Best Music Schools in Japan in 2024 | All You Need to Know

You won’t be alone if you decide to major in music; it’s Japan’s 12th most popular degree program. As a result, numerous universities offer degree, making it challenging to select one. 

In 2022, we looked at 10 different universities to determine which ones were the best for our list of the best music schools in Japan. 377, these institutions gave music degrees out to eligible students. 

The music curriculum you select may have a big impact on your future. Therefore, we assembled our list of the best music schools in Japan.

To get our Best Overall Music School, we total up our degree-level rankings after assigning them weight, depending on the number of degrees awarded at each school.

This article will help you make the best choice in choosing one of the best music schools in Japan.

What Are The Requirements For Admission to Music Schools, Scholarships, and Other Information?

Music schools require at least a high school diploma for admissions like other universities and colleges. Complete the application form and send it to the appropriate institutions or colleges with the required fee. 

It would be best if you also took entrance exams, which change based on the course. You must perform if you want to enroll in a course that teaches practical skills. Depending on the school, you might need to audition in person or record yourself and email in clips.

Some colleges and conservatories have a cap on the number of foreign students they will accept each year. Senzoku Gakuen, for instance, welcomed 66 foreign students in 2019. Music education can be completed in 2 to 4 years, depending on the course. 

However, some programs may only accept international students for 3 months to 1 year. To increase your chances of getting a spot, it is advisable to check with the best music schools of your choice first.

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What Are The Scholarship Programs and Opportunities in the Music Industry?

Numerous scholarship programs are available from schools and other organizations to Japanese and foreign students, generally and specifically for music. 

One such scholarship is offered by the Rohm Music Foundation, which provides its recipients with a maximum salary of 300,000 yen per month for a year or until they graduate.

If the institution doesn’t offer scholarships for international students, Jasso is a helpful place to look for scholarships.

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What Are The Best Music Schools in Japan?

The following are considered among the best music schools in Japan:

1. Tokyo University of the Arts

The best music school in Japan is frequently regarded as the Tokyo University of the Arts. It comprises three graduate schools and two faculties.

Composition, vocal music, instrumental music, conducting, traditional Japanese music, musicology, musical innovation, and the environment are the eight courses offered by the music faculty, in addition to specific graduate courses.

Additionally, the school occasionally hosts theatrical productions abroad, such as in Paris and the United Kingdom, to allow students to be exposed to a global audience.

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2. Toho Gakuen School of Music 

Students at Toho Gakuen can major in composition, musicology, conducting, or voice training in addition to various musical instruments, including the harp, percussion, and wind instruments.

Toho Gakuen uses various teaching techniques for music, including on-stage performances, group ensemble playing, and hands-on instruction, and ranks among the best music schools in Japan.

They also provide non-degree programs only offered to international students and last from 90 days to a year. In addition, they have a Graduate School, High School, and Orchestra Academy.

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3. Kunitachi College of Music

The College Modular System, a special curriculum at Kunitachi that requires four years to complete, is unique and one of Japan’s best music schools.

In this approach, students can select from the available Foundation Modules (core modules) while also enrolling in unique electives. We of Performance and Composition and the Department of Music Cultures and Education are their two departments.

The former has six Foundation Modules: Jazz Music, Composition, Computer Music, String, Wind, and Percussion Instruments.

On the other hand, the latter has four Foundation Modules: Early Childhood Music Education, Music Education, Music Therapy, and Music Information.

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4. Showa University of Music

In group classes, students will study composition, arrangement, sound editing, and computer-based music production.

The abilities required to become an engineer will be learned and mastered, showcasing the outcomes in performance. 

Learn from top conducting teachers’ hands-on instruction, making it one of the best music schools in Japan.

By serving as assistant conductors for various performances, such as operas, orchestras, and wind ensembles, students will get practical experience. Witness the musical creations of maestros, well-known conductors invited from both Japan and abroad. 

Students will explore a variety of ensemble formats, from solos and chamber music to concertos and other things, and overseas training is essential.

This course of study will enhance students’ abilities to work professionally in various disciplines, such as solo pianists, chamber musicians, and corépétiteurs. 

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5. Senzoku Gakuen College of Music

The Music and Acoustics Design Program, which has three main categories—”Music Arrangement,” “Acoustic Technology,” and “Media Contents”—offers the necessary skills under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors and focuses mostly on computer use, which is crucial for modern music production and makes the college rank among the best music schools in Japan. 

Students may focus on focusing in one topic or they may learn about a variety of fields in a well-balanced manner. Still, they must receive a solid education in the field they are most passionate about.

For goals like “composing music for movies and dramas,” “providing music by composing vocal music,” “becoming a recording engineer,” “becoming a PA engineer,” “becoming a media content producer,” or “working in music and film related occupations,” the necessary curriculum and substantial environment are available, with methods designed for results in short amounts of time. 

Lessons can be taken following the purposes of the pupils, and they can freely construct a curriculum to meet individual goals. Everything learned is advantageous and will undoubtedly be useful in the future.

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6. Toho College of Music 

The College of Music (School Corporation Mimurodo Gakuen: Educational Institute for Professional Music) consists of the following schools: junior high school, senior high school, junior college, Undergraduate college, and graduate college.

Lono College of Music Was established and was founded in 2004. Our school was incorporated in 1938. It was one of the best music schools in Japan.

Last year, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of our foundation. We have provided “one-on-one” instruction at our school from the beginning. This has allowed us to nurture the talents of each student individually, helping them to change into Graduate School students and exchange students in Junior College.

Would you like to join us at Iono College of Music and take a step forward together (toward your dream of Become a musician, music educator, or Instructor of a musical instrument? We will be waiting for you to step up to the challenge.

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Who Are The Notable Japanese Musicians from Music Schools in Japan?

Many Japanese musicians have graduated from famous and best music schools in Japan, and here are just some of them.

  • Yamada Kosaku (composer)
  • Ozawa Seiji (conductor)
  • Saori from Sekai no Owari (pianist in J-pop band)
  • Tsuneta Daiki and Iguchi Satoru of King Gnu (J-pop / fusion band)

How Can You Start Up A Career In Music?

There are numerous chances available to you after receiving your music degree, not just in Japan but other nations. You can begin a career in music as a singer, composer, lyricist, conductor, instrumentalist, or even a music teacher. 

Or perhaps start modestly by performing your songs in live music venues or bars in Japan. You never know; a job can be your future lucky charm. And, of course, with the popularity of social media, a famous performance clip and an active social media presence both help many aspiring musicians launch their careers.

One of the three remaining music corporations, the well-known Sony Music Entertainment agency, is located in Japan, the second-largest music market after the United States. 

Just in Japan, there are numerous rewarding prospects in the music business. Given that Japan already has a sizable domestic market, both Japanese artists and foreign musicians may choose not to pursue international success, depending on their objectives. 

Additionally, as the US has the largest music industry in the world, there are high opportunities abroad as well.


Henry Longfellow once said, “music is the universal language of mankind.” Several great music schools in Japan accept both Japanese and foreign students. This could be your chance to learn how to play music. 

Some institutions already work closely with the regional music industries in Japan, which is a huge benefit for both Japanese and international students who want to study music in Japan and pursue their dreams of becoming musicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you need to do music therapy?

You should have a degree in music, yet a degree in education or psychology may be acceptable if you possess a high musical ability.

Is a music therapy degree worth it?

Yes, it is.

Do music therapists have to sing?

Music therapists usually play at least one instrument and sing.

What degree is good for Music Production?

Bachelor’s Degree.


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