5 Best Mechanic Schools in Houston 2024 | Requirements & Cost

In this blog post, I have curated a list of the best mechanic schools in Houston, including the requirements, costs, and processes to apply.

There are various mechanic, automotive, and auto mechanic schools in Houston, and the requirements to apply to these schools to become a mechanic are paramount.

In recent times, computerized systems have taken over, requiring detailed calibrations performed by graduates using high-tech tools.

The complexity of today’s vehicles necessitates adequate training and preparation of a new breed of mechanics willing to adapt to the most recent auto mechanic technologies. 

Automotive degrees include study in automobiles’ electrical systems and computer codes so specialists can distinguish between software bugs and real component failures. 

Houston’s automobile, mechanic, and auto mechanic schools have various requirements to apply to these schools. In this article, we will take a look at them.  

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What Are The Top Skills You Need To Become A Successful Mechanic?

Amongst other skills, below are five competent skills an auto mechanic should have.

#1. Dexterity 

mechanics usually make many precise adjustments to mechanical parts within a vehicle daily. Too much adjustment or not enough will not repair the vehicle or possibly could make an issue worse. An auto mechanic should possess this skill.

#2. Communication Skill 

Communication Skill is one of the critical competency an auto mechanic should have; your ability to clearly explain a problem and suggest solutions to it without mincing words is excellent.

#3. Problem Solving Skill

Competence in repairing vehicles and doing it well is a great skill to have as an auto mechanic, or perhaps if you want to become a mechanic in Houston.

Having problem-solving skills, mechanics will know the faults of cars and parts requiring replacement and repair. Auto mechanics must diagnose potential issues based on limited information from the client.

#4. Time Management 

You can never go wrong with effective time management. Your ability to work on cars right on time without procrastinating or sleeping on a particular project will help your journey as an auto mechanic to be swift.

#5. Attention To Details

These two are must-haves; they can propel you forward in your career as a mechanic. If you can do a good job tomorrow, that client will recommend you to family and friends.

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What Are The Requirements To Apply To Mechanic Schools In Houston?

There are lots of requirements to apply to mechanic schools in Houston. Schools have specific requirements or prerequisites alongside the general requirements by state.

For those that want to become mechanics in Houston, here are some requirements to checkmate before applying.

#1. Age

Mechanic, automotive, and auto mechanic schools in Houston require that an applicant be at least 18 years of age before registration into the school. Although some schools request parental consent for age 17, this is one out of 50 schools.

#2. Registration Fee

Most schools request a deposit of $100 or below as a registration fee.

This figure has nothing to do with the tuition fee, practical fee, and equipment fee.

After due application on the school site, you may be asked to pay a registration fee.

#3. High School Diploma/ GED

Schools like Lone Star College (LSC) in Houston will request for a high school diploma transcript to be submitted to them prior to registration.

You must have completed high school with a proof before your application will be considered valid. This is a very important requirement.

#4. Assessment Test 

Passing the assessment test with a minimum score of 39 is a pass. Most schools will demand pass marks above 39, but this is the minimum.

There are numerous tests to get admitted into any mechanic, automotive, or auto mechanic school in Houston. More also, you will be expected to pass the certification exam.

#5. Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirement

Some mechanic, automotive, and auto mechanic schools in Houston are offering Automotive Technology Applied Science Degrees and usually request for this bacteria test to be done before registration. Therefore, do your findings by going for schools you meet their criteria.

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How Do I Choose A Mechanic School To Attend In Houston?

How to choose a mechanic school to attend in Houston is very simple and straight to the point. You only need a focused and decisive mind to choose from the available school options.

  • Consider the Program of Focus

 Your choice, of course, will determine the school to apply to.

It’s essential to know the various courses and programs available at a school before taking a firm stand on which to go for.

  • Tuition Fee, this way you will be able to streamline your search to schools that are affordable and offers your desired course of study
  • Moreso, you need to know the requirements to apply to a mechanic school in Houston; this way, you can tell whether or not you’re eligible to apply.
  • Furthermore, course duration and your schedule are of utmost importance as they should align.
  • Lastly, are the Instructors experts and experienced in transforming a beginner into a pro?

Where Can A Certified Mechanic Work In Houston?

Mechanics have a good placement opportunity. In this article, we will look at five different highest-paying jobs where a mechanic fits in.

To become a successful mechanic in Houston and today’s world, you must earn a degree, get certified, and gather lots of experience.

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#1. Maintenance Mechanic Workers

Hospitals, schools, retail shops, and lots more often employ maintenance workers. They perform repairs on devices that break during normal business operations and service. 

Averagely, maintenance workers earn an annual salary of $70,334. 

#2. Mechanic Engineers 

These are specialized mechanics who design mechanical and thermal devices.

