Top 10 Nail Technician Schools in Washington State in 2024 | How to Apply

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This article fully reviews the best nail technician schools in Washington state, including the requirements, cost & how to apply to these schools.

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A manicurist or nail technician is a person who styles and shapes someone’s nails.

Combining nail art with colored varnish, transfers, gems, or glitter can accomplish this. 

Manicures and pedicures, washing and filing nails, and putting on overlays or extensions, are considered basic treatments.

Additionally, nail technicians can use an airbrush, a paintbrush, a stencil, or stamping to apply designs to the nails.

Before beginning any treatment, a nail technician will frequently have a consultation with the client to look for any indications of skin issues, physical abnormalities, or nail diseases.

They will also advise the client on taking care of their hands and nails and suggest nail care products.

A professional course is required to train you as a nail technician, and it often takes at least a year to finish. 

Most noteworthy, some of the topics that will be covered in the school include the anatomy and physiology of the nails, hands, arms, feet, and legs, recognition of diseases and disorders, appropriate sanitation and sterilization techniques, and many more. 

The actual work is often done in a beauty salon, though some nail technicians may visit clients in their homes. 

After receiving their licenses, many nail technicians may maintain a list of regular customers. 

It is simple to purchase the essential tools required to perform nail services. 

The beauty sector in Washington is flourishing, and there is a great demand for certified nail technicians.

Learn more about the best nail technician schools in Washington and what they have to offer by reading on.

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Is Nail Technician a Good Career Path in Washington?

For many beauty professionals, a job as a nail technician can be very alluring because manicure and pedicure services are always in demand.

This means that the curriculum and certification obtained as a result of attending nail technician school have limitless potential for return on investment: 

The income potential is almost limitless for nail technicians who develop strong clientele bases and enjoy their work. 

And many nail technicians enjoy what they do since it allows them to use their creativity and because they frequently form friendships with their clients and coworkers.

If you’ve been considering a career as a nail technician, you might be wondering where it could lead you. 

The good news is that there are opportunities outside of the salon. After completing nail technician school, you can pursue a luxurious profession in any of the following intriguing fields:

  1.  Salon nail technician
  2.  Manicurist at a spa (or airport spa)
  3.  Vacation resort or cruise ship nail technician
  4.  Country club nail tech 
  5.  Health and beauty retail
  6.  Consultant for magazines or celebrities
  7.  Mobile manicurist

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Are there Nail Tech Schools in Washington?

Below are some of the best nail technician schools in Washington

  1. Evergreen Beauty College
  2. Washington Beauty School
  3. Elite School of Beauty
  4. Glen Dow Academy
  5. Stylemasters College of Hair Design
  6. Total Cosmetology Training Center
  7. Washington Community and Technical College
  8. Vuu’s Beauty School
  9. Aesthetic Northwest Institute
  10. Bluestone Academy
  11. Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology
  12. Vega’s Academy School of Beauty

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How to become a Licensed nail Technician in Washington

You must enroll in a recognized beauty school to receive training for a license. 

Make sure the school you select has programs for nail technicians.

Additionally, the institution must be accredited by organizations like the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, and the National Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (AACS). 

The institution you select must be authorized to provide instruction by organizations like the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board and the Washington State Department of Health. 

This will guarantee that you graduate with credentials that employers will accept.

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How To Renew Your Nail Technician License in Washington

After two years, Washington nail technicians must renew their licenses. 

The Department of Licensing must receive $55 in renewal fees. Payment options for online license renewal applications include MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Gift cards are not accepted by the Department of Licensing. 

Online renewal is more practical because obtaining a new license takes 14 days. In contrast, waiting up to 90 days for a new license after a mail-in renewal.

For those who apply late, the renewal price is $110. However, you shouldn’t put off renewing your license for longer than a year. 

It will be revoked by the Washington Board of Cosmetology, in which case you will need to reapply and retake the state’s nail technician examination. Additionally, it’s against the law to practice with a expired license, and you risk receiving a punishment of up to $1,000 for doing so.

How Much Do Nail Techs Make in Washington?

The typical salary for a nail technician in Washington is $37,101 per year as of August. That comes to about $17.84 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. 

This is the same as $713 per week or $3,092 monthly.

Most nail technicians make between $26,914 (25th percentile) and $44,140 (75th percentile) per year, with the 90th percentile in Washington making $57,059 on average.

The wide variation in the average salary of nail technicians (up to $17,226) implies that there may be numerous prospects for growth and greater pay based on experience level, location, and skill level.

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How Long is Nail Tech School in Washington?

According to the Washington Board of Cosmetology, students studying to become nail technicians must finish at least 600 hours of instruction, that is about 4 months.

