Top 10 Nail Tech Schools in Utah in 2024 | How to Apply


In this post, you will find every detail about the top nail tech schools in Utah, including the requirements, cost, and how to apply to these schools.

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Nail technology opens the door to a new world of artistic possibilities, whether you want to start your first employment or completely change your career path owing to economic developments.

In Utah, you may need a less formal education to become a nail technician than in many other states.


For instance, in Texas, prospective nail technicians must complete 600 hours of education; in Utah, just 300 hours are necessary. 

Therefore, Utah is a perfect place to start in this brand-new and exciting beauty industry.

When you enroll in a nail tech program in Utah, realizing your ambition of becoming one might be simple. 


Many qualified and motivating instructors are ready to support you on your path to becoming a nail technician. 

Because of the increasing need for qualified nail technicians in the state, Utah may be a great spot to seek your licensure. 

Nail technicians may have the opportunity to get to know their customers better in the rural setting. When nail technicians work in Utah, they genuinely become a part of the community.

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Are there Nail Tech Schools in Utah?

There are numerous nail tech schools in Utah. Below are some of the schools:

  • Esteem Beauty Academy
  • Color My Nails School of Nail Technology
  • Cameo College of Essential Beauty
  • Mountainland Technical College
  • Top Nails & Hair Beauty School
  • Renaissance Academie Cosmetology and Esthetics(RACE)
  • Ogden-Weber Technical College
  • Taylor Andrews Academy
  • Tooele Technical College
  • Bridgerland Technical College
  • Davis Technical College

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How Does One Become A Nail Tech in Utah?

You must complete at least 300 hours of training at a Utah nail tech school to practice as one in the state. 

The state will then require you to pass a written test. After that, Utah requires license renewals every two years.

The Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing in Utah issues licenses and enforces regulations for nail technicians. 

However, you must proceed through the following procedures if you want to launch your career as a certified nail technician:

  • Fulfill Utah’s requirements for nail technician training
  • Complete the requirements for the nail technician examination
  • Apply for a license as a nail technician in Utah.
  • Begin a new career as a nail technician in Utah.

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What are the Best Nail Tech Schools in Utah?

Utah has a lot of nail tech schools, but only a few of them are considered to be the best. This section will list and explain Utah’s 10 best nail tech schools.

They are:

1. Esteem Beauty Academy

Just north of Salt Lake City, in the picturesque setting of Ogden, Utah, is where you can find Esteem Beauty Academy. 

According to the school’s mission statement, “beauty professionals can be a lighthouse to the people they serve.” 

They also support having fun while learning and, if possible, experimenting with new techniques while exploring the many diverse career options open to nail care professionals.

Their teaching methodology focuses on giving constructive criticism while assisting students in identifying their unique calling by maximizing their talents. 

So that they can stand out from the crowd and have a highly successful profession, students will be ready to promote their unique talents once they receive their license.

It takes eight months to complete the course, covering professional development, state rules and regulations, broad sciences including anatomy and physiology of the hands and feet, pathology, infection control, and all the most recent nail art techniques. 

They provide scholarships, but they do not take Title IV financial aid, and their courses are reasonably priced.

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2. Color My Nails School of Nail Technology

In Color My Nails, the sole focus of the School of Nail Technology is nails. Thus, they excel at it. 

A full-service manicure salon since 1984, Color my Nails started teaching pupils the finer points of nail care in 2002. It is one of Utah’s more well-known programs because it focuses solely on nails.

Although they do not use FAFSA, their school is relatively affordable—only $3,000—and students can acquire loans through Mountain America Credit Union to pay for their classes.

Benefits of Apprenticeship at Color My Nails Academy & Salon include:

  • Maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 1:2
  • variable start times
  • Adaptable timetables
  • Actual work experience at a salon
  • Actual salon job experience More time to hone your craft (375 hours)
  • A high school diploma is not necessary (traditional nails schools require this)
  • They have a vested interest in seeing that you have a prosperous career in the nail industry.
  • Learn from professionals with more than 25 years of combined experience in the salon industry.
  • As a result of their existing clientele, you acquire practical experience.
  • Learn from instructors who are active in the field and have a clientele.
  • Additional training outside of your typical nail school

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3. Cameo College of Essential Beauty

Beginning a Career in Nail Technology Can Lead to a Wide Range of Possibilities! You may attain your specific goals as a nail technician in the real world by attending Cameo College, where you will learn in a welcoming and professional nail spa environment.

