Top 10 Best Music Schools in Sweden in 2022

Are you looking for the best music schools in Sweden? Many international students all around the world now have the goal of studying in Sweden.

Sweden demonstrates that it prioritizes education as a key component of its economy by having an exceptional literacy rate of 99 percent. 

Due to the huge student influx every year, Sweden has earned a reputation as a center for education. 

This nation has one of the best educational systems in the world and schools that are inexpensive and of the highest caliber. 

It’s also intriguing to know that English is the language of choice in Sweden. They are the largest English-speaking nation that does not speak English as a first language.

Most of the best music schools in Sweden teach in the English Language. 

Why Study Music in Sweden?

In the world’s top three music exporters, after the US and the UK, Swedish music schools has grown significantly over time. 

Pop music and its history, including artists like Roxette, Robyn, and Roxette as well as Abba and Icona Pop, are loved by most of the country’s citizens. 

You probably recognize the song “show me love” if you’ve ever seen the movie Show me love. 

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10 Best Music Schools in Sweden in 2022

The following are the 10 best music schools in Sweden in the year 2022:

1). University of Uppsala

This school is one of the best music schools in Sweden. Twenty-seventh in Europe and seventy-seventh globally. This is the institution to attend with an acceptance rate of over 75%, a student body of over 32,000, and a percentage of 11% from abroad. 

When it comes to overall education and student experience, Uppsala University excels. And where better to study music than at a nation’s top university with such a remarkable musical heritage?

A wide range of music-related courses are offered by the school’s musicology department, which will support your musical career. For your enjoyment alone, there are more than forty courses. Although it is entirely taught in Swedish, they do offer a bachelor’s degree in musicology. 

From SEK 50,000 to SEK 72,500 is the range of tuition fees in Uppsala for all programs.

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2) KTH Royal Institute of Technology

It is ranked second out of the best music schools in Sweden, thirty-two in Europe, and ninety-nine globally in terms of music. 

This is school to be regarded with a 45 percent acceptance rate, more than 12,000 students, and a staff-to-student ratio of 7:1. 

It is the biggest technical university in Sweden and, according to our research, the second out of the best music schools in Sweden to study music.

EU/EEA students are usually not required to pay tuition at this institution. However, according to our research, international students are typically required to pay between SEK 150,000 and 200,000 year.

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3) Karolinska Institute

This institute is the 3rd out of the best music schools in Sweden , 41st in Europe and 146th in the world. It has an acceptance rate of about 46%. 

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4) Lund University

Lund University has continuously been rated as one of the top 100 universities in the world. More than 46,000 -50,000 pupils are enrolled there. 

Lund University’s Malmö campus is home to the music department. The Malmö Academy of Music is what it is known as. Students who want to become professional musicians, composers, music producers, or teachers can receive high-quality education and training there. 

Graduating from this academy will offer you an advantage to stand out in the extremely competitive field of music-making because it is a top institution with a focus on music and its research. 

For students outside the EU/EEA, the cost of tuition at the Malmö Academy of Music is approximately SEK 190,000.

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5) Örebro University

Since its separation from Uppsala University in 1977, Orebro University has proven itself to be competent. Its campus is home to about 17000 students, and it is ranked 84th out of the top 100 new colleges in the world. 

  The outstanding Orebro School of Music, Theater, and Arts is one of Rebro University’s greatest assets. 

 Orebro is renowned for having a thriving and busy music scene, and the school significantly contributes to that. 

The school, one of the best theaters in Sweden, supports it by supplying top-notch musicians and performers each year.

Their tuition costs about SEK 60,00

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6) University of Gothenburg

6,000 staff members and more than 37,000 students. One of the biggest universities in the Nordic region is Gothenburg University. The second-largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg, is where it is located. In the globe, it is ranked as the 134th best university. 

As a part of the Faculty of Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts, the Academy of Music and Drama is located. The Academy provides both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. These courses include classes in composition, church music performance, music and sound production, and classical performance. 

Depending on the program, tuition costs for students outside the EU/EEA range from roughly SEK 120,000.

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7) Stockholm University

One of Europe’s top centers for higher education and research, according to the school website.

