Northwestern Transfer Acceptance Rate 2023 | Average GPA & Requirements

Finding a university that suits your needs as a transfer student can be very tiring, especially when you don’t know which college you should apply to.

Colleges in the United States are strict in giving admission to transfer students, so you must choose a college where you have a chance of being admitted. This is applicable at Northwestern University, as their transfer acceptance rate tends to differ from regular students.

As a transfer student, it is always essential to maintain high grades at one’s current institution. This will demonstrate to the accepting universities that students can meet their academic standards and succeed in a rigorous curriculum.

In this article, we’ll be coming to terms with Northwestern transfer acceptance rate, its admission requirements, and the courses offered by the University. 

Brief History of Northwestern University 

Northwestern University is a private research university. It is located in Evanston, Illinois. A group of businessmen and professionals found it in 1851, led by physician John Evans. 

Northwestern sustained its spot as #9 in the U.S. News & World Report 2021 Best Colleges rankings for a second year, securing its position among the country’s top research universities. The school has a prestigious top program in academics and performing arts. 

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Why Choose Northwestern University?

Northwestern University is an “Ivy of the Midwest,” ranking 11th among national universities. It is recognized worldwide for its extraordinary and innovative research and other educational programs. 

The University provides students, faculty, and staff with exceptional intellectual, personal, and professional growth opportunities. It is known for its emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, prolific research output, and friendly, collaborative student culture.

Northwestern University is the oldest charter university in Illinois and one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. It has the academic prestige and all the resources needed for any student to flourish and progress.

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What is Northwestern University Acceptance Rate?

Northwestern University has an acceptance rate of 9%. Its admission is most selective as half of the applicants admitted to the University have an SAT score between 1430 and 1550 or an ACT score of 33 and 35.

It has long been a tough school to gain admission to and is only getting more complex. Northwestern University’s acceptance rate is currently the lowest in its history, admitting just 3,239 students out of 47,633 applicants in its recent academic session.

Although the acceptance rate at Northwestern University would be frightening for students, the school still gets many applicants every academic year. The university looks out for hardworking students with tremendous skills to develop the community. 

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Northwestern University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Northwestern University Transfer Acceptance Rate is less than 15%. According to the Northwestern Admissions Office, entering the institution as a transfer student is competitive. 

Northwestern University requires every transfer student seeking admission to have completed at least a full year of college coursework by the time they enroll. This means they must have obtained a minimum of 24 semesters or 36 quarter hours and be in good academic and behavioral standing with the previous institution.

Transfer students in the United States find it hard to get admission because the universities hardly take in students who cannot meet the necessary qualifications.

Students who didn’t make good grades in their previous universities would need to settle for less competitive courses to get a chance. 

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Northwestern University Acceptance Rate by Major

Northwestern University offers 115 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 82 majors within 23 broad fields of study.

The University offers a wide range of courses, making it easy for students to find their place in one aspect or the other. 

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Northwestern University’s Majors and Acceptance Rate

Northwestern University has different majors. Here are the Northwestern University majors and their respective transfer acceptance rates:

  1. Econometrics and quantitative economics 11.5%
  2. Journalism 5.2%
  3. Psychology 4.8%
  4. Neuroscience 4.7%
  5. Political science and government 4.2%
  6. Radio and television 3.5%
  7. Speech communication and rhetoric 3.5%
  8. Computer science 3.3%
  9. Drama and dramatics/theatre arts 3.2%
  10. Biology/biological sciences 3.2%
  11. Industrial engineering 3%
  12. Community organization and advocacy 2.5%
  13. Mechanical engineering 2.3%
  14. Public policy analysis 2.3%
  15. Mathematics 2.3%
  16. Bioengineering and biomedical engineering 2.2%
  17. Statistics 2.1%
  18. English language and literature 1.9%
  19. Information science/studies 1.7%
  20. History 1.7%
  21. Chemical engineering 1.5%
  22. International relations and affairs 1.3%
  23. International public health/international health 1.3%
  24. Psychology 1.1%
  25. Music 1%
  26. Sociology 1%
  27. Manufacturing engineering 0.9%
  28. Anthropology 0.9%
  29. Computer engineering 0.8%
  30. Environmental science 0.8%
  31. Computational and applied mathematics 0.8%
  32. Philosophy 0.7%
  33. Chemistry 0.7%
  34. Legal studies 0.7%
  35. Music performance 0.7%
  36. Stringed instruments 0.7%
  37. Organizational behavior studies 0.7%
  38. Cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics 0.6%
  39. Voice and opera 0.5%
  40. Communication sciences and disorders 0.5%
  41. Materials engineering 0.5%
  42. Applied mathematics 0.5%
  43. Civil engineering 0.5%
  44. Art history, criticism, and conservation 0.5%
  45. Secondary education and teaching 0.4%
  46. Environmental/health engineering 0.4%
  47. French language and literature 0.4%
  48. Biological and physical sciences 0.4%
  49. Physics 0.4%
  50. Art/art studies 0.4%
  51. Electrical and electronics engineering 0.3%
  52. Geology/earth science 0.3%
  53. East Asian languages, literature, and linguistics 0.3%
  54. Spanish language and literature 0.3%
  55. American/united states studies/civilization 0.2%
  56. Ethnic, cultural minority, gender, and group studies 0.2%
  57. Learning sciences 0.2%
  58. Music teacher education 0.2%
  59. German language and literature 0.2%
  60. Science, technology, and society 0.2%
  61. Economics 0.2%
  62. Music theory and composition 0.2%
  63. Linguistics 0.2%
  64. Classics and classical languages, literature, and linguistics 0.2%
  65. Computer and information sciences 0.2%
  66. Engineering 0.2%
  67. Dance 0.2%
  68. Near and middle eastern studies 0.1%
  69. Comparative literature 0.1%
  70. Religion/religious studies 0.1%
  71. Keyboard instruments 0.1%
  72. African-American/black studies 0.1%

