10 Best Mechanic Schools in Oklahoma 2023 | Requirements & Admission

Are you looking for the perfect requirements to apply to the best mechanic schools in Oklahoma to become an automotive technician?

If you plan on becoming an auto mechanic in Oklahoma, then certainly you need to know about the various mechanic schools in the state that will train you in various disciplines in the industry.

Here we have carefully laid out various automotive schools in Oklahoma you may wish to attend.

Auto mechanic training programs are primarily available to adults and high school students. Furthermore, some of these training courses are offered on a part-time basis. 

Usually, these training courses include practical aspects, such as projects or internships. Also, some of these programs or courses may be centered on a specific part of an automobile, like the air conditioning system.

Finding the right mechanic school to invest your resources and get certified as a mechanic can sometimes be tricky. But with this article, you don’t have to scout too far to find the perfect school.

Also, we have laid out the requirements to apply to any Oklahoma auto mechanic school specifically for automotive courses.

But first things first, who is an auto mechanic? And what are their roles in the automotive industry?

Let’s get started!!!

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Who is a Mechanic?

Simply put, a mechanic has learned and is skilled in building, repairing, maintaining, refurbishing, and taking care of automotive vehicles.

Mechanics use various tools to build, maintain, and repair cars. Most of the time, they are referred to as tradespersons, artisans, or technicians. 

However, due to how vast the mechanic profession can be, many mechanics tend to have a niche they specialize in. Some focus on auto and boiler mechanics, while others focus on refrigerators and air conditioning, bicycle, auto body mechanics, and other areas.

Attending any of the best automotive schools is not an option because it is within the school environment that you know what part of the auto mechanic profession you want to focus on in Oklahoma.

What does a Mechanic do?

By design, a mechanic focuses on the maintenance and repair of machinery. But today, mechanics have several roles to play in the maintenance and repair of machines.

Here are some of the roles an auto mechanic does;

  • Rotates and changes vehicle wheels.
  • Conducts routine checks and maintenance on autos vehicles.
  • Carry out a thorough check on vehicles to determine fault.  
  • Conducts repairs on the faulty parts of vehicles. Repair and maintenance differ for different automobiles. 
  • Checks for the working capacity of the electronics system and replaces vehicle fluids.  

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What are the Requirements to Become a Mechanic in Oklahoma?

Becoming a mechanic in Oklahoma requires a careful strategic plan from start to finish. 

One of the important considerations on this path is knowing what requirements are ideal for applying to Oklahoma auto mechanic schools and what you need to become a professional in the state.

Keep in mind that the requirements are not impossible. It’s more like the step you took to graduate from high school faster. 

All you need to become a competent and certified mechanic in Oklahoma is training, your auto mechanic certificate, and hands-on work experience. 

Let’s break it down:

#1. Get a Professional Training

A foundational step to working as a mechanic is to have the right professional training in any of the accreditated centers.

The training exposes you to the skills you need to succeed in the automotive industry. This training requires a high school or GED education and basic mathematical and literacy skills. 

In addition to academic training, you also need vocational training to become an automobile mechanic. In this, you get hands-on experience and practical knowledge to work on vehicles.

#2. Acquire a Professional Certification 

Mechanics require certification before they can practice in Oklahoma. This goes beyond the certificates you get from auto mechanic schools after studying an automotive course in Oklahoma.

Rather, these are vital mechanic certificates from authorized institutions such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). ASE is one of the largest accepted accrediting organizations for auto technicians. 

The ASE certification is the foundational certificate you require before obtaining any other additional certificates. The ASE certificate indicates that you have the skills to conduct auto mechanic repairs and duties.   

Also, suppose you want to practice mechanics on automobile air conditioning systems. In that case, you must be certified under Section 609 of the Clean Air Act at any of the EPA-approved programs. 

In addition to these basic certifications, you may need additional manufacturer certificates to focus on specific vehicles and brands. For instance, obtaining a BMW certificate or Subaru certification increases your chances of being a mechanic at their factory. Also, Ford manufacturers majorly employ Ford Certified Mechanics across the state.

Keep in mind that your certifications are not for a lifetime. You must retest every five years to maintain the certification. 

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#3. Hands-on Work Experience  

Even after attending any of the automotive schools in Oklahoma, you need to show proof of knowledge by having quite a several years of work experience.

It would be best if you gained expertise before officially practicing mechanics in the state. By gaining hands-on work experience from an employer, you can now become a master mechanic. 

An easy way to gain hands-on experience is through internship or apprenticeship programs. You can gain mastery of your skills and acquire on-the-job and hands-on experience as a mechanic.

How to Become a Mechanic in Oklahoma.

Becoming a mechanic in Oklahoma is certainly not a day’s job. However, it is a dream that can be realized in less than 5 years.

Nowadays, well-certified and skilled auto mechanics are in high demand in society.

This is because new models of automobiles with the latest technology are continually released from time to time. 

Moreover, more sophisticated automobiles will certainly be out shortly.

If you are a high school student, you can start building a career in the automotive service industry.

You may be wondering how to go about this, but don’t wonder much.

You can start by choosing a school that offers a program certified by Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES).

This will help prepare you for entry-level employment right after graduation.

However, to get better jobs, you must finish a two or four-year degree program certified by National Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

Furthermore, as a post-secondary graduate, you should endeavor to get Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification after earning a degree. This ASE certification will greatly boost your chances of getting your target job.

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Many schools in Oklahoma provide quality automotive programs that can give you the basic training for a bright future as an auto mechanic.

