Top 10 Nail Tech Schools in Georgia in 2024

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Nothing calms you down like a decent manicure and pedicure after a long day on your feet. As a nail technician, you have the chance to provide a relaxing space for your clients to unwind while getting stunning nails as a nail technician.

You can put your cosmetology abilities to use in Georgia by adding artificial nails, making nail art using foil transfers, or simply softening someone’s hard heels.

What more could you want than to spend your workday in a lively, cheery environment focused on wellness, beauty, and fashion? 

You can choose to spend each day as a manicurist in Georgia, either working on your schedule from your booth or collaborating with other qualified beauty experts in serene salons and spas.

In Georgia, working as a nail technician is a fantastic job choice. You can graduate at a low cost and start working while continuing your cosmetology education.

However, there are some conditions you must meet before you can start living your life in this brand-new, in-demand position. 

Read on to find out how long it takes to complete nail technician training, which schools in the state are the best, and your chances of finding work in this profitable industry.

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Are there Nail Tech Schools in Georgia?

There are many nail tech schools in Georgia, and some of them include:

  • Georgia Beauty School, Inc.
  • Georgia Beauty Academy
  • Elaine Sterling Institute
  • Georgia Career Institute
  • International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy
  • Albany Beauty Academy
  • Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy
  • CEI Hair Schools
  • Dalton Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology
  • Lovett Beauty School

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How Does One Become a Nail Tech in Georgia?

As a nail technician, you will focus on maintaining the health and appearance of your nails. Obtaining your Georgia Board of Cosmetology nail technician license is the first step toward becoming a manicurist and pedicurist. 

Follow these easy steps for guidance on how to become a manicurist in Georgia:

Complete Academic Requirements

You must finish a 525-hour manicurist program over four (4) months to satisfy the educational criteria established by the Georgia Board of Cosmetology.

Examining the Technician

You may take the competence examinations provided that you have accrued 525 credit hours during four months. 

The Georgia Nail Technician Examination is given in Georgia by the testing company PSI Services. The practical and conceptual exams are the two components of this test.

Apply for a License as a Nail Technician.

You can apply for your license once you have satisfied the educational and exam criteria!

All you have to do is apply online or mail in the completed paper application form. Along with the application form, you must send the following items:

  • $30.00 Application Fee
  • Citizenship/Qualified Alien Status
  • Notarized Application
  • Application in a 9×12 envelope

Find Work and Pursue Education to Keep Your License Active.

Salons will let you hire their booths as a manicurist for a monthly charge. A booth rental from a salon can frequently expand your audience base and bring in customers who come for other salon-offered beauty services. 

Sometimes, a salon will even hire you with benefits and a minimum wage, enabling you to make both a salary and tips.

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What are the Best Nail Tech Schools in Georgia?

The nail tech schools that are considered the best in Georgia are:

1. Georgia Beauty School, Inc.

Georgia Beauty School students will receive a foundational education in:

  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • nail repairs
  • extensions
  • gel nails
  • fills
  • tips
  • safe use of the electric drill
  • basic nail art

It is incredibly inexpensive, with a $2,000 tuition fee and a $200 rebate for total one-time payments. 

This is one of the quickest and least expensive nail technician programs in the US because it takes just 4 months and 525 hours to complete.

Students will still be able to maintain an active social life or continue working while pursuing their new job because school hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Monday through Wednesday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Thursday and Friday.

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2. Georgia Beauty Academy

If they are eligible for financial aid, which most students are, Georgia Beauty Academy offers courses in master’s cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology, and educator training. 

In addition to the fundamentals of manicures and pedicures, students of nail technology will master other procedures, such as:

  • spa manicure
  • paraffin wax
  • nail extension
  • acrylics
  • gel polishes
  • silk and fiberglass wraps
  • 3D nail art with multiple techniques
  • reflexology and hot stone therapy
  • nail pathology
  • and even field trips for students who want to learn more advanced nail care techniques.

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3. Elaine Sterling Institute

The Georgia State Board of Cosmetology examination, as well as preparing students for their first job at a salon or spa, are two goals of the nail care curriculum at the Elaine Sterling Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. 

This school needs skilled nail technicians who can offer innovative and novel nail care solutions, mainly promoting fresh artistic styles.

The program offers day and evening schedules and teaches the fundamentals of nail care, manicures, and pedicures so that students can fit their education into their busy schedules. 

The 600-hour course, which includes the nail care equipment, costs a little over $9,000 and takes 6.5 to 8 months to finish.

