Top 10 Nail Tech Schools in Orlando FL in 2024 | How to Apply

This article fully reviews the best nail tech schools in Orlando FL, including the requirements, cost & how to apply to these schools.

Nail tech schools in Orlando Fl, prepare students to work as beauty specialists in charge of their clients’ fingernails and toenails. 

Fingernail and toenail cleaning, filing, and grooming techniques are covered in training for nail technicians. 

This procedure involves clipping the cuticle, hydrating the skin on the hands and feet, removing the cuticle, and removing dead skin cells from both areas.

In this blog post, you will see our list of the best nail tech schools in Orlando, Fl, including the requirements, cost & how to apply.

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What is the Workplace of a Nail Technician like?

Nail technicians typically collaborate in a nail salon.

There are typically many manicure and pedicure stations available, and each salon technician frequently rents out their station.

Also, nail technicians can work in spa settings, hair salons, or even from home.

The environment should be tidy and professional, whether the nail salon is in a physical store or at a client’s home.

To project a professional image, nail technicians are instructed in Orlando, Florida, nail tech schools to dress professionally and to always adhere to local health codes and regulations.

How can you Become a Nail Technician in Orlando Florida?

For you to become a nail technician in Florida, there are specific standards that you must meet, and they are:

1) A minimum age requirement is 16 years old.

2) A high school diploma is a requirement.

3) A social security number is required.

4) To qualify for licensure, you must have finished 240 hours of coursework in a Florida nail program.

5) Within the two years before submitting your license application, you must have obtained a certificate from your school confirming that you completed a four-hour HIV/AIDS course.

6) The pertinent certification of Eligibility forms must be filled out.

7) The necessary fees must be paid.

However, there is a chance that you will be endorsed in Florida if you already have a nail technician license from another state.

There is a different application process for active duty military, spouses of active duty military, and veterans. Apprenticeships are not permitted in Florida for the licensing of nail technicians.

What do I Expect from a Nail Technician Program in Orlando, Florida?

In Florida, a nail technician program takes 240 hours to complete. An essential step in beginning a career as a nail specialist is conducting a training program at one of the Florida nail tech schools.

A license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires that your program be accredited, so choosing an accredited nail tech school in Florida is crucial.

Your training programs in Florida’s nail tech schools must include 240 credit hours of instruction in theory and practice.

Topics such as the ones listed below should be covered:

  • Sculpting
  • Ethics
  • Sanitation
  • Nail wraps
  • Tips with an overlay
  • Florida laws and rules
  • Manicuring techniques
  • Nail fill-ins and repairs
  • Nail theory and practice
  • Pedicuring techniques
  • Polishing and nail art
  • Removal of artificial nails

How much do Nail Technicians Earn in Orlando, Florida?

As of 2019, the average median salary for Nail Tech Schools in Orlando Fl was $24,010 ($11.54/hour).

Nail technician jobs in the state are expected to grow by 16% between 2016 and 2026, outpacing the national average of 10%.

What are the Best Nail Tech Schools in Orlando, Florida?

After thorough research, rankings, reviews, and value offers, we have curated a list of the best nail tech schools in Orlando FL, from the best MOOC platforms online.

Below is a list of the best Nail Tech Schools in Orlando Fl

1. The Academy of Cosmetology

Tuition: $10,400

Kit Cost: $1,000

Program Length: 12 months

The Merritt Island Academy of Cosmetology has the lowest tuition of all the schools on our list, making them stand out immediately as a great value. The value is still excellent, though, because most students graduate on time with little to no debt. The school for eligible former service members accepts Veterans Affairs benefits. One of Orlando, Florida’s top nail tech schools is this one.

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2. Aveda Institute 

Tuition: $15,750

Kit Cost: $2,500

Program Length: 13 months

Florida’s second-place finisher is the hip Miami Aveda salon. The school expands on the conventional Aveda framework and provides graduates with access to a broad salon network that presents various career options. Seventy-seven percent of Aveda students graduate on time, and 76 percent find jobs quickly. This is one of the best nail tech schools in Orlando, Florida.

