Top 10 Nail Tech Schools in Kansas in 2023 | How to Apply

Explore our comprehensive guide to the top 10 nail tech schools in Kansas in 2023. Learn how to apply and discover the best institutions for nail technician education at the best nail tech schools in Kansas. Kickstart your career in the nail industry with quality training and hands-on experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pursue your passion for nail technology in Kansas!

There are so many programs today that it can be tough to figure out which is the right one for you. With more and more schools offering online options, you might be able to enroll in a fantastic program on the other side of the country. Furthermore, there are a large number of trade schools that provide fast-track entry into many fields.

We’ve compiled a list of Kansas’s best nail tech schools to help you see some of the educational options available. 

Our analysis looked at ten schools in Kansas to see which programs offered the best value experiences for nail tech students to identify those quality schools that are more affordable than some of their counterparts.

This ranking is more than just a list of low-cost schools. We also consider each school’s quality because we believe that a low-quality school is never a “bargain.”

Our quality score is reduced by the published tuition and fees charged by the given college. This gives each college’s cost per unit of quality—the better the value, the more quality your dollar buys.

Therefore, the ball is in your court to choose from the options available for the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

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What are the Kansas Hair and Nail Professional Employment Levels?

In Kansas, there were far more hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists employed than manicurists. Three thousand four hundred twenty cosmetology professionals worked in the state in 2013. In contrast, Kansas that year used 140 manicurists.

The Kansas City region was home to most of the state’s cosmetologists. These professionals made up almost 43% of the workforce. Wichita had the next-highest concentration of these hair and nail salon professionals. There were 23.4% of cosmetology experts working there.

What are the Requirements for Nail Tech Schools in Kansas and License?

Can you picture having a job where you get to use your skills, creativity, and fun daily while also having the security of knowing that your career is progressing? In Kansas, you can work as a pedicurist and manicurist.

The Kansas Labor Information Center predicts that the demand for manicurists and pedicurists will increase by 10.8% by 2020, so it is always encouraged to keep up with the most recent nail fashion trends and techniques.

Follow these simple steps for guidance on how to satisfy the Kansas manicurist license requirements:

1. Graduate from Nail Technician School

The first requirement for a license in Kansas is to complete 350 hours of nail technician training. You can learn the ins and outs of the beauty industry from these quick and enjoyable programs. You will gain knowledge of all aspects of nails, including theory, application, and business operations, ensuring your success as a manicurist and pedicurist in the state.

To stay up to date with nail beauty, trends, and techniques, remember that many beauty schools offer continuing education that you can benefit from.

2. Pass ErgoMetrics Exams

The National Testing Network-administered ErgoMetrics Kansas Cosmetology exam is the second step you must pass. In response to your request, your beauty school will direct you to register for the exam online and provide you with a temporary password.

You must be seventeen (17) years old and within eighty (80) days of finishing nail technician school to register for this exam. You must have completed your program by the time you sit for the exam.

Make sure to read the Exam Preparation Guide, which covers all the information you need to know about fees, exam sites, scheduling, rules, and more.

You will pay the $49 exam fee online when you schedule the exam. You must also pass this exam with a %75.

3. Submit License Application

Your final step will be to submit your license application! Complete the following steps to apply for the license:

  • Present an application
  • Document any name changes with legal proof.
  • Submit a clear copy of your ID from the government
  • Cite your education as a nail technician.
  • Cite your high school transcripts
  • Payment of the $45 application fee.
  • If you are awaiting your exams and cannot take them yet, you may also decide to apply for a temporary permit. Per the nail technician, only one (1) temporary permit will be given.

You can mail in the application and supporting documents to the Board at the following address:

714 SW Jackson Suite 100

Topeka, KS 66603

Telephone: (785) 296-3155 

4. Renew License

Suppose your license allows you to perform manicure and pedicure services rather than teach manicure and pedicure services. In that case, you will not need to complete continuing education before renewing your Kansas license because continuing education is only required for cosmetology instructors.