You are given all the resources necessary for success by their program. You’ll be able to maintain a healthy standard of living while making other people feel beautiful and confident. Is there anything more significant than that?

Cameo College is regarded as a leader in the beauty business for training in all facets of nail technology, including 3D nail art, glitter, shellac, and the conventional pink and white clean nail. 

As one of the first colleges in Utah to earn a licensed/accredited Nail Technology Program, they played a vital role in developing the “Nail Technician License” and have continued to be a leader in the sector.

With three generations and more than 50 years of experience teaching students about the beauty industry, they know what it takes to produce a successful graduate. 

In a hands-on setting and with the newest nail tools and supplies, Cameo College’s Nail Technician program will teach you the craft of nail technology.

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4. Mountainland Technical College

If you become a nail technician, prepare for an exciting and creative career. As they provide nail treatments, students develop their ability to exhibit their originality.

Students can prepare for the State of Utah Nail Technician licensing exam by enrolling in the minimum 300-hour nail technician program. 

Students in this school benefit from practical training that emphasizes the significance of numerous nail services, including hygiene, communication, and expertise. 

Successful students will offer a range of treatments for their clients, such as manicures, pedicures, nail art, acrylic nails, and gel nails. 

After passing the State of Utah Nail Technician exam and demonstrating their proficiency in the nail industry, students can work in a traditional salon, spa, or on their own.

Also, students in this school will learn gel polish, acrylic, complex gel nail enhancements, and nail art. They also cover some other fundamental nail care techniques.

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5. Top Nails & Hair Beauty School

Huong Nguyen (Jasmine), who comes from a line of salon and company owners, is the owner of Top Nails & Hair Beauty School. 

In her native Vietnam, her mother ran several businesses, including a beauty parlor. In 1989, her family emigrated to the U.S. Jasmine and her sisters opened two salons in Washington state, carrying on their mother’s work in the beauty industry.

In Salt Lake City, Jasmine opened her first nail salon in 1993. Soon after, she opened several more. 

Jasmine opened her beauty school after realizing there was a need for more skilled cosmetologists in the region. 

By educating students and assisting them in pursuing their professions in the beauty industry, Top Nails & Hair Beauty School takes its enthusiasm to the next level.

The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences has accredited Top Nails & Hair Beauty School (NACCAS).

Under the guidance of qualified professors, beauty school students perform all of their services in the beauty industry.

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6. Renaissance Academie Cosmetology and Esthetics(RACE)

The 300-hour nail technology program equips students with the necessary skills to pass the Utah State license exam. 

Learn to give yourself the best hands, feet, and massages possible. Learn about advanced gel and acrylic applications, safety, and nail design.

Each student enrolled in an educational program must meet the following requirements according to RACE:

  • Evidence of secondary education may be a diploma, GED certificate, an official transcript attesting to graduation, or a state-issued homeschooling certification.
  • A driver’s license, birth certificate, or other official identity proves age.

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7. Ogden-Weber Technical College

The Nail Technician program equips students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to conduct customer services such as manicures, pedicures, and the application of artificial nails in a beauty or nail salon. 

Teachings cover artificial nail techniques such as wraps, tips, gel, sculptured acrylic nails, nail art, and mechanical methods. 

It covers sanitation and sterilization, hand and arm massage, lower leg and foot massage, bacteriology and salon safety, nail and skin disorders, professional ethics, salon management, and licensing laws and regulations. 

Students who complete the program are prepared to sit for the state’s written and practical licensure tests.

As a nail technician, you will provide client services like manicures, pedicures, and the application of artificial and hybrid gel nails in a beauty salon or nail salon. 

A skill requirement includes:

  • Working effectively with all types of individuals.
  • Upholding excellent client interactions.
  • Maintaining fake nail maintenance and repair.

The program’s graduates will be eligible to sit for the license exam in Utah. Licenses must be obtained with a legitimate U.S. Social Security number and official identification.

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8. Taylor Andrews Academy

You have several options in the beauty and cosmetics industries if you do this school’s nail technician courses.

Award-winning salon owners Larry and Sherri Curtis, also the proprietors of Taylor Andrews Academy, created and tailored these courses.

To help you enhance your abilities as you pursue certification as a nail technician, this curriculum has been specifically designed. 

