Best Mechanic Schools in Las Vegas 2024 | A Detailed Guide

If you have questions about the best mechanic schools in Las Vegas and the requirements you need to apply to train to become an auto mechanic, this guide answers all your questions and more.

But first, let’s guide you through what the profession is all about and how much you stand to earn annually in Las Vegas.

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Who is an Auto Mechanic?

An auto mechanic is trained to specialize in servicing automobiles, which involves repairing cars; their main role is to diagnose automobile problems quickly and efficiently. Their jobs involve the repair and replacement of specific parts of automobiles.

It is important to note that an auto mechanic goes by various names, which include car mechanic, automotive technician, and service technician. But for this article, we will be using the term auto mechanic.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in auto mechanics? There are various career opportunities you can choose to carve a niche in. This article will guide you through the colleges you can apply to become an auto mechanic in Las Vegas.

Are there Various Types of Auto Mechanics?

As an aspiring auto mechanic, your interest might be in minor car repair, aircraft repair, or even big cars, which include trucks.

This brings us to the various types of auto mechanics. So yes, there are multiple types of auto mechanics, and it is okay to be interested in one aspect and not be interested in another.

It Is also okay to be interested in all, but you have to know that you have to be trained in all aspects, So instead of becoming the jack of all trades and Master of none, why not be the jack of all trades and Master of none, here are the various types of auto mechanics;

Diesel Auto Mechanics

A diesel auto mechanic specializes in the repair of vehicles that are mainly used for public service. For example, fire trucks and ambulances run on diesel engines.

They ensure that the trucks are on the road more often as reliable vehicles. On top of that, diesel auto mechanics maintain many vehicles used for construction, such as bulldozers, cranes, and trucks. 

Small Engine Auto Mechanics 

Small Engine Auto mechanics work on smaller engines, which means that these vehicles are smaller than regular automobiles yet still require professional maintenance.

Some people assume that since the engines are smaller, the repairs must be easier.

This is not always the case. Small engines are much more compact and difficult to maintain than regular-sized engines, which means small engine mechanics sometimes have the most work for a small repair.

Heavy Equipment Auto Mechanics

A heavy equipment auto mechanic is expected to maintain engines and hydraulic and electrical systems. To keep these mechanical components, the mechanic must be familiar with various diagnostic equipment and other power tools and be skilled in welding. 

Aircraft Mechanics 

If you are fascinated by aircraft, then this is for you. As an aircraft mechanic, you are expected to repair and maintain aircraft while performing the FAA’s inspections to ensure aircraft are up to code to fly.

Aircraft mechanics are expected to be skilled at working on various aircraft types, like pistons, jets, and helicopters.

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Is Becoming an Auto Mechanic a Good Career Choice in 2024?

If you are passionate about the workings of cars and if it interests you, it is vital to get a career as an auto mechanic. 

Being an auto mechanic is a decent career. With the increase in the number of cars as the years go by, it is essential to point out that as an auto mechanic, you will never be out of demand; cars need servicing and repairs, which is the responsibility of auto mechanics.

So yes, becoming an auto mechanic is a good career choice.

What are the Requirements Needed to Become an Auto Mechanic in Las Vegas?

You have the passion and zeal to become an auto mechanic, but you are far from achieving your goal without the requirements.

Before you take the first step to become an auto mechanic in las vegas, you have to

  • Complete your high school, which will earn you your high school diploma.
  • Apply for a certificate course, an associate’s degree in automotive technology, or an automotive maintenance program Master Certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).
  • Complete the program, which can take up to two years and involve a combination of theory and practical classes.
  • You can also apply for a bachelor’s or master’s degree after your vocational training to improve your job prospects and earnings.

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How do I Become an Auto Mechanic in Las Vegas?

After completing high school and getting your high school diploma, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) provides certifications that indicate your practical knowledge and readiness to join the workforce.

Of course, this is after you must have completed your automotive technology studies at any college in Las Vegas accredited by NATEF.

Once you complete all these requirements, you are now an auto mechanic.

What Type of Auto Mechanic License Exists for Auto Mechanics in Las Vegas?

As an auto mechanic, an auto mechanic’s license permits you to work without any hindrance or fear.

After your training, you will be offered the ASE entry-level certification, best suited for fresh graduates seeking a career in the automotive service industry.