The state’s cosmetology board’s examination must be taken and passed after training. You may also take this exam if you have completed 800 hours of internship.

 Be aware that this exam is in various languages, making it simple for non-native English speakers to obtain a nail technician license.

Students who pass this exam are granted licenses, allowing them to practice wherever they want in Washington.

What are the Best Nail Tech Schools in Washington?

Below is a list of the best nail tech schools in Washington.

1. Evergreen Beauty College

In Washington state, Evergreen Beauty College is a well-regarded cosmetology school. Students have plenty of opportunities to engage with actual consumers while they hone their nail painting talents because they provide salon and spa services to the general public.

They also have a student blog that provides information on “a day in the life” at their school for potential pupils.

In addition to teaching students the essentials of manicures and pedicures, Evergreen, a member of Nuts and Bolts, also teaches them how to concentrate on marketing, retail strategy, business modeling, and salon administration.

Students will advance to become competitive, self-assured professionals in the field.

Students will learn how to make 3-D drawings and sculptures and will be encouraged to build their own distinctive hallmark style. 

They have a five-month course completion window.

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2. Washington Beauty School

A modest family-run business called Washington Beauty School was established in West Seattle more than twenty years ago.

All activities and choices are motivated by Ms. Trinh. She has over 25 years of expertise in the beauty industry and is a certified cosmetology instructor. 

Many of the students find her to be a successful and beloved lecturer because of her student-centered approach.

The art of nail design, manicures, pedicures, sterilization, and sanitation of tools and work areas are among the topics covered in this program. 

Students will have the chance to practice their skills hands-on under the guidance of professionals in a welcoming and safe learning environment.

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3. Elite School of Beauty

Residents of Washington and Oregon who want the best one-on-one instruction and cosmetology training can enroll in Elite School of Beauty. 

Elite School of Beauty, which is family-run, provides a personalized learning environment focusing on how to succeed in the field. 

Also, this school has a straightforward enrollment procedure, and new programs start every other month. Elite students have access to the clinic floor, which is styled like a salon, and the entire clientele. 

Some of the best cosmetologists in the region have graduated from Elite School of Beauty, which it is proud of.

 In a roomy facility, cosmetology students and instructors can collaborate and develop at their own pace while pursuing a degree in the field.

The goal at Elite School of Beauty is to instruct and prepare students in the core abilities necessary to obtain a license as a cosmetologist. 

Elite offers a friendly, engaging environment where students may learn about the latest trends, meet friends for life, and start their road toward a prosperous future.

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4. Glen Dow Academy

To give aspiring members of the beauty business the education and training they would need to become talented, self-assured professionals, Glen Dow Academy was established in Spokane, Washington, in 1969. 

At prices far lower than those of other salons in the neighborhood, the school also offers the general public a wide selection of great beauty services. 

Under the guidance of their instructor, students provide all the services. 

The school works hard to create and preserve a great learning and working environment where innovation and professional development are valued and fostered.

Since 1970, the school has been nationally accredited by the National Accreditation Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

As a result, students can now apply for scholarships, grants, and student loans, including Parent PLUS loans, to help them pay for their education.

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5. Stylemasters College of Hair Design

Excellence in cosmetology has been demonstrated by Stylemasters College of Hair Design. 

Stylemasters has been offering a top-notch training program for 42 years, giving students the competitive edge they need for a lucrative career in the $1 billion per year beauty industry while putting them in the best possible position to pass Washington State licensure exams.

The cosmetology industry is always in demand due to the wide range of interesting tasks and favorable working circumstances. 

Graduates can work as licensed practitioners, rent practitioner stations, establish beauty salons, or take care of celebrities’ appearances on stage and screen. Cosmetologists have a wide range of career options.

Dr. John S. Chilson has served as the institution’s president since it opened its doors in 1979. 

The Ohio State University awarded Dr. Chilson a Ph.D. in adult education. He has worked as the Dean for Continuing Education at Lower Columbia College in Longview and taught in high schools and colleges. 

Dr. Chilson just departed after 42 years as the college’s president. Jamie West was overwhelmingly selected by the Board of Directors as the new college’s president.

Continuous training in subjects like Curriculum Development, Lesson Plan Preparation, and Teaching Techniques is provided to the knowledgeable team. 

Knowing that choosing to receive your education from Stylemasters is a wise decision will give you confidence.

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6. Total Cosmetology Training Center

Total Cosmetology Training Center is a college that was established in Spokane. 

The college is urban and situated in Washington, a city setting in Washington. There are full-time graduate students and full-time undergraduate students living on campus.

The academic calendar for the Total Cosmetology Training Center is regularly updated. The student-to-instructor ratio was during the academic year. 

There are instructional teachers who work full-time. The Total Cosmetology Training Center grants the following degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Post-Certificate, Master, and Doctoral.

