Top Military Schools in Louisiana 2023 | All You Need To Know

Considering enrollment into any of the military high schools and colleges is a good choice as many of these academies have a longstanding reputation of excellence. 

Louisiana has so many options for military academies. Louisiana is home to public, private, all-girls, all-boys, and coed military schools open to cadets of all ages with varying degrees of academic experience. 

Choosing military school may be a daunting task as you may have little or no knowledge about these schools. Here in this guide, we have explained the best military schools in Louisiana based on reputation, academics, college placement, and other factors. 

So, if you’re here searching for the best Louisiana military academies as well as their admission requirements, tuition cost, and academic style, this guide will help you.

Let’s dive in!!!

How Many Military Schools Are In Louisiana?

Louisiana is home to 4 military schools. Out of the four military schools, three are military high schools open to ages 9-12 and just one is a college open to college students. 

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Best Military Schools in Louisiana 

As discussed above, Louisiana has a handful of options when it comes to military schools and colleges. At this point let’s discuss in detail all you need to know about military high schools and colleges in Louisiana;

#1. Benton High School ROTC

  • Grades: 9-12
  • Number Of Faculty: 50 
  • Number Of Students: 700 
  • Location: Benton, Louisiana
  • Military Program: Air Force ROTC 

Benton High School is one of Louisiana’s best military schools for high school students. The school offers an outstanding Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) program. 

Cadets at Benton High School have a long list of options for learning about military science. Benton High School coursework cuts across astronomy, space, flight and event management. 

Like most military academies in Louisiana, Benton High School encourages its cadets to achieve academic excellence and physical fitness. 

Besides academics, cadets may attend sporting events to support the Benton Tigers. Also, they can participate in community service activities as it is a big part of being in the JROTC.

Remember that discipline, character, leadership, and good management are the core principles at Benton High School.


#2. C.E. Byrd High School JROTC

  • Grades: 9-12
  • Number Of Faculty: 200
  • Number Of Students: 2,200
  • Location: Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Military Program: Junior ROTC 

As the name signifies, C.E. Byrd High School is a military high school for ages 9-12. Its location in Shreveport makes it quite attractive. 

C.E. Byrd High School offers students a very active Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps unit. Cadets in this program join the Yellow Jacket Brigade. All the Yellow Jacket Brigade are encouraged to work hard to achieve their academic and personal goals. 

In C.E. Byrd High School, hard work is a core value as such hard work is rewarded through promotion in the chain of command. Also, C.E. Byrd High School promotes the need for leadership skills as such, cadets are encouraged to seek leadership positions. 

Students at C.E. Byrd High School can explore different educational opportunities in the town and visit the 8th Air Force Museum.


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#3. Louisiana State University Army ROTC

  • Grades: College 
  • Number Of Faculty: 5,000
  • Number Of Students: 30,000
  • Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Military Program: Army ROTC 

Louisiana State University is one of Louisiana’s top military colleges. The university is home to the Tiger Battalion, an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit. 

Cadets of the Tiger Battalion strive to attain excellent grades in academics and military science while sharpening their leadership skills.

Because leadership skill is a core value at Louisiana State University, the university leadership laboratories and field training exercises help students grow their leadership abilities. This not only helps them within the campus but it also impacts their future careers as officers. 

Remember that all cadets at Tiger Battalion are required to take military science classes and a traditional college course to be prepared for military leadership.


#4. Tulane University Army ROTC

  • Grades: 9-12
  • Number Of Faculty: 100 
  • Number Of Students: N/A
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Military Program: Army ROTC 

The popular Orleans Battalion is situated at Tulane University. Tulane University offers an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit. 

Students of Tulane University get to enjoy the rich culture and dining scene of New Orleans. Not only the rich culture, cadets of the Tiger Battalion also participate in the endless community events around the area.

While schooling at Tulane University, academic excellence is the most important part of being a cadet. Also, cadets must keep up with Army physical fitness standards. 

In addition to academics and physical training, cadets of the Tiger Battalion at New Orleans spend time in the field practising their basic infantry skills. 


Are there Military High Schools in Louisiana?

Yes, Louisiana has 3 military high schools: Benton High School, C.E. Byrd High School, and Tulane University open to ages 9-12.  

If you’re searching for a state with more military high schools and academies in the USA, consider Georgia, Indiana, and Michigan.

What’s The Cost Of Attending Military Schools In Louisiana? 

First things first, Louisiana has no free military academy as such all of its academies, colleges, and high schools have a standard tuition cost of some sort of payment.

However, there is no specificity as to what the cost of tuition for military schools in Louisiana is as each school has varying tuition rates which is caused by a lot of factors. 

To be sure that the tuition status of each is the same, visit the school’s website for clarity and updated information. Also, remember that some military schools offer financial aid schemes, scholarships, and payment options for eligible cadets.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Military Colleges In Louisiana 

Are There Free Military Schools In Louisiana?

There is no free military school in Louisiana. If you plan to enroll in any of the military academies in Louisiana, keep in mind there is a monetary attachment to it.

However, if eligible, you can enquire about financial aid, scholarships, or easy payment options. 

What makes military schools in Louisiana unique?

Military schools in Louisiana are unique because they blend traditional academic programs and military science with a military-style structure and discipline. Louisiana military academies also incorporate elements of the rich Louisiana culture and history.

What age range do military schools in Louisiana typically serve?

Military high schools in Louisiana typically serve students in grades 9-12; military colleges, on the other hand, are open to college students.

What is the Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program?

The Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program is a residential program designed for at-risk youth ages 16-18. The program is a partnership between the Louisiana National Guard and the Louisiana Department of Education.

Also, the program provides academic instruction, physical training, and life skills development. It is one of the military-friendly schools for troubled youth in Louisiana. 

Are military academies in Louisiana only for students who plan to join the military?

No, military academies in Louisiana are open to all students who want to grow in a structured and disciplined learning environment. While some students may want to pursue a military career, others may want to pursue other careers that require strong leadership skills, such as business or politics.

What is the role of JROTC in Louisiana military schools?

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a C.E. Byrd High School program. The program is designed to teach students leadership skills, discipline, and respect for authority while providing a foundation in military history and principles.

What opportunities are available for graduates of military schools in Louisiana?

Graduates of military schools in Louisiana are well-prepared for a variety of careers, including military service, law enforcement, and other professions that require strong leadership skills. Additionally, many military schools in Louisiana offer college preparatory programs and have high rates of college acceptance among their graduates.

What is the application process for military schools in Louisiana?

The application process for military academies in Louisiana typically involves submitting.

– Transcripts
– Test scores
– Application
– Personal statement.
– Letters of recommendation

Remember that some schools may also require an interview or an admissions test. Researching individual schools to determine their specific application requirements and deadlines is important.


    Whether you’re searching for military high schools or colleges, you’re sure to find a perfect pick in Louisiana for your ward. Louisiana military academies prepare cadets for life’s challenges with utter discipline and without losing character. 

    To make a good choice, we advise you to carefully go through the different school’s websites and verify their school requirements and apply. Ensure to choose the school whose program best suits your preference. 

    We hope you find it a perfect pick for your child. If not, visit our website to explore other states in the USA and the available military schools. 


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