The sooner you begin these classes, the sooner you’ll be able to enter the industry. Remember to obtain this license before working anywhere as a nail technician.

These courses do more than impart technical knowledge. As you progress through the curriculum, you’ll be able to create your portfolio of exquisite work to wow clients or prospective employers with your skills. 

They want you to leave the program with more than just a completion certificate. They want to provide something that will support you as you embark on your fascinating new profession.

But while you’re here, They’ll make every effort to ensure you have a fun and learning time. This can entail chances to collaborate with some of the top photographers in the business or investigate various nail technology advances.

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9. Tooele Technical College

In the Tooele Tech Nail Salon, new methods for applying artificial nails and performing manicures and pedicures are taught. The cornerstone of this curriculum is hands-on, one-on-one teacher training with the students.

Students will learn how to trim and push back cuticles, polish and buff their nails, and apply wraps, fake nails, polish, and nail art.

They will show you how to use reverse and standard applications to apply acrylic to a nail with a tip and a shape. 

Students will also be able to use forms and tips to apply soft and firm gel to a nail.

You will learn how to develop a career in education through the Nail Technician Instructor program. 

Students learn how to create lesson plans, run a classroom, and teach using various learning modalities, administrative responsibilities, and practical communication skills.

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10. Bridgerland Technical College

Students that study cosmetology or barbering are ready to provide salon services for their skin, hair, and nails. 

Teacher-led theory sessions, demonstrations, presentations, projects, and practical applications are all used to give competency-based training. 

In a salon-like setting, students will perform treatments on mannequins and clients under the guidance of qualified and experienced teachers. 

Students who complete this certificate will be equipped and qualified to take the state licensure exam. 

This curriculum supports the objective of Bridgerland Technical College, which is to provide the Bear River region with competency-based, employer-guided career and practical technical education.

Objectives of the school include:

  • Students will demonstrate competency at 90 percent or above in all theory and practical curricula.
  • Students will demonstrate their proficiency by completing satisfactory mannequin and customer services.
  • Students will show their ability to keep tools and workspaces tidy and secure.
  • Through teacher participation and observation, students will improve their soft skills, professional communication, record-keeping, and time management abilities.

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How Long is Nail Tech School in Utah?

Students can prepare for the State of Utah Nail Technician licensing exam by enrolling in the minimum 300-hour nail technician program. 

Students benefit from practical training emphasizing the significance of numerous nail services, including hygiene, communication, and expertise.

The state will then require you to pass a written test. After that, Utah requires license renewals every two years.

How Much is Nail Tech School in Utah?

Nail tech training programs range in price from $3,000 to $10,000, according to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS). 

On the other hand, many programs range from $1,000 to $5,000. (including tuition, fees, books, and supplies). 

The exact cost is determined by the number of program hours and the curriculum. More expensive programs are more likely to offer business training.

The first exam, application, and licensing expenses could range between $100 and $200. Most jurisdictions mandate license renewal every two years, which costs between $25 and $100.

Also, many institutions provide financial aid to students; contact the department of financial assistance and individual schools to learn more. Scholarships and grants are available from AACS member schools.

How Much Do Nail Techs Make in Utah?

Nail technicians in Utah are among the highest paid in the country, which is unexpected given the state’s low cost of living. 

This means that nail technicians in the state have a little better standard of living than those in other regions of the country.

Entry-level nail technicians earn around $17,870 annually, with top earners making more than $39,000. 

The average hourly wage is $13.23, with an annual salary of more than $27,000. Grocery money is never an issue for a professional nail technician in Utah when combined with tips.


Utah is already one of America’s most gorgeous states. However, the fact that you are about to embark on a profession will make it even more so. 

Why wait for another second to get your new start if you’re eager to discover how to express your artistic side in new and inventive ways?

Check out a few of these nail technician schools in Utah to discover which one is the perfect fit for you, and your future will be brighter than ever in just a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to do nails in Utah?

Yes, you will have to show evidence that you have finished a nail technician education that has been approved.

How do I become a licensed nail technician in Utah?

The prerequisites for Utah’s nail technician training must be met as your initial step. 

How do I become a nail instructor in Utah?

Obtain 150 hours of documentation. Pass the exam to become a certified Utah educator. Send a “Verification of Graduation” form and processing fee to DOPL. Pass the Utah/NIC Nail Technician Instructor Exam written and practical testing components.


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