It is no surprise that it is among the top 100 universities in the world and among the top best music schools in Sweden with a student body of over 71,000 because it is not only enormous in terms of population but also in its ability to continue producing some of the greatest graduates in every subject. 

For courses linked to music, the average tuition cost for students outside the EU/EEA is roughly SEK 35,000.

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8) Umea University

1500 courses are offered at Umea University. Furthermore, a substantial portion of them are only available in English. It has more over 34,000 students, making it one of Sweden’s major universities. 

It offers students looking to follow a musical career a strong education and experience, just like the other universities on the list. 

Students outside of the EU/EEA must pay tuition of between 93,000 and 364,500 Swedish crowns per year.

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9) Luleå University of Technology

Currently, this university is growing quickly and starting to compete with its counterparts for international renown. 

Given the school’s development and age, its current global ranking of 760 is remarkable.

It qualified for our list of the Best Music Schools in Sweden since it can offer top-notch facilities and lectures using the most up-to-date technologies. 

Musicians and educators from all genres are trained at the Lulea School of Music. 

This university has very affordable tuition. You can begin with a budget of less than SEK 50,000.

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10) Chalmers University of Technology

Due to its enormous credibility in the media, Chalmers is thought to be the most well-known university in Sweden. All of the programs are presented in English, which further distinguishes it. 

It boasts a music program that is highly regarded and is listed among the best music schools in Sweden and in the world.

Over SEK 250,000 is charged in tuition, which is fairly expensive.

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Top Cheap Schools in Sweden for International Student 

They claim that education is equally crucial as air. However, not everyone has the opportunity to receive a decent education, and those who do tend to favor studying abroad in other nations. The question of which university is the least expensive for overseas students still stands.

The ten cheap schools in Sweden that are also part of the best music schools in Sweden for international students are shown below: 

1) University of Uppsala

One of Sweden’s cheap schools and best music schools In Sweden for international students is Uppsala University. The earliest university in the Nordic region was established in 1477. This university is situated in Sweden’s Uppsala.

For undergraduate and postgraduate applicants, the tuition rate ranges from $5,700 to $8,300 USD every semester, or roughly $12,000 to $18,000 USD per year.

For students who are paying tuition, there is still a SEK 900 application cost. Without respect to citizenship, PhD programs are free.

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2) KTH Technology Royal Institute

One of the cheap schools in Sweden for international student is KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

It is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. Scandinavia’s capital and the site of the Nobel Prize.With more than 18,000 admitted students, KTH Royal Institute of Technology is in the top 200 universities for educational quality.

These universities also provide affordable admission to students from outside. Undergraduate tuition for international students is $41,700 annually, whilst postgraduate tuition ranges from $17,700 to $59,200 year. Despite the fact that master’s programs might differ. 

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3) College of Lund

The cost of tuition at Lund for undergraduate students from non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss countries ranges from $34,200 to $68,300 year, while it ranges from $13,700 to $47,800 annually for graduate students from non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss countries.

You must pay 900 SEK for the application. Students on exchange programs from other countries do not pay. 

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4) University of Malmö

It’s most renowned for being a research university. There are five faculties there, from the arts to the sciences.

For international students, this institution is one of the ten best music schools in Sweden and most affordable universities in Sweden.

Where there is no EU (European Union), EEA (European Economic Area), or Switzerland, undergraduate tuition ranges from $26,800 to $48,400 per year, while postgraduate tuition ranges from $9,100 to $51,200 per year.

There is also a SEK 900 application fee.

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5) University of Dalarna

For undergraduate and graduate students, the tuition ranges from $5,000 to $8,000 per semester for those who are not citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland.

There is also an application fee of SEK 900.

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6) University of Stockholm

This institution goes above and beyond to assist students with their academic and extracurricular needs.

Students from non-EU (European Union), non-EEA (European Economic Area), and non-Swiss countries now pay tuition fees ranging from $10,200 to $15,900 year, plus an application cost of SEK 900.

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7) University of Karolinska

Karolinska Institute, which allows foreign students at a low and affordable price, is included on our list of the most affordable universities in Sweden for international students.

