8 Best Music Schools in Germany in 2024 | How to Apply


With so many options in the sector and how popular music is becoming around the world, many people are now debating whether or not getting a degree in music is a good idea, which eventually requires knowledge of the best music schools In Germany. 

You’ve come to the perfect place if your musical path ever takes you to Germany or if you’re looking for a location to learn music in any of the best music schools in Germany. Today, we’ll examine the top universities and colleges where you can get a degree in music.


We’ll take you through the list, starting with the following subhead that begins with “the best music schools in Germany.

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What is the Cost of Attending a Music School in Germany?

If you choose to study in one of the state-funded music universities and academies in Germany, you will not be required to pay a tuition fee.

All you have to pay is a semestral administrative fee, typically no more than 100-350 EUR/semester. 

An exception would be the public universities in Baden-Württemberg, which have reintroduced tuition fees, with students from outside of the EU being asked to pay usually no more than 3,000 EUR/year.


At private universities, however, students are required to pay tuition fees. The average tuition fees in private universities are typically around 8,000–20,000 per year. You can be required to pay less or more, depending on the degree program, level of study, and institution.

Before you study a music program, you should ensure you get all the tuition fee information from your chosen university.

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Why Study Music in Germany?

Germany has many qualities as a study destination for international students. Many of its higher education institutions are ranked among the world’s top universities.

With highly qualified academic staff, exciting and subject-specific program degrees, and internationally recognized qualifications, Germany makes the perfect choice for students who wish to advance in their chosen careers.

Besides, studying for your music degree in Germany means you will be part of a community that has produced some of the best artists and composers. You will live in a highly cultural environment, surrounded by people who appreciate music.

You will grow professionally and personally, learn about different cultures, and ultimately, create a career out of your passion.

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What are the Requirements to Attend a Music School in Germany?

The general admission requirements to study at music colleges in Germany are:

  • Aptitude Test Results
  • Written Test or Audition
  • English Language Requirements (depending on the programming language)
  • German Language Requirements (depending on the programming language)
  • Recognition of Earlier Foreign Certifications/Qualifications
  • Visa, Residence Permit, Proof of Financial Resources (when applicable)
  • Show Musical Motivation
  • Basic Practical and Theoretical Knowledge of Specific Field of Study

8 Best Music Schools in Germany in 2024

1. University of Bremen

One of the best universities in Germany that is on the list as a viable choice for earning a music degree is the University of Bremen, one of the best music schools in Germany.

They provide a degree program in music education, and graduates receive the designation of Bachelor of Arts. The students who sign up for this course are prepared for a career as primary and secondary school teachers.

Other concentrations at the school include church music, performance, and orchestral academies. The course often consists of various courses that students can choose from, such as vocal and instrumental instruction, composition, church music, jazz, and music education.

Additionally, they participate in several exercises or occasions designed to help students gain experience. 

Orchestral projects, graduation concerts, student performances, solo recital nights, and organ and choir concerts are a few examples of these activities or occasions.

The school also offers a young kids program for gifted and skillful high school students interested in advancing their skills while finishing their secondary education.

Students can enroll in or apply for the school’s music courses or programs through an online application. After creating an account, applicants will have access to an applicant’s portal, where they may upload their supporting documentation and complete forms related to their application for admission to the school.

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2. Johannes Gutenberg University Of Mainz

A Bachelor of Education with a Music Specialization is offered at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, one of Germany’s best music schools. This session is the first in a three-part teacher training series.

The school also offers a Master of Education after a teacher training placement. The duration of the three-year, full-time bachelor’s program is.

The degree exposes students to a variety of musical topic areas as well as hands-on learning. Students are only allowed if they can meet the language requirement, and the lectures are also given in German. 

Students must pass an aptitude exam to be admitted to the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz’s music program. This very good school ranks among the best music schools in Germany. In addition to applying to the university, applicants will also apply to the music school.

International students must electronically apply for “Recognition of Foreign Certificates and Diplomas” to the Overseas Admission Office.

