Top 10 Nail Technician Schools in Michigan | 2024 Ranking

Are you in search of the best nail technician schools in Michigan? Search no more because you’re in the right place at the right time.

A nail technician is someone who grooms and takes care of someone’s nails is called a nail technician.

They frequently operate as a beauty professional from home or in a salon or spas. They will trim and style a client’s nails and provide services like gel or acrylic nails, manicures, and pedicures.

Some nail professionals can specialize in nail art and add beautiful and distinctive designs to clients’ nails in addition to standard procedures. 

High-end spa nail technicians could also provide hand and foot massages and nail services.

After receiving their licenses, many nail technicians will maintain their clientele.

The essential tools required to provide nail services are easily accessible.

In addition to doing the most current manicures, pedicures, and nail art for clients in nail spas and salons, nail technicians also offer other services such as mild hand or foot massages and foot bathing.

To practice as a manicurist in Michigan, the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology will require you to earn a nail technician license.

A talented individual will not find it difficult to complete some procedures when applying for a license.

As a result, this article will provide you with all the information you need regarding the best nail technician schools in Michigan

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Is Nail Technician a Good Career Path in Michigan?

There are many excellent reasons to work as a manicurist or nail technician, including the numerous opportunities to start your own business, the ability to work flexible hours in different places, and the everyday chance to show your expert nail talents.

Approximately 70% of manicurists and nail technicians who were active in 2018 claim to be employed in the personal care industry, which includes the businesses indicated above.

 The other 28% of recorded manicurists and pedicurists worked on their own.

The higher earning potential justifies starting your own manicure business, even though it may be frightening.

Manicurists reported earning $12.40 on average per hour in May 2019. 

Nevertheless, given the flexible work hours that many nail technicians can choose, there are many chances to raise hourly earnings. 

For example, self-employed nail technicians frequently have more extended workdays.

Job availability is another significant benefit for aspiring nail technicians. 

A fresh nail technician’s services will benefit the vast majority of large and medium-sized US cities. 

There are always opportunities for qualified manicurists and pedicurists because many nail service businesses see a spike in business on weekends, evenings, and before and after holidays.

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Are There Nail Tech Schools In Michigan?

Few schools in Michigan offer nail technician programs. These schools are:

  1. Dymond Designs Beauty School
  2. Institute of Cosmetology
  3. West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty
  4. French Academy of Cosmetology
  5. Michigan College of Beauty- Troy
  6. Marketing Academy of Cosmetology
  7. M.J. Murphy Beauty College
  8. Hillsdale Beauty College
  9. Michigan College of Beauty- Monroe
  10. P&A Scholars Beauty School
  11. L’esprit Academy
  12. Huron Valley Beauty Academy

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How To Become A Licensed Nail Technician In Michigan

Two options are available if you want to become a manicurist in Michigan.

To start working immediately, you can enroll in a 6-month apprenticeship program or complete 400 hours of coursework at an accredited beauty school.

A terrific place to learn your trade and meet others who share your passion for helping others feel and look their best is a beauty school.

A six-month nail school should have fewer hours of theory classes and more hours of hands-on training.

Consequently, the student will take their tests once they have finished their course work or have accrued the required number of apprenticeship hours.

For an individual to complete their apprenticeship, you will need about 480 hours or six months of full-time work.

The student must submit their license application online, along with the cost.

Then you’ll take your theory and practical tests.

 A portion of Michigan state laws and regulations is also included in your theoretical exam.

To be eligible for a license, you must receive at least a 70% on the theoretical test and a 75% on the practical.

 After passing the exams, your license will be mailed to you within a week.

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How to Renew Your Nail Technician License in Michigan

About 60 days before the renewal date, a renewal notice will be mailed to the address on file with the Department. 

The license must be renewed online with a debit card, credit card, or electronic check bearing the MasterCard, Visa, or Discover logo (e-check). 

The cost of renewal is $48. The renewal will not be processed if the payment is sent by mail or delivered in person. 

The licensee cannot legally practice and face disciplinary action if they do so again after failing to renew online and meeting all renewal requirements before the license’s expiration date.

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How Much Do Nail Techs Make In Michigan?

As of July 26, 2022, the average Nail Technician’s pay in Michigan was $21,605, although the average salary range is between $19,091 and $24,914. 

Salary ranges might differ significantly based on the city and several other crucial aspects, such as schooling, credentials, supplementary talents, and the length of time you’ve been working in a given field.

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How Long Is Nail Tech School In Michigan?

Before receiving your license in Michigan, you should prepare to spend between 400 hours in classroom education.