70% of all candidates are accepted into the school when admissions are being reviewed.

Only those applicants who were ultimately accepted to the school ended up enrolling during the academic year.

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7. Washington Community and Technical College

The network of affiliated community and technical institutions in Washington State had modest beginnings. 

Junior colleges began operating independently of one another around the beginning of the 20th century. Community and technical colleges have become more well-known and respected in the areas they serve during the past century.

 For the benefit of Washingtonians, more colleges opened their doors.

The 34 public community and technical colleges in Washington State are governed by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, which has nine governor-appointed members.

About 278,000 students train for the workforce, get ready to transfer to a university, learn the fundamentals of arithmetic and English, or go back to school each year. 

As business owners, employees, customers, taxpayers, students, graduates, and community partners improve the state’s quality of life and economic viability.

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8. Vuu’s Beauty School

More than a thousand license holders have received training from Vuu’s Beauty School in the fields of nail technology, cosmetology, barbering, aesthetics, and micro blading.

The majority of the students go on to open their salons or work there as owners or employees at places like Hair Master, Great Clips, Super Cut, manicure salons, or lash lounges.

The Department of Licensing has permitted the school to allow students to complete 50% of their required training hours online using the Vuu Beauty School beauty online training system. 

The licensing department’s number for the institution is #2125. 

Before the DOL will grant a license, students must pass both the written and practical exams. 

Tacoma is where you’ll take the test. The school will assist students in scheduling the written and practical tests they need to pass to complete their licenses once they have completed their hours. 

The tests and all licenses from all schools will be identical.

If a student has completed 50% of the required hours before graduating, they are qualified to complete the remaining 10% by serving as an apprentice in any salon.

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9. Aesthetic Northwest Institute

Aesthetics Northwest Institute, Inc. has been teaching estheticians, master estheticians, and nail technicians for more than 35 years and has created one of the most adaptable and comprehensive programs available in the Great Northwest.

The Aesthetics Northwest Institute accommodates busy people who want to enroll in classes to advance their careers or broaden the scope of their current practices. 

Students at the Aesthetics Northwest Institute will get instruction from the most experienced master educators in the field, each of whom has trained estheticians for over 20 years. The more knowledgeable staff cannot be found anywhere else for prospective students. 

Because of the small class size, you can talk to your instructors directly.

Aesthetic Northwest Institute offers both day and evening program

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10. Bluestone Academy

The cosmetology school curriculum at Bluestone includes lessons on the ethics and standards in the fields of cosmetology, aesthetics, manicure/nail technology, and instructor training. 

Additionally, instruction on how to pass the Washington State Board Examinations is provided to students. 

Once you graduate and pass the licensure exam, you are qualified to take advantage of expanding employment prospects in salon and spa settings, industry marketing and manufacturing, company development, education, or training.

The esthetics, nail technology, and instructor programs are offered as the demand warrants, while our cosmetology course is offered four times a year throughout the fall, winter, spring, and summer. 

All year long, applications are taken. To reserve a space for your preferred start date, you must pay a $100 registration fee.

In 620 hours of training, the school nail technology curriculum aims to provide the most recent methods for both natural and artificial nails. 

Additionally, you’ll discover business development strategies and become more knowledgeable about retail products. 

After graduating and passing the state license exam, you can work as a nail technician, salon manager, instructor, product educator, distributor sales consultant, or instructor.

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How Much is Nail Tech School in Washington?

The American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) estimates that nail technician training programs range in price from $3,000 to $10,000. 

However, many programs cost between $1,000 and $5,000. (including tuition, fees, books, and supplies). 

The curriculum and program hours determine the actual price. Business training is frequently included in more expensive programs.

$100 to $200 may be required for the initial exam, application, and license costs. 

Most states mandate license renewal every two years, costing anything between $25 and $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Washington State nail technician program?

600 hours

The Washington Board of Cosmetology mandates that students studying to become nail technicians finish at least 600 hours of instruction. After receiving instruction, one must sit for and pass a cosmetology board of the state examination. You may also take this exam if your internship was 800 hours long.

In the state of Washington, how can I become a nail technician?

To practice in Washington, nail technicians must complete a training course with a minimum of 600 clock hours. Before continuing with the application procedure for your initial license, you must next pass the state exam.

Do I need a degree to work as a nail technician?

Although formal education is not often required, nail technicians must have at least a minimum level of training or experience in nail care and professional insurance to lawfully provide nail services to clients.


Choosing the best nail technician schools is made simple with this read.

You can successfully achieve your career ambitions by carefully selecting the nail technician schools of your dreams. Investigate your passions and creativity in this fulfilling profession.

I wish you success! Cheers!


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