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3. Georgia Career Institute

The Institute focuses on teaching you the skills you need to develop a successful career, not merely preparing you for your licensure examinations. 

Their courses are created to go well beyond the fundamentals and help you understand what it takes to become an expert in your area.

Their students’ uniqueness and self-expression are encouraged through progressive instructional techniques. 

Their efforts focus on helping the interested, eager, and responsive student who understands the value of receiving a top-notch, thorough education.

The Nail Technology Program at the Institute lasts around six months during the day and nine months at night to complete. 

From the fundamentals of manicures to more advanced nail enhancements and art, you will learn all you need to get a job in this in-demand industry.

An introduction to reflexology and essential Aromatherapy is also included in this program.

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4. International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy

The International School of Skin, Nailcare, and Massage Therapy’s Nail Care Program is a 600-hour/credit course that leads students through a set of learning processes in a sequential order while addressing the particular talents this profession requires. 

Their teachers collaborate closely with the students, imparting information, subject-matter expertise, and practical experience.

Students who join this program gain knowledge beyond what is necessary to pass the state board test. 

Thanks to their exclusive partnership with MediNail Learning Center, those interested in learning more about how the nail care sector is tied to podiatry can continue their studies.

Students can learn more about the subjects covered in pedicure and manicure schools through classes offered by Medicaid. 

Students who complete the Medicaid Advanced Technology curriculum proceed to the M-ANT (Certified MediNail-Advanced Nail Technologist) program. 

This program is intended for salon-based nail technicians who have completed advanced training and want to strengthen their credentials. 

Students taking the M-ANT course can study on the go or online using any device.

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5. Albany Beauty Academy

Six hundred clock hours of practical operations and technical instruction in the art and science of spa manicuring make up the curriculum for students participating in the Nail Technician program, which will, at a minimum, comprise the State-mandated topic hours shown in the chart below. 

The course equips the student with the information and abilities required for an entry-level spa manicurist or nail technician in the wellness and beauty sector. 

Students will study basic manicures, pedicures, acrylic, gel, wrap, and nail tip application techniques and the State Board’s hygiene, safety, and disinfection standards. 

Creating a “customized spa experience” will be emphasized as students study spa consultation for nail services. 

This study program meets the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers education’s standards.

This course has 75 more hours than what the state mandates. They think extra time spent on hygiene, disinfection, and nail improvements helps their graduates pass the state exam and find employment.

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6. Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy

The 600-hour Nail Technician program includes theory and practical instruction in the arts and sciences of nail technology, such as retailing, equipment maintenance, company management, sculptured nails, artificial nails, airbrush methods, paraffin treatments, and more.

The objectives of the school are:

  • To increase knowledge, comprehension, skill, and appreciation of nail arts and sciences theory and practice.
  • To practice routinely using the best sanitation practices to prevent needless exposure of customers to dangerous microorganisms.
  • Should become proficient in a variety of fundamental and advanced nail care techniques to satisfy market requirements and novel treatments.
  • Must be aware of the value of personalized care and client relationships.
  • To aid the student in getting ready for the state board exams, needed to get a practice license.
  • To get students ready for entry-level positions in the workforce.

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7. CEI Hair Schools

In accordance with Georgia’s State Board of Cosmetology requirements, CEI provides 525 hours of instruction. 

The demanding certification program combines theory and hands-on instruction to prepare you for the state’s licensing test. 

This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in their chosen field, including the ability to shape nails, condition cuticles, apply nail polish, massage hands and feet, and apply paint.

Each student is motivated to succeed and produce notable achievements by the ingenuity of their educators, who are qualified professionals in the field. 

Graduates of CEI develop into well-rounded professionals who can offer their clients an exceptionally high level of service.

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8. Dalton Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology

The Nail Technology program’s curriculum will go above and above the minimum requirements mandated by the state of Georgia. It will offer 600 hours of hands-on training and technical teaching covering every industry facet. 

Up until they have accrued 600 hours, students attend daytime classes.

