5 Essential Catagories of Online Tools to Optimize Your Content

Writing is the most basic and vital part of academics and marketing businesses. Many digital marketers rely on the quality of content to push sales and promote their business in a competitive market. 

But manual writing and proofreading have become outdated. Modern-day technology has brought us many convenient solutions through online tools.

Online Tools to Optimize Your Content

Your essential writing toolkit should include a range of tools that helps to check and maintain the uniqueness of your content. This is because plagiarism is the most prominent factor in assessing writing quality. Second to uniqueness comes the readability factor, which depends equally on the reader.

In this article, we will feature the essential toolkit you need to improve the quality of your content. We will discuss the features and workings of each tool so you can understand how they can improve your content’s quality.

5 Essentials Catagories to Consider

Below we have mentioned the essential toolkit you need to ensure credibility and creativity in your written work. Each tool will contribute in a specific area to improve your content’s quality.

Plagiarism checkers

A plagiarism detector is a first and most valuable tool to assess your content’s quality. Plagiarism is unacceptable, whether it is about marketing, social media, or academic material. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a cautious check before making the final submission.

Online Tools to Optimize Your Content

How does it Improve Content?

A plagiarism checker highlights the plagiarized material in your content so you can learn about the sentences or paragraphs that require improvements. 

A plagiarism checker assesses the quality of content in terms of uniqueness. In simple words, it saves you from the consequences of plagiarism.

Moreover, if your content is exceptionally unique, you can attach the report with your content as supporting evidence of quality work. Some plagiarism checkers may allow you to check duplication without login in or signing up. 

Must Have Features

  • It should support multiple languages
  • It should allow checking plagiarism from up to 1000 words for free
  • Detailed reporting with the percentage
  • Highlight plagiarized content with a detailed summary of links
  • Filter out URLs and quotes from plagiarism scan

Rephrasing Tools

Once you have identified the plagiarism, the next step is to remove it from your content. The best remedy to deal with plagiarism is the rephrasing technique. A rephrasing website makes your content unique by providing a new set of words. 

But if you’re unfamiliar with this technique, a paraphrasing tool can help you apply it more accurately to avoid unintentional or self-plagiarism.

Online Tools to Optimize Your Content

How does it Improve Content?

A paraphrasing tool offers freemium usage with its multiple paraphrasing modes and guest usage access. Most of the tools do not ask for login credentials; you can rephrase as many times as you want to receive unique and readable output. 

Moreover, you can paraphrase the content in various writing styles with online tools to assess if the quality meets satisfactory criteria. With the help of such a tool, you can make the content unique without deviating from the context.

Must Have Features

  • Multiple paraphrasing modes
  • Free wordcount support
  • File uploading and downloading options
  • Multiple language support
  • Guarantees to remove plagiarism

Summarizing Tools

An article or a research paper is incomplete without a concise summary. Once you’ve provided a detailed version of a topic, the next step is adding a short overview so the readers can recap everything they have studied throughout the article. 

However, suppose you cannot cover all the critical points with better-quality writing. In that case, a summarizing tool can make things easier for you by giving you concise versions of lengthy articles with just a few clicks.

Online Tools to Optimize Your Content

How to Use this Tool?

Summarizing tool allows you to set the summary length as you want. Such a tool is effortless to operate, even for beginners. 

The slider bar lets you set the summary length as a percentage. Once you press the ‘Summarize’ button, the tool will give you the output in just a few seconds. You can further choose to download the summary as an editable text file.

Must Have Features

  • Support multiple languages
  • Give the option to upload files
  • Allows to set summary length in percentage
  • Allow access without login or sign up
  • Highlights key points from the output

Grammar Checkers

Proofreading is essential to content writing as it highlights many errors and emissions. Besides plagiarism, you also have to check for a grammatical mistake and spelling errors. Therefore, an online grammar checker could be your perfect companion to proofread content with a single click.

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How does it Improve Content?

A grammar checker highlights spelling mistakes and errors throughout the content. Such a grammar checker can help improve your content’s quality by removing all the grammatical errors. An efficient grammar checker uses different color coding to distinguish the type of mistake. 

Must Have Features

  • Highlight mistakes in different color patterns
  • Auto-detect language selection option
  • Mentions details with every mistake
  • One-click option to clear text
  • Provide the alternative option to correct a mistake

Readability Checkers

Last but not least, the tool can help improve your content’s readability to nearly the best. A readability checker gives you a detailed overview of the content’s readability by giving it a grade score. The tool helps you remove and edit content in real time by providing assessment support.

How does it Improve Content?

You have to paste the content in the input box, and the tool will automatically highlight the areas which require improvements. Some of the mistakes can be corrected with just a click. At the same time, most of the errors may require manual editing.

Must Have Features

  • Highlight hard and very hard-to-read sentences in different color patterns
  • Guest access for new users
  • Indicate unwanted passive voice words
  • Allow removing unwanted adverbs
  • Suggest simpler alternatives to adverbs


Maintaining content quality has become necessary as search engines value unique content. Online platforms have started to compete with each other based on their content quality. In this regard, writers must take assistance from technology to keep things up to par.

This article featured a set of essential tools to help you achieve nearly top-quality content in your niche. Whether you’re a student, marketer, or blogger, these tools will help you write error-free content quickly. We hope this article helped guide you on the applications and features of writing tools.

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