Nevertheless, it is always advantageous to consider continuing your education because it enables you to provide more services, which means you can work with more clients. Additionally, by remaining informed about the most recent nail fashion trends, you will gain the advantages of being knowledgeable, pleasing your clients, and impressing your employer.

You will receive an email notification when your license expires, and you can renew online.

You can apply for jobs as a manicurist and pedicurist and work part-time or full-time, making the job flexible around your schedule. Furthermore, you may one day be able to open your own nail salon! If you’re looking for salons, consider some of the following:

  • M T Hair and Nails – Kansas City
  • Nails Art – Kansas City
  • Alma Latina – Kansas City
  • Lucky Seven hair and Nails – Kansas City
  • Regal Nails – Olathe

What are the Best Nail Tech Schools in Kansas?

Here you’ll find our pick for the best nail tech schools in Kansas, offering complete nail tech programs that meet state licensing requirements.

1. Eric Fisher Academy 

Tuition: $16,500

Kit Cost: $2,651

Program Length: 11 months

The top cosmetology school in Wichita stands out for its high percentage of on-time graduates (81%) and rate of job placement (78 percent). One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

However, this school’s real advantage is the hip and enjoyable learning environment. Even the dull parts of business training become hip and cool when delivered by Fisher Academy’s instructors.

The Academy’s kind offer of an ACE grant scholarship to all cosmetology students impressed us! There are additional scholarships available. The school promotes civic engagement in the neighborhood.

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2. Bellus Academy 

Tuition: $15,025

Kit Cost: $2,900

Program Length: 10 months

The locals refer to Manhattan, Kansas, as “The Little Apple,” Students at Bellus Academy receive a cosmetology education on par with that of the Big Apple! Bellus offers courses in financial literacy and strategy to sharpen students’ business skills before graduation, so it’s not just about fashion. One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

Seventy-nine percent of graduates participating in a job placement program land jobs immediately. An exclusive Student Design Team from the school participates in community service initiatives like the Cut It Out domestic abuse awareness campaign and Habitat for Humanity fundraising events.

Scholarships are offered, and VA benefits are accepted at Bellus.

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3. Crave Beauty Academy 

Tuition: $14,500

Kit Cost: $3,180

Program Length: 10 months

Crave collaborates with a wide range of partners in the beauty industry to give students the most thorough styling education possible. One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

Graduates of Crave have an advantage in the salon industry right out of the gate, thanks to a unique and comprehensive cutting system. Other significant benefits include low student loan debt and tuition that is below average.

Like most Kansas schools, Crave also emphasizes business skills in its curriculum, preparing students for positions in salon management or ownership later in their careers.

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4. Entourage Institute of Beauty & Esthetics 

Tuition: $18,900

Kit Cost: $2,191

Program Length: 10 months

Entourage works hard to ensure that their students represent the best in the fashion industry when they graduate because they have a reputation to uphold in the Kansas City area. One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

They have an exclusive cutting system, and a top-notch, unique, vibrant salon environment contributes to their reputation.

This is an excellent option for local cosmetology students because of the program’s vital business training component and low student loan debt ratio.

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5. Z Hair Academy 

Tuition: $15,000

Kit Cost: $2,575

Program Length: 12 months

Students at Z Hair Academy can tell the school means business as soon as they walk in and see the slick black salon chairs and full-length mirrors at every roomy workstation. One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

The Academy believes that imparting the right foundational skills is essential because education is a lifelong process. They succeed because the Summit Salon management program completes the unique cutting system taught to all students and addresses the industry’s professional and aesthetic facets.

Most students complete their degrees on time and with little remaining debt. As a way of giving back to the community, the Academy supports organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project. There are scholarships available.