Their Nail Technology Curriculum includes:

  • History and Opportunities
  • Life Skills
  • Your Professional Image
  • Communicating for Success
  • Infection Control: Principles and Practice
  • General Anatomy and Physiology
  • Skin Structure and Growth
  • Nail Structure and Growth
  • Nail Diseases and Disorders
  • Basics of Chemistry
  • Nail Product Chemistry Simplified
  • Basics of Electricity
  • Manicuring
  • Pedicuring
  • Electronic Filing
  • Nail Tips, Wraps, and No-Light Gels
  • Acrylic Nail Enhancements
  • UV Gels
  • The Creative Touch
  • Seeking Employment
  • On the Job
  • The Salon Business

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9. Lovett Beauty School

A 525-hour program is required for nail technology. Through training in Georgia cosmetology law and standards and specialized knowledge of the nails and related chemistry, bacteriology, anatomy, physiology, and other topics, the course is intended to help students improve their theory and practical abilities in the nail care sector. 

The techniques for manicures, pedicures, tips and overlays, nail sculpting using a form, nail filling, artificial nail removal, nail polishing, and nail art will all be covered in class. 

Additionally, students will learn how to maintain a professional demeanor, outlook, and conduct to build a fulfilling and fruitful career as a nail technician.

With the help of this course, students will be ready to meet the Georgia state standards for a nail specialist license and work successfully in the modern beauty sector. Students who complete this course will be eligible to:

1. As a nail technician, maintain a positive attitude and professional demeanor.

2. Effectively communicate with clients, coworkers, and superiors.

3. Provide the services listed in this course.

4. Provide clients with genuine, competent, and informed advice.

5. Make wise choices and take appropriate action to resolve issues that arise at work.

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How Long is Nail Tech School in Georgia?

You must enroll in a program that the state has approved in Georgia to obtain your license. 

At least 525 hours of instruction are required. Get additional information on the schedules, training hour requirements, and client work opportunities at various schools by requesting information from them. 

This might assist you in selecting a school from your shortlist that best meets your career objectives.

Following graduation from a Georgia nail school, you can register with the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers to take your license examinations. 

After you pass both examinations and demonstrate that you have satisfied their training requirements, they provide you with a license.

Different license classifications in Georgia have other renewal requirements. In years with even numbers, master cosmetologists must renew by March 31. 

By June 30 of every odd-numbered year, cosmetology instructors, esthetician instructors, nail technician instructors, and barber instructors must renew their licenses. 

The renewal deadline for nail technicians and estheticians is August 31 of every odd-numbered year. You must complete five hours of continuing education each two-year renewal cycle.

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How Much is Nail Tech School in Georgia?

According to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, the best nail schools in Georgia charge between $3,000 and $10,000 for their nail technician training courses (AACS).

Many programs typically cost between $3,000 and $7,000. (including tuition, fees, books, and supplies).

The actual cost is typically determined by the program’s curriculum and the number of program hours.

The first exam, application, and license charges could range from $100 to $200. Most states require license renewal every two years, which can cost anything from $25 to $100.

However, some of these Georgia nail technician schools provide their student’s financial aid. AACS member institutions offer grants and financial help.

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How Much Do Nail Techs Make in Georgia?

Nail technology employment offers much flexibility, so you can develop and broaden your career in any way you like. 

Working in a walk-in nail salon that caters to clients of different ages and fashions may be the best way to gain as much diverse experience as possible. 

From there, you might start your nail salon or work for yourself by renting a chair at a neighborhood spa. 

Because nail shops are frequently open on the weekends and after hours, you have some schedule flexibility. 

Georgia nail technicians can see job growth in this sector. CareerOneStop projects a 16% increase in manicurist job vacancies between 2016 and 2026. (2020). 

Currently, the average yearly salary for manicurists in Georgia is $28,690. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020).

With those who work for high-end hotels or politicians earning the median income and entry-level techs at big-name nail salons earning the base rate, individuals who open their salons typically make the top salaries in the industry. 

However, tips are included to base pay in all locations to increase earnings.

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Why wait to start when the future in Georgia for nail technicians has never been brighter? Contact your local schools to learn how simple it is to begin now that you know the training needed and how to obtain the most outstanding education possible.

Most nail technician schools provide federal Title IV financial help in addition to local and international organizations’ scholarships. 

Therefore, you could even complete your education without accruing debt from student loans or having financial difficulties. 

Imagine beginning your new job in just six months, with little to no debt and one of the highest salaries in the United States for your trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a nail tech in Georgia?

It takes about 525 school hours to become a nail tech in Georgia

Do you need a license to do nails in GA?

Yes, you required a license to be able to operate a nail salon in Georgia

What qualifications do I need to teach nails in Georgia?

A recognized credential, such as the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology, is required to become a fully qualified nail technician.

Do I need a qualification to be a nail tech in Georgia?

Although formal education is not often required, nail technicians should have at least basic training or experience with nail treatments.


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