Best Military Colleges in Texas 2023 | All You Need to Know

If you’re looking for the best schools for troubled youth: boys and girls, this list of military colleges in Texas is your best bet.

The thought of sending your ward to military colleges often comes when you have troubled youth: girls and boys. Or perhaps you want your child to have the highest form of discipline. Military schools do the job exceptionally while educating the students in a career they choose.

In Texas, you will find a handful of military schools for boys, girls, and youth of any age at high school, college, and university levels.

Here in this guide, we have picked out the best schools and colleges for the military in Texas. We have explained in detail what each school offers and why it may be a good fit for you. 

Why Send Your Child to Military School?

The majority of the reasons why parents send their children to military universities, colleges, or high schools are traced to character building and self-discipline.

However, today, there are a lot of advantages to studying in a military school besides disciplinary and character development. Other reasons why military schools are a good fit for girls and boys in Texas include;

  • Every Year, Military schools produce Cadets who are solid citizens and great leaders. 
  • Cadets learn leadership values such as patriotism, compassion, and independence. 
  • Cadets graduate to become renowned, confident, and well-rounded citizens.
  • Military schools also offer opportunities to people who have lost hope in their academics or social lives.
  • Generally, students who graduate from military school have very high chances of being accepted into a prominent college than public school students.
  • Also, the student-to-teacher ratio in military schools is relatively small, enhancing one-on-one learning.
  • Military schools also offer a core curriculum that includes English Language, Mathematics, History, Foreign Languages, and Social and Physical Sciences.
  • There is provision for extracurricular activities such as the drama club, debate club, band team, and drill team.

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How Many Military Schools Are In Texas?

Although there are a lot of military-friendly schools in Texas, there are just 7 military Academies in the state.  A total of 4 military colleges and 3 Academies for high school students. Each is working with the foundational principle of academics and discipline.

List of the Best Military Colleges in Texas in 2023

Here we have categorized the list of military schools in Texas according to educational level for clarity. 

Best Texas military colleges 

#1. St. Mary’s University ROTC

  • Grades: 16 -18 
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Population: ~ 2,400
  • Number of Faculty: ~ 180 
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas

St. Mary’s University is one of Texas’ top universities.  Currently, the university has an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Program (ROTC) for college students. 

Upon graduation from the ROTC program, cadets are ready for military and academic challenges. Leadership positions are also open for students within their command chain. 

Students who graduate from St. Mary’s University ROTC are equipped in leadership, management, physical training, fitness, land navigation, marksmanship, and other military training.


#2. Texas A&M Corps of Cadets

  • Grades: 16 -18 
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Population: ~ 2,250
  • Number of Faculty: ~ 250
  • Location: Bryan, Texas

The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets is a prestigious program open to all looking for the best military schools for college students. Texas A&M Corps of Cadets combines academics with leadership training equipping students ready upon graduation. 

To foster financial assistance, the college has around 1,800 scholarship opportunities open to its students. Upon graduation, students can choose a commission and are under no obligation of service post-graduation.

Also, remember that the school has special units that Cadets can apply and audition for and enjoy its enriched military traditions.


#3. Texas Maritime Academy

  • Grades: UGRD 
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Population: Not Specified 
  • Number of Faculty: Not Specified 
  • Location: Galveston, Texas

If you’re an undergraduate looking to further your studies in marine in a military environment, Texas Maritime Academy is one of the best schools you can consider. 

Texas Maritime Academy has been on the Forte training deck and engineering officers for the merchant marine, the Strategic Sealift, and the U.S. Navy. 

At Texas Maritime Academy, students can enroll in a variety of Bsc. Programs in marine and maritime fields. Also, the college provides other certifications and courses for interested cadets. However, there is no guarantee of joining the military after graduation.


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#4. The University of Houston AFROTC

  • Grades: 16 -18 
  • Duration: 3-4 Years
  • Population: ~ 40,000
  • Number of Faculty: ~ 3,500
  • Location: Houston, Texas

Next on our list of best military colleges in Texas is the University of Houston. Currently, the University of Houston has an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program (AFROTC). 

The AFROTC program has two tracks: the 3-year and 4-year tracks open to students interested in commissioning after graduation. The University of Houston has a variety of scholarships open to students who qualify.

In addition to academic work, students engage in leadership classes and physical fitness training. The academy’s foundation is molding cadets into selfless and disciplined leaders.


Best Military Schools for High School Students in Texas

#5.  Marine Military Academy

  • Grades: 8-12, PG
  • Population: ~ 300
  • Number of Faculty: ~ 26
  • Location: Harlingen, Texas

Since its inception in 1965, the Marine Military Academy has actively trained high school students in academics in a closed military base. The academy is a private academy run by the military.

In addition to school work, the Marine Military Academy ensures that students engage in extracurricular activities with cadets to help build their social and interpersonal relationships. 

Every summer, the cadets go for an annual 4 weeks summer camp where they engage in various outdoor activities where teamwork, self-discipline, and physical fitness are the bedrock of engagement. 


#6. Texas Military Institute

  • Grades: 9-12
  • Population: ~ 450
  • Number of Faculty: ~ 45
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas

Texas Military Institute was founded by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas hence why it is also called The Episcopal School of Texas. To date, Texas Military Institute is one of Texas’s best military boarding schools for high school students. 

The institute offers many advanced courses, including arts and sports. Upon graduation, the students are ready intellectually and become strong leaders with a great sense of discipline.


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#7. San Marcos Baptist Academy

  • Grades: 7-12 
  • Population: ~ 275
  • Number of Faculty: ~ 40
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas

San Marcos Baptist Academy is one of the best high school military schools for girls and boys. Since its inception in 1907, the school has offered classes to grades 7 through 12.

San Marcos Baptist Academy is a day and boarding school. About three-quarters of the students are boarders and the others are day students.


What are the Admission Requirements for Military Colleges in Texas?

The admission requirements to enroll in military schools in Texas are school specific. Each school has its peculiar requirements however, some requirements stand true for all schools.

To be admitted into a military school in Texas, applicants are expected to meet the following requirements.

  • Be a Citizen of Texas  or The US
  • Must not be married or Pregnant
  • You must not be responsible for any child.
  • Be involved in any felony or court charges
  • Must be physically and mentally fit to enroll in the Military school
  • Must be of the age requirement as stated by the military school
  • You must participate in a medical examination to check Fitness.
  • You must complete and submit all necessary documents required by the school.

Frequently Asked Questions About Military Colleges in Texas 2023

What is the Cost of Military Schools in Texas?

There is no exactness to the cost of tuition and other costs. Each school has its peculiar cost requirement for admitting students. As such, the cost of studying in a military school in Texas depends on factors such as;

– School location.
– Educational level.
– The learning environment
– The standard or quality of education 

However, an estimated tuition cost to study in a military school is between $25,000 -$50,000. Keep in mind that this fee may or may not include other charges. It all depends on the school chosen by the individual.

Must I Become a Soldier If I attend a Military School in Texas?

Absolutely not. You must not become a soldier when you attend a military school. Military schools aim to discipline in body, character, and academics. So many career fields are readily available for cadets who completed military education to venture in. You can choose to study science, art, or social sciences-related courses in college.

What is the Age Requirement for Military School in Texas?

The Age requirement for any teen to enroll in a military college in Texas is 16 – 18. High school students can be between 7-14. 

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Whether or not you have a troubled youth, girls or boys, in your custody, any military college or school in Texas will be a good school option for each child. You can rest assured that each child will graduate with built-in character, fitness, and sound academics. 


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