Top Military Schools in Florida 2023 | All You Need to Know

Are you considering sending your boys or girls to one of the top military schools in Florida? Do you want to decipher which military school in FL is fit to train your cadet in academics, character, and discipline?

Here is a guide to the best military colleges for boys and girls in Florida. We have also answered most of the questions that linger in your mind about this subject. 

Let’s dive in!!!

5 Reasons Why Military Schools are a Good Choice for Your Children?

It is widely believed that military schools are for badly behaved kids, kids with anger issues, those underperforming in class, or having some behavioral issues. Although there is an iota of truth in it, it’s not entirely true. 

Some kids in military schools have no such issues. Some are bullies and as such are sent to a military school to learn about self-respect, improve their confidence and self-esteem, and learn how to protect and stand up for themselves.

Besides these, adhere are other healthy reasons why military schools especially those in Florida can be a good fit for your child

  • To learn discipline and character development to become solid citizens and great leaders.
  • Cadets graduate to become renowned, confident, and well-rounded citizens.
  • Students who graduate from military school have very high chances of being accepted into a prominent college than public school students
  • Military schools have small class sizes which enhance one-on-one learning.
  • There is provision for extracurricular activities such as drama clubs, debate clubs, band teams, and doll team

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What are the Admission Requirements for Florida Military Schools?

There are a vast number of military colleges in Florida, each with its peculiar requirements for admission. This means that there is no one guide of requirements that gives you admission into all the military schools in the state.

However, there are admission requirements that are common to all the military schools in Florida be it for girls or boys, high school or college or undergrad.

To be eligible to get into the military schools in FL, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Be within the required age range specified by the military academy.
  • Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the USA and live in Florida.
  • Applicant should be free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings
  • All applicants must be physically and also mentally capable of participating in the program
  • Anyone applying to any of the military schools in Florida must be free from using illegal drugs or other substances.
  • Also, applicants must submit all supporting documents completely filled in as required by the school.

Any additional requirements will be school specific. Once you’ve chosen a school from the list below, you should visit the school website for details on school-specific requirements. 

What is the Cost of Military Schools in Florida?

Just like the admission requirements, the cost of tuition and other fees for military colleges in Florida is school specific. This is so because some Florida military schools are public charter schools or government-owned, and touch schools do not require cadets to pay tuition or any fee.

On the other hand, college preparatory military schools require tuition, which costs around $25,000 to $50,000 per year. Such military schools are easily referred to as military-friendly and privately owned schools.

How Many Military Schools are in Florida?

There are just 5 military schools in Florida for students aged PK to 12 years old.

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List Of The Top Military Schools in Florida

You will find a handful of military schools for boys and girls in Florida from government-owned or private colleges.  Without any further ado, let’s get into the best military boarding schools in FL;

#1. Florida Air Academy

  • Grade: 6-12
  • Established: 1961
  • School Type: Private
  • Acceptance rate: 100%.
  • Location: Melbourne, Florida
  • Tuition: Day ($10,000>), Boarding ($30,000>)

If you want to enroll your child in a private military school in Florida, consider Florida Air Academy. Florida Air Academy is a private fully-accredited co-ed day and boarding preparatory academy founded by the Dwight family.

Being one of the top private military schools in FL, Florida Air Academy focuses on preparing cadets for college through training built on leadership, character accountability, and trust. 

A good advantage of enrolling your child into Florida Air Academy is the small class size which fosters one-on-one learning and interaction. Other advantages include scholarships for every student who applies.

Keep in mind that Florida Air Academy offers an Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) program, which takes four years to complete. 


#2. Sarasota Military Academy (SMA)

  • Grade: 6-12
  • Established: 2002
  • School Type: Public
  • Acceptance rate: 100%.
  • Location: Sarasota, Florida
  • Tuition: No tuition or any fee

If you’re considering a tuition-free military school in Florida,  your first consideration should be Sarasota Military Academy. Sarasota Military Academy is a public charter boarding school, making it non-profit and tuition-free.

Sarasota Military Academy, since its establishment, has established a track record of excellence in providing cadets with outstanding academics, character, and leadership development.