These schools will help to guide you and set you on the right path. The most popular mechanic schools in Oklahoma include;

  • Gordon Cooper Technology Center
  • Autry Technology Center
  • Canadian Valley Technical Center
  • Central Technology Center
  • Francis Tuttle Technology Center
  • Indian Capital Technology Center -Muskogee
  • Meridian Technology Center
  • Metro Technology Centers
  • Mid-America Technology Center.

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#1. Gordon Cooper Technology Center.

  • Address: 1 John C Bruton Blvd, Shawnee, OK 74804.

This is one good mechanic school in Oklahoma that offers an automotive service technician training program. This program runs for one year and is available to both high school and adult students.

Courses offered include topics in brakes and electrical systems, engine performance and repair, suspension and steering, etc.


#2. Autry Technology Center.

  • Address: 1201 W Willow, Enid, OK 73703.

Another good automotive school in Oklahoma is Autry Technology Center. It offers an automobile/automotive mechanics technology course. 

This program enables students to acquire hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art facility through lab work. 

Additionally, students learn both the theoretical and technical aspects of automotive repair.

Furthermore, students get to know how to troubleshoot parts and equipment.


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#3. Canadian Valley Technical Center.

  • Address: 6505 E Hwy 66, El Reno, OK 73036.

This school offers four programs: autobody and collision repair technology, automobile and automotive mechanics technology, airframe mechanics and aircraft maintenance technology, and medium /heavy vehicle /truck technology.

Canadian Valley Technical Center focuses on preparing students with the necessary skills and expertise to work professionally upon graduation.


#4. Central Technology Center.

  • Address: 3 CT Circle, Drumright, OK 74030

Central Technology Center offers 3 automotive programs open to all students who meet the requirements to apply.

They include; Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology, Diesel Mechanics Technology, and Motorcycle Maintenance, and Repair Technology.


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#5. Francis Tuttle Technology Center.

  • Address: 12777 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73142.

Francis Tuttle Technology Center offers four programs; Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology, Autobody/ Collision and Repair Technology, Automobile and Automotive Mechanics Technology, and Medium/Heavy Vehicle and Truck Technology.

Students can pursue these automotive programs, which can be completed full-time or part-time. 

Basically, these programs are available for high school juniors, seniors, and adults. Francis Tuttle Technology Center is one of Oklahoma’s best auto mechanic schools.


#6. Indian Capital Technology Center – Muskogee.

  • Address: 2403 N 41st St E, Muskogee, OK 74403.

At Indian Capital Technology Center Muskogee an automotive service technician training program is available for students. 

The program is 1,050 hours, and full-time students can complete the program in one year. 

Courses cover brakes, engine repair, heating, air conditioning, steering and suspension, manual drive train, automatic transmission, and engine performance. 


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#7. Meridian Technology Center.

  • Address: 1312 S Sangre Rd, Stillwater, OK 74074.

Meridian Technology Center offers four programs to train you to become an auto mechanic. 

They include; the automotive air conditioning technician program, the automotive chassis technician program, the automotive maintenance and light repair technician program, and the automotive service maintenance program.


#8. Metro Technology Centers

Basically, this school offers two automotive technician programs.

They are the automotive maintenance and light repair technician program and the automotive service technician program. 

These two programs are available to high school juniors, seniors, and adults.


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#9. Mid-America Technology Center

Mid-America Technology Center has an automotive service technician training program. 

Some of the courses are steering and suspension, electrical, brake and engine performance, etc.

Additionally for full-time students, this program will take about 34 weeks to complete.


#10. Ashworth College

  • Address: Online, Broken Arrow, OK 74012.

Ashworth College is one of Oklahoma’s best auto mechanic schools for students who want to train to join the automotive industry in the state.

The school focuses on hands-on practicals that will keep the students busy learning the ideal skills and expertise required in the mechanical industry.

Classes are handled by expert teachers who have a wealth of experience in this field.


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Other Automotive Schools in Oklahoma you;

  • Great Plains Technology Center
  • Brigham Young University-Idaho
  • Caddo Kiowa Technology Center
  • Chisholm Trail Technology Center
  • High Plains Technology Center
  • Kiamichi Technology Center – Atoka
  • Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center
  • Indian Capital Technology Center – Sallisaw
  • Indian Capital Technology Center – Stilwell

What are the Mechanic License and Insurance Requirements in Oklahoma?

Mechanics do not just handle faulty automobiles; they equally handle lives. A faulty vehicle can lead to casualties. 

So when it involves auto maintenance and repair, it’s important that the mechanic servicing the vehicles has the proper qualifications and certifications to deliver a perfect job to secure customers’ lives and keep them happy. 

Some of the licensing requirements also apply to mechanics in Oklahoma. The ASE offers certificates to individuals in different mechanical specialties. 

You need a certificate before you can gain experience by watching others do what they know best. You need to get your hands-on experience and data right. It has certificates for main automobile specialties: 

  • A1: Engine repair
  • A2: Automatic transmission/transaxle
  • A3: Manual drivetrain and axles
  • A4: Steering and suspend
  • A5: Brakes
  • A6: Electrical/electronic systems
  • A7: Air conditioning and heating 
  • A8: Engine performance
  • A9: Light vehicle diesel engines

You can also get additionally available certificates in related areas, such as:

  • B2: Painting and refinishing
  • B3: Non-structural analysis and damage repair
  • B4: Structural analysis and damage repair
  • B5: Mechanical and electrical components
  • B6: Damage analysis and estimation 
  • C1: Automobile service consultant
  • G1: Auto maintenance and light repair
  • L1: Advanced engine performance specialist

To succeed as a mechanic in Oklahoma, you need at least one of the certificates. Do not wait until next time to apply for your certificate after training.


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