Top 10 Mechanic Schools in North Carolina 2024 | Requirements & Admission

Are you looking for the requirements to apply to automotive schools, colleges, and universities in North Carolina that will train you to become a professional auto mechanic?

Why become a mechanic in North Carolina? What do mechanics do? Are you searching for information on the mechanic’s salary structure or how much a mechanic makes in North Carolina?

Do you want to study automotive engineering in North Carolina and know the requirements you need to apply to study in the best auto mechanic schools in North Carolina?

Understanding apprenticeship programs for Mechanics in North Carolina universities and colleges is also of utmost importance.

Here in this guide, we show you how to become a mechanic in North Carolina and how much you stand to earn after obtaining the required training.

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Why Become a Mechanic in North Carolina?

Take advantage of the fact that the country offers mechanic job opportunities. You can start by enrolling in an accredited Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) program. And with the start of this, you can now take up the step to becoming a mechanic. 

How do I Become a Mechanic in North Carolina (NC)? 

Becoming a mechanic in North Carolina is an excellent opportunity to grow and achieve in terms of becoming a mechanic. North Carolina is known for manufacturing and as the home of NASCAR.

And the demand for mechanics in North Carolina is high as job growth increases by 5% yearly. Just as it is a high-paying state, North Carolina is a perfect place to get an automatic engineering job.

The state has a good drive for auto engineers in North Carolina, so becoming an auto mechanic is a good choice, and picking from the best schools can give the best drive to auto engineering.

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What Career Path can I Take as a Mechanic in North Carolina? 

The best of automotive engineering has been enjoyed by first picking up the niche in which you are more involved. This can lead you to the very best automotive jobs as an engineer. The following jobs are related to automotive engineering: 

  • Auto Electrician
  • Motor vehicle breakdown engineer
  • Motor vehicle breakdown engineer
  • Motorsport engineer
  • Motor vehicle fitter etc. 

These are the best automatic careers in North Carolina because you know exactly where the jobs are taken from. With this, you can take up the best automatic schools in North Carolina.

Becoming an automotive engineer is an excellent choice, and the earnings are high if taken with heart and passion. 

How Much do Mechanics Earn in North Carolina? 

The U.S bureau of labor statistics (BLS) reports that the salary payment per year for automotive engineers in North Carolina ranges from $37,500 per year. But on an average salary of $69,070.

The salary varies depending on where you work and how far you’ve progressed to gain more certificates and knowledge of automotive engineering. The salary also varies according to the location where jobs are easily gotten with high demand.

In a tabular form below shows the salary range and the location: 

High point$38,568
Winston Salem$38,432

In the table, the state is the first county to hire a mechanic. 

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Top Best Mechanic Schools in North Carolina (NC)

Having decided to become a mechanic, I will give you a detailed guide on how to get into the best school, college, or university to get your degree in Automotive Engineering, which is certified and accredited with high rankings and top-based programs. 

To make the best choice of the best school for your studies, you will have to consider the following details and guidelines: i.e., the location of the school, the accreditation, and the tuition fee, and you can visit the school website to register for the school of your choice. 

Below are the top best auto mechanic schools, colleges, and universities in North Carolina: 

#1. Randolph Community College

  • Location: 629 Asheboro, NC, 27205, Randolph County.

The Randolph Community College is a public community college with its campus located in Randolph County and rated as one of the best automotive schools in Randolph County, with a total number of about 3,784 undergraduate students.

Randolph has a 95% acceptance rate and a 56% graduation rate. The college tuition fee runs through from the average cost of $9,302 and in-state of 3,542; all fee cost depends on the automotive engineering program chosen.

The school runs a two-year program offering the very best. 

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#2. Central Caroline College

  • Location: 1105 Kelly Dr, Sanford, NC, 2733 Lee County.

The college is a public school located with its campus at Lee County with a total of about 5,509 students and high ranking in the automotive engineering course and other associated programs; the acceptance rate is about 100% and the 56% on graduation rate.

Also, the school runs different programs in Automotive engineering while engaging their students in other practical works. The school brings out the best in its students by offering a two-year program plan.

Central Caroline College tuition fee cuts across the average cost of $10,448 and in-state cost of $4,304 running through the school’s different programs. 

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#3. Sandhills Community College 

  • Location: 3395 Airport Rd, Pine hurt, NC, 28374, Moore County. 

The Sandhills Community College is a public community college with campus locations in Moore County, North Carolina. Sandhills runs automotive engineering courses and has a high ranking on the best study of the course, with a 100% acceptance rate and a 67% graduation rate.

The college has a total of about 7,000 undergraduate students, and it’s accredited to run a two- or more-year program depending on the course taken around the automotive engineering field.

Also, the school’s tuition fee ranges from an average of $3,567 to an in-state cost of $5,786, depending on the course taken. 

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#4. Stanly Community College 

  • Location: 141 College Drive, Albemarle, NC, 28001, Stanly County. 

Stanly Community College is a public community college that runs its programs at its campus in Albemarle, North Carolina. The school ranks best for automotive engineering, offering online and onsite classes. The practical class runs through the most suitable blue-reading environment to the best, with an enrollment of about 2,000 undergraduate students.

