5 Best Mechanic Schools in Florida 2024 | Requirements & Admission


Are you in search of the best mechanic schools in Florida? Then search no more, I got you covered.

After you’ve checked the requirements to apply to become an auto mechanic, the next step is to look out for the best automotive schools, and thankfully, Florida has a lot of such colleges accredited to give you the best training.


Also, understanding how long it takes to become a mechanic is crucial information to note in this guide.

Knowing the rules is critical for your career path, and becoming a mechanic is a brave decision.


Being a mechanic in a state like Florida is a good choice, as it is highly popular and recognized. This guarantees your success as there would be various job options for you.

This article will give you a guide on this career path.

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How to Become a Mechanic in Florida?

Before enrolling in the best schools in Florida to train to become a mechanic, you should understand the rigor involved in this career path to determine whether it is right for you.

These are outlined step-by-step approaches to becoming a mechanic in FL.

#1. Obtain a High School Diploma 

As part of the requirements to apply to mechanic schools and be accepted, you’ll need to complete your high school diploma or GED. This is also a step one approach to becoming an Automotive Service Technician. 

You can submit a recognized transcript indicating the completion of high school to be offered admission.

#2. Train in a Mechanic or Automotive School 

As an intending automotive service technician, you should be able to look for a budget-friendly mechanic school near you with experienced instructors and the latest equipment.

Be guided while applying, as great schools have relationships with employers and national certification bodies. This article successfully outlined the three best schools that offer excellent courses.

#3. Get the ASE Certifications

The next step after completing your degree program is getting certified by ASE. This gives you a complete industry certification by completing relevant exams.

This certification is based on two years of hands-on experience in related job roles and passing the exams.

#4. Get Experience / Internships 

Now is the time to put your skills to use. You can apply for entry-level jobs or internships to gain status in this career and become recognized.

You can also ask your instructors for recommendations on where to apply and do your research. 

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#5. Be Open Minded 

As you gain experience as an automotive service technician or mechanic, keep your options open to specializing in a particular field or advancing as a self-employed manager.

The opportunities to continue learning in this industry are endless. Consider continuing your studies to specialize as a master automotive service technician working with race cars, public transportation, heavy trucks, and other areas that may interest you. 

What are the Requirements to Apply to Mechanic Schools in FL?

There are several requirements to apply to mechanic schools in Florida, which differ by school. Therefore, you should check with the school of interest before applying just in case they have a requirement not listed below.

General auto mechanic school’s Requirements in Florida are;

  • You Must Complete the FGC Online Application: Before you will be considered, you must complete this application. For some schools like Federal College Florida FGC.
  • Meet With An Admission Advisor: this is a mandatory admission process; here, they will ascertain your readiness to be enrolled.
  • Meet With The Program Faculty Before Enrollment: Before enrollment, you must have sat with the program faculty to discuss timing, class size, expectations, and program outline.
  • Minimum Skills Evaluation: meeting the physical, mental and competent skills is an advantage; the admission board will look at all these.
  • High School Diploma: as a general requirement to apply to mechanic schools in Florida, you must present a GED or high school diploma or transcript.
  • Be 16 Years Of Age: In Florida, unlike other states that require you to be 18 years of age at the time of enrollment, here 16 years is the barest minimum age requirement.
  • Pass The Assessment Test: Completing the assessment Test is an advantage. The required score by school differs. Therefore endeavor to investigate the school criteria before applying.

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What you Need to Know Before Applying to a Mechanic School 

There are several factors to consider before applying to any mechanic school. Only after you have decided to become a mechanic and chosen the specification area will you consider which school to attend.

These factors are;

1. What Kind of Equipment is Available

You must be sure of the kind of equipment available at that school before applying. Are they hands with the latest equipment that will give your career a shift in the right direction?

The best way to learn outside the classroom curriculum is through proper practice. You should be able to carry out practicals with the latest equipment.

2. Pick a Recognized School

Here, you need to select a school with after-school opportunities. Some schools connect you to high-intake industries such as Toyota, Lexus, etc. These dealers offer internship opportunities that aid growth and retainership. 

3. Type of Program

Suppose you’re indeed interested in starting a career as a mechanic. In that case, you’ll need a mechanic school that will teach you all the latest technology and methods for repairing various car problems.

4. Tuition Fee

This is another important aspect of checkmate. School fees differ by school and, of course, by the program. It’s a serious consideration when selecting mechanic, automotive, and auto mechanic schools in Florida.

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How Long Does it Take to Attend a Mechanic School in Florida?

This greatly depends on a lot of factors. Once you’re done checking the requirements to apply to mechanic schools in Florida, it will be wise to know how long it takes to become a mechanic in FL.

Firstly, choosing a Program with high demand or accelerated programs that allows for the least minimum time is a factor that contributes to the duration of completion.

