Best Music Schools in Norway in 2022 | All You Need to Know

The oldest operating music education facility in Norway is the music college, located at Majorstuen in Oslo, and is one of the best music schools in Norway. 

These universities offer bachelor’s degrees in composition, church music, jazz, folk music (executive and educational), classical (executive and educational), and composition, which makes them find a place among the best music schools in Norway.

It also offers a free master’s program. A board of directors will also be available to bachelors starting in the fall of 2011. 

All of these specializations, as well as music therapy and a certification in classical performance and composition, are all offered by the institution as master’s degrees as a part of the music schools in Norway.

The institution also provides a variety of year courses and continuing education programs. The organization also works on research and development projects related to musical topics.

These music schools in Norway is where some of Norway’s best musicians received their education.

This article will take you along the right path while making a choice of the best music schools in Norway. Let’s get started with the best music schools in Norway!

How Much Does It Cost To Attend The Norwegian Music School?

The Academy is Oslo’s biggest concert organizer, presenting approximately 300 concerts annually.

As is the case with all schools in the Norwegian educational system, the school is free of charge. Students can only be accepted by auditioning and other verifiable qualifications.

There are no additional tuition fees at the Norwegian Academy of Music. However, international students from a country outside the EU/EEA must pay a proof-of-funds deposit (approx. 121 000 NOK) to ensure that living expenses are covered for their academic year in Norway.

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What Are The Required Documents For Admission Into A Music School In Norway?

When applying for admission to the Norwegian State Academy of Music in Norway, you should prepare all required documents.

Request a list of necessary documents directly from a university, as it may vary for different countries. Using our live chat, you can also ask for sample documents.

  • TOEFL Certificate
  • Declaration for financial support
  • IELTS Certificate
  • Student visa
  • Resume/CV (graduate, postgraduate)
  • Motivation Letter
  • Application fee
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Letters of reccomendation (MA, PhD)
  • Online Application form
  • Research proposal outline (MA, PhD)
  • Supervisor Agreement Form (PhD)
  • Passport

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What Are The 5 Best Music Schools In Norway?

#1. Barratt Due Institute of Music

The Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo, Norway, is a music education institution founded in 1927 by pianist Mary Barratt Due and violinist Henrik Adam Due, one of the best music schools in Norway.

It is situated in Fagerborg in Oslo and is a private foundation that receives government funding for parts of its activities. 

The institute provides music education for many age groups, including infants and children, school-aged adolescents, and undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The institute’s motto is “From music kindergarten to concert podium,” which sums up the philosophy that constitutes the foundation of their education system. 

Children receive musical training from an early age, and students are offered education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, preparing them for a professional musical career and arena.

This education model has enabled Barratt Due to establish itself as an important institution and contribute largely to the Norwegian classical music industry at least for the past three generations.

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#2. Grieg Academy

The Grieg Academy (Norwegian: Griegakademiet) is a disputed historical term used to refer to the higher education music programs in Bergen, Norway (birthplace of composer Edvard Grieg), as well as various collaborations across music institutions in Bergen which makes the academy rank among the best music schools in Norway. 

However, since 2016, due to mergers between several Norwegian institutions, the structure of Grieg Academy has changed and its remaining components are expected to be a doctoral research school (Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies) and various research groups.

Due to an array of mergers, the background of “Grieg Academy” is complex. One prominent institution, which until recently has referred to itself in English as the “Grieg Institute” (or “Griegakademiet – Institutt for musikk” in Norwegian) is the music conservatory in Bergen, and a department of the University of Bergen (UiB).

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#3. Norwegian Academy of Music

The Norwegian Academy of Music (Norwegian: Norges musikkhøgskole, NMH) is a university-level music conservatory located in Oslo, Norway, in the neighbourhood of Majorstuen, Frogner. It is one of the largest and best music schools in Norway and offers the country’s highest level of music education.

As a specialized university (vitenskapelig høgskole), it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Throughout the years the Academy has educated many of Norway’s most renowned musicians.

The Norwegian Academy of Music educates performers, composers and pedagogues, and attempts to lay the foundation for research within various fields of music. It educates musicians within folk music genres, church music, classical music and, quite notably in later years, a string of successful performers within the jazz realm.

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#4. Ole Bull Academy

The Ole Bull Academy (Norwegian: Ole Bull Akademiet, established in 1977 in Voss, Norway) is a Norwegian music college that offers college-level courses on Norwegian folk music and folk dance and is one of the best music schools in Norway.

Today, the Academy educates about 700 students annually, and over 9000 students had taken a course at the Academy in 2003. Near the end of 2009, the figure was 12,000.

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#5. Oslo Conservatory of Music

The Lindeman Foundation administered the Conservatory of Music Archives until 2013, when they were transferred to the National Archives of Norway.

The archives consist of teaching records with student and teacher schedules, evening performances by students, the music conservatory society, and a series of a student leaving assessments.

It also contains some accounting records, including student payments and salary records. The materials cover the period from the school’s establishment in 1883 until it started being shut down in 1969/70.

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The majority of music schools in Norway decided to work together at some point to provide some of the best programs for students interested in the study of music.

You still have a wide range of school possibilities, though. They are dispersed among the many cantons. Perhaps this will make your choice for you easier.

We sincerely hope that we have aided you in your artistic path. Good fortune!

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