Also, the school ranks highly, with a 98% acceptance rate and a 74% graduation rate. The school runs its program for two years and offers various other programs. The school’s tuition rate is an average cost of $10,169 and an in-state cost of $4,045. 

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#5. Craven Community College

  • Location: 800 New Bern, NC, 28562, Craven County. 

The Craven Community College has certification associated with its automotive engineering Apprenticeship Technologies Certificate program in Automotive Apprenticeship Technologies at Craven Community College is based at its campus in Craven County, North Carolina. 

Most of the school’s 5,054 undergraduate students are in footwear programs. The college is highly ranked and has a 100% acceptance rate and a 56% graduation rate. The cost of tuition for in-state students is in the order of $3,207, with an average cost of $7,172 per year, although this varies from program to program.

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#6. Alamance Community College 

  • Location: 1247 Graham, NC, 27253 Alamance County. 

Alamance Community College offers many programs, from certificate programs to associate programs. The campus, with about 9,000 students for a two-year program, is situated in Alamance County, North Carolina.

Alamance community college is accredited and has a high ranking in the study and practice of automotive engineering and a 100% acceptance rate and 75% graduation rate in Colleges and Universities.

The cost of tuition for in-state students is usually around $5,415, and for average state students, it is in the order of $11,086 and runs the best programs. 

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#7. Southern Western Community College

  • Location: 447 Sylva, NC, Jackson County. 

Southern Western Community College offers multiple training options, including a Certificate program and an Associate program. All programs are imparted at their campus in Jackson County, North Carolina. The school’s enrollment of 12,554 undergraduate students is in two-year programs.

Also, the college is accredited as having the best high-ranking automobile engineering program, with 100% acceptance and a 67% graduation rate. The tuition for an average cost of $8,789 for students living in the state is about $4,500, although this will vary with the program.

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#8 Catawba Valley Community College: 

  • Location: 2550 Hickory, NC, Catawba County.

The Catawba Valley Community College is a public community college with a Hickory, North Carolina, campus. The school has an enrollment of about 3,030 undergraduate students with a high ranking in the best study of automotive engineering courses.

The school has a 100% acceptance rate and a 78% graduation rate, with the best programs available to the best students. Furthermore, the school offers a two-year program and only the best. The school fees cost an average cost of $10,576 and an in-state cost of $4,435, depending on the program taken.

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#9. Johnston Community College

  • Location: 245 Smith Field, NC, Johnston County. 

The Johnston Community college offers the best automotive teaching and practice for its students, having been ranked high in the practice of automotive engineering. It is a public community college in Smithfield, NC. The school offers a two-year system.

The school offers the best to its students, with an enrollment of about 4,000 undergraduate students. Also, the school offers high-quality teaching and is ranked 100% for acceptance and 76% for graduation rates. On average, the school’s tuition fee is $10,229, and the in-state cost is $4,085.

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#10. Cape Fear Community College

  • Location: 411 Willington, NC, New Hanover County. 

Cape Fear Community College is a top school in North Carolina that studies automotive engineering; the school ranks best in this study and other engineering programs and offers the best programs for desired careers.

Also, the school has a 95% acceptance rate and a 56% graduation rate. The school is accredited to offer automotive courses, bringing out the best in the students aspiring to become the best mechanics in North Carolina.

The school’s tuition is an average of $10,492, and an in-state fee of 4,348. 

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Other best Automotive schools in North Carolina

  • NASCAR Technical 
  • FTCC Automotive Services Annex
  • GTCC N. Main St. Jamestown NC
  • Lenoir Community College.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Mechanic Schools in North Carolina

Are Automotive Engineers in Demand? 

Yes, Automotive engineers are in high demand. The more cars and other appliances available, the more the demand for engineers, and more people tend to relocate, resign, die or retire from automotive jobs. Hence, the demand for mechanics is high, and having gone through all the requirements to be a mechanic; you have passed the test to become one in high demand. 

How Much do Mechanic Schools Cost in North Carolina?

To become a mechanic in North Carolina, the training cost between $17,000 and $22,000. This program runs through payments depending on the location and how long the program will take, or how far you want to carry out your certification. 

While getting a license, the exam fee costs about $5, and the certification cost varies from $10 and above or even less, depending on where you are getting your license, either online or onsite. 

Must Someone Have a License to Become a Mechanic? 

No, you must not have a license to become a mechanic but to get a high-paying job and to be a certified mechanic, you will need to get a license and attend other apprentice programs and training.

How Do I Become a Mechanic in North Carolina?

To become a mechanic in North Carolina, you can be an outstanding mechanic by first having all the knowledge and skills made possible for the career. With this, you can sit for any available first start-up exams for mechanics, and the exams process is as follows: 

Automobile and light truck certification test
Collision repair and refinish certification test 
Auto maintenance and light repair certification test 
Engine machines certification test etc. 

What Qualifications do you Need for Automotive Engineering?

To become a mechanic in North Carolina, you will have to possess the following qualities:

Problem-solving skills
Paying attention to details 
Ability to repair, use and maintain machines and tools
Customer service skills
The knowledge of engineering, science, and technology.


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