Norwich University Acceptance Rate 2023 and Average GPA


Norwich University acceptance rate: Norwich university has a higher acceptance rate than other colleges around the US. There are many questions to ask before getting into college, and it’s expected that you have them. 

In this article, we have curated answers to many of your questions. 


Most importantly, we’ll help you decide if you stand a chance in the admissions at Norwich University.

As you read through, you’ll develop insight into what it feels like studying at Norwich University. More so, you’ll decide if it’s a great fit for you or just a good one.


Not to mention a full breakdown of the admission and GPA requirements at Norwich University.

With this in mind, let’s get started!!

Brief History of Norwich University

To begin with, let’s have a brief history of Norwich University.


It was established in 1819 as a private university in the US. 

Norwich University is a military college in Northfield, Vermont. It is the country’s oldest private and senior military college.

Today, the university offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees both on-campus and online. 

It is also the oldest of six senior military institutions and is known as the “Birthplace of ROTC”.

The ROTC is short for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps by the US Department of Defense.

Norwich university has a total undergraduate enrollment of about 3,500 students.

Not to mention its beautiful campus sitting on 1,200 acres of land.

The campus of Norwich University is located in the Green Mountains of central Vermont, USA. 

In detail, the university is just a half-hour drive from Montpelier, the state capital.

Similarly, Boston, New York, and Montreal are only a few hours away. 

Altogether, Northfield University is a small, safe, and community-oriented institution. 

At this point, there are students from 40 states and 38 countries from across the world studying in Norwich.

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Why Choose Norwich University

By and large, there are often so many reasons to want to pick a college to attend. Why you choose Norwich university ultimately depends on you.

However, there are some factors important for you to realize. Let’s give you some of the key reasons to keep in mind.

Chiefly, Norwich University was the first private university to teach engineering in the US.

In a similar fashion, it was also the first private military college in the country.

Notably, it is the birthplace of the ROTC.

Not to mention, the campus demonstrates a commitment to engaged teaching and learning.

For one thing, Norwich University has a balanced and helpful education system.

This was also a huge factor as to why the school decided to start teaching engineering when it did.

Norwich University leaves a challenging record both academically and as a legacy. 

What is Norwich University Acceptance Rate?

Norwich University has a fairly competitive acceptance rate.

Consequently, only about 74% of students get admitted into the school.

To point out, Norwich university has the 6th lowest acceptance rate in Vermont.

However, you can be admitted if you match the prerequisites.

As an illustration, last year, 3,006 out of 4,053 students gained admission into Norwich University.

As a result, this amount makes the school a moderately competitive one to get into.

Generally, Norwich University accepts students with a B average in high school.

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The Norwich University Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer acceptance rate at Norwich University was also impressive.

Specifically, Norwich university has had a 65% acceptance rate for transfer students.

The school accepts transfer students during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

The SAT I or ACTs are unnecessary, provided that you have completed at least 12 credit hours of college-level coursework. 

Similarly, Norwich does not have a minimum GPA requirement.

What are the Necessary Requirements for Norwich University?

Admission requirements for Norwich University aren’t so complex after all.

Norwich University’s acceptance rates are even more encouraging for new applicants.

So as long as you can meet these admission requirements, Norwich University will likely take you.

Here are the admission requirements to get into Norwich University.

To begin with, as an ideal applicant, you should have completed the following in high school:

  • Four years of English
  • Four years of math
  • Three to four years of laboratory science
  • Three years of social science
  • Two years of foreign language

Furthermore, other requirements are:

  • Your application to Norwich University
  • Recommendation letters (optional)
  • SAT Test Scores (optional)
  • Curriculum Vitae (optional)
  • Essay for admissions (optional)

Despite most of these being optional, you shouldn’t make your application as empty as possible.

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Recommendation letters 

Recommendations are strongly suggested to boost your application to Norwich University.

Your teachers, coaches, counselors, JROTC instructors, or employers can write you one. 

Try to get at least two for your application at Norwich University.

SAT Test Scores 

SAT/ACT scores are also not compulsory, but they would help you well.

Besides nursing, no academic programs require SAT or ACT at Norwich University.

It is smart to have a good test score and slip it into your application.

When your application gets reviewed at Norwich University, it has a better impression.

Curriculum Vitae 

CVs are recommended but not required. As part of your application to Norwich University, tell them about your hobbies too.

Show your sports and volunteer work, together with positions of leadership. 

Being able to show you are a self-motivated student is a great bonus.

What’s more, they’ll get a sense of your respect for community service and initiative.


Essays strengthen your application to Norwich University.

To clarify, they are optional. But if you write one, it should be brief—ideally, one page. 

You can talk about your strengths and what makes you a good fit for the school.