Only those applicants who present a legitimate recognition document will be permitted to sit for the admission exam.

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3. The University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt

The University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt, which offers a variety of degree programs, including Graduate Studies and a Diploma, is also one of the best music schools in Germany.

The school’s music program aims to “develop individual personalities at a high artistic level and to equip students with sound information and abilities suited for the professional sector they wish to pursue.” Students who complete the undergraduate program are given a Bachelor of Music degree.

The range of undergraduate programs includes routes in Church Music, Instrumental Studies with a specialization in Performance, Kronberg Academy, Classical Voice (Concert/Opera), Directing in Theatre, and Dance.

Even more, courses are offered in the Master’s Program, including courses in choreography and performance, historical interpretation practice, chamber music, composition, educational science in music, performing arts, and music management. Typically, students receive a Master of Arts or Master of Music degree. 

Prospective students can easily complete the application procedure for a degree at the institution online using an online application form.

Students will be required to upload some papers when completing the form. Additionally, there is an administration cost of €50 for applicants.

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4. Technical University of Darmstadt

The Technical University of Darmstadt is the next institution on the list of the best music schools in Germany and is home to a renowned Academy of Music.

The university employs a Joint Bachelor of Arts curriculum, which combines two distinct courses of study, one of which must come from the Department of History and Social Sciences. 

The first program offers courses in digital philology, German studies, history, musical culture, philosophy, political science, and sociology, among other topics.

Students can choose from Digital Philology, German Studies, History, Computer Science, Musical Culture, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Sports Science, and Economics as their second subject.

The educational program at the institution “combines artistic practice, social commentary, musical theory, as well as aesthetics and musical philosophy.” 

Students must fill out an online application form with all required information, including inquiries about their educational history.

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5. Friedrich Schiller University

Next on the list is Friedrich Schiller University, one of the best music schools in Germany. The University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar and the Institute of Musicology Jena-Weimar are the two institutes that make up the school.

They provide a Master of Musicology curriculum that is, according to them, unique in Germany. The institution also emphasizes how having a university and a music school together creates a setting where students can concentrate on any subject they choose.

Students with a master’s degree are qualified for positions in various industries, including publishing, radio and television, documentation, and cultural management. They “offer an extremely wide spectrum from the music of the Middle Ages to modern music of the 21st century, enhanced by the fields of transcultural music studies and the history of jazz and popular music,” according to an excerpt from the program synopsis on the school’s website. The lectures are likewise in German, much like the other universities on the list.

A subject-specific undergraduate or equivalent degree with a Good grade or above must attend (2.5 German and US systems).

Additionally, candidates must demonstrate competence in two modern foreign languages (ideally English, French, and Italian). German language ability, at least at level DSH-2 (or a recognized equivalent), is required for international students.

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6. University of Music Wuerzburg

One of the best music schools in Germany for music instruction is the University of Music Wuerzburg.

Their instructors, some well-known artists, can enroll in their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs.

With an emphasis on historical instruments, they feature study spaces for the guitar, organ, piano, saxophone, and accordion in the orchestral instruments department. They also provide jazz, classical percussion, leading, and composition classes. 

They train their pupils in the most effective learning environments and have cutting-edge facilities.

In addition to classroom instruction, students can perform on stage and join ensembles like the University Symphony Orchestra, Baroque Orchestra, Opera School, University Choir, Chamber Choir, BigBand, and jazz-pop choir ChorKraut. 

They also prioritize the pupils’ health because, according to them, it influences how well they perform. They “consider students’ health and well-being to be as vital as the development of their artistic, academic, and pedagogical skill-set,” according to their website.

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7. Freiburg University of Music

Next on the list of the best music schools in Germany is the Freiburg University of Music, another excellent school that gives degree chances in Music to its students. 

One of the best music schools in Germany, they offer a variety of chances for students. Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available through the institution.

