9 Best Music Schools in New Zealand in 2024 | How to Apply

Like any other region today, music is significantly expanding in New Zealand. The industry has a long list of outstanding performers who all contribute to its various areas, thereby allowing for a vast choice among the music schools in New Zealand. 

Even though music degrees are not particularly sought after there, they are nonetheless among the middle-ranked degrees nationwide and the best music schools in New Zealand. 

You’ve come to the perfect place if your musical adventure ever takes you to New Zealand or if you’re looking for a location to learn from any of the best music schools in New Zealand. 

Today, we’ll examine the top universities and colleges where you can get a degree through the best music schools in New Zealand. We’ll take you through the list, starting with the following subheads.

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Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand has several higher education institutions: universities, colleges, private institutions, and polytechnics. Eight universities in New Zealand offer high-quality education.

They rank all 8 universities within the QS World University, ranking them in the top 500. The highest ranked is the University of Auckland, which is in 85th place, followed by the University of Otago in 194th place.

One great advantage of studying in New Zealand is the unique approach to education. Students are encouraged to think individually and find their solutions, which is how many develop individual strengths and ideas while studying in the country.

You can study in New Zealand at all the traditional levels; undergraduate (bachelor’s), postgraduate (master’s), and doctoral (Ph.D.). There are options to gain specific qualifications, such as Graduate Diplomas and Honours. These types of studies generally last one year.

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What is the Cost of Studying & Living in New Zealand?

New Zealand uses the New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) as its currency.

Institutions in New Zealand are permitted to set their tuition fees. This means that your pay will differ depending on your institution of choice. International students can expect to pay between $22,000 and $32,000 for a bachelor’s degree and between $26,000 and $37,000 for a postgraduate course. 

However, your fees will likely be higher if you choose a course such as medicine, engineering, or veterinary science. All Ph.D. students pay the same $6,500 to $9,000 per year. For information about the cost of your specific course, contact your institution.

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What are the Best Music Schools in New Zealand in 2023?

#1. Ara Institute of Technology

One of the top universities in New Zealand to earn a degree in music is the Ara Institute of Technology, which offers a Bachelor of Music degree and is one of the best music schools in New Zealand.

The bachelor’s degree is offered to students with various specializations, including music performance, Music Creation, and Music Production.

Music Creation is a pathway that teaches students the fundamentals of writing music, including video game soundtracks, advertising jingles, and other types of music (a pathway that emphasizes the production of either live or recorded music).

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#2. Southern Institute of Technology

Next on the list is the Southern Institute of Technology, where students will be able to get opportunities to attain music degrees in their different available programs, one of the best music schools in New Zealand.

Studying there also exposes students to the practical aspect of things, as they will participate in weekly performances, organized tours, concerts, and performance workshops.

In the school’s words on their website, “you will be able to develop your musical talent further with our small class sizes, a one-on-one lesson for your major instrument, and fantastic performing and recording facilities.”

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#3. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

The Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology comes next with an opportunity to attain a Bachelor of Music Degree at the Institute.

The course is for individuals seeking a career as a musician, band member, sound engineer, songwriter, music producer, session musician, teacher, sound technician, or in other technical roles.

The School of Music has an award-winning arts and media facility that is up to date with recent technologies aimed at helping students get started on their journey to a creative career under the tutelage of experienced musicians, which is why it is one of the best music schools in New Zealand. 

The school also offers huge practical opportunities: “you’ll have the chance to play at gigs, create and record your music, take control as a sound engineer and show off your songwriting skills at end-of-semester concerts.”

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#4. Eastern Institute of Technology

Next on the list of the best music schools in New Zealand to get a music degree in New Zealand is the Eastern Institute of Technology.

The school offers a Diploma in Music (Level 5) degree for students looking forward to a career in Music.

During the program, students will be exposed to a wide range of learning, from learning how to incorporate useful software into performance, learning audio engineering, learning to write music, and also learning how to use social media to boost their professional profile as well as being open to getting available grants and scholarships.

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#5. The University of Waikato

At the University of Waikato, which is one of the best music schools in New Zealand, students can study music in the different available qualifications, which include a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Music, a Master of Art, a Master of Music, a Master of Philosophy in Music, and a Doctor of Philosophy.

Students also have access to various diploma and graduate certificate programs. Studying at Waikato sets up students for careers as advertisers, digital media producers, recording artists, broadcasters, Film Music composers or producers, composers, and performers.

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#6. University of Otago

Next on the list is the University of Otago, one of the best music schools in New Zealand, another yet prestigious University to attain a degree in music.

A degree from the school sets up students for careers in musical performance, the recording industry, opera, teaching, media, theater, music education, technology, and other related industries or roles.

For the Bachelor of Music degree in the school, there are no significant subjects, and the degree may even be completed without any specialization though there are three subject areas in the course of study, which include; Composition, Performance, and Music Production.

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#7. Massey University

Massey University wants students to come and learn how to perform, promote, and produce the “music of tomorrow” from an institute that is one of the best music schools in New Zealand.

The Bachelor of Commercial Music degree has three Majors: Music Industry, Music Technology, and Music Practice.

Students at the University also get trained by experienced professionals who are active in the music industry either as a performer, music recorders, producers, or in other related roles.

Aside from just the majors, students can also learn music content creation, online and media skills, organize and produce music events and experiences, and make and release recordings.

The school also has a degree opportunity in postgraduate research for a Bachelor of Commercial Music (Honours).

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#8. Victoria University of Wellington

The Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Music is one of the leading schools globally, aside from being one of the best music schools in New Zealand.

Calling itself the “country’s leader in music education,” the School of Music is the perfect place for students looking to study as performers, composers, producers, teachers, or even music therapists or technologists.

The school also has a range of high-quality music facilities, including practice rooms, keyboard laboratories, and professional-standard recording and electronic music studios. They have several courses available for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. 

For Undergraduate studies, they offer Classical performance, Instrumental/Vocal Composition, Music, Sonic Arts, Music Technology, Music Studies, and Popular Music Studies.

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#9. University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is one of the best music schools in New Zealand and ranks as one of the best for a music degree.

An Excerpt from their website points out that the School “is highly regarded nationally and internationally for its specialist facilities and high-caliber music educators.” 

They have a Bachelor of Music degree with specializations in Creative Practice: Classical, Creative Practice: Composition, Creative Practice: Jazz, Creative Practice: Popular Music, and Music Studies.

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With its top-notch schools and outstanding music programs, New Zealand is one of the top destinations for music graduates.

In light of this, enrolling in or applying to a school for your music degree shouldn’t be a low-quality experience.

All you have to do is choose a school that offers the course or program you’re interested in, ask any questions you may have, and then try to meet some current students who can share their experiences and explain how the school can help you achieve your musical goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are lessons dependent on weekends, public or school holidays?

No! Whether it’s the weekend, a public or school holiday, you decide when your music lesson takes place. In theory, we are open 24/7, and your lessons customize your living situation.

Which instruments can I learn?

We currently offer online lessons in singing, piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, trombone, songwriting, and music theory. In addition, we can offer you lessons in many other instruments of your choice. Contact the website or via info@mymusicschool.com


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