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6. Hays Academy of Hair Design 

Tuition: $13,200

Kit Cost: $2,600

Program Length: 12 months

The highest rate in the state is achieved by the Hays Academy of Hair Design, where 89 percent of graduates land jobs in upscale salons and spas right away. One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

Even before you consider the program’s innovative cutting system, it does so while charging less than the standard tuition rate, making it an excellent value. More than just the bare minimum needed to pass the state licensing exam is taught to students.

Also included in the program is vital business education. For deserving students, the Academy provides a range of scholarship opportunities. Veterans who meet the requirements can also apply for VA benefits.

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7. Mitsu Sato Hair Academy 

Tuition: $16,015

Kit Cost: $2,550

Program Length: 10 months

Because of Mitsu Sato, the illustrious stylist who established the Academy, Mitsu Sato immediately won our hearts. Sato worked as a stylist for famous people like Carrie Fisher, Don Henley, and Julia Dreyfus as the former director of the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Beverly Hills salon. One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

His unique cutting technique allows him to share his knowledge with others while traveling to the Midwest. The Academy also invests heavily in business education. The highest on-time graduation rate in the state is 88 percent.

Finally, after graduating from the Academy and completing their coursework, graduates can find jobs thanks to a dedicated job placement program.

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8. Northwest Kansas Technical College 

Tuition: $8,300

Kit Cost: $2,025

Program Length: 10 months

By far the most affordable tuition in the state, NKTC is recognized for its value. However, value isn’t everything, and the college also excels in the glitz department, updating its course offerings to include the most recent trends in styles and clothing as they emerge. One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

The program’s business training is essential because it gives participants practical daily experience in managing a salon. Both scholarships and VA benefits are accepted. The college is closely connected to the neighborhood as well.

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9. Paul Mitchell School 

Tuition: $15,860

Kit Cost: $2,580

Program Length: 11 months

One of the most sought-after skill sets for cosmetologists across the nation is the Paul Mitchell cutting system, which is only available to students at Paul Mitchell schools. One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

It is also relatively simple for students to pay for their tuition thanks to the wide variety of scholarships provided by the Paul Mitchell chain, which gives them many options and draws from a sizable funding fund.

Paul Mitchell is also renowned for its charitable activities, including the FUNraiser program.

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10. Old Town Barber College – Wichita

Old Town Barber College: Wichita is ranked highly this year and offers excellent value for nail technology students. The school is a private, for-profit institution with a small student body in the sizable city of Wichita. One of Kansas’ top schools for nail technicians is this one.

Undergraduates of this school pay an annual average of $0 in in-state tuition and fees.

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In the heartland, you might expect beauty schools to be a little more casual, a little more small-town, a little less focused on trends, and less serious about fashion, but in Kansas, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Nail tech schools in Kansas can hold their own with cutting-edge salon facilities and styling trends to rival any school in the country. 

Perhaps more importantly, Nail tech schools in Kansas have an intelligent focus on preparing students for the business of fashion: all but one of the schools on our list has a vital business education component to their cosmetology program, turning out students who are ready to run a salon or open their own after gaining a few years experience. 

At an average cost of $14,811, a cosmetology program through one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas is a good investment for most students!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I become a licensed nail technician?

If you want to join the nail tech industry, attending nail school might be for you. Most cosmetology and beauty schools offer courses dedicated to nail technicians courses as part of their cosmetology curriculum, but there are also schools explicitly dedicated to learning nail technology.

How much training is required to become a manicurist?

The minimum amount of hours required to sit for the nail technician licensing exam varies from state to state. 

Some states, like Massachusetts and Virginia, require fewer than 150 hours to complete the program. Other states require up to 600 school hours to complete the program.

The national average for becoming a nail tech is about 375 hours.

What else do I need to be a successful nail tech?

A great nail technician should seek to develop these skills to enhance their career:

Excellent customer service and listening skills
Friendly and comfortable attitude when working with other
Consult and assess client needs
Market skills that inspire repeat business and customer loyalty
Implementing referral and other incentive programs that generate revenue


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