The school is open to grades 6-12. However, it runs a two-track program for this age bracket: the prep grades 6-8 and the high grades 9-12. These tracks engage in extracurricular activities such as JROTC programs and a drumline squad.

Upon graduation, cadets are equipped with the skills, values, and education that will enable them to engage the outside world while leading productive and fulfilling lives. 


#3. Gateway Military Academy

  • Grade: 12-17
  • Established: 1961
  • School Type: Private
  • Acceptance rate: 100%.
  • Location: Holmes County, Florida
  • Tuition: $11,400 per year

If you have a troubled youth ready for college,  one of the best military colleges or schools you should consider is Gateway Military Academy. Gateway Military Academy is a military school and a Christian-based academy. It’s expedient to know that Gateway Military Academy is one of the few military schools in Florida for boys from any part of the country. 

The good news is no admission procedure, no document required, and no requirements to apply; all you need is to pass the interview between the admissions officer and the cader parent or guardian. Once you pass the interview,  the school sends an introductory email and an application letter which you should fill out and send back.

Also, Gateway Military Academy does not use drills and training exercises, rather, its curriculum is designed to prepare troubled boys to build character, leadership, respect, and discipline to turn around bad behavior and poor decisions.

Are there extracurricular activities? Absolutely 


4.      Dr. Phillips High School

  • Grade: 6-12
  • Established: 1987
  • School Type: Public 
  • Acceptance rate: 100%.
  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Tuition: Not Specified 

Dr. Phillips High School is on our list of top military colleges in Florida. Just like the name suggests, Dr. Philips High School is a military school for high school students, boys, and girls. 

As a boarding school, the school has all facilities to keep children safe and engaged while in school custody. Dr. Phillips High School offers several special programs that allow students to concentrate on areas of interest. Such programs include; Advanced Placement (AP), Air Force JROTC, Career, Academics, Dual Enrollment, Tech Prep, Career Pathways, and Magnet and Arts Programs.

Over the years, Dr. Philips High School has been known to be great at offering innovative military programs to both boys and girls. Upon graduation, cadets gain outstanding academic achievement for community service.


5. Admiral Farragut Academy

  • Grade: PK-12
  • Established: 1933
  • School Type: Private
  • Acceptance rate: 90%.
  • Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Tuition: $14,000 to $53,200 per year

Admiral Farragut Academy is a private military college-preparatory school in Florida. This academy is handy if you’re considering day or boarding school or military for your ward.

Admiral Farragut Academy is open to boys and girls from grades PK through 12 anywhere in the country. Also, Admiral Farragut Academy is the only exception for military schools that accept international students. 

Classes are divided into three: grades K-7, which are day students; grades 8-12 which are upper school; and then grades 8-12, which are also borders. All classes can count on a globally diverse student experience, comprehensive academic structure, strong character, and leadership development to all of its students. 

To apply, submit an inquiry, tour the campus, complete an online application, submit the form, and pay the application fees. 


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Frequently Asked Questions About Military Colleges In Florida 

Must I Become A Soldier If I Attend A Military School in Florida?

Becoming a soldier is a choice you must make if you wish. However, it’s not a mandated course that if you attend a military school, you must become a soldier. 

You can continue high school, apply for college, or volunteer in the army upon graduation. It all boils down to you and your choice.

What Is The Age Fit For Military School In Florida?

Depending on the school, the age requirement will differ. Every school has its specified age requirements. To understand the school’s expectations age-wise, we advise you to visit the website once you have chosen. 

Do Florida Military Colleges Accept International Students?

Military schools in FL do not accept international students but Florida residents, American citizens, and permanent residents of the United States. The exception to this rule is Admiral Farragut Academy which accepts international students. 

Do FL Military Schools Have an Academic Curriculum?

Most people see these military schools as a place where children are put through rigorous training and trained to become soldiers. That is not true. These schools also use the typical high school curriculum, and students earn credits too.


Without further explanation,  I believe you know what pick is fit for your child when it comes to choosing a military school in Florida. We suggest you visit the school’s website obese you have made a choice of school for specific requirements. 


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