When you combine the national scholarships available to students and the fact that Aveda accepts VA benefits, you can tell a school has found the sweet spot between upscale and approachable.

Even the hottest stylist needs a business sense to succeed in the industry. Aveda Miami helps foster those skills to ensure graduates get a leg up on the business side of beauty while receiving world-class cosmetology training.

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3. Beauty Schools of America 

Tuition: $14,573

Kit Cost: $1,537

Program Length: 12 months

International students seeking to make a name for themselves in the salon industry will find a warm environment at BSA, which has five campuses spread throughout southern Florida. One of Orlando, Florida’s top nail tech schools is this one.

Integrity, respect, and excellence are their guiding principles, and their statistics reflect this: they have the best job placement rates in the state (88%) and a 51 percent on-time graduation rate.

The career services division of BSA aids graduates in locating employment. The school firmly believes in equipping students with the business skills necessary to succeed in the salon industry and the styling abilities required to pass state licensing exams.

VA benefits are accepted, as are some scholarships, including the Bright Future scholarship for children of wounded or disabled veterans.

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4. Boca Beauty Academy 

Tuition: $16,800

Kit Cost: $1,500

Program Length: 10 months

With more than 80% of graduates securing jobs they love right out of school, the reputable job placement program at the Boca Beauty Academy of Palm Beach is at the top of the list of distinctions. One of Orlando, Florida’s top nail tech schools is this one.

Boca also strongly emphasizes developing business skills, which appeals to students who have their sights set on pursuing independent work or even opening their salon someday.

But the Academy is more than just goal-oriented; teachers work hard to infuse creativity and fun into their lessons, and students are encouraged to participate in the entertaining Goliath Gauntlet Course outside of the classroom as part of a charity benefit drive for nearby children’s homes.

The school teaches the popular Sassoon cutting system, which gives Boca graduates an advantage over students from other schools. Boca Beauty Academy offers a variety of scholarships, and VA benefits are accepted.

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5. Cozmo Beauty School 

Tuition: $15,600

Kit Cost: $950

Program Length: 10 months Full Time/14 Months Part Time

The placement rate at Cozmo Beauty School is 100%, and its licensure rate is 96.67%. The school has high completion and employment rates, with 87 percent of graduates getting jobs immediately. One of Orlando, Florida’s top nail tech schools is this one.

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6. Kaizen Beauty Academy 

Tuition: $12,600

Kit Cost: $1,564

Program Length: 14 months

If you want to complete a cosmetology program on time, Kaizen is the place to go: 100% of students complete the program on time! This is largely a result of the boutique style of Kaizen education. One of Orlando, Florida’s top nail tech schools is this one.

Small class sizes allow instructors to provide individualized attention to each student. Because of its lower-than-average tuition rates, the school is known for its value and for providing a solid business skills education.

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7. Loraines Academy 

Tuition: $15,650

Kit Cost: $1,320

Program Length: 12 months

Since its founding in 1966, Loraines Academy has worked to produce graduates who are well-rounded, professional, and technically competent. One of Orlando, Florida’s top nail tech schools is this one.

The school makes education and a career more accessible by offering job placement services and some scholarships. Benefits from the G.I. Bill are also accepted.

The Academy has a vital element of community involvement, as might be expected from such an established school, and sponsors several enjoyable charitable events like school picnics and Halloween-themed makeovers.

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8. North Florida Academy 

Tuition: $10,950

Kit Cost: $1,550

Program Length: 9 months

North Florida Academy is recognized for its value because its tuition is lower than the average for the schools on our list. This is one of the best nail tech schools in Orlando, Florida.

The school takes pride in providing a positive yet professional environment where students are encouraged and inspired to achieve their goals and dreams.