Also, the school’s structure plays a role. That’s why you must research before applying to any auto mechanic school in Florida, as some schools take longer than others for the same program.

Moreover, your activities contribute, oh yeah! Are you a part-time or full-time worker who wishes to top your career by acquiring mechanic certifications? This, too, is a time factor.

Your Schedule definitely will be affected.

Therefore, it’s wise to identify these before starting an application.

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List of the Best Automotive Schools in Florida 2023

Numerous automobile schools in Florida, USA, are accredited to train you to become a professional auto mechanic.

Florida is highly populous, and thus it’s colleges and needs for mechanics.

Below, we will list a few colleges offering great automotive programs to ease your journey to becoming a mechanic or automotive technician in Florida.

The automotive schools and state colleges listed below provide Automotive Technology degrees and programs that include a variety of classes and hands-on experience in auto body repair and Diesel Mechanics.

All schools in Florida offering these options are accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, or NATEF

#1. Broward College, BC

BC is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; they offer tremendous and awesome Automotive Technology Associate Degree programs. Students also have the option and available opportunities of completing their GM Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP), which is an edge. 

Visit School 

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#2. Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College MLEC

Miami Lakes has various certificate options available in Auto Service Technology, AST, for individuals who wish to further their automotive education in this niche.

Furthermore, Miami Lakes allows students to complete the Toyota T-Ten program, a collaborative partnership between Toyota, Lexus dealers, and auto mechanic programs that provides a more intensive learning experience with hands-on experience. 

Visit Miami Lakes 

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#3. Pinellas Technical College Clearwater (PTCC)

Pinellas Technical College in Clearwater, FL, is one of Florida’s best auto mechanic schools. The requirements to apply to Pinellas Technical College Clearwater aren’t a bother compared to other automotive schools in Florida.

Aside from experienced instructors, PTCC offers beautiful programs that will help shift your career.

They also offer the Honda PACT for interested students who want to dive into this path, this offer pairs students with dealerships in the internship area. 

Visit PTCC

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What is the Auto Mechanic Salary Structure in Florida by Occupation?

There are various occupations or job descriptions for a mechanic or automotive technician.

These range from being a technician, manager, and job supervisor list continues.

Knowing your specifications and area of focus will give you an edge over others. 

Below I made a list of automotive technician salaries in Florida by Occupation. They are;

#1. Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics 

These sets of mechanics make the sum of $18.59 hourly in Florida. Isn’t this huge?

Compared to related jobs and other career paths, this average is enticing and a good start for those who want to become a mechanic in Florida. The total number of employed personnel in this role is 45,823.

Set your specifications right to excel.

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Automotive Body and Related Repairers focuses on repairs that involve parts of vehicles, cars, and what have you. These could be doors, mirrors, engines, tire keys, and other vehicle parts. They are the routine repairmen you find on the highway. They earn $19.00 per hour on average, and there are 9,430 mechanics employed.

#3. Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists

As the name implies, these auto mechanics use high-tech devices and systems in their operations and day-to-day job fixing.

They work on heavy trucks and buses but can also help with diesel engines because that is their specialty. Their hourly wage is $22.09, making them the highest-paid of the group. The employability status of this technical niche is 10,950.

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#4. Automotive Glass Installers and Repairers

Automotive Glass Installers and Repairers are highly trained mechanics who create mechanical and engineering glass wear. Aside from designing, they install, repair, and manage all damages associated with glass.

The windscreen, mirrors, and whatever else you need from specialists, and these didn’t come to play. Although their hourly salary isn’t much, this is probably because their job description isn’t as strenuous as other jobs.

They make $17.56 hourly with a total employed number of 1,080 in Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanic and Automotive Schools in Florida 

Are Mechanics in Demand in Florida?

Of course!!! Mechanics are in demand having great competition in Florida due to the salary earned and job availability.

Once you’re certified by acquiring a degree and passing the ASE examination, you’re already in demand as a mechanic.

How Much do Automotive Technicians Earn in Florida?

The salary depends on your certification, employer, and location in Florida.
Some mechanics work for the state, region, city, and industries, and some may even be self-employed. So the salary expectation depends on these factors.
On average, mechanics earn up to $20.07 per hour, which isn’t bad.

Is Florida a Good State for Mechanics?

Florida isn’t a growing state but rather a highly developed one. It’s one of the busiest states in the USA, having a significant population and exciting festivities, which keeps vehicles trooping in and out of the state at a high rate on daily bases.
As a mechanic, your focus should be on population and standard of living; Florida beats other states in this light. Therefore it’s a good state for mechanics to excel.


The automotive schools and state colleges listed below provide Automotive Technology degrees and programs that include a variety of classes and hands-on experience in Auto Body Repair and Diesel Mechanics.

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, or NATEF, accredits all mechanic schools offering these options. 

If you want to become a mechanic or auto technician in Florida, go through this list again of automotive schools in Florida and make a choice


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