Best Mechanic Schools in Arizona 2023 | Requirements & Admission

In this blog post, I have curated a list of the best mechanic schools in Arizona, including the requirements, Cost and Admission.

Knowing the requirements to apply to an auto mechanic school and the automotive schools and colleges in Arizona will guide you on your journey to becoming a mechanic.

Being a mechanic is a great career path to pursue. But people often look down on it because of the humility required to succeed as a mechanic.

A mechanic is skilled and certified and uses simple tools and recent technology to detect, examine, repair, and create a new machine.

One must be humble, skillful, and coordinated to excel in this career.

Several positions and lines of work are available for mechanics, whether managerial or those who do the jobs.

The complexity of modern vehicles and machines necessitates the proper training and preparation of a new breed of focused mechanics willing to adapt to the most advanced auto mechanic technologies available.

If you are looking at becoming an automotive technician here in Arizona, you are making a good choice, but first things first, you need proper training.

Stay with me as we dive into how to become a mechanic in Arizona.

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Why Should I Become a Mechanic in Arizona?

Mechanics as a profession is booming in Arizona, with job growth of 2% per year, which means you can choose from hundreds of new jobs.

Since hundreds of new jobs are opening each year for mechanics, now is a good time for auto mechanics in Arizona. 

In this article, we will guide you to understand everything there is to know about becoming an automobile mechanic and how community colleges, schools, and vocational training centers provide the perfect opportunities for you to become one.

Arizona is a good state with a growing area in automotive technology. Phoenix is one of the biggest cities in Arizona and the fifth largest city in the United States, with more people moving into the city’s outskirts.

This means more people with cars driving daily on the roads of Arizona.

What are the Requirements to Apply to Arizona Automotive Schools?

There’s no formalized requirement to apply to automotive or mechanic schools in Arizona; this doesn’t mean that every dock and Harry is eligible for a position in an automobile repair center.

In Arizona, persons or technicians who match the minimum requirements listed below are on a path to becoming a mechanic in Arizona.

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These requirements are;

#1. Attend an Interview With the Admission Officer

An applicant will meet with an admission representative to discuss prior requirements before getting admission. Most Arizona automotive and auto mechanic colleges require that you meet these criteria.

#2. Age Factor 

Another prerequisite that makes you eligible to apply to mechanic schools in AZ is age. You must be up to 18 years of age to apply and get admission to automotive schools in this state.

For instance, if you’re below 18 years, you will be required to submit parental proof that meets the executive criteria.

#3. Diploma or GED Certificate 

You must have a high school diploma or a GED to be able to apply to auto mechanic schools in Arizona. To pursue a post-high school certification, you must have a diploma. This is a must-have prerequisite. A transcript to prove high school certification is required.

#4. State-issued Photo ID 

Most Arizona schools require you to provide a government-issued photo ID for admission. These requirements are must-haves to apply to some mechanic schools in Arizona.

#5. Prove Eligibility/Residency

This is another requirement to apply to mechanic, automotive, and auto mechanic schools in Arizona, AZ. You should be able to live in AZ, Phoenix, and West Mec. 

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How Long Does it Take to go to Mechanic Schools in AZ?

How long it takes to go to a recognized mechanic school is a question every applicant asks, and they usually seek guidance and information on the above subject.

The duration depends on certain factors, which will be looked at briefly.

  • Choice Of Program: the type of program you want to study determines your time at the school. Some programs last 52 hours to attain certification, whereas others might take a year or two.
  • School Calendar: this is another factor that affects the duration of automotive schools in AZ; some schools unintentionally prolong their courses by adding extracurricular activities. This may add some months to the expected completion period.
  •  Personal Schedule: your working schedule may as well be a determinant while considering the time it takes to go to a mechanic school in AZ. You might be a part-time worker with spare time for academia and training on weekends. 

These factors contribute to how long it takes to go to mechanic schools in Arizona. When you meet the requirements to apply to mechanic schools in Arizona, the next step is to deduce the time it will take to complete your program to set your goals alright.

In addition, it takes a year to become a certified mechanic in Arizona, AZ, while for degree options, it takes two years or even three to get through. For schools like UTI, you will spend just 53 weeks completing a program.

How do I Become a Mechanic in Arizona?

Becoming an automotive technician in Arizona is very simple; below is an easy way to navigate this path.

First, you need to get admission into an automotive college or school of choice after thorough research on the school requirements, so you don’t get confused at the end of the day.

Secondly,  upon being accepted by the school, you need to sit down and learn; your tuition fee shouldn’t be in vain; as long as you participate in all school activities, success is not far-fetched.

Thirdly, pass your assessment test after completing the school course. I believe there is always an examination at the end of a course.