The school accepts VA benefits and offers some scholarship opportunities.

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9. Sunstate Academy of Cosmetology and Massage

Tuition: $15,890

Kit Cost: $1,175

Program Length: 13 months

Since this Academy is all about reinventing yourself, breaking the rules, and having fun while doing it, Sunstate students prefer to refer to it as Funstate. For prospective students, the school offers a variety of scholarships, and VA benefits are recognized. One of Orlando, Florida’s top nail tech schools is this one.

The majority of students complete their degrees on time and with minimal debt. 71 percent of students finish the program in the allotted 13 months, and most graduates land jobs at salons they love right after graduation, thanks to the job placement program.

The Academy also instills a spirit of altruism in its students by participating in the Big Backpack event, which provides free haircuts to underprivileged neighborhood kids starting school each fall.

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10. Artistic School of Nails and Cosmetology

Cost: Approximately $9,000 plus supplies

Program Length: 1200 hours, 10 to 12 months

Location: 5232 S Orange Ave Unit B, Orlando, FL 32809

Financial Aid: None offered

Barbering, massage therapy, full-service nail technician, permanent makeup and microblading, and hair wrapping and weaving are among the additional programs offered.

A variety of programs are offered. The Artistic School of Nails and Cosmetology offers a complete cosmetology program and courses in barbering, massage therapy, nail technician technology, and hair wrapping and weaving. One of Orlando, Florida’s top nail tech schools is this one.

The cosmetology course is designed to satisfy Florida state requirements, and after completing it, students can take their licensing exams right away to begin their careers.

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Individuality, elegance, and splendor are very important in Florida. Looking beautiful and feeling good is a tradition in Florida, from the dance floors of Miami’s Salsa clubs to the model-perfect bodies that line the miles of sandy beaches along the coastlines. 

By producing skilled stylists prepared to take on the world one client at a time from their booths in the busy salons found in every town and city throughout the state, Florida’s several internationally known cosmetology schools contribute to keeping this legacy alive.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How Do You Become a Nail Tech?

Many people begin their careers as nail technicians by attending nail school.

Manicuring training can be obtained by enrolling in a Cosmetology school or a general beauty school program. However, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture’s Nail Technology Program offers in-depth professional training that includes hands-on practice and experience working with clients in the on-campus nail salon.

2. Can You Work in a Nail Salon Without a License?

A license is required in all states to work as a nail technician.

The requirements for nail tech licensing vary by state. Some states require training and a practical exam, while others only require a written exam.

The only licensing requirement for nail technicians in Illinois is a training program. Nail tech licenses in Indiana require training and passing a state licensing exam.

Connecticut was an exception until recently, with no license requirements. However, a recent law was passed that will necessitate licenses beginning October 1, 2020.

3. What Types of Courses Do You Take in Nail School?

When you attend nail school, you will receive extensive training in nail techniques such as manicuring, pedicuring, and nail tips, as well as anatomy, art, and sculpture.

Tricoci University’s Nail Technology program also includes business fundamentals, so you’ll learn salesmanship skills to help you succeed.

In-depth sanitation training is also provided at Nail School, including compliance with local and state laws and OSHA standards.

4. How Should You Prepare for Nail School?

It is simple to begin training to become a nail technologist.
First, decide which nail technician program will provide you with the quality training you need to achieve your career objectives.

Then, go over the admissions procedure. The requirements at Tricoci University are simple. All students must be 16 years old by the first day of class and have a high school diploma or GED.

You can also apply for financial aid from accredited programs like Tricoci University. Due to this process, you may be eligible for grants, scholarships, student loans, and other funding options.

5. How Long Does It Take to Become a Nail Tech?

The length of nail school varies from state to state. Depending on where you live, it can take anywhere from three to nine months.

Nail school in Illinois can be completed in four months by completing a part-time program with 350 hours of training. The 600-hour part-time training program in Indiana would take six months to complete.


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