Top 10 Nail Tech Schools in Florida in 2024 | How to Apply


You’ve decided to train as a nail technician to jumpstart your beauty business career. 

Given the strong and rising demand for professionals in Florida’s beauty sector, this is a great career choice. Where do you begin now that you’ve chosen your new course?


You must first obtain your formal license from the state of Florida. You must complete the necessary training hours at a Florida nail technician school or an accredited cosmetology school. The student must then pass the state exams for them to continue.

These are necessary since nail technicians must adhere to specific regulations for their health and safety. 


But this is a very achievable objective and one of the most affordable ways to launch your career in the beauty sector.

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Are there Nail Tech Schools in Florida?

There are many nail tech schools in Florida, and some of them include:

  • Boca Beauty Academy.
  • Kaizen Beauty Academy
  • The Parisian Spa Institute
  • Florida Academy
  • Hollywood Institute
  • Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy
  • Hollywood Beauty Academy
  • The Florida Academy of Beauty
  • The American Institute of Beauty
  • World of Beauty Academy

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How Does One Become a Nail Tech in Florida?

To practice as a nail technician in Florida, you must:

  • Either be at least 16 years old or possess a high school diploma.
  • Possess a Social Security number.
  • Must have finished the 240-hour Florida nail program required for licensure.
  • Possess a certificate from your school proving completion of a 4-hour HIV/AIDS course within the last two years before submitting your license application.
  • You must fill out the appropriate Certification of Eligibility forms.
  • Pay the appropriate sum.

You might be qualified for endorsement in Florida if you already have a nail technician license from another state, Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico. 

Additionally, there is a different application procedure for active duty service members, veterans, and military spouses. Apprenticeships are not permitted in Florida for the licensing of nail technicians.

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What are the Best Nail Tech Schools in Florida?

Below are the top 10 best nail tech schools in Florida:

1. Boca Beauty Academy

Even the busiest students can find a program at Boca Beauty Academy that works with their schedule, thanks to its day, evening, and Saturday options. New students don’t have to wait long to start because new classes start each month.

They offer other funding choices for those who need assistance paying for their classes. Students will learn how to paint, sculpt, and design using the most recent methods over their 240 hours of clock training. 

Students will receive training in gamma nail technique and spa and aromatherapy treatments for clients who want a little extra pampering along with their nail care visit. 

They will also learn how to apply acrylics, gels, silk wraps, and other extensions.

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2. Kaizen Beauty Academy

The 240-hour program at Kaizen Beauty Academy aims to provide students with knowledge in every facet of nail technology, including:

  • client communication,
  • human relations,
  • infection prevention,
  • first aid,
  • technology courses, and
  • business management.

Students will be prepared to register for their state licensing once they complete training, including clinical service and the final exam. 

To provide the safest nail care experience for their prospective clients, infection control training includes a four-hour AIDS/HIV prevention session.

Additionally, they will learn about Florida’s criteria for business owners and the legislation that Florida’s nail technicians must follow.

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3. The Parisian Spa Institute

The programs offered by the Parisian Spa Institute include 300 hours of intensive training in the following subjects:

  • acrylics,
  • soakable gels,
  • equipment safety,
  • Spa treatments.
  • Management.

In addition to these fundamental subjects, students will also learn about the most recent nail art styles and how to apply enhancements and extensions properly. 

Financial status is not a barrier to continuing education because the institution can offer qualifying students federal financial aid and Pell Grants.

Once eligible for state licensure, students can enroll in additional cosmetology, massage therapy, and skin care courses if they wish to continue their studies.

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4. Hollywood Institute

You will gain much more from training at the Hollywood Institute or Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers than just a license and a certification.

When you join this school, you’ll take advantage of a dynamic environment with many networking opportunities and other benefits.

With your practical training in the H.I. Salon & Spa, you will learn how to welcome, converse with, service, sell products, and rebook your clients. 

This includes Milady Pro instruction and Nouveau Nail education, as well as lectures and live demos from masters in the industry.

They teach students how to present themselves professionally in beauty, health, and wellness.

