10 Best Mechanic Schools in Texas 2024 | Requirements & Admission


There are great auto mechanic and automotive schools and colleges in Texas, and meeting the requirements to apply to these schools is paramount.

It’s a new era for mechanics in Texas as technology has modified their routine operations in ways beyond arguable doubt.


A Body Repair mechanic now uses computerized systems to diagnose, repair, detect and evaluate the extent of the vehicle damage…

Programs such as Automotive Service Technology (AST) have helped shape this career path into what it is today, highly demanded with more income flow.


Therefore, gone are the days when a mechanic tended to be shy, timid, and filled with low self-esteem due to the humility the job required. 

Recently, auto mechanics have been held in high esteem, with their voices heard and shoulders held high. They earn above average per hour and thus do not need their garments stained to make loose ends meet.

There’s an excellent path awaiting a mechanic upon completing a high school diploma; you could go further by going to automotive and auto mechanic schools in Texas, which also gives you a platform from which you can fly.


Afterward, you will get certified by taking the ASE examination and having two years of hands-on experience; then, the sky becomes your starting point.

If you need to know the requirements to apply to mechanic schools and how to successfully become a mechanic in TX, kindly sit with me.

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Must-have Competencies of an Automotive Technician in Texas

All jobs require a certain level of competence to excel… automotive service technician is not an exception 

There are basic skills one needs to get his or her hands on to stand a chance of becoming a successful mechanic in Texas.

These competencies are below if you want to become a mechanic in TX.

#1. Ability to Handle, Repair, and Effectively use Machines.

First of all, you need to be able to use machines and basic working tools. This job requires the constant use of equipment. Therefore, you should know your tools, their functions, their purposes, and how to use them.

This will help save a lot of time while repairing a vehicle. You wouldn’t be confused and unprofessional with this skill.

#2. Thorough Attention to Details 

The essence of this skill cannot be over-emphasized, as one with common sense will see to its importance. Your ability to pay attention to instructions and methodologies in the classroom and even vocational centers will aid your function as a pro. All mechanics need this skill; it will distinguish you from unnecessary running around.

#3. Problem-Solving Skills

As an intending auto mechanic in Texas, you must be willing to go to any length to solve problems.

There are times when the car’s problem will be unfamiliar; you have to crack all the nuts and tie up loose ends to come up with a solution because that’s the vehicle owner’s or industry’s concern. This is one of the requirements to apply to mechanic schools in Texas.

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#4. Steady Hands and Good Communication Skills

Working well with your hands while having stable, mind-blowing customer service skills is admirable. By communication skills, I mean you have a proper teamwork personality, great client-laborer skills, and the ability to work well with others.

#5. Engineering Science and Technology Knowledge 

You need fundamental maths, physics, and engineering knowledge to excel in this career. If you want to become a mechanic in Texas. This skill is a must-have for you.

This skill makes you eligible to apply to auto mechanic colleges in Texas.

#6. Basic Computer Knowledge 

To use a computer and the main software packages competently is amazing; you need the ability to use your initiative in processing computer software and interpreting it to yield its corresponding information.

The world is now digital, and mechanics use a computerized operating system.

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Guidelines on How to Choose an Auto Mechanic School to Attend.

To be successful as an auto mechanic, applying to the right school is paramount. Choosing a school is as important as becoming an auto mechanic in Texas. 

 If you want to know how to become an automotive Technician or mechanic in Texas,  kindly sit with me as we look at these factors that can make or mar you…

#1. Requirements of the School 

Knowing the requirements per mechanic school is a smart start. Schools have different application procedures, age considerations, residential eligibility, and what have you!

The ability to know which school requirements suit your credentials is great.

You wouldn’t want to start an application process only to find out you lack one or two of the required details. Finding out the requirements to apply to mechanic schools or auto colleges in Texas is wise.

#2. School Location

This factor is very important as you get to select a location close to your residential address to avoid extra expenses via transportation.

You should know the motorable distance and the geographic navigation.

You might also want to consider climate change, weather, and other environmental disasters like snow, floods, etc.

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#3. Experience of Instructors 

The expertise and quality of instructors will decide your fate as a mechanic; your instructor contributes to your success in an undeniable way.

Check for schools with a history of experienced instructors and thank me later.

The joy you get after learning from a patient, enduring, knowledgeable instructor isn’t fathomable.

#4. Choice of Program 

The choice of program you want to study matters a lot, as there are various courses that, when studied, offer recognized certifications as a mechanic.

If you want to go to automotive and auto mechanic colleges or schools in Texas, do not snooze on this factor. Know your niche and walk there.

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Automotive Service Excellence Certification in Texas 2023

ASE certification, which is short for Automotive Service Excellence, is the best certification granted to an automotive service technician who has completed the required training and obtained certification after meeting the requirements. They are qualified to work on every car’s mechanical and electrical components and systems.

When a manager of industry wants to employ, or a car owner takes his/her vehicle in for repairs, he/she wants the assurance that the technician knows how to repair the car and avoid damaging or taking out anything else. Car owners wouldn’t want to spend unnecessarily.