Their services are utilized by companies or industries that produce high-tech machinery or machinery requiring an engine to operate. Mechanics usually further their degrees by advancing from mechanics to engineering to fit into this role. It’s a high-paying job with $82,949 as an annual salary.

#3. Mechanical Project Manager 

If you want to know how to become a mechanic in Houston, I advise you to follow a good path like this one.

They coordinate the repair of complex machines. Also, they lead a team to ensure efficient production and completion of projects on time.

They are the supervisors and managers in industries. Mechanic project managers earn $99,124 per year.

#4. Mechanical Designers 

They work with production and engineering teams to design and create products that meet clients’ needs. Mechanical Designers are highly skilled and experienced mechanics.

They earn a high salary based on experience, and their job description covers numerous field, including architecture inclusive.

This is a great option for competent mechanics; it takes furthering your education and experience to meet the employment criteria.

Annually they earn $70,987 as salary.

#5. Maintenance Managers 

This is similar to the role of a project manager. It’s a managerial position that coordinates its team to ensure productivity. They repair and write budgets for the tools and equipment needed by the maintenance team for their day-to-day operations.

Annually they earn $83,108.

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List Of the 10 Best Mechanic Schools In Houston 

There are great schools in Houston that offer certification programs in mechanics and related degrees, but the list is few. 

If you want to know how to become a successful mechanic in Houston and the requirements to apply to these schools, do not snooze on this list.

#1. Houston Community College HCC

Courses taught at HCC are in blocks, so students must register for all the courses. These courses include automotive brake systems and technology, electrical systems, etc.

The tuition fee differs for in-district students and those outside the district, that is, $1,270 and $2,710 per semester, respectively.

HCC offers an Auto Technology AAS degree in 2 years.

Visit HCC

#2. Universal Technical Institute UTI

This is one of Houston’s great mechanic, auto mechanic, and automotive schools, offering a degree program that takes 1-year maxi for completion(51 weeks) .

Aside from the fact that experienced instructors are available, they offer financial aid and housing to students.

This school is one of the best Mechanic Schools In Houston. Auto Technology Diploma is awarded after 51 weeks of study.

Visit UTI

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#3. Sam Tech 

Sam Tech offers a Diploma in automotive Engine and Block Machining in just 36 weeks for day students and 45 weeks for evening students. As part of the requirements to apply to this mechanic school, students must.

  • Submit an application form with a registration fee of $100.
  •  Pass all the required tests, i. e the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test, with a minimum score of 39
  • For Applicants under 18 years, you must obtain parental consent.

Visit School 

#4. Barbara Jordan Career Center BJCC

This school offers Automotive Technology 1&2 Dual Credit in 2 years for zero tuition fee; this is for high school students. 

BJCC is a good start for those who want to know how to become mechanics in Houston. This is another good school to start a career in Mandatory; students are expected to attend classes at the home campus center during the day while completing the workforce program in the evening.

BJCC, as part of its study programs, prepares students for employment in the industry.

Visit Barbara Jordan Career Center

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#5. Lone Star College

The Automotive Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) offered by Lone Star College provides adequate academic and technical education that students need to function competently in the automotive service industry. This two-year course has a good course outline covering various areas of mechanics, automotive, and auto mechanic fields. This school program operates with full Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification.  

There are two main requirements to apply to this school.

They are: 

  •  New Student Orientation must be completed before registering for the class
  • You must meet the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirement

Visit School 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanic Schools In Houston 

Are Mechanics In Demand?

Mechanics are in demand not just in Houston but in the world at large; after going for vocational training to become a mechanic or being certified with a degree, your essence cannot be sidelined. The payment per service is mind-blowing; if further studies are done, the annual salary increases naturally.

How Long Does It Take To Go To Mechanic Schools In Houston?

In Houston, mechanic, automotive, and auto mechanic schools take about 36 weeks to 2 years to acquire an automotive Technology Degree. Although there are courses that take up to four years to complete, especially a bachelor’s Degree In mechanics.

How Do I Become A Mechanic In Houston?

To become a mechanic in Houston, you need to meet the requirements to apply to mechanic school and be sure to be accepted; after that, you proceed to be certified as a mechanic, get trained via internships in a workshop, and, of course, utilize your certificate by been self-employed or working for industry.
There’s room to further your career in mechanics soap s to stand tall amongst your peers.

How Much Does Mechanics Earn?

Averagely, mechanics earn $50,000 annually; high-paid mechanics, based on experience and certification, earn $99,000 annually.
This figure is dependent on certification, place of work, and experience.


In conclusion, vocational training centers provide training on how to become a mechanic in Houston. However, going to a good school is paramount since it gets you recognized and certified to practice and grow successfully in this field.

Houston has great schools; endeavor to know the requirements to apply to these schools as listed above. Choose competence above profit.


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