All their nail technology students are given a professional kit full of supplies so they can practice their hands-on training and become familiar with the business.

This program does not require passing a state board exam. You leave the program with a license and are prepared to work in the real world.

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5. Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy

Want to work in the beauty industry and do what you love more quickly? You can showcase your artistic talent as a certified nail specialist in Florida. 

You can acquire the knowledge required to obtain a license as a beauty professional as part of this school’s nail technician program.

Whether you choose a full-time or part-time plan, you can finish the 300-clock-hour program in as little as 9 to 15 weeks. A nail design and art career may be appropriate if you love doing your nails.

Whatever program they select, their goal is to assist aspiring beauty professionals in learning how to begin a successful career. 

As part of their nail technician curriculum, you can learn various manicuring and pedicuring techniques, including natural manicures and artificial nails like acrylics.

If you want to succeed as a beauty expert, there are more aspects of nail technology to understand than just nail art. 

You can learn about the rules and ordinances governing operating a nail salon and the sanitation procedures required to maintain the efficiency of your nail company as part of the program.

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6. Hollywood Beauty Academy

You will receive complete training from Hollywood Beauty Academy to work in a nail salon or open your own business. 

Each module starts with theory and moves on to practical instruction. Anatomy, manicuring, pedicuring, nail resin systems, gel, essential nail art, sanitation, and salon management are among the modules.

No prior knowledge is necessary. Before enrolling, potential students must pass English in the tenth grade. There is no need for a high school diploma or GED.

There are 180 hours in the course. In two months, if you attend classes two days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, you will finish the course (9 weeks).

Instruction in English is available Monday through Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Spanish classes are held from 9 am to 9 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. 

To create their schedules, students might consult their instructor (e.g., if students can only attend during the day or at night).

You will take a test with the lead teachers after the course. You are not required to take the state exam.

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7. American Institute of Beauty

You must have a keen eye for detail, a passion for fashion and art, and a desire to enter the beauty industry to pursue a nail tech course. 

If you enjoy keeping up with the latest nail trends on Instagram, you should think about pursuing a career in nail artistry. 

The American Institute of Beauty’s (AIB) nail technology program might be the perfect place to start. Discover the details of maintaining natural nails, applying gel or artificial nails, using encapsulations, creating nail art, and more!

Like you, they’re entirely enamored with nail art fads like stiletto nails and encapsulating. They continually instruct various nail tech skills, techniques, and trends since they like to be at the forefront of movement and styles. 

At AIB, they are aware that learning a new skill effectively requires practice. Their students can train alongside educators with decades of combined expertise and hands-on experience by using their newly acquired abilities in the school salon.

Before they enter the nail industry, the school tries to introduce their students to professional-grade products. Because of this, they’ve teamed up with Gelish®.

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7. The World of Beauty Academy

The best hand accessories are strong, gorgeous nails. Attending the nail tech program at Orlando, Florida’s World of Beauty Academy will teach you how to treat nails professionally. 

The nail specialty course covers all you need to know to be licensed to work in the state, from polish to manicures. 

The 180-hour course is simple to combine with their other training programs. Enroll in their program today to go one step closer to achieving your career goals in beauty.

The nail specialist program aims to give you the skills you need to become licensed to practice professionally. 

Along with the essential safety and hygienic practices, they teach the proper methods for shaping and polishing nails. 

You also learn how to use the tools and supplies used in professional manicuring procedures. 

Additionally, the students are taught how to differentiate between the fundamental varieties of artificial, sculpted, and nail extension styles.

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8. The Florida Academy of Beauty

Florida Academy of Beauty provides quality instruction and training in cosmetology, nail technology, barbering, styling, natural hair braiding, and full specialist.

Two hundred forty (240) hours of instruction in professional nail care’s art, science, and business make up the nail technician course. 

The importance of a comprehensive, full-service strategy appropriate for the contemporary salon setting is emphasized. 

Nail sculpting, nail tipping, nail wrapping, and basic manicuring and pedicuring are all addressed. 

