Middlebury College Acceptance Rate 2024: Admission, Courses, And Scholarships

Learn about Middlebury College’s acceptance rate, admission process, available courses, and scholarships. Discover the opportunities to pursue your education at Middlebury College and prepare for a successful academic journey. Explore the Middlebury College acceptance rate and find your path to excellence.

The quest for knowledge increases daily as it forces more and more individuals to look for the best institution to obtain a degree. This article talks about Middlebury College Acceptance Rate.

Middlebury College is one of those schools you can apply to if you’re looking for where to pursue your academic degree. It was the very first operating college in Vermont.

What is Middlebury Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Middlebury is a liberal arts school that provides its students with an exclusive foundation in education. The Middlebury acceptance rate in 2023 is 15.4%.

This rate doesn’t seclude any person, including students from the states and international students.

Due to the Middlebury College acceptance rate in 2023, only 15.4% out of 100 candidates will be conceded.

This is so because being admitted into Middlebury College is very competitive, and only hardworking and deserving people will get the opportunity to study there.

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What is Middlebury College Ranking?

Middlebury College ranks based on its performance across a set of widely accepted dictators of excellence.

The ranking tells you how established in terms of knowledge, excellence, and facilities the school,are and it also gives you the bigger picture of what the school offers.

Middlebury College Vermont Ranking

  • Best college campus –1 of 10
  • Most diverse college –1 of 10
  • Best college – 1 of 9
  • Best value college – 1 of 9
  • Best academic college –1 of 9
  • College with the best professor –1 of 9
  • Best college athlete – 1 of 9
  • Best college for computer science –1 of 8
  • Best college for biology – 1 of 7
  • Best college for humanities – 1 of 7
  • Best private university –1 of 5
  • Best liberal arts college –1 of 3

This Middlebury College ranking should tell you how elite Middlebury College is. The professors in this college receive the highest student ratings in the country, and due to these ratings, the school boasts above 90% graduation rating.

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What is Middlebury College Tuition?

Middlebury College tuition is affordable for all admitted students since the college represents a significant investment for all families worldwide.

The tuition and fees are as follows:

  • Tuition: $62,000 ($31,000 per semester)
  • Room and board: $17,800 ($8,900 per semester)
  • Activity fee: $460 ($230 per semester)

These fees are subject to change annually, but for 2023 – 2024, these are the fees. In addition to the Middlebury college tuition listed above, a health insurance plan is also expected to cover full-time students.

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What are the Middlebury College Majors?

This college offers several majors with deserving degrees. Middlebury offers the right fit, cost, and value to achieve your educational goals.

Middlebury College majors consist of 38 majors within 17 fields of study, and they offer 51 undergraduate degrees. Top-ranked majors in Middlebury College are:

  • Economics
  • Computer science
  • Political science and Government
  • Molecular biology and Biochemistry
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • International relations
  • Research and environmental psychology
  • Neuroscience and Neurobiology

Other types of majors and the degrees awarded in Middlebury college

African Studies, Anthropology,

African American studies, architecture, art history, Asian studies, economics, English, geography, history, international relations, French language and literature, Chinese language and literature, European and Russian studies, global studies, philosophy and religious studies – Bachelors

  • Science, technology, and math

Biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geology and earth science, mathematics, neuroscience and neurobiology, and physics – Bachelor

What is Middlebury College GPA?

The Middlebury college GPA is 4.0. With this GPA, Middlebury College expects you to be at the top at your class. You must have straight A’s in all your classes to compete with other candidates.

If you meet the Middlebury college GPA, it shows how serious and prepared you are to study in a prestigious school like Middlebury.

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What is Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate?

For every 100% transfer students that apply to Middlebury College, the school admits 9.13%. This means that Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate is less than 10% and shows how competitive and hard it is to transfer into the school. In some cases, they accept 10% of every transfer applicant.

One reason why it seems like they enroll a less number of transfer students or why Middlebury’s transfer acceptance rate is low is because of the limited available space. For first-semester juniors, their high school record is heavily weighed and the candidates must possess exceptional results.

How Does Middlebury College Admissions Work?

The Middlebury College admission process is easy as it comes with different options. First-year students are allowed to apply through the regular decision options or early decisions.

Regular decision

This medium is the process most students choose. Most applications in the regular decisions are due January 3rd, and Middlebury notifies its students in March. This process allows students to apply to several colleges and doesn’t make it Mandatory for those admitted to attend Middlebury.

The early decision

Unlike the regular decision, the early decision is a good option if Middlebury College is your first choice. In this process, you must sign the early decision commitment statement and not apply for an early decision in another institution. Students applying are notified in mid-February.

Middlebury College will also always notify students who want to be admitted for decisions like rejected admission, admitted for February and September, and deferred admission notifications.

What are the Middlebury College Graduate Programs?

Middlebury College has graduate programs as it offers students a wide range of degrees. The programs include:

  • Master of arts in applied languages

It offers the best experience and knowledge in subject areas applicable to any career path for one year. The programs include Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, and French.

  • Master of Arts

This graduate program allows its student to complete the MA in foreign languages for over six weeks in Vermont or an academic year combined with six weeks in France, Germany, Spain, California, or online.

  • Doctor of modern language

Unlike other graduate programs, this field prepares scholars and teachers in modern foreign languages.

How to Get into Middlebury College?

Getting into this college doesn’t require just a high GPA; the school carries out an extensive evaluation screening process. To get in, you must have a good test score, a personal essay, good teacher recommendations, and your interests.



Middlebury College is a private institution that admits only the best students, which means the school is highly selective and competitive. Just go through the information stated above, as it says all you need to know about the school.

The college enrolls over 2,526 undergraduates from 74 countries and 50 different states, and it offers 44 majors in humanities, arts, foreign language, literature, social science, and natural science. It offers a joint engineering program with other prestigious colleges.

In addition to its undergraduate art program, it also has different graduate schools. It was the first American institution of higher education ever to award a bachelor’s degree to an African American.

Middlebury Acceptance Rate FAQs

What is Middlebury Acceptance Rate?

Middlebury College acceptance rate is 15.4%. The admission process is usually selective and competitive. Before applying to this school, one of the things you need to look out for is the acceptance rate. This tells you how severe and competitive the school is and how selective they are.

What is Middlebury College Known For?

It is known for its proud history that has been on for two centuries. Middlebury College is known for its progressive teachings, extensive language education, graduate studies, and other specialized programs that operate around the world.

Does Middlebury College Offer Financial Aid?

The Middlebury financial aid is generous as it covers 100% of all the financial needs for any undergraduate program years. It is also available for all graduate programs, summer programs, institutes, and schools.

What is Middlebury College GPA Requirement?

You should know by now that Middlebury is a competitive school and getting in requires a high GPA. Middlebury College’s GPA requirement is 4.0; you need to aim for this if you want to compete with other applicants.

Is Middlebury College a Good School?

Middlebury College is considered a really good school as it has no trouble admitting students, and it takes only the best prospective students to get in.

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