9 Best Mechanic Schools in Phoenix 2024 | Requirements & Admission

Are you looking for requirements to apply to top auto mechanic schools in Phoenix to study to become an automotive technician? If so, then you’re on the right page.

Yearly, automobile companies release shiny new cars, each more complex than the last. But who maintains these cars? Who fixes them and services them? 

If you’ve ever pondered a career in automotive technology, there’s no better time to pursue one, hence the need for mechanic schools.

Sifting through Arizona’s numerous colleges in search of a good mechanic school can be laborious, but this article is here to help! We’ve compiled the top auto mechanic schools in Phoenix and its environs, so keep reading.

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Is Being a Mechanic in Phoenix Profitable?

Servicing expensive cars and getting engines purring sounds dreamy, but is it a job that pays well? Nobody wants to work all day and end up with peanuts, so are there benefits to being a mechanic in Phoenix? 

Yes, being an auto mechanic in Phoenix is rewarding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Phoenix had 10990 employed mechanics in 2021 with an average annual wage of $47,980. 

This data, plus the overwhelming number of cars on the road today, show that exceptional auto mechanics in Phoenix are rarely unemployed or underpaid. You only have to be good at your job, and people will flock to you with their cars.

However, any well-paying job usually comes with grave responsibilities. As an auto mechanic, you are accountable for your customer’s car, so take care that you don’t mess it up or worsen it. It would be best if you learned your trade from a reputable school or instructor. 

How to Become an Auto Mechanic in Phoenix

Looking at the merits of being an auto mechanic, it’s natural that you’d want to jump right into it. But, like any career, you need to take a step back and plan your journey to success. 

What steps do you take to be the best auto mechanic out there? They’re pretty simple, with no complications involved, but they require dedication, commitment, and willingness to learn.

Meanwhile, as a bonus point, you don’t need any schooling or formal education to be an auto mechanic. 

But these qualifications boost the customer’s trust and belief in you. After all, no one wants to hand their costly car over to a quack, the same way you wouldn’t want a bad doctor when you’re sick.

Thus, let’s see the necessary steps you need to take to do solid, foolproof jobs and get car owners to trust you. 

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#1. Attend a Mechanic School

Sure, you’d instead get to work immediately and start making money, but it pays to learn your trade well. Particularly with trades like automotive technology that demand hard skills, you don’t want to be bad at your job.

Attend a standard auto mechanic school with experienced, certified instructors and state-of-the-art learning facilities. Yes, it’ll cost you some time and money, but the world of knowledge you’ll gain will help you in the long run.

#2. Get Certified

Graduating from a mechanic school is applaudable, but your certification truly gets you recognized.

In Phoenix, AZ, the ASE certification issued by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is most accepted for auto mechanics. 

Note that ASE was formerly National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). 

Some mechanics choose to forgo formal school and take the exams anyways, but attending school first does writing and passing the test easier. 

Moreover, you need a minimum of two years of experience to qualify for the test, but your years in school can substitute.

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#3. Apprenticeship and Internship

You’ve taken the test and gotten certified; now what? The next logical step is an internship. With hard skills, you must be patient and learn as much as possible to earn high. 

Learning under a more experienced auto mechanic helps you gather real-life understanding you may not get in the classroom. 

Any good auto mechanic school will always incorporate internships into the student’s curriculum. But try to get one yourself if you’re not so privileged.

Do all three steps, and you’re ready to stand on your own and begin a successful thrilling career.

Are there Mechanic Schools in Phoenix?

Is Phoenix, AZ, an excellent location to learn and practice automotive technology? Are there any decent auto mechanic schools in Phoenix?

Phoenix, AZ, has many automotive schools with experienced, quality instructors and high-grade learning facilities.

There are nine automotive schools in Phoenix and its metropolitan area, each promising to make you the best professional you can be.

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List of the Top Best Mechanic Schools in Phoenix

Now, to the real deal, what are the best auto mechanic schools in Phoenix? Which automotive schools will give you value for your money and set you up for a life-long career in automotive technology?

The following list of Phoenix’s best auto mechanic schools is the answer you’ve been waiting for! Read on to find out.

#1. GateWay Community College

GateWay Community College numbers among the ten regionally accredited colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District, AZ.

Its dual enrollment program permits high schoolers to earn college credits, while the numerous scholarships allow for financial aid for qualified students. 

The ASE-aligned Automotive Service AAS program is designed to equip students with all essential automobile knowledge, both theoretical and practical. 

Moreover, partnerships with top automobile manufacturers like Honda allow students to specialize in particular brand systems and mechanics.


#2. Universal Technical Institute 

If you’d rather not go through a two-year community college, try UTI. Their intense 51-week program and experienced instructors drill students in comprehensive automotive technology.

This program is also ASE-certified, meaning the curriculum is in line with ASE specifications. Additionally, special teams are set up to help students with common general challenges like housing, employment, and financial aid. 

The yearlong program can serve as one of the two required years of experience for the ASE exam. Plus, certain partnerships enable students to specialize in high-profile automobile brands like BMW. This program costs $38,365.


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#3. Mesa Community College

Numbering among Arizona’s best community colleges, Mesa Community College is a top choice for any aspiring auto mechanic. The multiple certificate options and the Automotive Service AAS program fully equip students to pursue careers in automotive technology.