Naturally, how much time you spend in school each week will significantly impact how long it takes you to accumulate the required number of hours to obtain your license.

As you can see, several schools provide a range of training hours each week, some of which are full-time courses and others of which give students the option of part-time study.

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Top 10 Nail Technician Schools in Michigan

1. Bayshore Beauty Academy

Bayshire Beauty Academy aims to train students for various opportunities in the fields of cosmetology, massage, and nail technology. 

The academy adores watching as its students start working as certified cosmetologists. 

As students proceed through each step of the program, the program instructors, who are certified and trained in the most cutting-edge techniques, styles, and trends, will assist them in developing their abilities and confidence.

One who attends Bayshire Beauty Academy will be prepared to confidently enter the fields of cosmetology, massage treatment, and nails.

The academy’s state-of-the-art cosmetology programs, where students may study the most recent trends and methods in the field, are something the academy takes great pride in.

Hair, nails, and massage (at the Bay City facility alone) are among the full range of salon and spa services available at all three locations to scheduled and walk-in customers.

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2. Brighton Institute of Cosmetology

The Brighton Institute of Cosmetology is committed to training competent estheticians, instructors, and manicurists. 

Each student enrolling in the Institute has enough opportunity for supervised work with the public, specialized teaching, and technical skills and equipment exposure. 

In all facets of the profession, including hair, nails, and skin care, cosmetology students learn fundamental skills and cutting-edge methods.

The Institute’s curriculum equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to launch a successful career in the beauty industry through classroom instruction and practical training.

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3. West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty

West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty aims to supply the beauty industry with hair designers (Cosmetology, Barbering, Instructors, and Nail Technicians) that are appreciated by both their employers and their profession.

Also, the West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty aims to train nail technicians who are appreciated by their colleagues and their profession. 

The college pledged to its students that it would do the following: 

1) Promote nail technology as a prestigious and successful profession. 

2) Offer sound advice and motivation. 

3) Give students exposure to the job of a nail technician in a practical way.

 4) Provide the pupils with the most current technical and artistic knowledge.

 However, each student must get a minimum score of 80% on the pre-state written and practical examinations. 

Lastly, once all academic requirements have been satisfactorily met, a diploma is given for graduation.

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4. French Academy of Cosmetology

The French Academy of Cosmetology programs prepare students for careers as nail technicians, estheticians, and hair stylists. 

Industry veterans with years of expertise train students. The academy favors a hands-on approach when educating students on the critical abilities required to succeed in a constantly evolving sector. 

However, the only thing the academy prepares you for is passing the state boards. Our mission at the French Academy of Cosmetology is to create salon professionals with exceptional technical proficiency and customer service abilities.

Also, you can learn about a fascinating and satisfying career that will provide you with the most recent advancements in nail technology at the French Academy of Cosmetology. 

The academy has discovered that having lovely nails has become a grooming necessity where talent is in demand.

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5. Michigan College of Beauty- Troy

Mr. Armand Dagenais launched Michigan College of Beauty in 1965, making it one of the first institutions to become a Pivot Point member. 

Mr. Armand, a hairstylist and salon proprietor, committed himself to give aspiring beauticians the best instruction he could. 

His son, Mr. D, who now leads the school in his honor and continues to carry out his father’s goal, bought the school in 1997.

The State of Michigan Board of Cosmetology has granted Michigan College of Beauty a license. 

Particularly, since its founding, Michigan College of Beauty has set the bar as high as possible for its graduates’ ability to satisfy the demands of the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology. 

The college works hard to produce top-notch students who will reflect favorably on its institution and the business community.

Employability skills are provided to students, and they receive state licensing examination preparation.

Full-time, part-time, daytime or evening class options are offered.

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6. Marketing Academy of Cosmetology

In a 10,000-square-foot building in the heart of Waterford, Michigan, the Marketti Academy of Cosmetology is housed. 

The cosmetology, manicure, and esthetics programs all have spacious classrooms available. 

The academy gives students greater one-on-one attention because of its small class sizes. A 50-student capacity is planned for its clinic level.

The Marketti Academy of Cosmetology aims to prepare students for professions in cosmetology, manicuring, esthetics, and instructor training by offering them high-quality education in these areas. 

The Marketti Academy of Cosmetology uses conventional and practical learning settings to accommodate the various learning preferences of its students.

 The staff and instructors are committed to fostering a positive environment where students can reach their full potential.

The academy invites numerous salon owners and business owners to speak with the students throughout the class.

The academy puts a lot of effort into helping all its students succeed. 

Near graduation, each student will work one-on-one with a professional to develop a résumé and a portfolio.