Undergraduate tuition for students who are not from the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland runs from $20,500 to $22,800 annually, while graduate tuition is $22,800 annually.

Additionally, a 900 SEK application fee is necessary.

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8)Technology Institute of Blekinge

It can be found in the Swedish Blekinge towns of Karlskrona and Karlshamn. 

The annual undergraduate tuition charge for students who are not from the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland is $11,400. Costs for graduates vary. The application fee is still 900 SEK.

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9) University of Technology Chalmers 

This university is among the best music schools in Sweden and it’s very affordable for foreign students; undergraduates from non-EU (European Union), non-EEA (European Economic Area), and non-Swiss countries pay $31,900 to $43,300 each program, while graduates pay $31,900 to $43,300 per program in tuition. 

You must pay 900 SEK for the application. If you’re looking for an affordable university in Sweden, it’s also a good idea to apply to and the research Chalmers University of Technology.

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10) Mälardalen College and University

This university is listed among the top ten best music schools in Sweden for foreign students, being one of the largest institutions of learning in Sweden and having enough room to house both domestic and foreign students.

There is a tuition fee of between $11,200 and $26,200 per year for undergraduate students who are not citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland. Graduate tuition fees also vary. 900 SEK will also be required as an application fee.

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 These schools also provide bachelor’s degree in music production.

Sweden Music Education

Some years, music is taught; other years, it is not. At least 230 hours of music training should be provided in primary school over the course of nine years (out of a total of guaranteed hours of instruction of 6,665). 

Students may elect to enroll in lessons that place a particular emphasis on music from their seventh to ninth year of obligatory school. They will continue with their sweden music education while also taking courses in music theory, ensemble playing, singing, and instrument playing.

A few schools additionally provide prolonged Sweden music education at the lower levels of compulsory education.

  Many students with a passion for music choose to spend one or two years after upper secondary school in a people’s college offering a music program in order to prepare for the entrance exams at university music schools. 

Swedish municipal music and art schools have a sophisticated system that should be noted. 

Music Courses in Sweden for International Students

There are several music courses offered in the best music schools in Sweden for international students . They include:

  • Bachelor in Chamber Music
  • 2)BM in Music, Symphony Orchestra instrument
  • Folk Music/ Art Music
  • Master degree in Chamber Opera
  • Master’s program in Musicology
  • Master’s degree in Music Composition
  • Master’s programme in Music Interpretation Diploma
  • Master Programme in Church Music,Arrangement and Composition
  • Sound and Vibration 
  • Music, Organ, and related Keyboard instruments 
  • Church Music, Organ, and Keyboard instruments. 


These best music schools in Sweden are dedicated to providing you with the best possible training you could ever wish for.

Some offer scholarships, while some don’t. A few are quite expensive, while some are more affordable. No matter the price you pay to attend any of these schools, it’s guaranteed to be worth it.

Feel free also to check out other universities. Sweden is blessed with top-notch universities; many others not featured here are worth every single bit of your money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn music?

The most popular degree is a bachelor’s degree in music (BM), which typically requires four years to finish. It may cover concentrations in composition, history, theory, jazz studies, music production, church music, and technology. Music theory, history, and performance make up the majority of the curriculum.

Is it a smart idea to study in Sweden

You’ll receive an excellent education. International students have a world of opportunities when they choose to study in Sweden. Sweden’s universities consistently rank among the top universities in the world on international rating lists.

I don’t speak Swedish. Can I still study in Sweden?

The good news is that you can function in Sweden at school and daily without knowing any Swedish. In Sweden, you can pursue a full undergraduate degree, a semester or academic year of study, or even a postgraduate

Which genre of music is favored in Sweden?

Pop is the most often heard musical style in Sweden. A 2020 survey yielded this conclusion. According to 45% of survey participants, rock is the second most preferred genre. Less than 10% of respondents liked traditional folk music, and even fewer liked modern and art music.

How much does it cost to study music in Sweden??

For EU/EEA students, tuition is as usual free at this institution; nevertheless, based on our research, we estimate that international students should budget between SEK 150,000 and 200,000 annually.


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