Financial aid, a flexible tutoring plan, and experienced, detailed instructors make learning easy, affordable, and convenient for students. Additionally, this institution ensures students carry out practical in-depth learning in line with ASE and industry standards. 

Located in Mesa, AZ, this school costs $85/credit hour for Maricopa County residents, plus a $15 registration fee. 


#4. Arizona Automotive Institute 

For a more streamlined institution with small class sizes, try Arizona Automotive Institute. Located in Glendale, near Phoenix, AZ, this institute focuses deeply on practical, career-focused education.

With quality facilities, industry-level equipment, and dedicated professionals, AAI prepares each student for a successful career as an auto mechanic. Also, at an ASE-certified institution, you can comfortably take the ASE exams and EPA 609 A/C Technician certification test upon graduation.

The 13-month diploma program costs $32,829 with financial aid.


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#5. Rio Salado College

Another Maricopa County Community College District member, this school prides itself on convenient online learning. 

The certificate program aligns with the ASE and Light Truck Certification Tests, thus preparing students for entry-level auto mechanic jobs.

Although Rio Salado offers only a Basic Certificate of Completion (CCL), you can acquire further certifications or an AAS, but you’ll need to speak to your program advisor.

This program costs $85 per credit hour.


#6. Western Maricopa Education Center

West-MEC’s detailed two-year automotive technology program accepts high schoolers. So, age shouldn’t be a barrier when searching for a good auto mechanic school in Phoenix. 

This curriculum entails many areas of automotive service, including brakes, steering, and suspension. The provision of accommodation guarantees maximum comfort and safety for youngsters. Plus, students have the option of receiving transferable college credit for classes.

Students are also encouraged to pursue certifications and licenses, with test fees prepaid by the center. The registration fee costs $125.


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#7. Glendale Community College

The final sister college in the Maricopa County Community College District, this school presents another stellar option. 

The AAS in Automotive Service curriculum encompasses all aspects of the ASE tests, from A1 – A8. For two years, students receive theoretical and hands-on training in brake systems, electrical systems, engine performance, and other facets of automotive repair. 

As one of the best automotive schools in Arizona, this institution provides special training paths for various notable automobile brands. The list includes Ford, Toyota, Honda, and other general automotive service learning paths. This school costs $85 per credit hour for Maricopa county residents.


#8. UEI College

UEI College is perfect if you need a mechanic school in Phoenix, AZ that will quickly give you top-notch training. Within ten months, you’ll receive industry-standard practical and theoretical automobile training, qualifying you for an entry-level position in any auto mechanic field.

Experienced instructors and world-class facilities combine with a detailed curriculum to impart lessons in engines, transmissions, fuel systems, etc. 

You’ll be job-ready with balanced learning methods and an auto shop environment. The average annual cost is $32,731.


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#9. East Valley Institute of Technology

Located in Mesa, EBIT is one of the excellent automotive schools in Phoenix, AZ. This school trains students with NATEF/ASE-certified instructors and curriculum to become solid auto mechanics capable of diagnosing and repairing automobile issues.

Courses studied include engine performance, engine repair, electrical systems, and other automobile mechanisms. Relevance is a watchword in our modern-day society, which is why students at EBIT learn with late-model cars, keeping them abreast of modern technologies.

Currently, this institution costs about $16000 – $17000.


What are the Requirements to Apply to Mechanic Schools in Phoenix?

Amazingly, for all the benefits, you don’t need to attend automotive schools in Phoenix, AZ. Also, community colleges and technical schools tend to have a 100% acceptance rate, which implies that you’ll have no difficulties applying. 

Still, it would be best if you stuck to some basic rules.

  • First, most of these institutions require that you be at least 18 years of age, especially community colleges. While a handful of technical centers may accept high schoolers under 18, they’ll need a legal guardian to sign their enrollment form.
  • You must have a high school diploma or the equivalent GED. Students transferring to universities may need an Associate’s Degree.
  • Some institutions require a government-issued ID.
  • Although SAT/ACT scores aren’t necessary, most schools instruct that applicants take their placement tests and attend an interview.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mechanic Schools in Phoenix

What is the Age Requirement for Automotive Schools in Phoenix?

Mechanic and automotive schools involve training with heavy-duty equipment and tools, so you have to be legal before enrolling. This means that most automotive schools (especially community colleges) in Phoenix insist that applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
However, a few more lenient institutions allow students at least 16 years of age and high schoolers. 

How Can I Get ASE-Certified in Phoenix?

To get ASE certified in Phoenix, AZ, you must successfully write and pass one or more of the administered tests at any approved centers. If you’re successful, the center prints your certification and awards it.
Unfortunately, you must have two years of experience to sit these tests. But, attending an ASE-certified community college or technical school thankfully counts as experience.

What are the Academic Requirements to Apply to Mechanic Schools in Phoenix?

No one will request results like SAT/ACT, but you need to show some academic statements before you can enroll in mechanic school.
For community colleges and technical schools, you’ll usually need to show proof that you attended high school, like a diploma or the equivalent GED. On the other hand, transferring to a university will require an Associate’s Degree.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Mechanic in Phoenix?

While you can choose to start work immediately, getting certification or an AAS is usually advised. 
This usually takes two years through a community college for an AAS in Automotive Service. If you’d instead get a certificate or diploma, you’d spend only a year.

How Much do Auto Mechanics Earn in Phoenix, AZ?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that automotive service technicians and mechanics earn about $47,980 yearly.


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