8 Best Music Schools in France in 2024 | How to Apply


It’s important to look into music and performance’s theoretical and technical aspects while choosing the best music schools in France.

An interdisciplinary field, music is as much for the ambitious academic as it is for the aspiring professional musician in France. Therefore, it is important that the best music schools in France are properly looked into.


France offers a superb higher education system to its citizens and foreigners. The country’s dynamic culture attracts foreign students and those interested in pursuing international courses.

France has a tradition of scientific and technological innovation. This ensures that scholars fully utilize their creativity while choosing the best music schools in France.


If your music journey leads you to France, or you’re just in search of a place to study for a music degree in France, then you’re at the right place.

Today, we’ll be looking at the best schools and colleges where you can study for a music degree, though most are fully offered in the French language. Join me in the next section as I take you through France’s list of top music schools.

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How Does Music Education Occur in France?

Schooling in France is required and mandatory as of age six, in the first year of primary school. Many parents send their children earlier, though, around age three, as kindergarten classes (maternelle) are usually affiliated with a borough’s primary school.

The last year of maternelle, grande section,” is an essential step in the educational process as they introduce pupils to reading.

French secondary education is divided into two schools: the collège for the first four years directly following primary school and the lycée for the next three years. The completion of secondary studies leads to the baccalauréat.

At the end of primary school, all children attend college without needing to pass examinations. The educational content is the same for all students at this institution. The four years at college (the so-called 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd grades) are compulsory.

After finishing the collège, pupils can continue their education at a general or technological lycée or a vocational lycée.

The brevet is the first official diploma examination a pupil has to sit. It is not required to enter high school (lycée).

The baccalauréat (also known as bac) is the end-of-lycée diploma students sit for to enter university, a classe préparatoire, or professional life. The term baccalauréat refers to the diploma and the examinations themselves.

It is currently very difficult to discuss the situation of music teachers at lycées because a major reform will take place at this level over the next few years.

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What are the Best Music Schools in France in 2023?

1. IMEP Paris College of Music

The School is regarded as one of the best music schools in France. It offers a variety of curricula for potential students and concentrates on jazz and contemporary music.

Students can choose to participate in the junior program, designed for young aspiring musicians, the open program held on weekends, or the professional music program.

Some of the most seasoned experts in the area who are internationally touring artists serve as their instructors.

They can provide pupils with a solid foundation in music thanks to their knowledge and experience, and they may also assist them in finding their true calling in the music business.

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2. 3is – International Institute De L’image Et Du Son

For potential students, 3is offers a variety of programs in several music-related fields and is one of the best music schools in France.

A specialization in “creating sound for concerts, music albums, movie soundtracks, cinema, TV shows, commercials, video games, animation, museography, sound set design, theater, etc.” is offered through their MFA in Recording & Music Production. 

The school’s curriculum offers a chance to develop abilities in the following areas: Soundtracks for Film, TV, and Radio; Studio Sound, Sound Design; Creative Music and Sound Producing, Recording, Audio, and MIDI Editing; Mixing, Mastering, and Arranging.

The school’s program prepares students for careers as sound mixers, sound operators, sound editors, chief sound engineers, sound directors, and Perchmen.

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3. American School of Modern Music

One of the best music schools in France that offers a music degree is the American School of Modern Music in Paris, which gives students a chance to pursue careers as performers, composers, arrangers, sound engineers, and music producers.

The school-based teaching strategies are based on those used by the top American universities, which has helped it become one of France’s most esteemed music schools.

In addition to being seasoned professionals, some of their instructors have also won top accolades in the music industry, such as Grammy Awards and Knights of the Arts and Letters.

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4. Sarah Lawrence College

The three main parts of the music program at Sarah Lawrence College are individual instruction (instrumental performance, composition, electronic music, or voice), theory or history, and performance ensemble.

The program is centered around several national institutions and is considered one of France’s best music schools.

The institution combines its extensive pool of qualified teachers with its facilities to improve instruction and direct students toward their career goals.

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5. Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music

The institute is one of the largest research centers focusing on musical creation and scientific research and is also one of the best music schools in France.

The institute has a 12-month “cursus program” for composition and computer music. This course allows students to gain useful skills that will enable them to use technological tools to expand their musical thinking and help them gain technical and computer autonomy.

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6. Fountaine Bleau Schools of Music and Fine Arts

This is one of France’s oldest groups of schools and has a music faculty with a range of experts in different aspects of music and several instruments like Piano, Violin, Cello, and Composition.

The school is one of the best music schools in France and has several facilities that are up to standard and built to help students succeed in their different career paths.

They offer courses for young musicians to discover “the magical surroundings of the Château of Fontainebleau and pursue their professional training with world-renowned faculty.

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7. Center de musique baroque de Versailles

This school offers a range of programs with a special focus on early music and French Baroque Music and is one of the best music schools in France.

Training is available in different programs where students have opportunities to either enroll for professional training or Master’s school.

The Master’s school of the Center de musique baroque de Versailles trains students from ages 4 to 30 in the school’s choir. Students can also perform at weekly auditions, Les Jeudis musicaux, the Royal Chapel of the Palace of Versailles, and concerts and shows in France and abroad under the school’s musical director.

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8. Bordeaux Conservatory Jacques Thibaud

The Bordeaux Conservatory Jacques Thibaud is one of the best music schools in France that also offers training specifically in music and performing arts for students seeking a career path in music.

An excerpt from their website about their students says that “whether they intend to practice as an amateur or a professional activity, students are encouraged to express their passion and experiment with different art forms.”

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What are the Top 3 Music Production Schools in France?

  • Ecole Centrale De Lyon Ecully
  • University Daixmarseille Marseille
  • University De Bordeaux Bordeaux


A renewed focus on innovation and collaboration across the sector is required to ensure that schools-based music is provided to all children and young people at a consistently high standard.

This requires realizing the transformative power of music in children’s and young people’s lives and adopting a rigorous, evidence-based approach.

The development of Music Hubs, significant changes in school funding and governance, and new circumstances for school-based music are all changing the landscape.

These processes and structures can be improved, and they should put forth new ideas for connecting the many components of the musical ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any scholarships available to students from abroad? 

Yes, and the French government also declared that they would boost the number of scholarships available in addition to the new increased tuition prices. They provide an overview of grants and scholarships for study in France via the official CampusBourses portal.

When do you have to pay the cost of tuition as a student in France?

You usually have to pay the whole annual tuition fee at the beginning of an academic year, i.e., September.

Can you get a free education in France? 

Yes, provided that you are a resident or citizen of one of the EEA (European Economic Area) member nations or Switzerland. All EU (European Union) member nations, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway are included in the EEA.

Even though attending a public institution in France is not totally “free,” you will only pay a very minimal sum. The cost of tuition will be greater in France if you are not a citizen of an EEA nation, Switzerland, or already a permanent resident. At a private university, your tuition costs will also be greater.

What is the cost of living in France per month? 

It needn’t be expensive to be a student in France. You can survive on 850 to 1,000 euros a month, including housing, even in big cities like Bordeaux, Lyon, or Toulouse. Still, that is within European levels.


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