The student will learn “theory” (textbook and lecture-oriented material), “classroom/practical,” “clinical,” and “real client” experiences. 

The student is assisted in gaining experience in this course that is intended to help them develop and refine the skills they have already learned and prepare for the development of the speed, confidence, salesmanship, customer relationship skills, and professionalism necessary for success in a salon environment.

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9. Florida Academy

While training in this school’s upmarket salon, find your passion. Why attend school when you can receive your training in a stunning, upscale salon? 

You will receive practical, industry-recognized training as a nail technician at Florida Academy’s Redken Premier School, enabling you to:

  • Offer specialized nail services like manicures and pedicures.
  • Learn the newest nail designs and artistic techniques to demonstrate your talent.
  • Gain marketing and communication skills while serving clients on Florida Academy’s luxury salon floor to draw in repeat customers and grow your business through word-of-mouth recommendations.

The best beauty experts in Southwest Florida will instruct you as they bring years of practical salon experience to the nail technician curriculum. 

You can get ready to start a rewarding new job as a nail technician and take advantage of the expanding prospects in the beauty sector in as little as two months.

You can apply for your license with Florida after finishing the accredited program and passing the final exam. 

This will enable you to provide services to clients in a range of environments, including spas, resorts, nail salons, and hair salons. Nail technicians may work for themselves. 

Approximately three out of ten professionals, many of whom own their nail salon businesses, are self-employed, according to O*Net OnLine.

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How Long is Nail Tech School in Florida?

In Florida, a nail technician program takes 240 hours to finish.

Starting a career as a nail specialist requires training. Therefore, it’s critical to pick the best program for you. 

Ensure the program is accredited and approved by the Florida Board of Cosmetology, a Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation division, before choosing a school.

Your education must include a minimum of 240 credit hours of instruction in both theory and practice, covering subjects like:

  • Ethics
  • Florida laws and rules
  • Manicuring techniques
  • Nail fill-ins and repairs
  • Nail theory and practice
  • Nail wraps
  • Pedicuring techniques
  • Polishing and nail art
  • Removal of artificial nails
  • Sanitation
  • Sculpting
  • Tips with an overlay

What is the Cost of a Nail Tech School in Florida?

According to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, Florida’s best nail salon training programs range between $3,000 and $10,000. (AACS).

Many programs have a price range of $3,000 to $7,000. (including tuition, fees, books, and supplies).

The actual cost is frequently determined by the program’s content and the number of program hours.

The first exam, applications, and licensure may additionally demand between $100 and $200. Most states require license renewal every two years, ranging from $25 to $100.

However, a few of these North Carolina nail technician schools offer financial assistance to their students. AACS-member institutions offer grants and financial aid.

How Much Do Nail Techs Make in Florida?

Nail technologists in Florida have some of the best earnings in the U.S. for nail technologists, with annual salaries ranging from $27,000 to $43,000. 

The typical entry-level salary is just in the early $20,000s, but with experience, this figure rises to a median of well over $45,000. 

Florida has an extensive travel industry, which is one of the factors contributing to this excellent pay rate.

Cruise ship customers frequently want a little pampering before a night out. Therefore, the state’s fantastic tourism undoubtedly helps the employment situation in this sector. 

Even better, for the next eight years, this profession is expected to grow by roughly 10%, so job security won’t be an issue.


Why not start immediately now that you know how simple it is to become a nail technician in Florida and how lucrative your current career path may be? 

See how quickly you may become qualified and licensed beauty industry professionals by contacting the colleges mentioned above.

Profit from Florida’s thriving tourism sector and develop a clientele of residents for the rest of the year. If you own your firm, you may even be your boss. Why then wait? Start now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do nails from home in Florida?

Yes, as long as they adhere to the conditions established in 61G5-20.002 Salon Requirements, residential salons are permitted in Florida.

Is it illegal to do nails without a license in Florida?

Salons offering any cosmetology service in Florida must hold a license issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

Can you be a mobile nail tech in Florida?

Yes. Before mobile cosmetologists can begin operations, a Florida cosmetology salon license must be issued and made available for posting. 


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