Once you complete and pass all the tests in a particular domain, you can even achieve the status of a master technician. Master technicians often work in a supervisory capacity and earn handsome wages.

You can also go for brand-specific certifications such as BMW, Ford, Camry, Peugeot, etc., which can help you apply for an automotive technician job in these companies.

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List of the Top 10 Auto Mechanic Schools in Las Vegas

various colleges in Las Vegas are equipped with the basic requirements and equipment needed for the study of auto mechanics. But we will be picking and analyzing the top 10 best colleges an aspiring auto mechanic can choose to study in.

#1 Advanced Training Institute:

The Advanced Training Institute (ATI) trains students for industry-recognized certifications in high-demand, technical professional careers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ATIs career-based programs prepare students for certification in various career opportunities such as Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration Technicians (HVAC/R), Electricians, Automotive Technicians, and Personal Fitness Trainers.

Students at ATI come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some students juggle school with family; others hold another job while they attend ATI.

The Advanced Training Institute (ATI) is licensed to operate as a non-degree-granting private institution by the State of Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education.

The Accrediting Council accredits ATI for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET). The United States Department of Education recognizes ACCET as the designated institutional accrediting body.

ATI’s HVAC Program holds additional programmatic accreditation through HVAC Excellence. That’s why ATI offers both day and evening courses to accommodate all kinds of students.

If you are motivated to start a new and rewarding career in auto mechanics, ATI is a great choice to make your dream a reality!


#2 College of Southern Nevada:

This institution was Founded in 1971 with a ranking of #3 for best in automotive and auto mechanic colleges; CSN provides job and academic training in more than 70 educational programs with more than 180 degrees certificates available for students who complete their training.

The college also offers seven bachelor’s degrees with an option to either become a part-time or full-time student.

The auto mechanic study falls within the Department of Media Technologies and Applied Technologies. The CSN is an accredited college for the study of auto mechanics; CSN is academically recognized as giving the best in auto mechanics study and training, making their students stand out.

The question is do you want to stand out in your career as an auto mechanic in las vegas, or do you want to fall!!


#3 National Training Institute HVAC Training:

Here, you can become an HVAC auto mechanic in only four months! NTI HVAC school in Las Vegas, NV, offers certification training for HVAC/R service, repair, and installation careers.

Most of the classes include hands-on training. Our HVAC and auto mechanic training courses apply a HVAC TechOnDemand, which enriches students with many hands-on troubleshooting scenarios that set our graduates apart.

They benefit from personalized attention, all in a training program taught by industry professionals. Auto mechanic graduates gain the knowledge to troubleshoot, repair, install and service different systems for a high-paying career as an HVAC auto mechanic.

With over two decades of history, National Technical Institute has the experience, knowledgeable instructors, and a strong relationship with the HVAC community in Las Vegas to help future students achieve their goals. Do You want to shine like a star as an auto mechanic; you know what to do!


#4 Nevada Career Institute:

Nevada Career Institute is owned and operated by the Fuerst family of Success Education Colleges. Here your success is assured; Nevada Career Institute has a total enrollment of 207 students in different course studies.

Established in 1993, Nevada Career Institute provides a curriculum of career programs offering associate and bachelor’s degrees in auto mechanics. With a team of exceptional instructors in auto mechanics.

NCI assures and promises the best and has been living up to its standards so far. You want the best; then pick the best, and you get the best!


#5 UEL-Las Vegas:

UEI -Las Vegas has helped students build a brighter future through its auto mechanic career training. Get the skills you need from supportive and equipped instructors in a convenient, caring, and academic environment.

As an employee-owned organization, The faculty and staff are both dedicated to the success of their students. Their vocational and trade school programs offer hands-on training for students in auto mechanics and other career aspects.

Get auto mechanic training for an entry-level position in as few as ten months, with financial aid assistance to students and also a serene learning environment. It is no doubt that you will get the best auto mechanics training in UEI-LAS VEGAS.


#6 Aviation Institute Of Maintenance: 

Aviation Institute of Maintenance has been helping students. It is still helping adult students gain the skills and attitudes necessary for a meaningful entry-level career position as an auto mechanic.

With an option for adult students, are you an adult who wants to become an auto mechanic but is confused about the college to attend in Las Vegas? Then search no more because AVIATION SCHOOL OF MAINTENANCE is the goal.

