are eligible to apply for licenses from the board. 

They must pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) or the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork before practicing (MCBTMB).

Every three years, therapists must renew their licenses and attend continuing education classes.

What are the Best Massage Therapy Schools in Massachusetts?

Below are the best massage therapy schools in Massachusetts:

1. Berkshire Community College

BCC is the state’s oldest public community college, located just outside Pittsfield. It primarily serves Berkshire County students.

The school’s 29-credit-hour massage therapy certificate program lasts one year of classes and clinics. 

Every other year, classes begin part-time in the evenings and start in the spring. Students take Introduction to Complementary Care and Integrative Health, Fundamentals of Human Disease, and two Therapeutic Massage classes in addition to state-mandated courses.

The program culminates with a 100-hour clinical practicum. The school accepts program applicants based on available space.

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2. Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy

This private institution’s Medford campus offers four MT diploma options. Full-time during the day and part-time in the evenings and on Saturdays, a 650-contact-hour program is available. A 750-hour option is available during the day, either full or three-quarter time.

Also, Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and prenatal massage are all taught. Myofascial release, trigger point therapy, energetic practices, spa therapies and body wraps, and personal growth and awareness are among the other classes available.

Students provide services to the general public at events such as the Boston Marathon. Spa Therapy, Essential Oil Therapy, Reiki, and Sacred Stone Massage are the continuing education courses offered at the school.

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3. Mildred Elley-Pittsfield Campus

Mildred Elley, a for-profit institute founded in 1917, offers an 833.5-contact-hour certificate program that lasts less than a year. Every eight weeks, day and evening class schedules begin.

Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, essential oils, seated massage, client communication and assessment, and self-care are taught in two Western Massage Techniques courses. 

Body Mechanics, Sports Massage, and Integrative Massage Techniques are also offered to students.

In a student clinic, students rotate through four rotations of Swedish, prenatal, hot stone, myofascial, craniosacral, and deep tissue treatments. Career services and job placement assistance are available at the school.

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4. Spa Tech Institute-Ipswich

This private school has three massage therapy programs in Ipswich and Plymouth that take between six and 14 months to complete. 

There are full-time, part-time, and evening class schedules. The therapeutic massage program consists of 650 contact hours. 

It teaches Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, positional release, foot pressure point techniques, range of motion, chair massage, stretching techniques, myofascial release, event sports massage, hydrotherapy, and professional development and empowerment.

In addition, the 770-hour holistic massage curriculum provides “a more extensive skill set.” Students take the other program’s courses, plus classes in polarity therapy and the RYSE energy modality.

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5. Bancroft School of Massage Therapy

This Worcester-based independent institution, founded in 1950, offers a 720-contact-hour diploma program that students can pursue full-time during the day or part-time in the evenings.

The curriculum combines Western and Eastern health models. Classes include Asian Massage Techniques, Health, Regional Massage, Sports and Repetitive Use Injuries, Seated/Onsite Massage, and Spa Techniques, in addition to the state-mandated courses.

A practicum and an internship are available. A student clinic offers the general public one-hour Swedish, regional deep tissue, and relaxation massages. Bancroft offers job placement services as well as continuing education classes.

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6. The Massage School

The Massage School program in Massachusetts emphasizes hands-on learning while adhering to the Massachusetts State Board of Massage Therapy guidelines.

The program was created to produce massage therapists with exceptional technical skills. The graduates are ready to begin their professional careers immediately after licensure, with no need for “getting up to speed.”

The Massachusetts 750-hour program takes about a year to complete. It’s part-time and only available on nights and weekends. The starting tuition is $13,800. 

However, they offer $8,000 scholarships to all admitted students, reducing tuition to $5,800. 

They also offer a 650-hour program that is identical except for 100 fewer hours of clinical practice and a $3,000 tuition increase over the 750-hour program.

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7. Spirit Wellness Institute

The Massachusetts Division of Occupational Licensure, Office of Private Occupational Schools, has granted the school a license. Students will have completed 650 hours of training by the time they graduate:

  • Massage therapy instruction for 300 hours
  • Anatomy and physiology for 100 hours
  • 45 hours of kinesiology training
  • Pathology takes 45 hours.
  • 60 hours of ethics training
  • 100 hours of clinic supervision

Each trimester lasts 12 weeks. Students will gain field experience by participating in the student clinic during the second and third trimesters.