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Norwich University Requirements for international students

Undeniably, it often gets tricky trying to go to school abroad. But of course, having the right guide makes it so simple.

In light of that, here are some tips for international student application at Norwich University.

Firstly, international applications for Fall 2022 are closed. You could apply once it opens for 2023 on 15 June.

The Norwich application requirements for international students are as follows:

#1. Complete your Application to Norwich.

#2. Secondary school (high school) transcripts. 

You must also submit a translated copy if your transcript is not in English.

#3. English Proficiency

All students must submit TOEFL or IELTS; however, there are a few exceptions.

Exceptions For English Proficiency

– First, if you have completed an English academic program. However, the institution has to be approved by Norwich University’s International Center.

– Also, if you graduated or are on track to graduate where the language of instruction is English.

It could either be a secondary and/or post-secondary school program.

– Alternatively, if you have graduated from a US-accredited school abroad with English as the language of instruction.

– You graduated from a secondary school in the US. Or if you attended it for a minimum of one year that included at least one unit of college preparatory English.

– If you earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school in the US. Or you have completed at least 12 or more credits there.

#4. Recommendation letters

Although they are not required, you are encouraged to submit them.

You should submit at least two or three letters. Generally,  choose teachers, coaches, or employers, who know your academic abilities and personality.

#5. Essay 

You should write a 300-500 word open-topic essay for your application to Norwich University.

#6. SAT or ACT Scores 

Transfer Requirements for Norwich University

The requirements to transfer to Norwich University are pretty straightforward.

For a start, your college transcripts and GPA are very important considerations.

However, they are only used if you have obtained 12 college credits. This means SAT I or ACTs are not necessary for your application.

Conversely, if you have less than 12 college credits, your high school performance will be the main consideration.

Hence, during the evaluation process, the major source of information will be your high school results.

Consequently, Norwich does not have a minimum GPA requirement for transfer students.

However, you should have a minimum of 2.5 GPA in college.

Norwich University GPA Requirements

Norwich University has a GPA requirement of 3.19 on a 4.0 scale.

As much as you’d like to get into Norwich University, you must meet the GPA requirements.

Even though Norwich has a high acceptance rate for a University, you should be prepared.

The university primarily similarly admits B students and trains them well. 

Generally, your results should have lesser Bs and Cs. To point out, the reviewers will question whether you can withstand the pressures of college.

What are Norwich University’s Deadlines?

Norwich University accepts applications at any time. 

This means Norwich University does not have a hard and fast deadline for applications.

However, the following are the most important deadlines:

Fall Application Priority Deadline: February 1

Spring Application Priority Deadline: November 15

Applications at Norwich University get reviewed on a rolling basis.

Your application gets examined once you have submitted all the requirements.

More so, they assess your application based on the major you want to pursue. 

Norwich will also examine the high school transcript you submitted.

This is to ensure that you can undertake the program’s demands.

What are Norwich University’s Decision Dates?

There are no exact decision dates at Norwich University. Norwich University is a rolling admissions institution.

IUP will still receive applications and deposits even after the deadlines.

However, they will only get considered so long as space is available.

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Norwich University Acceptance Rate | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the acceptance rate at Norwich University?

Norwich University has a 74% acceptance rate.
Admissions into Norwich University are fairly competitive.
Due to their acceptance rates, Norwich University ranks sixth in Vermont for the lowest acceptance rates. 

Is Norwich University hard to get into?

Norwich University is not so hard to get into.
Admissions into Norwich University admissions are only fairly competitive.
Norwich University has an acceptance rate of 74%.
You can get into Norwich University with SAT score of 1040 to 1230 or an ACT score of 20 to 26.

What GPA do you need for Norwich University?

Norwich University welcomes students with a minimum GPA of 3.19.
It’s fine to have a B average with some A’s thrown in. 
More so, it’s better to stay away from Cs and Ds.
Your GPA is a very important requirement for admission into Norwich University.
If you have a low GPA, reviewers may wonder if you can take the pressures of college.
However, you can ensure you have a compelling application with the tips listed above.

What is my chance of getting into Norwich University?

You have a very good chance to get into Norwich University.
Admission to Norwich University is granted to 74% of those who apply. 
Due to that, there is little rivalry for admission, and the college has no admission standards.

What is Norwich University known for?

Norwich University’s Guiding Values and mission have aided in the creation of an atmosphere of excellence for over 200 years. We are the country’s oldest private military college and the birthplace of ROTC, with a student body that reflects today’s globe.


So far, you must have met many answers to your many questions.

We can only hope to have pointed you in the right direction, and you can now make a choice.

Norwich University is a great school and much like an adventure.

The acceptance rate at Norwich University (65%) also strongly indicates that you stand a good chance.

Best of luck!!



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