Oberlin Acceptance Rate 2024: Requirements & How to Apply

Oberlin, Ohio, brags about having the most coeducational institution in the United States. Oberlin college acceptance rate is suitable for prospective students, but it doesn’t change the fact that the acceptance rate is still quite competitive.

There are specific requirements you would need for admission to Oberlin College. As you read through, you’ll gain knowledge of all you need to know about admission to Oberlin college, including relevant admission hints.

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About Oberlin College

Oberlin College is a private liberal arts college and conservatory of music in Oberlin, Ohio. Oberlin is the oldest coeducational liberal arts institution in the United States.

It is the second oldest continuously operating coeducational institute of higher learning globally. It is one of the religious college with the highest number of students.

The founders of this college aim to create a large community of Christian families through a religious school, and it should be a center of religious influence and power that would work mightily upon the country and the world’s surroundings.

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Why Choose Oberlin College?

The college of sciences and arts offers over 50 majors, concentrations, and minors.

Oberlin College is ranked 33 as the best liberal arts college nationally, 11 as the most innovative college, and 12 as the best in undergraduate teaching among other liberal arts colleges.

What does this mean for you? This means that Oberlin has been one of the best nationally. Since its founding, it has graduated 20 Truman scholars, 4 Rome Prize winners, 12 MacArthur fellows, 16 Rhodes scholars, and many more reputable positions worldwide.

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What is Oberlin Acceptance Rate?

Oberlin College ranks as one with the least selective acceptance rate. World Report and US News have classified this university as a moderately selective school amongst other institutions.

Oberlin college acceptance rate is 35.4%, but for early decision applicants, the acceptance rate is 37.4%.

The college receives over 5,000 applicants yearly but still tries to admit only the most deserving students. Oberlin college acceptance rate signifies that for every 100 applicants, they accept just 35 students.

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What is Oberlin College Tuition?

The approved undergraduate tuition fee for Oberlin College is $59,384. This tuition fee does not include other fees like room and personal expenses. The estimated expenses have been listed below to make it easier for you.

  • Tuition: $59,384
  • Housing: $8,858
  • Meal plan: $8,996
  • Additional fees: $996
  • Books: $930
  • Personal expenses: $978
  • Student health insurance (can be waived): $2,184
  • Total cost: $82,239

What is Oberlin College Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Oberlin college acceptance rate for transfer students is like most private colleges’. The transfer acceptance rate for Oberlin College is 32.37%.

This rate being moderate doesn’t mean it’s not competitive; every year, this college receives a lot of applicants, but they have limited space, which means they accept only the best transfer students.

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Oberlin College Transfer Deadline

So many private liberal arts institutions accept transfer students’ applications for two seasons. For this reason, Oberlin college also receives transfer students for spring and fall alone.

The transfer deadline for spring intake is November 15, while the deadline for admission for the fall season is April 1.

Oberlin College Acceptance Rate By Major

Oberlin College and Conservatory offers various majors with rewarding award degrees, including diplomas, bachelor, post-bachelors, and master’s degrees.

Most of these majors are quite competitive, resulting in high acceptance rates. Below are the majors offered at Oberlin college.

  • Africana Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Archeological studies
  • Art history
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Cinema studies
  • Classical civilization
  • Comparative American studies
  • Comparative literature
  • Creative writing
  • Dance
  • East Asian studies
  • Engineering
  • Environmental studies
  • French
  • Gender, sexuality, and feminine studies
  • Geosciences
  • German
  • Greek language
  • Hispanic studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • Latin American studies
  • Latin language
  • Law and Society
  • Mathematics
  • Neuroscience
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Religion
  • Russian
  • Russian and east European studies
  • Sociology
  • Studio art
  • Theatre

The faculty-student ratio at Oberlin College is 9:1, which implies that 81.6% of each class has fewer than 20 students. Below are the popular majors with their very own acceptance rates.

  • Musical studies: 15%
  • Political science and government: 8%
  • Psychology: 7%
  • Biology, biological sciences: 7%
  • History: 7%
  • Environmental studies: 6%
  • Computer and information sciences: 6%
  • Economics: 6%
  • English language and literature: 5%

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Oberlin College Admission Requirements

  • Application through the common app or coalition app
  • Early decision agreement (for those applying with the early decision)
  • Essay question answers
  • Secondary school report
  • High school transcript
  • 2 academic teacher’s evaluation
  • Supplements that highlight a special achievement, interest, or talent
  • SAT/ACT results

Additional requirements for international students

  • English proficiency results (IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo)
  • International certificate of finance form
  • Interview (optional but recommended)

Oberlin College Transfer Requirements

Oberlin college acceptance rate is 32.37% for transfer students, and although it might seem easy to beat Oberlin College receives so many applications each season that they take only the best of the best students.

Transfer applicants must meet all the requirements to have a shot at getting admitted to Oberlin College. The requirements include the following;

  • Completion of a full semester after graduating from high school
  • A minimum of 16 transferable credits (64 semester hours)
  • Application through the common app
  • High school transcript (must be sent directly from high school)
  • Official college transcript (sent directly from your college)
  • SAT/ACT scores results
  • 2 letters of recommendation (must be sent through the common app)
  • College report
  • Mid-term report

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Oberlin College GPA Requirements

Oberlin College is very competitive, and applicants must have really good grades to be admitted. The GPA requirement for Oberlin is 3.57 on a 4.0 GPA scale.

Oberlin College Deadlines

Oberlin College accepts new intakes for fall and spring. All prospective students are allowed to apply in any of the intake seasons. The tentative deadline for the intake season is as follows;

  • Fall intake: April 1
  • Spring intake: November 15

What are Oberlin College Decision Dates?

Oberlin College offers two early decision plans: early decision 1 and early decision 2.

  • Deadline: November 15
  • Notification date: December 15
  • Reply/deposit deadline: January 2
  • Early decision 2
  • Deadline: January 2
  • Notification date: February 1
  • Reply/deposit deadline: February 15
  • Regular decision
  • Deadline: January 15
  • Notification date: April 1
  • Reply/deposit deadline: May 1

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Oberlin College is a well-respected religious school. Apart from the fact that Oberlin’s acceptance rate is moderately selective, the students at this university are allowed to acquire knowledge in a very comfortable learning environment.

It comes with many benefits, like premium access to highly qualified professors and specialists, outstanding research opportunities available, and an international exchange program for those willing to study abroad. This and many more benefits are what you set out to gain if you decide on studying at Oberlin college. Good luck.

Oberlin Acceptance Rate FAQs

Does Oberlin College Offer A Health Program?

No, it doesn’t. However, through the help of a dedicated pre-medical health advisor, Oberlin College can prepare students for a health/medical career. This method is intended to promote a wider and broader understanding of health for students planning to take part in the health profession.

What Is Oberlin College SAT and ACT Requirement?

Even if Oberlin college has a moderate acceptance rate, the institution still has standards and high requirements, especially regarding academic grades. They generally admit students who score in the top 10 percent with SAT scores of 1587/1600 and ACT scores of 25/33. They typically accept A+ and B+ students irrespective of the race and ethnicity of the person.

What Is Oberlin College Ranking?

Oberlin College is ranked 37 in the list of the best liberal arts college in the nation, 20 on the list of the best private institution for music, 32 best colleges with no application fee, and many more top-ranking positions Oberlin College has acquired. This institution is recognized all over the nation as one of the best private schools of increasing knowledge.

Can Graduate Programs Be Taken Online At Oberlin College?

No, it can’t. Oberlin College is one of the few private colleges that offers just 3 graduate programs, and none is offered online.


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