Moreso, getting certified by ASE will help build your knowledge and skills.

ASE certification is very important; you can start by taking one test at a time. It helps improve the quality of your services.

Lastly, you need work experience to be qualified and certified as a mechanic in Arizona, AZ. Go get yourself a job afterward. You could start as an intern in the automobile industry.

What is the Automobile Service Excellence (ASE) Student Certification in Arizona?

The ASE is a beautiful, non-profit association that helps improve the quality of motor vehicles by certifying, approving, and validating maintenance and service professionals, i.e., auto mechanics.

ASE Certification improves mechanics by making them more valuable to potential hiring managers. 

Also, ASE has 40 tests that all automotive technicians and mechanics are expected to write and pass to get certified. After successfully passing these job-related ability examinations, the automotive mechanic becomes an ASE-certified personnel well-equipped for the job.

An applicant has to pass one or more of the student certification tests, if not all 40, at a community college in Arizona. The certificate is printed just after the student passes the examination and has been presented to such individuals by the school.

ASE certification is valid for two years after getting it.

In Addition,  the ASE Student Certification will enable you to proceed on the perfect path for building a career as an automobile professional. 

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5 Best Mechanic Schools in Arizona (AZ)

Arizona has an influx of people coming into the state for various reasons, thus increasing the possibility of getting a client as a mechanic. The roads are usually very busy and populous.

Arizona also has great schools that allow you to become a certified master mechanic and earn dollars afterward. 

Enrolling in one of the best automotive or auto mechanic schools in Arizona will help you stand out.

Here’s a list of the best automotive schools In Arizona.

#1. Pima Community College (PCC)

Pima College is one of the best Mechanic Schools In Arizona. It serves the Tucson Pima County region, the second most populous city in Arizona.

This is a high-tech school that gives a two years certification.

They offer courses such as the Associate of Applied Science and automotive mechanic certification.

Visit Pima

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#2. Eastern Arizona College

Here’s another wonderful school in Arizona; they offer the most accessible, innovative, and development programs.

The list continues with programs such as an Automotive Service Technology degree, an Automotive Service Consultant, and Auto Technician. You can complete any of these courses in one year.

Visit School 

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#3. Universal Technical Institute (UTI) 

As the name implies, it’s a universal institute that trains students for various degrees in Avondale, Phoenix, AZ.

School hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. They offer the following courses.

  • Automotive Technology
  • Diesel mechanic Technology

Visit UTI.

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#4. Mesa Community College 

Mesa is a fundamental college that equips its students with on-the-job skills. Students get to practice and access the classroom benefits.

The following courses are offered at MCC.

  • Automotive Performance Technology
  • Machinist Technology
  • Automotive Electrical Systems
  • Brakes, Alignment, Suspension, and Steering
  • Engine Performance and Diagnosis
  • Caterpillar Technician Training

Visit School 

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#5. Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI)

 Arizona Automotive Institute is located in Glendale, Arizona, and offers two major programs in Automotive Service Technology and Diesel/Heavy Trucks. The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges accredits the school.

In addition to hands-on training, the programs provide career placement assistance and opportunities, so you’re not left alone on your journey to becoming a mechanic in AZ. 

AAI is a technical tease school in Arizona.

Visit School 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanic Schools in Arizona

Do I Need a License to Practice as a Mechanic?

An automotive technician or mechanic must not get a license to diagnose and fix cars within Arizona.
You can still get your vocational training and become a mechanic. But to stand tall, a degree or associate in automotive will give you an edge.

How do I Become a Mechanic in Arizona, AZ?

You must enroll in a mechanic school in Arizona with accreditation afterward; you get a certificate from ASE and on-the-job experience to boost your resume and make hiring managers recognize and distinguish you.

What Score do I Need to Pass the ASE Exam?

You will need a pass mark of 70% to pass the ASE examination. Aside from scoring 70 and above, you must present proof of two years of on-the-job experience to get a certificate.

Is Having an ASE Certification Necessary?

ASE examination equips mechanics to be better and stand tall. Multiple ASE certifications show that you have the knowledge and skills needed as a master mechanic. Therefore it is the best certification a mechanic can have to boost his career.

How Much Is the Tuition fee for Mechanic Schools in Arizona 

Usually, the fee for automotive and auto mechanic schools in Arizona is between $3,097 and $9,856. However, the cost of tuition fees dramatically depends on the school. So you can scout around for a pocket friendly-school if you’re on a budget.

Final Words

It is essential to chase your dreams and to chase them rightly; having proper and adequate information at your disposal will help you scale through. 

As summarized in this article, Arizona has many great schools, summarized in this article, kindly choose from the above schools and get started on the journey to becoming a mechanic in AZ.

Ensure to check out the requirements you need to apply


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