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Necessary Requirements for Northwestern University 

There are specific requirements Northwestern University would need students to provide during the application process. They include: 

  • An official secondary school transcript and a school report
  • One counselor recommendation
  • One teacher recommendation
  • Official proof of English language proficiency (ONLY for applicants whose primary language is not English)
  • Nonrefundable application fee of $75
  • Music audition (ONLY applicants for the School of Music)

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Transfer Requirements for Northwestern University 

Northwestern University requires transfer students to present the following items:

  • Common Application (an additional “Why Northwestern” written response)
  • Official secondary school transcript(s)
  • Official university transcript(s)
  • A college report
  • Academic evaluation
  • Standardized test scores (SAT/ACT)
  • A Nonrefundable application fee of $75

In addition, the school recommends that the applicants include additional test scores, such as SAT Subject Test results, if available. You must apply as a transfer student if you enter university after high school.

Successful transfer applicants typically arrive at Northwestern University after completing at least one academic year of full-time college coursework (24 credit or 36 quarter credit hours).

Students can apply for transfer admission while completing one full year of college coursework as long as they would have completed that coursework before the start of the academic semester for which they plan to register.

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Northwestern University GPA Requirements

Northwestern University requires direct students to possess a GPA of 4.1 or higher. A minimum college GPA of 3.0 is required of transfer applicants. If an applicant’s GPA is lower than this, a higher SAT/ACT score will compensate for it. 

Given the school’s highly selective admissions, acceptance at Northwestern is hugely competitive. The school ranks #3 in Illinois for the highest average GPA. Earning a high GPA isn’t enough. Northwestern University is very selective, so you’ll also need to impress them with the rest of your application. 

Applicants need excellent grades to get into Northwestern University. As the Northwestern University statistics indicate, even those with a 3.5 GPA or higher who don’t do well on the SAT/ACT have only about a little-percent chance of admission. 

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What are Northwestern University Deadlines?

Northwestern University Deadline for direct applications is April 10. The deadline for transfer applications is March 15. 

Transfer applicants hoping to enroll in Northwestern should plan to submit all necessary transfer application materials on or before the deadline. Students who apply before the deadline are more likely to receive a decision earlier from the University. 

Northwestern expects all applicants to round off their applications before the deadline to get the university’s decision on time. This makes it easy for the school to organize its academic calendar properly to the satisfaction of both the student and the school. 

Northwestern University did acknowledge that some transfer applicants experienced difficulties that made it difficult for them to meet the March 15 deadline; for this reason, the admissions office decided to prolong the deadline to April 10th for students who are prevented by some circumstances from meeting up to the March 15 deadline.

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What are Northwestern University Decision Dates?

Northwestern University has two different decision dates for applicants. 

  • Early Decision: November 1
  • Regular Decision: April 1

Early Decision is a good option for applicants who want to send a vital and positive message to Northwestern University. Given early applicants’ high level of interest and academic strength, the early decision acceptance rate is typically higher than regular decisions. 

Most students apply to Northwestern through regular decisions to enable them to consider numerous invitations of admission and financial aid from other universities.

Northwestern makes admission decisions on a rolling basis for transfer applicants after the application deadline has passed and only reviews transfer applications once all required materials have been submitted. Northwestern University ensures the admission decision for all transfer applicants will get to their mail by the end of May. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Northwestern University 

Is housing available for transfer students?

Yes, Northwestern University has made housing available for transfer students who wish to live comfortably independently. These rooms are provided by the school based on availability. If you opt for a housing option, you’d have to ensure your tuition fees are settled so your name would be placed on the waiting list. 

What SAT score do you need to apply for Northwestern University?

Although there’s no stated SAT score, an applicant must be able to get into the university. Still, according to the admission statistics, half of the applicants admitted to Northwestern had SAT scores between 1430 and 1550, or ACT scores between 33 and 35.

How much is Northwestern tuition per year?

Northwestern University has a tuition fee of $60,276 for a full academic year from the current year’s $58,227. This is due to the recent increment in students’ room-to-board fees and the general cost of living. 

Are interviews required in NU?

An admissions interview is not required and is an optional supplement to your admissions application. An interview is not a required part of the application, so applicants who are unable or choose not to interview will not be disadvantaged in the admissions process.

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Northwestern University is one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States. It’s an excellent option for every student looking for a college to go into.

The University offers financial aid to students who cannot afford the tuition fee. Also, scholarships are awarded to students who have merited their academic excellence. 

We hope you’ve been able to conclude your college applications with the necessary information in this article. If you meet up to the requirements of the school, then I see no reason why you should postpone the admission process further. 

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