The institution strives to be responsive to the needs of its students, businesses, industries, and government. They are committed to high academic standards in all curricular offerings and are dedicated to providing the services that support their students’ efforts to succeed.

If you want an auto mechanic college committed to giving the student nothing short of the best as an auto mechanic, try the AVIATION INSTITUTE OF MAINTENANCE.


#7 Automotive Technician Trade Program – Las Vegas, Nevada:

This training in this program will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques critical for entering the automotive field.

Within UEI’s automotive shop lab settings, you will get a balanced education that combines automotive diagnostics and repair procedures with an emphasis on hybrid drive systems and emerging automotive technologies.

The program is specifically designed to give students the leg up they need to start a rewarding new career in a constantly evolving field.

A mix of online learning with hands-on training in an honest auto mechanic lab on campus will help you fine-tune your skills and get you started in a new career in as little as ten months.

Are you far away but interested in becoming an auto mechanic? Why don’t you enroll in their online auto mechanic and start learning?UEI – Las Vegas is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).


#8 Truckee Meadows Community College

This public university is based in Reno, Nevada. It is the #1 in Best Automotive Mechanics Colleges & Universities in Nevada.

The auto mechanic programs have two parts: Theory classes; Practice classes. Suppose you are interested in pursuing a career in auto mechanics and want to do a transfer.

In that case, TMCC is a great place to get started on academic or university transfer degrees, occupational training, career skill enhancement, and classes just for fun. Get ready because TMCC won’t stop until you prepare to take on the auto mechanic world.


#9 Aviation Institute of Maintenance

This school currently offers certificates in two auto-mechanical programs. According to recent data analysis, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance Las Vegas area is safe – the college is reported to have an excellent rating for personal safety and the Protection of students.

Here your security is the institution’s priority, not just your security but academics. Based on 67 evaluation criteria, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance Las Vegas auto mechanic program ranks #772 Mechanic Schools (out of 921; top 85%) in the USA and the Top 5 Mechanic Schools in Nevada.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance Las Vegas is reasonably priced; tuition is around $19,000 a year. You know what they say, nothing good comes cheap; here, you don’t just spend; you get the quality equating to the money spent on fees.


 #10 Great Basin College- 

As the name implies, if you want to become a great auto mechanic, GREAT BASIN COLLEGE has created that path.

With an affordable tuition fee and a serene environment, you are just a few steps away from becoming a great auto mechanic. Great Basin College is a public university based in Nevada.

It is #2 in the best auto mechanic schools in Nevada. With an easy and straight-to-the-point course outline, your study here will be worth it with provisional options and scholarship availability for students who cannot afford the auto mechanics program.

This institution gives all students a level playing academic ground to achieve their desired academic goals. You are great; let GREAT BASIN COLLEGE make you an even more fantastic Auto mechanic.


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What are the Apprenticeships Programs Available in Auto Mechanic Colleges in Las Vegas?

There are apprenticeship training programs available at some colleges in Las Vegas. An auto mechanic’s apprenticeship is practical training for auto mechanic students; its main aim is to help and assist the student in being able to face life and deal with career challenges as an auto mechanic.

Here you learn various skills outside the four walls of the college, which involve communication, business, etc.

Your high school or college may also arrange for job training with specific car manufacturers or dealerships. Such experience can help you get a job immediately after graduation.

Since employers prefer technicians with practical experience, they may hire you for on-the-job training and promote you to a permanent position upon satisfactory performance coupled with your passion and diligence.

What are the Salary Expectations of Auto Mechanics in Las Vegas?

The average salary expectation for an auto mechanic in Las Vegas, NV, is $50,151 as of September 26, 2022, but the range typically falls between $42,883 and $57,330.This is not permanent because the more you equip and develop yourself, the more job opportunities run after you.



The world is evolving, so right now, ladies who complete their fundamental requirements are admitted to study and become auto mechanics; nothing and no one can hold them down unless they decide to hold themselves down. So the answer is a big yes. Ladies can study to become auto mechanics anywhere, provided the interest and passion are there.


The training to become an auto mechanic takes a maximum of 3 to 2 years and a minimum of 10 months.

The Morning program will take three (3) years (six semesters) to complete.
The Afternoon program will take two (2) years (four semesters) to complete.
The Evening In-service Advanced program will take four (4) years (eight semesters) to complete, taking a minimum of six (6) units each semester.


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