Auto mechanics certified by ASE are prime candidates for hire at automotive repair shops. 

Below are the requirements to get certified by ASE in Texas.

  • You must present a 2-year experience guarantee in the automotive repair industry.
  • You also must pass and complete the specialty examination; you might want to take it one at a time, which is only offered twice per year.

There are several specialties of side certification an automotive technician might want to take; it all depends on you and the exam you’re ready for.

ASE certification could include breaks, heating and cooling, and even suspension.

When an individual is  ASE certified, they are considered an expert in the auto mechanic industry. They usually have specialized training and commitment and maintain their continuing education studies each year to maintain their certification, which is essential if you’re considering growth in this career. 

ASE certifications are valid for just two years after being awarded, similar to a pilot’s license.

Furthermore, meeting the requirements to apply to mechanic schools in Texas is not enough; you must pass your degree exams and obtain ASE certification. This certification will also enable you to proceed to the next career level.

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10 Best Mechanic Schools in Texas 2023

There are numerous automotive and auto mechanic schools or colleges in Texas because it’s one of the biggest states in the USA, with large cities too. Remember that the requirements to apply to mechanic schools in Texas differ by school.

Below is a list of this great city’s top ten auto mechanic schools.

#1. Universal Technical Institute UTI 

UTI offers core programs such as Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, and Welding Technology. Auto and diesel programs help teach students how to repair, fix and maintain different vehicles, mechanical equipment, and machinery. 

Here, instructors teach with real-world experience using the latest technology. It’s located at Regent Blvd, Irving, TX, United States.

Visit UTI

#2. Amarillo College

This is a great school in Texas offering wonderful automotive courses. It is ranked number 2 on the best Mechanic Schools In Texas.

It’s a commercial or public college located in Amarillo, Texas.

Visit School 

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#3. San Jacinto Community College

SJCC is the best public auto mechanic college in Texas; it’s known for its great instructors and fair tuition fee.

San Jacinto is located in Pasadena, Texas.

Visit School 

#4. Lone Star College System

Lone Star College System is the 3rd best public automotive school in woodlands, Texas. They offer amazing courses you might want to try.

Visit Lone Star 

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#5. Del Mar College

Del Mar College provides adequate academic backing for its students. They also give hands-on experience while in school. It’s ranked the 5th best automotive school in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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#6. St Philip’s College

St Philip’s College uses the latest technology and equipment to repair and maintain vehicles, therefore giving its students the best career path ever.

The location is in San Antonio, Texas.

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#7. Brookhaven College

This is an automotive school in Texas with a distinctive drive for excellence. They utilize quality instructors and the latest technology in educating their students.

Brookhaven is located in Farmers Branch, Texas. They are the 4th best auto mechanic college in Texas.

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#8. Laredo Community College

LCC is located in Laredo, Texas TX, USA.

It’s ranked 9th best public automotive school in Texas. They offer great courses that are completed between 2-4 years of dedicated studies, depending on your course of interest.

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#9. Austin Community College District (ACCD)

Austin Community College District (ACCD) is Texas’s 8th community college and university. It’s located in Austin, Texas, USA.

This school is considered the best if you’re on a budget; its instructors are friendly and patient.

Visit ACCD

#10. Lee College

Among Texas’s top ten automotive and auto mechanic schools, Lee College ranks No. 10. This school is located in Baytown, Texas. They have a track record of retainer positions and internships with strong relationships with dealers; therefore, your employment at a high level is considered.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanic Schools in Texas

Is Becoming a Mechanic Worth it?

Becoming a mechanic in a state as populated and recognized worldwide as Texas is a big win. In Texas, there are lots of clients you can get accustomed to since it’s a busy city, more also, the rate of industries willing to employ you on completion of your degree is mind-blowing.
The average salary earned by automotive technicians is $22.00 hourly. Isn’t this huge?

How Long does it Take to Attend a Mechanic School in Texas?

How long it takes to go to a mechanic school is dependent on the school, the course of interest, your schedule, and your learning rate. These factors will determine how long your education will be.
There are one and two years programs, as well as a four-year bachelor’s degree.

How Do I Scale up my Career as a Mechanic?

To scale up your career, getting certified by a reputable auto mechanic college in Texas or anywhere around the globe is the first step, followed by furthering your career in a particular niche to become a master mechanic is allowed.
More also, getting certified in all 40 ASE certifications is top-notch.

Why does Automotive Service Excellence Certification Matter?

 Customers will always bring their vehicles in for repairs to a reputable professional who can fix their cars. Customers trust the Automotive Service Excellence ASE Certification seal displayed outside a service station of a mechanic because any mechanic with this seal is a master in car repair.
ASE makes customers know that a certified technician is handling the repair of their cars. 


In summary, you’ve gotten enough information from this article; it’s left to narrow your search to specific areas like the course of study and how to get started.

Here’s a detailed guide for you to keep you ahead of others.


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