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8. The New England School of Therapeutics

This school’s professional massage therapy training is the foundation of what they offer at The NEST. It meets or exceeds all of the standards set by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Division of Professional Licensure to prepare the graduates better to become licensed massage therapists in Massachusetts. 

It includes 550 classroom hours of instruction in Massage Theory and Technique, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology, Ethics, Professionalism, and Business Practices, among other subjects. 

In addition, before graduation and licensure, 100 hours of supervised clinical internship must be completed.

They believe that the lifestyle practices of yoga and Ayurveda are an essential part of ensuring sustainability through the physical, mental, and emotional demands of the massage profession and that the techniques contained in “myofascial therapies” give a therapist an added advantage in providing significant pain relief and postural corrections that so many clients today seek.

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9. Viyada Thai Massage School

Viyada Thai Massage School provides Thai massage training courses to students worldwide who want to learn basic and advanced Thai massage techniques. 

The school is unique because students can learn Thai massage directly from native Thai instructors. 

Furthermore, the school is the first to offer Thai massage and is run and founded by native Thais. 

They offer small classes in Thai massage training so that the instructors can pay attention to each student. 

Each student can correctly experience massage techniques, gain more insights, and have extensive hands-on practice.

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10. The Massage Institute of Cape Cod

The Massage Institute of Cape Cod’s 700-hour program prepares students to become professional massage therapists. 

The program prepares students to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEX), start their professional massage businesses, and become successful practitioners. 

Anyone studying for personal interest rather than professional licensure is welcome to enroll in any of the school’s courses. 

Massage and fitness professionals who need to renew their certifications can also get Continuing Education Credits from the school.

Massage Institute of Cape Cod’s program is constantly improved by incorporating recent developments and best industry practices.

The program prepares students to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEX). They have designed the program to help students achieve this goal.

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How Long are Massage Therapy Schools in Massachusetts?

Massage schools in Massachusetts offer a program that includes at least 650 classroom hours of instruction. 

Massachusetts is one of the few states that does not require therapists to pass a national certification exam, which is always subject to change. 

Massage therapists seeking a license in the state must submit two professional reference letters to the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Massage Therapy. 

One must come from a massage therapist, instructor, medical practitioner, or health care provider with whom the candidate has worked professionally. 

The first letter should discuss the candidate’s honesty and competence in massage therapy. The second letter should speak to the candidate’s business or professional integrity, but it can come from anyone.

How Much are Massage Therapy Schools in Massachusetts?

Even though costs vary greatly depending on the curriculum, massage therapy school tuition may be less than a four-year college degree.

Most universities require 500 to 1,000 hours of study before issuing a license to practice massage therapy, and more intensive programs are more expensive.

While weighing your educational options, ensure you have the proper financial guidance.

Massage therapy schools have a variety of tuition rates. Enrollment in community college courses may necessitate a budget of $5,000 to $7,000. Others will charge you up to $20,000 for a one-year curriculum.

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How Much Do Massage Therapists Make in Massachusetts?

In this state, the average massage therapist earns around $49,200 per year or $23.70 per hour. This is more than the US median of approximately $41,400, or $20.

The top 10% of Massachusetts practitioners earn nearly $89,000 or $42.80 per hour, which is higher than the national average of $78,300 or $37.60. 

The income of the bottom 10% is approximately $29,230 or $14 in the state and roughly $21,350 or $10.25 nationally.

In 2016, there were 3,650 massage therapist positions available. According to federal labor officials, there will be 4,330 jobs in 2026, representing a 19% increase, slower than the expected US median of 26%.


Massage therapists in Massachusetts treat each patient individually, based on the client’s specific needs and concerns, with a completely personalized approach to each person. 

Among the many benefits of massage, therapy goals may include rehabilitating an injury, managing stress, or improving the immune system. 

Massage therapy is becoming more popular as people become more concerned with illness prevention and well-being. 

A trained massage therapist can effectively partner with the patient in ensuring long-term health. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional jobs will grow by 19% over the next several years, outpacing many other career options.

I hope you find this article helpful. Good luck!


How much is a massage therapy license in Massachusetts?

The cost of a massage therapy license in Massachusetts is $225

Do you need a permit to be a massage therapist in Massachusetts?

Before practicing, all massage therapists in Massachusetts must be licensed by the Board of Registration of Massage Therapy.

How do I renew my expired massage license in MA?

Select the “Manage My Licenses and Permits” tab. You should now be able to access the renewal application. You can begin the renewal process by clicking on the renewal application. Make sure you have a credit or debit card handy, or enter your bank/routing information for payment options.


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