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7. M.J. Murphy Beauty College

Through your training at M.J. Murphy Beauty College, the college hopes to assist you in discovering your capacity to change both your life and the lives of others. 

The college emphasizes learning how to succeed in business and in every endeavor required to build the lifestyle you want.

The M.J. Murphy Beauty College courses are created with your success in mind. 

The college provides a unique, organized method for instructing health and beauty professionals on how to run a successful, lucrative, and expanding service company. 

To assure the students’ professional success, the academy is dedicated to preparing them in the technical and business aspects of their disciplines.

The academy is committed to delivering top-notch education to its field. 

To stay abreast of the most recent business and industry developments, the academy strives to ensure that we uphold high standards and are members of professional organizations. 

The instructors have received extensive Paul Mitchell and Redken training. 

The academy provides educator-led classes for Redken and Paul Mitchell products.

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8. Hillsdale Beauty College

The Hillsdale Beauty College cosmetology school has a reputation for excellence. It is delighted to provide a thorough curriculum to assist students in developing the sophisticated skills necessary to succeed in the demanding field of cosmetology.

The college offers a full range of hair, skin, and nail services and a top-notch curriculum, giving our students the experience they need to succeed in their cosmetology careers.

Students can get the equipment and materials they require from Hillsdale Beauty College to be ready to meet all State Board of Cosmetology criteria. 

The college is passionate about imparting to its pupils the most up-to-date methods and fashions used in the beauty industry, as well as the ability to interact with and comprehend the demands of its clientele.

 Get in touch with Hillsdale Beauty College immediately to start your path to a fulfilling career.

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9. Michigan College of Beauty- Monroe

In 2014, the Michigan College of Beauty in Monroe joyfully marked its 75th birthday. 

The institution has been locally owned and run since it first opened its doors in 1939.

 In 1982, it joined Pivot Point as a member institution. The college first offered cosmetology courses; later, manicuring and nail technician courses were added.

 In 1999, a program in advanced aesthetics was added. Approximately 150 full- or part-time students are currently enrolled at the college.

To better serve the public’s hair, skin, and nail care requirements, the college relocated to its current location in 2010 and doubled in size. 

The number and size of classrooms have also risen. In keeping with its tradition of providing the best education possible, the institution has installed intelligent boards in every classroom, wi-fi throughout the whole facility, and given IPads to every student to access online coursework. 

The teaching staff at MCB is dedicated to maintaining their education as well, and they do so by enrolling yearly in graduate-level courses in nail technology, esthetics, and cosmetology.

The college expectations for dealing with clients and students are unmatched. Excellence is something that is aimed at in the beauty sector. 

The college takes pride in imparting high technical skills and professionalism to its pupils through Pivot Point techniques.

 The college prepares our pupils for lucrative employment in the beauty sector.

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10. Dymond Designs Beauty School

DDBS is located close to Downtown Detroit in the lovely Rivertown -Warehouse District. 

The Cosmetology, Esthetics, Manicuring, Instructors’ Esthetics, Advanced Esthetics, and Advanced Manicuring programs at DDBS are of the highest caliber. 

With staff members with over 25 years of expertise in education, cosmetology, business, and finance, the school has offered the highest level of education.

Cosmetology is the primary study area at Dymond Designs Beauty School, a licensed trade school. 

The main goal of the school’s original curriculum and commitment to providing the most modern training is job placement following course completion.

The school aims to provide its students with an education that includes fashionable trends, cutting-edge training, technologies, and practical skills. 

The main goal of Dymond Designs is to train students to become qualified professionals in the Core, Adaptive, and Creative fields. 

The school cultivates a climate of respect and trust to help students hone their art and express their uniqueness and originality.

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How Much Is Nail Tech School In Michigan?

On average, training for nail technicians costs $3,000 to $5,000 for a complete curriculum.

In some schools, the cost of tools and supplies is included in the tuition; in other schools, supplies like hair scissors, smocks, and dyes are an additional fee. 

Make sure to find out what supplies are covered by the school’s tuition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Michigan, how long does it take to become a nail tech?

Candidates for state licensing in Michigan must complete 400 clock hours of training and pass both a written and practical exam.

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs must provide licenses to nail technicians. The Michigan Department of Treasury must issue a Michigan sales tax license before goods can be sold to the general public.

What are nail technicians’ salaries in Michigan?

The typical yearly pay for nail technicians is $29,400. Typically, salaries range from $21,860 to $113,430.


The nail tech schools in Michigan are substantially more active than those in other US cities.

So, if you’re interested in working in the nail care sector, consider enrolling in one of New York’s nail technician programs.


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