In addition to having excellent facilities to support instruction, they also have several orchestras, choruses, and ensembles that students can use to get stage experience and practical knowledge.

The school “offers artistic and pedagogical training in a wide range of professional musical sectors as well as the option to do a doctorate in musicology and music education at one of the most prestigious music universities in Germany,” according to the school’s website. 

They provide bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in music, where students receive instruction in various areas, including some relating to instruments.

For students who aspire to work as church musicians, they also offer a Bachelor of Music / Church Music degree.

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8. Heidelberg University

The Bachelor of Arts in Music and the Bachelor of Music with a focus on either music education or music performance are the two-degree options available to students at Heidelberg University.

For students majoring in music, the institution provides various options, including free private lessons, recital chances, and the chance to network with working musicians. 

Additionally, first-year students have the opportunity to participate in significant ensembles.

Vocal Pedagogy, Marching Band Techniques, Audio Recording and Production, Opera and Musical Theatre, and American Jazz are just a few courses the school offers. Last but not least, an excerpt from their website reads, “Heidelberg is the home for music, whether you desire to educate, perform, create, or inspire.” 

Students who wish to major in music or theatre must prepare for an audition where they will perform, as well as for faculty interviews and assessments of their musical background, which is one of the criteria for being a part of one of the best music schools in Germany. The application process for this school can be completed online.

International applicants must submit their applications along with supporting documentation, such as transcripts and results of English proficiency tests.

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9. Ludwig Maximilian University

One of the oldest and best music schools in Germany, the institution is ranked among the best in the nation. For the training of aspiring teachers, they hold degrees in musicology and education, as well as postgraduate studies (Masters and Ph.D.). 

In addition to that, they established programs for educating teachers to work in primary, secondary, and special education settings.

According to the school’s website, there are “a multitude of possibilities for the student’s future careers, including teaching at music schools and within the context of adult education, positions in publishing, music management, the press, and radio, as well as employment in social education or therapeutic establishments,” according to the school’s website.

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What are the Music Production Degrees in Germany?

Students who desire a career in a recording studio or even as independent artists should consider a music production program.

Courses usually focus on training students to use programs and technology currently standard in the industry, but courses can also include music-centric topics like theory and composition.

  • B.A. Music Production

            SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

  • BA music management

            Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

  • Bachelor in Music Business

            SAE Institute Germany

  • Composition Bachelor

            The Frankfurt University Of Music And Performing Arts


            Popakademie Baden-Württemberg

  • B.Mus. Popular Music

            SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences


            Popakademie Baden-Württemberg


            Popakademie Baden-Württemberg


The choosing procedure may be a little challenging due to the large number of colleges that offer prospective students a degree in music.

Applicants should consider which school best suits their aspirations and study path. Each university has a focus area, so people need to pick one that matches their needs.

One surefire piece of advice is to review each school’s program and choose the one whose details precisely match what you anticipate at the program’s conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best instructor? 

Based on your expertise, interests, and preferences, we will choose the ideal teacher in our free first conversation. Additionally, you have a choice of teachers. For us, a positive working relationship between you and your teacher is crucial to the success of both your musical experience and your educational endeavors. Therefore, to guarantee quality and satisfaction, we highly value your input. We will be available to you if you have inquiries regarding your lessons or wish to switch teachers.

Can I switch teachers? 

If you’d like, you might substitute a different teacher for each course thanks to our flexible teaching approach. However, we think a solid student-teacher rapport is crucial to your success in the classroom. We would be happy to have an introductory conversation with you to evaluate your skills and find the best match. Simply send us a message. Our modular teaching approach will make the transfer to a new instructor as seamless as possible if you do get to do so.

What credentials do the teachers possess? 

The top music universities in the world educated every member of our staff and our instructors, all professional musicians and music educators.

To give you the finest teaching experience possible, they also go through our screening process and a training program. Additionally, we are always improving our teaching and learning methods, and your input is really valuable. Our global network of music schools and performers guarantees quality.



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